55 examples of to face him in sentences

she said, turning around in her chair to face him.

That I was afraid to face him!" She tilted her head back, so that the light gleamed on her young throat, and she broke into laughter.

"You're right; it's Nick, and it's suicide to face him!"

He looked at me again for a moment, and then, stopping suddenly, wheeled me around to face him, and caught my hand.

" "You have been the first to forget your honor, sir," said my mother, rising to face him, but still keeping me within her arm, "in staking your son's inheritance upon a throw of the dice.

Come, is that the reason?" "Only partly," I answered, turning to face him, and then the words tripped off my tongue, hot and bitter, before I had wit to check them.

She sprang up to face him.

she murmured to herself, and as they reached the end of the vista she half turned to face him, dreamily, listless, confident.

Ralph turned to face him with a question on his lips.

I've got very merciful to foolish lovers lately, and Claude can help me to face him; for I am a little afraid of genuises, you know.

Miss Thorne's blue-gray eyes had grown mistily thoughtful; the words startled her a little and she turned to face him.

This door, too, she closed, immediately turning to face him.

She had started again, standing now to face him and beginning to be angry at his look.

o' me to face him that-a-way, an' him adorned in all his robes, too, but I'm thess a plain up-an'-down man an' I hadn't went for him to come an' baptize Sonny to uphold the granjer of no church.

But, Lord, man, I hate to face him if he's on the warpath.

Yedding, who was in the box for Harvard, could not have been in better condition, and the first three Yale men to face him went out in one-two-three order, making the first inning a whitewash for both sides.

"I'm afraid to face him.

At the sound of his voice, she checked herself and pirouetted with a thistle-down lightness to face him.

She dried her eyes and went out to face him.

There she was, huddled up on a coil of rope, crying as if her heart would break; her nerve was gone, along with the four twenty-dollar bills; she was afraid to face him, afraid there had been an error in his cablegram.

While so waiting Russie was taken with the first convulsion peculiar to his malady, and then I realized that Death had come, and, unwilling to face him in the semi-publicity of an inn, I took the boy in my arms to the railway, and from the station nearest to the cottage bore him thither.

Do you mean to say you didn't know it?" I could see her straighten up, turning swiftly to face him.

But still she withstood him, striving to still her agitation, striving with all her desperate courage to face him and endure.

By sheer physical effort she compelled herself to face him, to meet the fierce, challenging scrutiny which she knew awaited her.

She mustered all her strength to face him, confronting him with that unconscious majesty that first had drawn him to her.

55 examples of  to face him  in sentences