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747 examples of  to like  in sentences

747 examples of to like in sentences

I never dared to hope that my poor little Dick would have such an education as this home will be to him, but I feel sure you will learn to like Dick True.

Why don't you?" "You seem to like her?" "Yes," said Donnegan judiciously.

" "One is forced to like Mr. Lister and we owe him much," Mrs. Cartwright remarked.

You will go on enjoying your mighty theories and dreams till suddenly the juice of that 'little western flower' drips on your eyelids, and then I shall have the pleasure of seeing you caress 'the fair large ears' of some donkey, and hang rapturously upon its bray, till you perhaps discover that he has pretended, on your account solely, to like roses, when he has a natural proclivity to thistles; and then, pitiable child!

As for the Colonel, he wrote to the boy regularly every mail from his post on Coventry Island, and little Rawdon used to like to get the papers and read about his Excellency, his father, of whom he had been truly fond.

I can find other friends for you, among my friends, and you will be sure to like them because I like them.

AS THE CALF PROGRESSES TOWARDS HIS TENTH WEEK, his diet requires to be increased in quantity and quality; for these objects, his milk can be thickened with flour or meal, and small pieces of softened oil-cake are to be slipped into his mouth after sucking, that they may dissolve there, till he grows familiar with, and to like the taste, when it may be softened and scraped down into his milk-and-water.

"In a few days I learned to like the jolly vehicles very much.

"Well, we used to like to catch a moose, and we had different ways of doing it.

If I can't teach him to like me all by myself, then I'd better give up right away.

And they get to like the gossip and scandal, and coarse fun of it, while their children are left at home to play in the roads, or fall into the fire, as plenty do every year.'

It was perfectly apparent that he meant to enjoy the trip, that he was prepared to like his fellow passengers and that he wished them to know it.

" "You're going to like me better," he assured her, "because we are going to have a cocktail together within the next three minutes.

He did not seem to like the disturbance at all, but kept flying from branch to branch in the vicinity, repeatedly uttering his guttural cries.

She wanted this quiet, self-contained American to like her.

"Affiliations in the realm of substance are confined to like ingredients.

That house will never be taken without a desperate sight of fightin'; for the captain is an old warrior, and seems to like to snuff

I did like him awfully; besides, his name is Julian, so it is p-perfectly safe to like

And, whoever would endeavour to like or dislike, by the Rules of others; he will be as unsuccessful, as if he should try to be persuaded into a power of believing, not what he must, but what others direct him to believe.

A sudden misgiving whether she might not be appearing to like her friend more than she really did would seize her at most inopportune moments, and make her absent-minded and irresponsive.

She had grown to like him during the voyage, even more than she had ever thought probable.

" "Seemed to like her, did he?"

" "I've just come from there," said Verty, "and Redbud is very well, and seems to like the place.

I want everybody to like me.

Nothing but the Biblebecause Redbud wants me to: I hope to like it after awhile though.

" Well seemd the Ape to like this ordinaunce:

" Sahwah laughed and made up her mind that she was going to like Undine very much.

Hardinge wished me to try Herries again, with the view of opening the Mint by making him Chancellor of the Exchequer in India; but I told him Herries said his domestic circumstances made it impossible, and the Duke did not seem to like it at all.

Rosslyn did not seem to like the letter at all, but he said little.

I don't pretend to like the boy.

'I'm not a silly child,' aid Ella stoutly, 'and mother is sure to like them; I know she will.

As soon as the fire was hot enough I put the kettle on, and cutting a slice from the loaf I made some nice crisp toast, such as my aunt used to like when she was ill.

We spoke much together during the days when I was getting stronger, and I grew to like Elzevir well, finding his grimness was but on the outside, and that never was a kinder man.

I used to like it, but your mother wouldn't hear of it when she could help herself, it kept me away so long.

He used to like me,yes, he did.

It would be an impertinence in me to praise a work of histo pronounce on its quality; and that I happen to like it can be of no consequence to him.

The [5550]Persian kings allotted whole cities to like use, haec civitas mulieri redimiculum praebeat, haec in collum, haec in crines, one whole city served to dress her hair, another her neck, a third her hood.

The native women sit mute and hushed, seeming to like it.

