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390 examples of  to make one  in sentences

390 examples of to make one in sentences

"A calm autumnal day in the country is a great thing, a beautiful thing, a thing to thank God for; a thing to make one happy, buoyant of spirit, full of gratitude to the great Creator; a thing to make one merry, too, not with a loud and boisterous mirth, but with a heart full to overflowing with cheerfulness, and a calm joy.

"A calm autumnal day in the country is a great thing, a beautiful thing, a thing to thank God for; a thing to make one happy, buoyant of spirit, full of gratitude to the great Creator; a thing to make one merry, too, not with a loud and boisterous mirth, but with a heart full to overflowing with cheerfulness, and a calm joy.

Then he took hisself down to Preacher Blaylock, knowin' in reason that preachers was always hungry for weddin' fees, and would hustle round to make one.

She said the Mandinga was placed there to make one of the negresses dislike her fellow-slaves, and prefer her to the other.

It is probably not generally known that it takes ten dixies full of snow, when melted down, to make one dixie full of water.

Just to make one more among the thousands of doctors in America was one thing, he said.

During the night incredible things were done: shops sacked, money stolen, rapes: enough to make one's hair stand on end.

The shallow strips of water were hid by myriads of aquatic plants, under whose coarse and spiritless flowers, could one have seen it, was a harbor of reptiles, great and small, to make one shudder to the end of his days.

" The staff of General Villivicencio were a faithful few who had not bowed the knee to any abomination of the Amรฉricains, nor sworn deceitfully to any species of compromise; their beloved city was presently to pass into the throes of an election, and this band, heroically unconscious of their feebleness, putting their trust in "re-actions" and like delusions, resolved to make one more stand for the traditions of their fathers.

Desirous of having a mace formed like the head of a cow, he requested Kavah to make one of iron, and it was accordingly made in the shape he described.

It was too funny to be laughable, it was comic in a way to make one want to weep.

Yes, I've been thinking of it for some months past; for, when all is said, to earn five thousand francs a year, after eight years' zeal, and to think that one will never earn much more, is enough to make one despair of life.

I now really believe that she treats herself to some of the spirits of wine that are given her for the warmer!it's enough to make one die of laughing.

He is asked to make one at the whist table; refuseth on the score of poverty, andresents being left out.

I like to make one at these ceremonies, which to us old people give back our youth in a manner, and restore our gayest season, in the remembrance of our own success, or the regrets, scarcely less tender, of our own youthful disappointments, in this point of a settlement.

" "I thank you, my dear doctor," rejoined the baronet; "I have not only come myself, but have persuaded Mr. Benfield to make one of the party; there he comes, leaning on Emily's arm, and finding fault with Mrs. Wilson's new-fashioned barouche, which he says has given him cold.

Apparently to make one of a set with the Nativity, he began to write an ode on the Passion, but, finding the subject "above the years he had when he wrote it, and nothing satisfied with what was begun, left it unfinished."

I then saw in my dream that they went on until they came into a certain country, whose air naturally tended to make one drowsy, if he came a stranger into it.

" Mr. Holmes, having sufficiently recovered to realize the wisdom of the course pursued by Stevens, joined him in his entreaties, and they got the captain and some of his crew to make one more effort.

I had made up my mind to make one more effort, and I knelt down and commenced praying; but quite as much for myself as for her.

"Why, little spitfire, it wouldn't matter a bit except to make one less mouth to feed.

[d]; and this disappointment, added to so many other reasons of disgust, induced that nobleman and his brother to concur with their incensed countrymen, and to make one general effort for the recovery of their ancient liberties.

For so precious are these skins esteemed, that a sufficient number to make one garment only will sometimes cost 2000 gold sultanies, and the Tartars call the sable the queen of furs.

Though it falls far below the standard of Hakluyt, both in accuracy and literary finish, there is still plenty to make one glad that the book was written and that he can now comfortably follow Purchas on his pilgrimage.

And my heart was warm towards the Master Monstruwacan for that great honour, that he should come downward in armour to make one with the Full Watch, that he might uphold me to a lofty spirit at the moment of my going.

And afterwards he is marched along interminable passages, with walls painted a crude, hideous shade of blue, so offensive to all artistic instinct as verily to make one's gorge rise.

I entreat you, gentlemen, not to expect any elaborate speech from me, because really I am unprepared to make one.

The Brunswickers cannot form one, and the King cannot be persuaded to make one out of the Opposition.

She knew this, but nothing more: her father's enemies, who would gladly have added to his wretchedness, by making his child look upon him with horror, could not find in their hearts, when they gazed on her innocent face, to make one so unoffending wretched.

If you have a mind to make one of us, I will order Death to come another day.

This top bower of twigs and branches threw back the noise of the explosions of the motor cycle, and made an echo, above which it was almost impossible to make one's voice heard.

I have often been amused to see a great hulking cowardly brute come out like an avalanche at 'Pincher,' expecting to make one mouthful of him.

