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394 examples of  toledo  in sentences

394 examples of toledo in sentences

One magnificent period in literature unfolded itself in the eleventh century A.D., in the little courts of Seville, of Murcie, of Malaga, Valence, Toledo, and Badajos.

There is among them one which treats of the adventures of Don Rodrigues, the last king of the Visigoths"The Closed House of Toledo."

" THE INFANTA SEVILLA AND PERANZUELOS Upon Toledo's loftiest towers Sevilla kept the height; So wondrous fair was she that love Was blinded at the sight.

He cleft his head from his shoulders, And, marshalling his train, Made haste once more on his journey Across Toledo's plain.

For I called, and yet thou didst not answer me." THE JEALOUS KING 'Twas eight stout warriors matched with eight, and ten with valiant ten, As Aliatare formed a band allied with Moslem men, To joust, with loaded canes, that day in proud Toledo's ring, Against proud Adelifa's host before their lord the King.

"Alas for thee, Toledo!

And Tagus gently murmurs in his billows fresh and free And hastens from Toledo to reach the mighty sea.

Such was Zulema, such was he, the warrior of renown, The son of that Zulema who ruled Toledo's town.

ZAIDA OF TOLEDO Upon a gilded balcony, which decked a mansion high, A place where ladies kept their watch on every passer-by, While Tagus with a murmur mild his gentle waters drew To touch the mighty buttress with waves so bright and blue, Stands Zaida, radiant in her charms, the flower of Moorish maids,

You ordered it yourself from Toledo.

One or more organized societies have sprung up in New York, Chicago, Buffalo, Cleveland, Cincinnati, Philadelphia, Detroit, Toledo, Milwaukee, Madison, Scranton, Peoria, Atlanta, Toronto, and nearly every other centre of population, besides a large and growing number of receivers of the faith among the members of all the churches and non-church-going people.

Ferdinand Alvarez de Toledo, duke of Alva, was of a distinguished family in Spain, and even boasted of his descent from one of the Moorish monarchs who had reigned in the insignificant kingdom of Toledo.

Ferdinand Alvarez de Toledo, duke of Alva, was of a distinguished family in Spain, and even boasted of his descent from one of the Moorish monarchs who had reigned in the insignificant kingdom of Toledo.

So the next time I met Don Sanchez, I took him aside and told him of my concern, asking him the speediest manner of sending a letter to England (that I had enclosed in mine to the Don having missed him through his leaving Toledo before it arrived).

Joan, queen of Spain, of whom I have formerly spoken, under pretence of changing air was sent to Complutum, or Alcada de las Heneras, where Ximenius the archbishop of Toledo then lived, that by his good counsel (as for the present she was) she might be eased.

Gustavo had already felt and described the charm of the old Moorish city of Toledo in his Historia de los Templos de España, and in 1869 he and Valeriano moved their little household temporarily to the city of their dreams, with a view to finding inspiration for their pens and brushes, and thus subsistence for their joint families.

An amusing account is given by Correa of an adventure that befell the two brothers one night in Toledo as they were wandering about its streets.


á su amigo que le quiere Gustavo Becquer Espresiones á Pepe Marco S/c Calle de San Ildefonso Toledo.

4, Madrid, 1890; Rengifo's Arte Poètica Española, Barcelona, 1759; J. D. M. Ford's "Notes on Spanish Prosody," in A Spanish Anthology, published by Silver, Burdett & Co., 1901; and a Tratado de Literatura Preceptiva, by D. Saturnino Milego é Inglada, published at Toledo in 1887.

His devotionally-affected mother, Eleanora de Toledo, had trained him in moral ways, and had called forth in him regard for religion and sympathy for charitable objects.

Bianca Buonaventuri was stunned by the terrible end of her dear sister-friends, Isabella de' Medici and Eleanora de Garzia de Toledo.

