204 examples of told him about in sentences

Just then the man who had charge of our cannibals, who each had a dog that they were looking for a place to roast, came along and I told him about the Indians' corn roast, and he ordered the cannibals to go drive the Indians away from their fire and roast their dogs.

And she told him about our night with Jenkins.

I told him about Moses; I explained painstakingly just who the Children of Israel were; and I did my best to point out clearly the difference between manna and manners.

And Jack knew what was going on, for the princess had told him about it, and had asked would he help her, but he said he would not.

All the complex sensitiveness of her nature was expressed simultaneously in the changing tints of her face, the confusion of her eyes and her gestures, and the exquisite hesitations of her voice as she told him about the coincidence which had brought back to her in his office the poem of her schooldays.

She says he was frightfully upset when she told him about you and Colin.

I told him about you.

You could have told him about the gold as well as Mr. Trego." "Indeed!

I told him about the six foot bird cage in the atrium of that Kahala beach house and the little girl who stuck to her story.

She told him about her father, a long-distance trucker who drove away for good when she was eight.

" I told him about seventeen miles.

"Well, one of the turnips fell off, and a boy, who was riding on the wagon, called to the man who was driving, and told him about the turnip falling.

A cat had once scratched her hand, and she had told him about it.

Moreover, there is little doubt that he must have met some wandering conjurer from India, who told him about the tricks of the mango plant, and how t is sent up to the sky.

I told him about the new springs.

I never saw a man more surprised than he was when I told him about it the day of her death.

[-5-]Pompey as a result of what was told him about Caesar and because he had not yet prepared a force to cope with him changed his plans: for he saw that the dwellers in the city, yes, the members of the sedition themselves, even more than the others, shrank from the war through remembrance of the deeds of Marius and Sulla and wished to escape it in safety.

"Hullo!" he said at their expressions, and entering, "Well?" They told him about the Princess.

" Gilbert remembered what Ellen Carley had told him about Marian's keeping the secret of her newly-acquired fortune from her husband, until she should be able to tell it to him with her own lips; waiting for that happy moment with innocent girlish delight in the thought that he was to owe prosperity to her.

' I left him still lamentingabout a Club and a Gymnasium this timethat no one had ever told him about; and still doubting all that he had heard of Wonders to come.

He was chockful of the joy of having been away and of the happiness of getting back, till they told him about the Deacon's goings on, and then he went sort of gray and old, and sat for a minute all humped up.

She told him about her dinner with the Fitzgeralds and about the opera, but she held back her discovery, so to speak, of the baby, and the episode of Marna's wistful tears when she heard the music, and her amazing volte-face at remembering the baby's feeding-time.

We told him about the trouble we had had with the sooner, a story which he seemed to question, until Miller confirmed it.

"I stood up for you, and I told him about Edith's runaway, and then he said, fair and square, that he didn't believe you stopped the horse.

He, therefore (by virtue of his excitement), now believes you told him about seeing your unhappy kinswoman.

204 examples of  told him about  in sentences