She considers that I shall be most fortunate if a doctor or a lawyer condescend to like me well enough to make me an offer.

Never in his life had he been spoken to like that,and by his own son!

Thorn saw the plan had drawbacks, but Grace was young and, if he indulged and petted her, she would, no doubt, get to like him and forget his hardness.

He didn't want a date, let alone that kind of date, but he felt a rush of warmth; it's hard not to like someone who is willing to hold you, even if only for money.

He was beginning to like her.

Then he said aloud, "If you used to like making believe then, wouldn't you just try it for a little while now?

Somehow I think you're going to like it better than the church of Santa Barbara.

She was beginning to like him for himself, and to forget how very foolish he had seemed to be when he was declaring his passion for her.

Having procured the weight of this chain, which has caused Shylock the loss of many friends in the house who have been inclined to like him consequent upon the loss of that Abel-Moses-photograph,Shylock departs with this information, that he will bring the money to-morrow: which assertion proves Shylock to be a strong man, if a hundred thousand marks are as heavy as I take them to be.

Little Fanchon is at my feet, too idle to eat the biscuits with which I am trying to tempt her,biscuits from Boston, sent to me by kind Mrs. S., and which Fanchon ought to like; but you know her laziness of old, and she improves in it every day.

She knew but little of Dora Bannister and had no reason to suppose that any matrimonial connection between her and Mr. Haverley had ever been thought of; in fact, in the sincerity and naturalness of her disposition, she could see no reason why she should not continue to like Mr. Haverley, to like him better and better, if he gave her reason to do so, and more than that, not to forget the hypothesis regarding him.

For the sake of my young hero, whom I really begin to like, though he was "only an Irish boy," I am glad to say that nothing of that sort took place; but in good timeabout the time when the clock on the Old South steeple indicated noonAndy's train drove into the Boston & Maine Railway depot, fronting on Haymarket Square.

Hatherden was just the place to like or not to like, according to the feeling of the hour; a respectable, comfortable country house, with a lawn before, a paddock on one side, a shrubbery on the other; offices and a kitchen garden behind, and the usual ornaments of villas and advertisements, a greenhouse and a veranda.

Fond echo seems to like the sport, And join the jovial cry; The woods, the hills the sound retort, And music fills the sky.

The case in this respect is like that of a person, who, being engaged in a business which he likes, is detained from it by company, by public sights, or by a journey; still he does not cease to like his business: it is also like that of a person who is fond of generous wine, and who, when he drinks wine of an inferior quality, does not lose his taste and appetite for that which is generous.

" A fortnight later he declares, "I begin to like the law, and therefore it is quite interesting.

The boy has fought a battle, in defence of his beauty, with another boy, bigger than himself, and beat his opponent most handsomely and, therefore, he likes Dash; and the maids like him, or pretend to like him, because we doas is the fashion of that pliant and imitative class.

Fred was an impetuous boy, and now began to like Miss Schomberg as warmly as he had previously disliked her.

You have got him to like you.

First comes the flesh: fleshly, carnal pride at being thwarted; fleshly, carnal longing for a thing, which longs all the more for it because one cannot have it; fleshly, carnal peevishness and ill-temper, at not having just the pleasant thing one happens to like.

" "Well, well!" said Mr. Maurice, who loved his own ease too much to like to hear of others' dis-ease.

It was the humor of the explorers, the first adventurers, and all succeeding ones, to teach them to like alcohol, and to hold their liquor like Englishmen or Americans.

Apart from the fact that I feel that way, I've been going on the supposition that you'd like it, if you could only make up your mind to like me.

"I believe I could get to like that brand, and they can't be as expensive as mine.

I am glad you find anything to like in my poor little book.

But the hunters made a great pet of her, and gave her many pretty things to play with, and were very kind; and it was not long till she began to like her new home.

[-6-] As he seemed to like this, a gilded chair was granted him, and a garb that once the kings had used and a body-guard of knights and senators: furthermore they decided that prayers should be made for him publicly every year, that they would swear by his Fortune and that all the deeds he was yet to do should receive confirmation.

I think she has begun to like me.

The parrot instantly coughed in the same manner, andseeming to like itagain became Mrs. Penniman in a series of mild, throaty preliminary coughs, as if it would presently begin to tell something almost too good.

