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252 example sentences with  told him about

252 example sentences with told him about

Then when he was all ready and was starting out to work she told him about it."

And all this time he had been slowly and painfully recalling what his young friend Colonel Merman (the Colonel was young only relatively to the General) had told him about Hector Beaumaroy.

Ich habe der Consul Smith gesehen ein Paar Wochen ago, & told him about that Pass, und er hat mir gesagt das er wurde be absent from this gegen(something) zwei oder drei Wochen, aber wann er sollte hier wieder nachkommen, wollte er der pass geschlagen worden & snake it off to Berlin.

I told him about the people and who were the worstwho had been influenced by the Nihilists and who would not work.

She confirmed everything Loneli had told him about the knight.

Then I told him about there not being any badge for keeping his eyes open and finding things.

All princesses Ivra had ever told him about had curly golden hair, and though she had never said it, Eric had suspected for some time that Ivra would like that kind of hair herself.

"I can't remember why I told him about Mother Carey's chickens," said Nancy reflectively.

(oh, jiminies, I guess I didn't know how I was talking now, I was so excited) "and he met Skinny McCord's mother and she told him about Skinny being sick on account of a good turn he did for mekeeping Jake Holden from going to my

All the while he kept asking me about the scouts, and I told him about Skinny, and how we were going to take him up to Temple Camp with us, so he could get better, maybe.

Then there's Wolf, who can't understand what I told him about Mr. Rushton's not liking so many dogssee how sorry he is."

Told him about his motherto show what come of running to other folks.

All the complex sensitiveness of her nature was expressed simultaneously in the changing tints of her face, the confusion of her eyes and her gestures, and the exquisite hesitations of her voice as she told him about the coincidence which had brought back to her in his office the poem of her schooldays.

Josiah came in pretty soon, and when I told him about it he acted real huffy and agreed with Jane Olive, and resented the idee of a Home for Fallen Men.

He asked me why he should, so I told him about the prodigal son in the Biblehe seemed to like hearing about it, and he said he thought he was very like him.

" "I never told him about the lamb.

'Yes, sir,' said my grandfather, 'indeed we have read it;' and he told him about Jem Millar, and what he had said to me that last morning.

He was impatient to reach the Cedars where he might learn all that Howells hadn't told him about his grandfather's death.

Maulevrier told him about the fox-hunt, and they both laughed at meat least I have no doubt Mr. Hammond laughed, though I was too much ashamed to look at him.'

"It looks as if my enemies meant to lose no time," he said, in English, when Kit told him about his adventure.

"But I am sure it can be no one but Tom; for only yesterday, when I told him about my apricots, and the money I expected to get for them, he said he wished he knew how to get some, that he might have money too.

And I told him about the hare.

" "Then why did you come at all?" Sivert told him about Oline and her message, how she had said that Uncle Sivert was on the point of death.

You could have told him about the gold as well as Mr. Trego."

She told him about Wes, how he had refused to quit smoking and had succumbed to lung cancer.

Willow told him about her parents and her brother and her dissatisfaction with school.

She told him about the two older brothers who had bullied her on the basketball court.

She told him about her job and the house she was buying.

She told him about her father, a long-distance trucker who drove away for good when she was eight.

Then the priests in those temples told him about the three kings and how they had journeyed to Bethlehem and had seen the young Child.

But when she was alone in her room that night she recalled Bosio's expression when she had told him about the will.

It's essential that the old man shouldn't get wind of anything being up; and if Carr told him about last night he'd prick up his wicked old ears.

I told him about my having been hired out by Capt.

And I told him about how she began to hush me up from laughing too loud, or making any kind of noise, because I was soon to be Mary, and she wanted me to get used to it, so I wouldn't trouble him when I got here.

"Well, one of the turnips fell off, and a boy, who was riding on the wagon, called to the man who was driving, and told him about the turnip falling.

John was rather disconcerted over this when she told him about it.

Don't recollect who told him about the broom or about the lie, but knows both.

I told him about the captain who had been carrying the message, and said if there was a stretcher about I could get him in.

She told him about little Eddy, and he promised to go for a physician and to come home immediately; and by the time they had gone half way home, Edward, her husband, joined them.

A cat had once scratched her hand, and she had told him about it.

She had told him about the grave, but this other she had kept from him.

And I told him about Mrs. Sardis.

'I think they have been believing that ever since we left London,' I said; and I told him about Miss Kate's treatment of me at lunch.

I have told him about the medicines, and how to loosen the bandages at night.

And now, just when I've got so's I can hook any dress that was ever intended for the human form" "Wasn't it Jo who said they ought to give away an engineering blueprint with every dress, when you told him about the way they hooked?"

They told him about free canteens, and about other places where you could get a good meal, cheap.

Moreover, there is little doubt that he must have met some wandering conjurer from India, who told him about the tricks of the mango plant, and how t is sent up to the sky.

Until Detroit Jim had told him about the long-forgotten sewer conduit, he had never even thought to disobey the prison rules.

I told him about the variety of experience I enjoyed as a journalist, the wide range of stories I could do and the opportunities to travel though the profession paid only slightly more than my earlier employer, the government.

When the Sun came home at night, she told him about it, and he too was glad.

