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2396 examples of  tools  in sentences

2396 examples of tools in sentences

" Froebel's ideas seem wider; he realises that the sword with which the child opens his oyster is a two-edged sword, that he uses not only his sense organs as tools for investigation, but his whole body.

Living out the life around presents much opportunity for making, which may be done with blocks, but which even in the Kindergarten can be done with tools.

Care must be exercised, but children have quite a strong instinct for self-preservation, and if shown how real workmen handle their tools, they are often more careful than at a much later stage.

With tools supplied by traitors they were to work their way out of their quarters, overpower the guard at the nearest gate, set fire to the nearest houses in three different streets, turn the nearest guns inwards on the town, and shout 'Liberty for ever!' as an additional signal to the storming-party that was to be waiting to confirm their success.

" I turned in cirprise, as several other men dropped their tools and rushed out and surrounded me.

His name is GRANT, and if you give him the tools to work with, he'll straighten everything out for you as neat as a pin.

The singer thoroughly moistened himself from his lips inward, and went on with the next stanza as requested: "My tools are but common ones,

all My tools are no sight to see: A little hempen string, and a post whereon to swing, Are implements enough for me!" Shepherd Fennel glanced round.

Nor can any one force or pick open a case locked by our electric apparatus, save by cutting to pieces the metal of the case itself, and this only special tools will accomplish; and, unless peculiarly skilful, the intruder would 'probably be maimed or paralysed, if not killed by ...

The glands of internal secretion, the history of which, as tools of thought, I reviewed in the previous chapter, have each an interesting evolutionary story.

A man's eyes, ears, tongue, nose, legs and arms are but so many organs and tools that minister to the protection, education, increased intelligence and multiplication of the spermatozoa, so that our whole life is in reality a series of complex efforts in respect of these, conscious or unconscious according to their comparative commonness.

It is a truism that interesting occupation prevents dissension, and that idle fingers are the Devil's tools.

A gardener's house, made of blocks, ornaments one corner, and near it are his tools,watering-pot, hoe, rake, spade, etc., all made in cardboard modeling.

The weapons of self-defense thus reserved by the thoughtful leaders were, in the course of generations, seized upon as the readiest tools of a shrewd plutocracy, which entrenched itself in power.

They threw themselves on broken culverts and wrecked bridges; with only hand tools, so short of equipment were they, they drove piles and built up girders on heaps of sleepers and made the bridges safe again.

In a corner were lying some masons' tools, a heap of rubbish, and a large double ladder.

Across it lay some fishing poles and nets, also some old garden tools, it apparently being used as a catch-all for useless truck about the place for a long time past.

"This will tell you how to have fun with your tools," I wrote, when I sent it to the boy.

They sought in the dark for a hole that would do for a grave, since they had no burying tools, stumbling on a limestone slab at last, that lay amid rank weeds near a tomb hollowed out of the rock that had been rifled, very likely, centuries ago.

"Judgement is, indeed, the Master Workman in a Play; but he requires many subordinate hands, many tools to his assistance.

Can't I paste those on while you talk to us?" "'Course you can, handy as you be with tools!

The absurd law by which the last Assembly had excluded its members from office was still in force, so that the orator himself and his colleagues could obtain no personal promotion; but they were able to nominate the new ministers, who, with but one exception, were all men equally devoid of ability and reputation, and therefore were the better fitted to be the tools of those to whom they owed their preferment.

The remains of the neolithic epoch show us the progress of the first workshops, in which our ancestors gathered and fashioned their primitive tools and arms.

Besides, the preponderance of the deputies from the commercial towns in the states-general caused the others to become mere ciphers in times of peace; only capable of clogging the march of affairs, and of being, on occasions of civil dissensions, the mere tools of whatever party possessed the greatest tact in turning them to their purpose.

This is to enter upon the work at the wrong end, and to endeavour to convert the fabric itself into one of the tools by which it is constructed.

True, they had spent twelve days repairing the damage done to the plane by the wind and its collision with the white bear, but it was a rather patched-up affair now it was finishedas it needs must be with the few materials and tools at their command.

Their places were taken by tools still more subservient.

