390 examples of to make one in sentences

And then John Randolph had come to make one of his pleasant, informal visits and they had sat together in a beautiful fellowship, talking of the things pertaining to the Kingdom.

I had nothing in stock, but wondered if it would be possible to make one for him while he waited.

"There is another part of LISIDEIUS his discourse, in which he has rather excused our neighbours, than commended them; that is, for aiming only [simply] to make one person considerable in their Plays.

Then, having made a second fire, as on the preceding night, we had first our supper, and after that another spell of work, all the men turning to upon the line which the arrow was to carry, whilst the bo'sun and I set-to, each of us, upon the making of a fresh arrow; for I had realized that we should have to make one or two flights before we could hope to find our range and make true our aim.

The Brunswickers cannot form one, and the King cannot be persuaded to make one out of the Opposition.

This top bower of twigs and branches threw back the noise of the explosions of the motor cycle, and made an echo, above which it was almost impossible to make one's voice heard.

Now to make one single French protectorate over this very considerable territory seems at first sight a large order, but the objections to any other course are many and insuperable.

For every dollar that they make for me they are going to make one for themselves.

To make one, get an old shawl, ram your head through the middle of it, then draw it snug about the waist, with a cast-off nitecap string.

Now, when they said he was dyinghad this world grown suddenly so significant that he could rise from his death-bed to make one last appearance in the paltry lists?

It is enough to make one shudder.

When I first began to make one of Lady Russell's frequent visitors, there was, of course, between us a natural sympathy of political opinion which was made all the stronger because of momentous events that had lately passed, or were then passing, in the world around.

"Actually, I like them," Oliver said, "I wouldn't mind trying to make one some day.

It requires about four pounds of fresh leaves to make one pound of dry leaves, and black tea and green tea are grown from the same bush.

We charge upon the American Constitution, that it contains provisions, and enjoins duties, which make it unlawful for freemen to take the oath of allegiance to it, because they are expressly designed to favor a slaveholding oligarchy, and, consequently, to make one portion of the people a prey to another.

They say a ship is modelled from a fish; and, if such be the case, it is only to make one after the fashion of a crab, or an oyster, to have the very thing you named.

Knowing that this was the temper of some of the sentries, I speeded along at a rapid rate, daring to make one cut across a field, and so came to Jupilles without challenge.

"You will have to make one exception, after this; and so shall I.

He actually runs after me; he devours me; he makes a fool of himself, and is trying hard to make one of me.

The writer did not mean to deny that the vulgar are capable of receiving a great many pleasures; but, certainly, if that were changed to which, this would be the meaning conveyed, unless the reader were very careful to avoid a pause where he would be apt to make one.

This calculation is not entirely reliable for all points; as, at the extreme southern snow-line, a less, while a larger amount is required for a more northerly districtsay about eleven inches to make one of water in Minnesota.

Surely this is to make one indefinite idea the gauge of another indefinite idea.

He had earned the ill-will of the politicos by insisting that persons authorized to make public land surveys, or other surveys on which claims of title as against the government were to be based, should know enough about surveying to make one correct survey when given an opportunity practically to demonstrate their abilities under very favourable conditions.

Then burst a storm to make one quail, Though housed from winds and waves They who could tell about that gale Must rise from watery graves!

To attempt to dance without a knowledge of dancing is not only to make one's self ridiculous, but one's partner also.

390 examples of  to make one  in sentences
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