2396 examples of tools in sentences

The glands of internal secretion, the history of which, as tools of thought, I reviewed in the previous chapter, have each an interesting evolutionary story.

A man's eyes, ears, tongue, nose, legs and arms are but so many organs and tools that minister to the protection, education, increased intelligence and multiplication of the spermatozoa, so that our whole life is in reality a series of complex efforts in respect of these, conscious or unconscious according to their comparative commonness.

It is a truism that interesting occupation prevents dissension, and that idle fingers are the Devil's tools.

A gardener's house, made of blocks, ornaments one corner, and near it are his tools,watering-pot, hoe, rake, spade, etc., all made in cardboard modeling.

The weapons of self-defense thus reserved by the thoughtful leaders were, in the course of generations, seized upon as the readiest tools of a shrewd plutocracy, which entrenched itself in power.

"This will tell you how to have fun with your tools," I wrote, when I sent it to the boy.

They sought in the dark for a hole that would do for a grave, since they had no burying tools, stumbling on a limestone slab at last, that lay amid rank weeds near a tomb hollowed out of the rock that had been rifled, very likely, centuries ago.

Besides, the preponderance of the deputies from the commercial towns in the states-general caused the others to become mere ciphers in times of peace; only capable of clogging the march of affairs, and of being, on occasions of civil dissensions, the mere tools of whatever party possessed the greatest tact in turning them to their purpose.

This is to enter upon the work at the wrong end, and to endeavour to convert the fabric itself into one of the tools by which it is constructed.

True, they had spent twelve days repairing the damage done to the plane by the wind and its collision with the white bear, but it was a rather patched-up affair now it was finishedas it needs must be with the few materials and tools at their command.

With such tools the first smith smote music out of labour, and began the conquest of things to the accompaniment of joyous sounds.

He took care that all socage service should be duly rendered, or that money, which went towards paying for tools and materials, should be paid in lieu of it.

The great organization of farmers and masons, so successful in its ability to perform mighty feats of engineering with primitive tools of wood, stone, and bronze, had crumbled away before the attacks of savage hordes who knew little of the arts of peace.

His father wrought with the saw, the plane, the hammer, and such tools as carpenters use about their business.

The yearly cost of maintenance and superintendence, reckoned at $20 for clothing, $15 for corn, molasses and tobacco, $1 for physician's fees, $10 for overseer's wages and $15 for tools and repairs, he said, would be the same whether the slaves were hired or bought.

George Washington found one of them unprofitable as such; and Robert Carter in 1792 rented farms to several in spite of his overseer's remonstrance that they had no adequate outfit of tools and teams, and against his neighbors' protests.

Sheer grit, determination, hard work and humbleness were his only tools of success.

He could sharpen tools.

So fully was this abominable wickedness perpetrated, that both the accused and the accusers, the deceivers and the deceived, those either faithless or faithful to their treason, the tools who either adhered to or who betrayed d'Ossuna, who sought to destroy or to preserve Venice, were alike enveloped in one common fate, and silenced in the same sure keeping of the grave.

They had a shop to sharpen and keep all the tools in.

Colcord-Wright Machinery and Supply Company: high grade machine tools and machine shop supplies.

H. J. Behn and Company, Inc.: industrial tools, supplies, shop equipment.

He went up to the officer, and said, "Isn't it a rule of the custom-house not to charge a man for the tools of his trade?"

"Preaching is the trade he gets his living by; and these books are the tools he must use."

Gus eagerly acknowledged Bill as possessing a genius for mechanical construction and invention, without which the comrades would get nowhere in such efforts, even admitting Gus's skill and cleverness with tools.

2396 examples of  tools  in sentences