The bodies also of Maria, the unhappy victim of her father, Cosimo, with the fatal wound; of Eleanora de Garzia de Toledo, Piero's murdered wife; and of Isabella, Duchess of Bracciano, were also recognised.

Eleanora de Toledo of the broken heart, and Eleanora de Garzia de Toledo of the bleeding heart, awaited in Paradise Eleanora degli Albizzi of the heart of desertion.

Eleanora de Toledo of the broken heart, and Eleanora de Garzia de Toledo of the bleeding heart, awaited in Paradise Eleanora degli Albizzi of the heart of desertion.

They should have been sent to the Exhibition last year, with the Toledo blades and the wooden mosaics.

Had I bene accompanied, with my Toledo or morglay.

The Toledo, or Via Cassaro,for it bears both these designations,runs from the sea to the Monreale gate, close to which is the Royal Palace, and the Cathedral square opens from this street.

Near the upper end of the Toledo the Cathedral is situated, not very favorably for effect, as only the eastern side is sufficiently free from buildings.

These same nuns' balconies are not confined to the interior of churches, but form a distinct and picturesque feature in the long line of the Toledo.

A pavilion over the Monreale gate commands a view right down the Toledo to the sea.

Conduct of this character, brought in several instances to the notice of the present Secretary of the Treasury, naturally awakened his suspicion, and resulted in the disclosure that at four portsnamely, Oswego, Toledo, Sandusky, and Milwaukeethe Treasury had, by false entries, been defrauded within the four years next preceding March, 1853, of the sum of $198,000.

Two Greeks at Toledo in 1583, made an experiment with it before Charles V. They descended in it with a lighted candle to a great depth.

It was first given to king Recared (590) in the third Council of Toledo, for his zeal in rooting out the "Arian heresy.

III The Howard Tates are, as everyone who lives in Toledo knows, the most formidable people in town.

Mrs. Howard Tate was a Chicago Todd before she became a Toledo Tate, and the family generally affect that conscious simplicity which has begun to be the earmark of American aristocracy.

Elijah Lyman 10.00 Toledo.

Toledo K. Crist (W); 10May67; R410198.

CRIST, TOLEDO K. Corporate suretyship.

The ransom for Toledo.

Robert H. Carleton (A); 10Oct75; R616084. R616085. Toledo, 1919.

The Shaw-Kendall Engineering Company, Toledo, Ohio.

Toledo K. Crist (W); 10May67; R410198.

CRIST, TOLEDO K. Corporate suretyship.

The ransom for Toledo.

The French occupied Toledo, entering into the Cathedral like pagans, rattling their swords and prying into every corner at full High Mass.

For him, whoever occupied the throne of Toledo was a perfect man, whose acts no one should dare to discuss, and he turned a deaf ear to the murmurs of the canons and beneficiaries, who, smoking their cigarettes in the arbour of his garden, spoke of the genialities of this Señor de Inguanzo, and were indignant at the Government of Ferdinand VII.

and was it for this that so many lord archbishops of Toledo fought against the Moors?

The Señor Esteban would watch, standing silently, this bat-like evening club, which was kept quietly hidden from those belonging to the National Militia of Toledo.

Acolytes that I knew when my father had charge of the sacristy now wear the mitre, and possibly some day we may have one of them in Toledo.

The Cid with a huge sword, and four set pieces representing as many parts of the world: huge figures with dusty and tattered clothes and broken faces, which had once rejoiced the streets of Toledo, and were now rotting under the roofs of its Cathedral.

For these people, attached to the church from the day of their birth, like excrescences of its stones, who considered the archbishops of Toledo as the most powerful beings in the world after the Pope, the only profession worthy of a man of talent was the Church.

The nation was a theocratic republic, and its true head was the Archbishop of Toledo.

The only books that were produced in those times were written by the prelates of Toledo.

All the churches in Toledo remained in the hands of the Christian Muzarabés with the exception of the Cathedral, which was converted into the principal mosque.

