925 examples of to note in sentences

" It would have touched a harder heart than her loose friend's to note the final flush of clairvoyance witnessing this assertion and under which her eyes shone as with the rush of quick tears.

You know I am especially charged with conducting his personal demand with the Senate, and frequent interviews have given me opportunity to note that he was wont to wear a signet, which is now wanting.

"Where does it lie, what is it like, how much is there of it, and how came you to own it?" "Ask him just so, ag'in," said Nick, taking up four twigs, to note down the questions, seriatim.

Another thing which amused and interested M. Zola when he took his walks around Norwood was to note the often curious and often high-sounding names bestowed on villa residences.

If the model girl had had the same keenness of observation for what is borne in the face as for what is worn on the back, she could not have failed to note the strong family resemblance between the young man standing near her and the man who had paused on the stairway.

" I break the continuity of the narrative for a moment to note that while Morse was making copies of famous paintings in Rome, and studying intelligently the works of the old masters, he was not forgetful of the young academy at home, which he had helped to found and of which he was still president.

" Leonard was about to proceed with his search, but a slight circumstance detained him for a few minutes, during which time he had sufficient leisure to note the extraordinary personal attractions of Nizza Macascree.

Mr. Punch, following the example of his daily contemporaries, despatched a representative to some of the great London termini to note the August exodus from town.

Events have followed too quick and thick for me to note 'em.

After lecturing a long time with signal successhaving contracted a disease of the throat, which prevented him from further prosecuting his labors in this wayhe visited the West Indies, eighteen months ago, in company with another gentleman of the most ample qualifications, to note the operation of the British emancipation act.

It is pleasant to note that Rossini's ancient parents were at the wedding.

They were surprised, therefore, to note that Bill put up a very weak struggle, once he had come to close quarters.

" "Yes," said father, "I was thinking precisely the same thing myself, so you see that in spite of our condemning your sex for paying so much attention to clothes, we men are the first to note the result of them.

There are always forewarnings; and while the surface mind habitually refuses to note them, though they be clear as sunset silhouettes, the subconscious mind is not so stupidso blind under the sweet spells of that arch-enchanter, vanity.

a needless possessive, or a needless article, is put before the participle, the correction is to be made, not by inserting of, but by expunging the article, according to Note 16th to Rule 1st, or the possessive, according to Note 5th to Rule 4th.

He went far enough to note that the bush broke its promise of refreshment, for back of it was but dry desolation.

It may be well for a moment to note what spirituality did not mean in the life of Jesus Christ.

" It is easy to note Arabic influences in these poems.

It consists in referring to one's having said just exactly what one did not say, and then if one fails to note the trap and avoid it, in claiming that because one did not deny the allegation one has admitted its truth.

And again he could not fail to note that she was prompting her husband.

In a land where public libraries have been every where founded out of the accumulations of Big Business, it is interesting to note that Pollio derived the funds with which this the first of their kind was endowed, from the plunder of the Illyrians!]

" He paused to note the effect of his words and saw that he had scored.

For the present, I will ask you to note the facts and bear them in mind, so that you may be able to follow the argument when we come to that.

Their evident haste caused Ramon to note their passing with some interest.

I shall endeavour to note the various verse-forms employed, as the evidence is often of use in determining the question of development.

925 examples of  to note  in sentences