Fie on't Madam, the words are so strange, they are able to make one Dream of Hobgoblins; I could never have the power, Sing that Dula.

To the rest he was wont to put the question in the order that belonged to them, but of the ex-consuls he used to make one first, another second, and third and fourth and so on as he liked.

To make one, get an old shawl, ram your head through the middle of it, then draw it snug about the waist, with a cast-off nitecap string.

The spots we seek are on the soul, man, and we must look into that, ere thou art permitted to make one in this goodly company.

Now, when they said he was dyinghad this world grown suddenly so significant that he could rise from his death-bed to make one last appearance in the paltry lists?

It is enough to make one shudder.

It may be right the week after to make one which has a contrary effect, and then the congratulators become revilers.

I can think of little elsethe increasing and accumulating horrors, miseries, and desolation of this wicked war have been enough to make one despair of mankind.

A brass air pump of 36-1/2 inches diameter requires the bar to make one turn in about three minutes, which is also the speed proper for a cylinder 60 inches in diameter.

"Actually, I like them," Oliver said, "I wouldn't mind trying to make one some day.

Poor Goldsmith said afterwards, "Graham is a fellow to make one commit suicide.

I was very desirous of catching one of these little creatures, but this could only be effected by means of a net, which I had not got, nor had I either needle or twine to make one.

Ask grandma to make one for her.

And pains are taken purposely, not disguisedly, but openly and avowedly, to make one word answer to another, as if they had been measured together and were equal to each other.

But in the midst of this brilliant and novel gayety of hers, there was still a dignity to make one feel that she had by no means abandoned her regal purple, but merely adorned it with profuse golden flourishes.

"I am sure I shall find Thomas and the horses fast asleep," said she, "for I have made a long call, or, at least, have tried to make one, and you must tell your sister that my stay proves how much I wanted to see her.

In that case, the two plants are required to make one structurally complete organization.

When Shelley left England for Italy, Keats told me that he had received from him an invitation to become his guest,and, in short, to make one of his household.

"There is a word, my son, a very little word, in the English language, the right use of which it is all important that you should learn," Mr. Howland said to his son Thomas, who was about leaving the paternal roof for a residence in a neighboring city, never again, perchance, to make one of the little circle that had so long gathered in the family homestead.

but resting a few moments revived him, and he aroused himself, to make one more effort for life!

"A certain citizen, who wanted a mortar, went to a sculptor and asked him to make one.

Hagar was accordingly bidden to prepare them for the ceremony, and resolving to make one more effort to undo what she had done she dressed the child whom she had thought to wrong in its own clothes, and then anxiously awaited her mistress' coming.

She tied on her bonnet, and determined to make one more effortit should be with Fred this time.

Meet those; and do not go about to make one right out of two wrongs.

" "It was a bad moment to make one.

They say a ship is modelled from a fish; and, if such be the case, it is only to make one after the fashion of a crab, or an oyster, to have the very thing you named.

The whimsical Fates, however, decided to make one trial of the experiment of bringing two musicians of the first class into a sphere of mutual influence and affection.

Determined to act as shall seem good to him,to make some excursions into the interior of the continent, if an opportunity presents itself, and he will know how to make one,he casts a first glance at the land of his adoption.

He was thoroughly the gentleman, gentle because manly, and was a striking instance that where there is strength for sincere courtesy, there is no need of other adaptation to the character of others, to make one's way freely and gracefully through the crowd.

The King having selected the Comte de Soissons as his second against the Duc d'Epernon and the Marรฉchal, this ill-assorted party continued for some time apparently absorbed in the game; and so thoroughly did it recall past scenes and times to the mind of the monarch, that he resolved, before he abandoned his once faithful subject to his fate, to make one last endeavour to overcome his obstinacy.

The broad, splendid line of Boulevards, which describe a semi-circle around the heart of the city, were crowded, and for the whole distance of three miles, it required no slight labor to make one's way.

But it required little assurance to make one's self at home here where informality seemed to be the rule, and before Hermia and the Countess came down Markham found himself on easy terms with the group he had joined.

I haven't any career, or any chance to make one.

You might have borrowed of mother and gone off to make one failure after another in gentlemanly attempts.

The writer did not mean to deny that the vulgar are capable of receiving a great many pleasures; but, certainly, if that were changed to which, this would be the meaning conveyed, unless the reader were very careful to avoid a pause where he would be apt to make one.

The produce of a male is about 4 oz., and of a female 2 oz.: 2 lbs. of wool, as it comes off the goat's back, may be estimated to make one shawl 54 in.

On that occasion Mr. Maudslay stated, that he had been applied to by the Navy Board to make iron tanks for ships, and that he was rather unwilling to do so, as he considered it to be out of his line of business; however, he undertook to make one as a trial.

"The first word I heard of this transaction was by a letter from Swiney, inviting me to make one in the Hay-Market Company.