[Footnote 1: MuzarabésChristians living among the Moors and mixing with them; also an ancient form of service still continued in one chapel in Toledo and in one at Salamanca.]

Benito, a Frenchman who succeeded to the chair, not to be behind his predecessors, made the Virgin send him down another chasuble to a church in his own country before he came to Toledo.

They arrived in the eleventh century, with Alfonso VI., to the conquest of Toledo.

Don Sancho, son of Don Jaime of Aragon, and brother to the Queen of Castille, thought more of his title of "Chief Leader" than of his mitre of Toledo, and on the advance of the Moors went out to meet them in the martial field.

He was astonished that the Spaniards of the present times were so blind that they did not entrust their direction and government to the archbishops of Toledo, who in former centuries had performed such heroic deeds.

Those who were generous like Tavera built palaces, and encouraged artists like El Greco, Berruguete and others, creating a Renaissance in Toledo, an echo from Italy.

The Cathedral, built entirely of a milky white stone from the quarries close to Toledo, rose in one single elevation from the base of the pillars to the vaulting, with no triforium to cut its arcades and to weaken and load the naves with superimposed arches.

Don Gil was not a man to live long in the pleasant little Provençal court; like a good archbishop of Toledo, he wore the coat-of-mail underneath his tunic, and as there were no Moors to fight he wished to strike at heretics instead.

[Footnote 1: The Muzarabé ritual is still sung in Arabic both in Toledo and Salamanca.]

The remembrance of the archbishops of Toledo, those brave ecclesiastical princes, implacable warriors against the infidels, fired his warlike feelings.

As yet he had never been away from Toledo, away from the shadow of its Cathedral; Spain seemed to him as vast as all the rest of the world put together, and he began to feel the ardent desire of seeing something new, of seeing closer all the wonderful things he had read about in his books, stirring within him.

But the real reason which prevented Luna from returning to Toledo was that he wished to follow the course of events, to see new countries and different customs.

He earned in this way twelve francs a dayfar more than those canons of Toledo, who formerly had appeared to him as great dukes.

In Barcelona some of the "companions" had obtained for him the management of a printing press, but before taking up his post he wished to spend a few days in Toledo.

On his return to Toledo, he found the happy family dissolved; misfortune had come even to that silent and stagnant corner.

On account of his absolute and irrational faith and his unbending adhesion to the Church, the professors in the seminary had pushed him on in his career, in spite of his ignorance; he was a son of the soil, having been born in a village in the mountains round Toledo.

And what are four wretched pesetas, when for that money you can see one of the most glorious churches in Christendom, the cradle of Spanish Catholicism, the Cathedral of Toledo!"

The archbishops of Toledo could have placed one or two crowns on their mitre, I dare not say three, for I think of the Supreme Pontiff.

First of all, there is the Deed of Gift to the Cathedral, made by the King Alfonso VI., by reason of his having conquered Toledo.

gave us eight towns on the other side of the Guadalquiver, several ovens, two castles, the salt works of Belinchon, and a tenth of all the money coined in Toledo, for the vestments of the prebendaries.

One evening I listened to Wagner, dressed in the clothes of a friend of mine, a violinist, who plays here in Toledo at the great festivals.

This little acolyte of half a century before was now a prince of the church, and the Cardinal Archbishop of Toledo.

A thousand times I said to my brother, 'See, Esteban, this young gentleman is not for your daughter'very sympathetic, very lively, and wearing the uniform of the Academy like no one else, leader of a group of the wildest cadets in all their escapades about the town, besides a son of a great familywealthy people who did not allow him to come to Toledo with his purse empty.

The beauty of your niece was the talk of all Toledo; the girls in the college for noble ladies, nicknamed her the 'sacristana' of the Cathedral; but the poor girl lived only for her cadet, and she seemed to devour him with her beautiful blue eyes.

The woolstaplers, carders, and weavers of Toledo had their patroness here long before the church was built, and they only gave up their right to the ground on the condition that they should be entire masters of the chapel, and do in it whatever they pleased and in all this piece of the Cathedral as far as those nearest pillars.