With such tools the first smith smote music out of labour, and began the conquest of things to the accompaniment of joyous sounds.

We have been made the tools of Russia, and have been duped with our eyes open.

He took care that all socage service should be duly rendered, or that money, which went towards paying for tools and materials, should be paid in lieu of it.

The great organization of farmers and masons, so successful in its ability to perform mighty feats of engineering with primitive tools of wood, stone, and bronze, had crumbled away before the attacks of savage hordes who knew little of the arts of peace.

Temporary sinks may be dug with intrenching tools, if carried.

It was evidently half a charnel, half a receptacle for the sexton's tools.

His father wrought with the saw, the plane, the hammer, and such tools as carpenters use about their business.

The yearly cost of maintenance and superintendence, reckoned at $20 for clothing, $15 for corn, molasses and tobacco, $1 for physician's fees, $10 for overseer's wages and $15 for tools and repairs, he said, would be the same whether the slaves were hired or bought.

George Washington found one of them unprofitable as such; and Robert Carter in 1792 rented farms to several in spite of his overseer's remonstrance that they had no adequate outfit of tools and teams, and against his neighbors' protests.

Sheer grit, determination, hard work and humbleness were his only tools of success.

He could sharpen tools.

But though unused to labor, ignorant of agriculture, unacquainted with tools or seeds or soils, knowing nothing of the ways of life in permanent houses or of the laws of health, scantily fed, often utterly discouraged by failure, they are still making a noble fight for existence.

The dogs carried the provisions, tools, and utensils, sometimes the lodge strips, if these were small enough, or anything that was heavy, and yet could be packed in small compass; for since dogs are small animals, and low standing, they cannot carry bulky burdens.

who with half thy tools, or none, 59.

God will not take the tools out of the workman's hands just when he has learned how to handle them; He will not "pension off" His servants just when they are best able to serve Him.

Most wicked wits are the devil's chiefest tools, Which, ever in the issue, God befools.

So fully was this abominable wickedness perpetrated, that both the accused and the accusers, the deceivers and the deceived, those either faithless or faithful to their treason, the tools who either adhered to or who betrayed d'Ossuna, who sought to destroy or to preserve Venice, were alike enveloped in one common fate, and silenced in the same sure keeping of the grave.

They had a shop to sharpen and keep all the tools in.

Laying aside his tools, he went to his desk, and took from the drawer, that package of his mother's letters.

These Kazรกks are distinguished from the mountaineers only by their unshaven heads: their tools, dress, harness, mannersall are of the mountains.

Two days before we ourselves started with our mule-train, a train of pack-oxen left, loaded with provisions, tools, and other things, which we would not need until, after a month or six weeks, we began our descent into the valley of the Amazon.

All of these tools should have handles of second-growth American hickory of first quality; and several extra handles should be taken along.

The list of tools should be completed with a small outfit of pliers, tweezers, files, etc.the character, of course, depending upon the mechanical ability of the traveller and the scientific instruments he has with him that might need repairs.

There are regular apprentices to all the trades named, and all the boys of certain grades have lessons, one hour daily, in the several shops, to get the use of tools and simple work; there is also a course of industrial drawing running through the school grades for boys and girls alike.

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He went up to the officer, and said, "Isn't it a rule of the custom-house not to charge a man for the tools of his trade?"

"Preaching is the trade he gets his living by; and these books are the tools he must use."

Gus eagerly acknowledged Bill as possessing a genius for mechanical construction and invention, without which the comrades would get nowhere in such efforts, even admitting Gus's skill and cleverness with tools.

per day, and so on till the end of August, without meat, drink, or other allowance; finding their own tools.

Just before you arrived, our drummer died, and we mustered spades, picks, and shovels, to dig a grave for him; but the ground was one rock every where, and after trying twenty places we foundthat we had spoiled our tools.

Imagine a bare plain of rubbly, stony ground, with a few not very high hills round it, with shafts piercing them, and then dotted all about on the outskirts with tents; then board houses of one story high, looking rather like sheds for gardeners' tools, and then in the middle a few stone and frame habitations, and standing out among the rest the Nelson building, a hideous structure of grey stone making the corner of a block.