I never saw a man more surprised than he was when I told him about it the day of her death.

She told him about little Eddy, and he promised to go for a physician, and to come home immediately; and by the time they had gone half way home, Edward, her husband, joined them.

[-5-]Pompey as a result of what was told him about Caesar and because he had not yet prepared a force to cope with him changed his plans: for he saw that the dwellers in the city, yes, the members of the sedition themselves, even more than the others, shrank from the war through remembrance of the deeds of Marius and Sulla and wished to escape it in safety.

Marco had before this time told him about his getting the reins.

he said at their expressions, and entering, "Well?" They told him about the Princess.

From the day in which they had spoken together for the first time going to Paestum, he had guessed that what she had told him about her nationality was false.

He couldn't get a holt on any money, so I told him about the Farmers' Loan.

You have told him about me, I suppose?" "Not yet, Marian; I have not been able to do that.

It would have been too gross to have told him about Gwenda's salary.

The fact of her not having told him about it at once did not prove to Tommy that there had been no proposal.

Ailsa was very animated; she told him about Stephen's enlistment, asked scores of questions about military life, the chances in battle, the proportion of those who went through war unscathed.

and she told him about the magic ring and how by means of it they could provide themselves with a house and everything they wanted.

I left him still lamentingabout a Club and a Gymnasium this timethat no one had ever told him about; and still doubting all that he had heard of Wonders to come.

As Christopher grew through boyhood, she watched him; in her enveloping eagerness she forestalled the hour when he would have asked, and told him about his father, Daniel Kain.

He was chockful of the joy of having been away and of the happiness of getting back, till they told him about the Deacon's goings on, and then he went sort of gray and old, and sat for a minute all humped up.

She told him about her dinner with the Fitzgeralds and about the opera, but she held back her discovery, so to speak, of the baby, and the episode of Marna's wistful tears when she heard the music, and her amazing volte-face at remembering the baby's feeding-time.

He fed us well, and was just as hot as us when we told him about the stage driver's trick.

"So I told him about how the vigilantes had wrongly suspected a man who peddled rubber hose of a murder, overtook him under that very tree, and, lacking rope, strung him with a section of his own goods, riding away without a look behind them.

Oliver had not forgotten what Jonas had often told him about doing his work like a workman.

"Big Dick told him about this incident, and the old man feeling his oats, as he leaned with his back against the bar, said to us with a noticeable degree of pride, 'Lads, I'm proud of every one of you.

We told him about the trouble we had had with the sooner, a story which he seemed to question, until Miller confirmed it.

"I stood up for you, and I told him about Edith's runaway, and then he said, fair and square, that he didn't believe you stopped the horse.

He, therefore (by virtue of his excitement), now believes you told him about seeing your unhappy kinswoman.

He began to make enquiries regarding Burke's absence at length, and then she told him about the veldt-fires, and the menace to the land.

Dr. Garnett had told him about me and about my especial quest, and with rare kindness, he offered to give me hints.

The man went to the dog fancier and told him about it.

"You have told him about it, of course?"anxiously.

Casey kicked him gently with his heels to urge him forward, for in spite of what his reason told him about the shale slide his instinct was to go straight to the light.

After Selena sang, Behar called his boss and told him about Selena.

Drekยดthar learned Thrall ancient ways of shamanism and Doomhammer told him about his parentยดs death.

Ford was not aware of his biological father until he was 17, when his parents told him about the circumstances of his birth.

According to him, he said that he choose not to overreact when his daughter told him about her sexuality because he didnโ€™t want to dire their relationship.

Bunch said his father had told him about another incident when a white American officer walked a German woman in front of his unit and asked her to point out the man who had raped her.

Cassidy wasnโ€™t interested until Silver told him about how they all watch Fast & Furious on Fridays.

He arrived with two friends, and when his girlfriend went out to meet them, she told him about the 17-year-old's behaviour.

His mother-in-law told him about a local so-called โ€œ98 centโ€ store in South Los Angeles that, miraculously under the circumstances, seemed to have everything.

โ€œI never told him about all that,โ€ Ms. Sacra says.

In the dialogue, the guy she was talking to tried to flirt by asking her what she was wearing, and Niece told him about her sexy gear.

I told him about the trivia game while he was getting something to drink and settling in. This was happening while the instructions and rules were explained on the live stream trivia game.

โ€œI was sat next to Kenny and the bank manager came up and told him about the share in a mare he had just bought with me and that he should get involved,โ€ Grant said.

โ€œMy producer was making fun of me for a story I told him about my husband telling me I never write any songs for him.

The students eagerly told him about the diamond that they had discovered and said: โ€œNow you will be able to sit the entire day for the rest of your life and study Torah.โ€

At our second meeting, I told him about my time in Afghanistan and I tried to get him to talk about China and the military.

Watson remembered what the general and the deck officer had told him about the signal boat and the battlefield preparations.

During these visits he would also see Wall. He testified that on one of these weekend visits Wall told him about a board game.

A man came and told him about the crying of the women of Ja'far.

And she told him about it.

I told him about my work and he said โ€ good luckโ€ and โ€œcan I read itโ€.

Maxwell testified that the accused later told him about it.

Theo vows to keep the blue-eyed beauty safe, even as he meets the son she never told him about.