'You used to like him.' 'Yes;and perhaps I shall again.

He used to like to stroll among the flower stands of the Rambla, between the two walls of recently-cut flowers that were still guarding in their corollas the dews of daybreak.

It had a rather sweet taste, and the children seemed to like it, having first obtained permission of their governess to eat it.

He became content with Mardykes Hall, laid out money on it, and although he never again cared to cross the lake, he seemed to like the scenery.

He had forced himself to learn and in learning his books he had learned also to like the people of another race around him who were good to him and who helped him in the first hard days on the new road.

So please fo'give ol' Uncle Bill And show yo' friendship for him still By taking this as an invite To join with me next Monday night Aroun' mah famous hollow tree, And help me to full merry be, And also meet a friend of mine; Ah'm sho' yo's bound to like him fine.

It made Tom uncomfortable; but he resolved to make the best of it, and, if he could not force Mr. Catherwood to like him, he could at least compel his respect.

I had no reason to like Le Gaire; I believed him a bully, a disagreeable, boasting cur, but he was something to Willifred Hardy, and I could not afford to have his blood on my hands.

An observation which had been made by old Tom on board the "Waldeck" was that this dog did not seem to like blacks.

Any two boys talking to each other about Bull would probably profess to like him "well enough," but if they were honest, they would generally end by allowing their contempt.

Then, too, after the first few days, he could not help seeing that they really began to like him, which of course was reassuring, and tapped his own warm friendliness, which was always ready enough to be released.

"Anyhow, I must say I'm beginning to like the whole thing, though it's hard work and plenty of it.

The gods themselves their own will best express To like the vow, by giving the success.

Wabi had described her to him a thousand times in those winter evenings at home; with a brother's love and pride he had always brought her into their talks and plans, and somehow, little by little, Rod had grown to like her very much without ever having seen her.

"You remember how Schumann-Heink used to like my mayonnaise?

"Edna," said the elder lady, "I have liked you ever since I have known you, and I expect to like you as long as I live, but I must say that, for an intelligent person, you have the most colorless character I have ever seen.

She was not of herself disposed to like him very much, and Panshine, who had got her thoroughly under his influence, had praised him the evening before in a very astutely disparaging manner.

It was there that he discovered Shakespeare, and learned to like him, and Milton, whom he didn't like and wouldn't read, and the Sketch Book, and Knickerbocker's History, and Cooper's novels, and Scott, and, more than all, Byron, whom Mrs. Markham did not want him to read, recommending, instead, Young's Night Thoughts, and Pollock's Course of Time, and Southeythe dear good woman!

He associated on terms of the pleasantest intimacy with the young men, and early evinced a liking for Bart, who, poor fellow, was ready to like anybody who would permit him.

All men seemed to like the enterprise but the Earl of Worcester, who, on particular views for securing the country behind, as he called it, proposed the taking in the town of Gloucester and Hereford first.

I didn't want anything; after had made a few trips I got to like it, and even though I could have been free any night myself, I figgered I wasn't getting along so bad

I used to like the Brat the best of all the boys, and perhaps by-and-by I shall again; but, for the moment, do you know, I almost hate him.

Arb. Couldst thou affect me then? Pan. So perfectly, That as it is, I ne're shall sway my heart, To like another.

"It feels funny to start with, but in the end you'll a'most get to like it."

To like it or to dislike it is a matter of mental constitution.

At times, I think, Kilian felt somewhat ashamed too, and tried to talk a little to the others; but most of the time he seemed to like it very well, and did not ask anything better than the excellent woodcock on his plate, and the pretty young woman by his side.

There's nothing to like in Russia.

But through these strange husks the young man and the old one soon learned to like each other.

We also find many of the compositions of Germany so purely intellectual that they do not touch us until we have learned to like them.

He grows to like some houses and to dislike others, almost without knowing whyjust as one grows to like or dislike certain faces in the parks and clubs.

" "We must persuade you to like it better," he answered, trying to look into her eyes which she had instantly averted.

" Now I must say I began to bristle at being spoken to like that.

So it is natural for me to like it ever so much better than French, in which, when I am in it, I simply sink to the bottom if no helping hand is held out to me.