102 examples of topaz in sentences

Its eyes were spots of sunlit topaz.

A peacock on the balustrade, in the sunshine, spread out his tail into a great Oriental fan, and slowly lowered it, making a prismatic shower of topaz, sapphires, and emeralds as it fell.

And really the topaz-eyed creature, in its becoming jade collara gift from Nick Hilliardwas often a comfort to Angela, curled up in her lap and purring cosily under her book as she read.

Round the palm-stems, round the creepers, Flashed a feathered jewel past, Ruby-crested, topaz-throated, Plucked the cocorite bast, Plucked the fallen ceiba-cotton, {333} Whirred away to build his nest, Hung at last, with happy humming, Round some flower he fancied best.

Some folks say topaz, but they're fools.

3 He felt the charms of Edith's eyes, Nor wanted hope to gain the prize, Could ladies look within; But one Sir Topaz dress'd with art,

The story told, Sir Topaz moved, The youth of Edith erst approved, To see the revel scene: At close of eve he leaves his home, And wends to find the ruin'd dome All on the gloomy plain.

24 But, certes, sorely sunk with woe Sir Topaz sees the elfin show, His spirits in him die: When Oberon cries, A man is near, A mortal passion, clèeped fear, Hang's flagging in the sky.

25 With that Sir Topaz, hapless youth!

The revel now proceeds apace, Deftly they frisk it o'er the place, They sit, they drink, and eat; The time with frolic mirth beguile, And poor Sir Topaz hangs the while, Till all the rout retreat. 29

He wore a loose, scarlet cloak thrown over his fine limbs, Greek sandals, and a cap like that of the Italian princes of three centuries before, a kind of low circle of green and vermilion striped silk, clasped by a large rose of topaz.

Old Chaucer doth of Topaz tell, Mad Rabelais of Pantagruel, A later third of Dowsabel.

A recent traveller found in the head of a mummy, of a superior kind, a balsam, in colour and transparency like a pink topaz.

It was, moreover, ornamented by twenty large circles of iron interlaced, and studded with topaz, emeralds, pearls, and other precious stones; while the splendour of the interior perfectly corresponded with this gorgeous framework.

For diamonds rare that gleam in the bed Of Brazilian streams, some merrily sped, While others for topaz and emerald stray, 'Mid the cradle cliffs of the Paraguay.

The case of the topaz flower.

Topaz, the invisible pig.

The case of the topaz flower.

Amethysts of pale colour and yellow topaz are cheap.

Some reed of the bank revealed itself by reflection, black on silver; arched wings flapped and jarred the still water to splintered glass; the desert ridge turned to topaz, and the four figures stood clear, yet without shadowing, from their background.

She cast a helpless glance at the cat, who opened surprising topaz eyes and looked supercilious.

On what beloved breast or brow of princess, nautch-girl, concubineyes, maybe of slave exalted to the purplehad that fire-gleaming diamond blazed? From Roman times, from Greek, from ancient Jerusalem, from the fire-breathing shrines of Baal at long-dead Carthage, perhaps, this topaz might have come.

She suddenly seized a case of topaz and a piece of scarlet silk and ran over to me: I being a Montereña, etiquette forbade me to purchase in Santa Barbara.

On a large table were the more delicate and valuable gifts: a rosary of topaz, the cross a fine piece of carving; a jeweled comb; a string of pearls; diamond hoops for the ears; a large pin painted with a head of Guadalupe, the patron saint of California; and several fragile fans.

The rows of lights from the city converged towards the foot of the Acropolis like the topaz rays in a queen's diadem.

102 examples of  topaz  in sentences