Then they have the knowledge that if they like to chance things and go off with an "outfit"two donkeys, which are called "burros" carrying their tools, they can prospect in the desert and peg out their own claims, and all have the possibility of becoming millionaires.

Thus we know, from our own experience among modern workmen, who still pursue the same method, as well as from the traditions of the order, that the implements used in the quarries were few and simple, the work there requiring necessarily, indeed, but two tools, namely, the twenty-four inch gauge, or two foot rule, and the common gavel, or stone-cutter's hammer.

And thus, in the first degree of speculative Masonry, the Entered Apprentice receives these simple implements, as the emblematic working tools of his profession, with their appropriate symbolical instruction.

And hence the "working tools" of the Fellow Craft are referred, in their symbolic application, to those virtues.

The level, the last of the three working tools of the operative craftsman, is a symbol of equality of station.

There were no real buildings, only sheds, the largest covering the saw mill, and the others used for the protection of tools and of the men, when they slept, against the weather.

The devil incites his tools to disturb the Church or the political commonwealth, that boundless confusion may enter, followed by heathenish desolation.

The latter was a member of the Constitutional Convention, then in session in Albany, and as he used to walk down whenever he was at home, to see how my work progressed, we had long talks, sitting on boxes in the midst of tools and shavings, on the status of women.

In one other instance Washington wrote, "If Isaac had his deserts he would receive a severe punishment for the house, tools and seasoned stuff, which has been burned by his carelessness."

With apparent intentness she took out tools; small parts were inspected minutely.

Suddenly, in the midst of her labor, Miss Vale paused; her manner changed, the tools were dropped, the parts lost interest.

The most formidable was the narrow margin of surplus produced by hand labor in the forests, on the fields and in the workshops, operated, in the main, with hand tools, with minor inputs of energy supplied by domestic animals and with the small amounts derived from wind and moving water.

Domestic tasks were associated with hand labor and simple tools.

In the early step from home workshop to factory, hand tools in plenty were being used in the workshops.

As "modernization" progressed, hand tools were replaced by specialized machines.

The implements of specializationthe machine building tools and the machine tools themselveswere housed in forests of associated workshops.

The implements of specializationthe machine building tools and the machine tools themselveswere housed in forests of associated workshops.

They man their boats, and all their young men arm With whatsoever may the monsters harm; Pikes, halberts, spits, and darts that wound so far, The tools of peace, and instruments of war.

This sample was much valued, because none of those who went upon this expedition had any tools for digging, or had ever been accustomed to gather gold; and as the design of this expedition was merely to get information of the situation of the mines, they returned very much satisfied that same day to Veragua, and the next day to the ships.

To stay here in hopes that some vessel might arrive was altogether out of the question, and to think of building a vessel was impossible, as we had neither tools nor workmen fit to do any thing to the purpose; and we should spend a long time, and not be able after all to construct a vessel calculated to sail against the winds and currents that prevail among these islands.

In particular, Martin Vincente assured him, that, having been on one occasion 450 leagues to the westwards of Cape St Vincent, he took up a piece of wood which was very artificially wrought, and yet was supposed not to have been fashioned with tools of iron:

How little the actual boy cares for incidents in comparison to tools and weapons may be tested by the fact that the most popular story of adventure is concerned with a man who lived for years on a desert island with two guns and a sword, which he never had to use on an enemy.

I have not mentioned half the disagreeable trifles that nagged at him during the interval,his audience, for instance, that hovered so close that he could not get up without colliding with one of them, so full of aimless talk that he mislaid tools in his distraction.

Casey grunted and began collecting his tools, rescuing the best hammer he had from one of the girls.

He asked quite humbly for the loan of tools, and tube cement, and more blow-out patches, and set awkwardly to work mending his tattered tires.

But he had to fire Juan for pouring gasoline into the radiator of a big sedan, and later he had to stalk that lovesick youth into the very camp of the Smiths and lead him back by the collar, and search him for stolen tools.

"I laid off till he got his tires onan' I wouldn't lend him no tools to put 'em on with, neither.