48 examples of toltecs in sentences

Why should we try to make a king of Itzamna, an enlightened ruler of Quetzalcoatl, a cultured nation of the Toltecs, when the proof is of the strongest, that every one of these is an absolutely baseless fiction of mythology?

Yet Sahagun says the Toltecs were the real Chichimecs (Lib. x, cap. xxix).

And who, let us ask, were these Toltecs?

Not only does the tenor of the whole myth show this, but specifically and clearly the powers attributed to the ancient Toltecs.

xxix; compare also the myth of Tezcatlipoca disguised as an old woman parching corn, the odor of which instantly attracted the Toltecs, no matter how far off they were.

"When it has happened to me," says Father Duran, "to ask an Indian who cut this pass through the mountains, or who opened that spring of water, or who built that old ruin, the answer was, 'The Toltecs, the disciples of Papa.'

[Footnote 1: For the character of the Toltecs as here portrayed, see Ixtlilxochitl, Relaciones Historicas, and Veitia, Historia, passion.

When Quetzalcoatl left Tollan most of the Toltecs had already perished by the stratagems of Tezcatlipoca, and those that survived were said to have disappeared on his departure.

The original home of the Toltecs was said to have been in Tlapallanthe very same Red Land to which Quetzalcoatl was fabled to have returned; only the former was distinguished as Old TlapallanHue Tlapallanas being that from which he and they had emerged.

The time came for the luck of Quetzalcoatl and the Toltecs to end; for there appeared against them three sorcerers, named Vitzilopochtli, Titlacauan and Tlacauepan, who practiced many villanies in the city of Tullan.

Now Huemac, who was associated with Quetzalcoatl in the sovereignty of Tollan (although other myths apply this name directly to Quetzalcoatl, and this seems the correct version), had an only daughter of surpassing beauty, whom many of the Toltecs had vainly sought in marriage.

But the Toltecs were deeply angered that the maiden had given his black body the preference over their bright forms, and they plotted to have him slain.

The Toltecs swarmed in crowds, men, women and children, to share in the joyous scene.

The countless crowds of Toltecs that come to the wedding festivities, and are drowned before midnight in the waters of the strangely named river, are they not the infinitely numerous light-rays which are quenched in the world-stream, when the sun has sunk, and the gloaming is lost in the night?

Disguised with Huitzilopochtli, he irritated the people until they stoned the brother gods to death, and from the corrupting bodies spread a pestilential odor, to which crowds of the Toltecs fell victims.

The Toltecs have been taken, alas, the book of their souls has come to an end, alas, everything of the Toltecs has reached its conclusion, no longer do I care to live here.

The Toltecs have been taken, alas, the book of their souls has come to an end, alas, everything of the Toltecs has reached its conclusion, no longer do I care to live here.

Nopiltzin; the reference is to Quetzalcoatl, the famous "fair God" of the Nahuas, and in myth, the last ruler of the Toltecs.

This name was applied to the chief temple of the Toltecs; the ruins of an ancient structure at Tollantzinco were pointed out at the time of the Conquest as those of this building (see Sahagun, Hist.

The first chief of the Toltecs; another form of chalchiuhtonac.

The original seat of the mythical Toltecs.

A mythical land from which the Toltecs were fabled to have come and to which Quetzalcoatl returned.

The ancient mythical capital of the Toltecs.

The Toltecs were a mythical people, whose civilization was supposed to have preceded that of the Aztecs. TOPILTZIN, 46, 105.

We will not follow the interesting narrative of the destruction of the ancient empire of the Votanides by the Nahoas or Toltecs; nor the account of the dispersion of these latter over Guatemala, Yucatan, and even among the mountains of California.

48 examples of  toltecs  in sentences