200 examples of tooted in sentences

When Annie came on her quest for dust, you tooted once upon your nose, just to show that a remnant of your infirmity persisted, then put your golden convalescence on the making of your curtain.

Why, there's nothing to cry for, dearie, that we're going off on a toot to-morrow.

How in the name of heaven we ever got half the things on the cars is more than I know, but it seems as though the circus company had a man to look after everything, and he had men under him to look after his regular share of things, so when the cars were loaded, and the boss clapped his hands, and the engineer tooted his whistle, there wasn't a tent stake or a rope, or a board seat, or anything left behind.

The friendly dark shut in around her and somewhere in the distance a train whistle tooted shrilly.

" Toot! too-oo-oot! sounded a whistle up the river.

They waved their colors, swung their rattles, and tooted their horns for fully five minutes, while the silence among the Brill contingent was so thick it could be "cut with a knife," as Sam afterward expressed it.

She jumped from her seat, even though the first Sullivan tooted a throaty whistle and the second rattled his brake machinery in warning.

" "I tooted my own horn, like a tenderfoot.

"If you two ain't willing to take turn about with the widow and love her off and on between you I'll be everlastingly hell-tooted if I'm going to stand for a whole one by myself all of the time!

I tooted and drove off.

Its horn tooted twice, and a short round man popped out.

Toot!" "Oh my!" said Squinty to himself, snuggling down in the straw of his box.

Toot!" "Oh, what a terrible, big black pig!" thought Squinty.

While he and Jane were still five hundred yards away the ferryboat, with a warning toot, slipped slowly out into the Hudson.

" "Ah!" said Coquenil, and presently he took his departure with polite assurances, whereupon the unsuspecting Addison tooted away complacently for Fontainebleau.

" When the slaves were made free, some of the overseers tooted horns, calling the blacks from their toil in the fields.

[Illustration: THE NEW LANGUAGE TOMMY (to inquisitive French children): "Nah, then, alley toot sweet, an the tooter the sweeter!"

Toot and come in.

TOOT AND COME IN, a play in 1 act, by Helena Smith Dayton.

Toot and come in.

TOOT AND COME IN, a play in 1 act, by Helena Smith Dayton.

Two minutes later, to my utter surprise, a heavy motor horn tooted on the road behind me and looking back, I saw a private car emerge from behind one of the English motors, and whirl down in our direction.

She draws but two feet of water, having been built expressly for Nile service, so we had the proud satisfaction of seeing one of the big Rameses boats stuck on a sand-bank for eighteen hours, while we tooted past her blowing whistles of defiance and derision.

The orderly had just been commanded to take me on a search for quarters for the night, when an automobile horn tooted beneath the window.

TUTORS A tutor who tooted a flute Tried to teach two young tooters to toot.

200 examples of  tooted  in sentences
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