747 examples of to like in sentences

If I can't teach him to like me all by myself, then I'd better give up right away.

It was perfectly apparent that he meant to enjoy the trip, that he was prepared to like his fellow passengers and that he wished them to know it.

And, whoever would endeavour to like or dislike, by the Rules of others; he will be as unsuccessful, as if he should try to be persuaded into a power of believing, not what he must, but what others direct him to believe.

" "Seemed to like her, did he?"

" "I've just come from there," said Verty, "and Redbud is very well, and seems to like the place.

I used to like it, but your mother wouldn't hear of it when she could help herself, it kept me away so long.

He used to like me,yes, he did.

It would be an impertinence in me to praise a work of histo pronounce on its quality; and that I happen to like it can be of no consequence to him.

Thorn saw the plan had drawbacks, but Grace was young and, if he indulged and petted her, she would, no doubt, get to like him and forget his hardness.

She was beginning to like him for himself, and to forget how very foolish he had seemed to be when he was declaring his passion for her.

Apart from the fact that I feel that way, I've been going on the supposition that you'd like it, if you could only make up your mind to like me.

"I believe I could get to like that brand, and they can't be as expensive as mine.

I am glad you find anything to like in my poor little book.

[-6-] As he seemed to like this, a gilded chair was granted him, and a garb that once the kings had used and a body-guard of knights and senators: furthermore they decided that prayers should be made for him publicly every year, that they would swear by his Fortune and that all the deeds he was yet to do should receive confirmation.

I think she has begun to like me.

He used to like to stroll among the flower stands of the Rambla, between the two walls of recently-cut flowers that were still guarding in their corollas the dews of daybreak.

"Anyhow, I must say I'm beginning to like the whole thing, though it's hard work and plenty of it.

Wabi had described her to him a thousand times in those winter evenings at home; with a brother's love and pride he had always brought her into their talks and plans, and somehow, little by little, Rod had grown to like her very much without ever having seen her.

"You remember how Schumann-Heink used to like my mayonnaise?

"Edna," said the elder lady, "I have liked you ever since I have known you, and I expect to like you as long as I live, but I must say that, for an intelligent person, you have the most colorless character I have ever seen.

All men seemed to like the enterprise but the Earl of Worcester, who, on particular views for securing the country behind, as he called it, proposed the taking in the town of Gloucester and Hereford first.

I used to like the Brat the best of all the boys, and perhaps by-and-by I shall again; but, for the moment, do you know, I almost hate him.

Arb. Couldst thou affect me then? Pan. So perfectly, That as it is, I ne're shall sway my heart, To like another.

"It feels funny to start with, but in the end you'll a'most get to like it."

So it is natural for me to like it ever so much better than French, in which, when I am in it, I simply sink to the bottom if no helping hand is held out to me.

747 examples of  to like  in sentences