It was preserved here for centuries and purified; all the best was collected in Toledo, and from the books in this Cathedral have gone forth the chorales of all the churches in Spain and America.

The other evening he said to a chaplain of the chapel of the kings, 'Those captain professors at the Academy think that in point of women they cull the best in Toledo, but where is the Church!

Does he ever say a word to them about their scandalous visits, although all Toledo knows of them?"

She was from her childhood in the college for noble ladies, and as soon as the cardinal came to Toledo he took her out, and brought her to the palace.

Is she in Toledo?

Born in the Province of Toledo.

5. Write to the publishers of some magazine, asking them to change your address from 27 K Street, Toledo, Ohio, to 2011 Prospect Avenue, Beatrice, Nebraska.

Perfect as a work of art, setting at defiance its Toledo and Damascus rivals, there is more than art could impart.

I ne'er tri'd this, yet I have worn as fair as any man; I'm sure I've made my Cutler rich, and paid for several weapons, Turkish and Toledo's, two thousand Crowns, and yet could never light upon a fighting one.

Frati, L. Fratti, Giovanni Fraunce, Abraham Frederick of Aragon, King of Naples Frezzi, Frederigo Frutti d'amore Furness, H. H. G., T. Galatea (Cervantes) Galatea (Lollio) Galizia Gallathea Gammer Gurton's Needle Garcia de Toledo Garcilaso de la Vega Gardner, E. G. Gascoigne, George Gaudeamus!

He was the chief promoter of the Italian style, and the choir of the Cathedral of Toledo, where he worked so much, is the finest specimen of the kind in Spain.

Toledo, Seville, and Valladolid were at the time great productive and artistic centres.

In the first place, the marriage of Don Diego Columbus with Donna Maria de Toledo, induced many young gentlemen and ladies of good families to go over to Hispaniola, which proved of infinite importance to the new colony; as the strong tincture of heroism or romance in the Spanish character, was the fittest that could be conceived for promoting such exploits.

To strengthen his interest at court, he married Donna Maria, daughter to Don Ferdinand de Toledo, brother to the duke of Alva, and cousin to the king; thus allying himself with one of the most illustrious families in Spain.

ALBORAK, a wonderful horse of Mahomet, an impersonation of the lightning as his steed. ALBOR`NOZ, a Spanish statesman, archbishop of Toledo, a bold defender of the faith against the Moor and a plain-spoken man in the interest of Christianity (1310-1367).

MARIAMNE, the wife of Herod the Great, whom he put to death on suspicion of her unfaithfulness. MARIANA, JUAN, Spanish historian and political philosopher, born at Talavera; joined the Jesuits in 1554, and taught in their colleges in Rome, Sicily, and Paris; returning to Toledo he gave himself to literature; his "History of Spain" appeared in 1592 and 1605, theological writings incurred persecution, and his greatest work, "De Rege et

" Mr. F.E. Abbott, editor of the Index, Toledo, O., who was present at the foregoing Convention, and presented a protest against its aims and efforts, says of those who stand at the head of the movement: "We found them to be so thoroughly sincere and earnest in their purpose that they did not fear the effect of a decided but temperate protest.

" "Body of Bacchus!" exclaimed the Spaniard, half unsheathing the lengthy weapon that hung by his side, "I will hold you a wager of ten rose-nobles to as many silver reals of Spain, that with this stanch Toledo I will overcome your vaunted Crichton in close fight in any manner or practice of fence or digladiation which he may appointsword and dagger, or sword onlystripped to the girdle or armed to the teeth.

He was married to Doña Maria de Toledo.]

Then, while his foes were wiping their streaming eyes, the necromancer, who had learned his black art in the famous school of Toledo, slipped through their ranks unseen, and journeyed on to Mount Vulcanus, where he encountered his Satanic Majesty.