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One magnificent period in literature unfolded itself in the eleventh century A.D., in the little courts of Seville, of Murcie, of Malaga, Valence, Toledo, and Badajos.

There is among them one which treats of the adventures of Don Rodrigues, the last king of the Visigoths"The Closed House of Toledo."

" THE INFANTA SEVILLA AND PERANZUELOS Upon Toledo's loftiest towers Sevilla kept the height; So wondrous fair was she that love Was blinded at the sight.

He cleft his head from his shoulders, And, marshalling his train, Made haste once more on his journey Across Toledo's plain.

For I called, and yet thou didst not answer me." THE JEALOUS KING 'Twas eight stout warriors matched with eight, and ten with valiant ten, As Aliatare formed a band allied with Moslem men, To joust, with loaded canes, that day in proud Toledo's ring, Against proud Adelifa's host before their lord the King.

"Alas for thee, Toledo!

And Tagus gently murmurs in his billows fresh and free And hastens from Toledo to reach the mighty sea.

Such was Zulema, such was he, the warrior of renown, The son of that Zulema who ruled Toledo's town.

ZAIDA OF TOLEDO Upon a gilded balcony, which decked a mansion high, A place where ladies kept their watch on every passer-by, While Tagus with a murmur mild his gentle waters drew To touch the mighty buttress with waves so bright and blue, Stands Zaida, radiant in her charms, the flower of Moorish maids,

You ordered it yourself from Toledo.

One or more organized societies have sprung up in New York, Chicago, Buffalo, Cleveland, Cincinnati, Philadelphia, Detroit, Toledo, Milwaukee, Madison, Scranton, Peoria, Atlanta, Toronto, and nearly every other centre of population, besides a large and growing number of receivers of the faith among the members of all the churches and non-church-going people.

Ferdinand Alvarez de Toledo, duke of Alva, was of a distinguished family in Spain, and even boasted of his descent from one of the Moorish monarchs who had reigned in the insignificant kingdom of Toledo.

Ferdinand Alvarez de Toledo, duke of Alva, was of a distinguished family in Spain, and even boasted of his descent from one of the Moorish monarchs who had reigned in the insignificant kingdom of Toledo.

So the next time I met Don Sanchez, I took him aside and told him of my concern, asking him the speediest manner of sending a letter to England (that I had enclosed in mine to the Don having missed him through his leaving Toledo before it arrived).


á su amigo que le quiere Gustavo Becquer Espresiones á Pepe Marco S/c Calle de San Ildefonso Toledo.

4, Madrid, 1890; Rengifo's Arte Poètica Española, Barcelona, 1759; J. D. M. Ford's "Notes on Spanish Prosody," in A Spanish Anthology, published by Silver, Burdett & Co., 1901; and a Tratado de Literatura Preceptiva, by D. Saturnino Milego é Inglada, published at Toledo in 1887.

It was first given to king Recared (590) in the third Council of Toledo, for his zeal in rooting out the "Arian heresy.

Perfect as a work of art, setting at defiance its Toledo and Damascus rivals, there is more than art could impart.

Frati, L. Fratti, Giovanni Fraunce, Abraham Frederick of Aragon, King of Naples Frezzi, Frederigo Frutti d'amore Furness, H. H. G., T. Galatea (Cervantes) Galatea (Lollio) Galizia Gallathea Gammer Gurton's Needle Garcia de Toledo Garcilaso de la Vega Gardner, E. G. Gascoigne, George Gaudeamus!

He was the chief promoter of the Italian style, and the choir of the Cathedral of Toledo, where he worked so much, is the finest specimen of the kind in Spain.

Toledo, Seville, and Valladolid were at the time great productive and artistic centres.

" "Body of Bacchus!" exclaimed the Spaniard, half unsheathing the lengthy weapon that hung by his side, "I will hold you a wager of ten rose-nobles to as many silver reals of Spain, that with this stanch Toledo I will overcome your vaunted Crichton in close fight in any manner or practice of fence or digladiation which he may appointsword and dagger, or sword onlystripped to the girdle or armed to the teeth.

He was married to Doña Maria de Toledo.]

Then, while his foes were wiping their streaming eyes, the necromancer, who had learned his black art in the famous school of Toledo, slipped through their ranks unseen, and journeyed on to Mount Vulcanus, where he encountered his Satanic Majesty.

394 examples of  toledo  in sentences