In a fit of despondency he resolved to retire into humble practice in his native county; and he had actually given up his chambers and taken leave of his friends in the metropolis, when he was not only diverted from his purpose by an eminent solicitor, but was even prevailed upon to make one more trial at the bar.

He had had a good breakfast, and you know a good breakfast is one of the best things in the world to make one feel fine.

"I have come," she said, "to make one more appeal to you, Normanto ask you to change this stern determination which is ruining your life and mineto ask you to take me back to your home and your heart.

Sir Roger is so keen at this Sport, that he has been out almost every Day since I came down; and upon the Chaplain's offering to lend me his easy Pad, I was prevailed on Yesterday Morning to make one of the Company.

Come, my good man, it is enough to make one laugh!" Gabriel did not laugh, but Silver Stick and the others applauded his words.

Woods and caves were his favorite haunts, and there he talked constantly with birds and animals, with rocks and treesnaturally not a word of sense, nothing but stuff silly enough to make one die a-laughing.

The unhappy sovereign determined, therefore, to make one more effort, and in an autograph letter begged the Elector of Brandenburg to spare Kohlhaas' life.

For men who believed in prayers: for him, it was the same thing to make one day for Lois happier.

If I may be allowed to make one more quotation on this subject, I will cite from the speech of the German Emperor at Coblenz, in which he spoke of "Kingship, by the grace of God, with its heavy duties, its tremendous responsibility to the Creator alone, from which no man, no minister, no parliament, can release the monarch.

Belike it might be many things, according to the ear, but was it not often something to make one think of that solemn message: "Man that is born of a woman is of few days and full of trouble"?

[A] Composed 1802.Published 1807 [Composed at the same time and on the same view as "I met Louisa in the shade:" indeed they were designed to make one piece.

(1) Scrupulous Asepsis, if intelligently taught, can be learned in six months' training, though one feels bound to add it requires moral "grit" in the character to make one unswervingly faithful in observing it.

However, his fright was as great as before, which Avery perceiving, desired him to fear nothing; "for," said he, "if you have a mind to make one of us, we will receive you; and if you turn sober, and attend to business, perhaps in time I may make you one of my lieutenants; if not, here's a boat, and you shall be set on shore.

The charge, indeed, receives colour from the preface, signed H. S., to the second edition; but, whoever H. S. may have been, there is nothing to make one suppose that he was speaking with authority.

Most practical politicians desire that the name "Republican" or "Democrat," or even that some party symbol like a star or flag, should be affixed, which can be understood by the most illiterate voter; also, that the voter should be allowed to make one cross opposite the word "Republican" or "Democrat" when he means to vote the whole of the ticket, "in order to give each candidate the benefit of the full party strength."

Prepare sliced potato sufficient to make one quart, cook in as small a quantity of water as possible, rub through a colander, and add to the beans.

Slice rather thin, enough to make one quart, and put to cook in a quart of water.

He had procured a pistol to blow out his brains, but had subsequently concluded to make one more effort to save himself.

And as I had no command here to oblige my attendance, I was once going to make one, but my comrades, whom I had been the principal occasion of bringing hither, began to take it ill, that I would leave them, and so I resolved we would take our fate together.

That's the worst of wordsa dozen scratches on a bit of paper do more to make one realise a scene than columns of description.

Bee-stings for rheumatiz? As well try wasps to make one well.

Later in life, he sometimes blushed at not knowing it, and yet mentioned the fact so often as almost to make one believe he was proud of it.

It is to make one's life a poem, as Milton dreamed of the true poet; for as art works through matter and takes on concrete and sensible shape with its mortal conditions, so the soul dips in life, is in material action, and, suffering a similar fate, sinks into limitations and externals of this world and this flesh, through which it must live.

It hath bene reported of such fellowes, and such, that they can doe rare feates, as to make one daunce naked.

De Gondomar replied, that nothing could please him better than the Marquis's modification of the wager, and the proposal was quite consistent with the acknowledged magnificence of his Lordship's notions; yet he begged to make one further alteration, which was, that in the event of the knight he should nominate being adjudged by his Majesty to be the best jouster, the rich prize might be delivered to him.

I made the circuit of the basin, graciously accompanied by a snow-white swan, handsome enough to make one think it might be Jupiter in disguise, seeking some Hamburg Leda, and, the better to carry out the deception, snapping at the bread-crumbs offered him by the traveler.

To attempt to dance without a knowledge of dancing is not only to make one's self ridiculous, but one's partner also.

It is usual to make one, or at most two, turns round the room, and then restore the lady to her own partner, who in the meantime has perhaps been the chosen one of another lady.

It is enough to make one hate goodness, unless this is all mere pretence on her part.

And this is the reason for his wide diversities of narrative: he had to make one story as rich as a ruby sunset, another as grey as a hoary monolith: for the story was the soul, or rather the meaning, of the bodily vision.