102 examples of topaz in sentences

Every one has at least read the glorious poem; but were I to leave it out I should have lost, not the sapphire of aspiration, not the topaz of praise, not the emerald of holiness, but the carbuncle of delight from the high priest's breast-plate.

The blue colour of the sapphire represented faith; the verdure of the emerald, hope; the redness of the ruby, charity; and the splendour of the topaz, good works

III They descended gently into Bursley, crossing the top of St. Luke's Square and turning eastwards into Market Square, ruled by the sombre and massive Town Hall in whose high tower an illuminated dial shone like a topaz.

The same properties I find ascribed to the hyacinth and topaz.

The foliage of the trees, illuminated from beneath by its saffron beams, glowed with the lustre of the topaz and the emerald.

Before mefor a thousand leagues, as it seemedstretched a vista of rainbows, whose colors gleamed with the splendor of gemsarches of living amethyst, sapphire, emerald, topaz, and ruby.

Mention should also be made of Miss Ives' Dragon Fly, Mrs. Boutcher's Lady Wolfino, Miss Bland's Marland Topaz, Mr. Walter Winans' Morning Light, and Mr. Fowler's May Duchess.

And really the topaz-eyed creature, in its becoming jade collara gift from Nick Hilliardwas often a comfort to Angela, curled up in her lap and purring cosily under her book as she read.

Round the palm-stems, round the creepers, Flashed a feathered jewel past, Ruby-crested, topaz-throated, Plucked the cocorite bast, Plucked the fallen ceiba-cotton, {333} Whirred away to build his nest, Hung at last, with happy humming, Round some flower he fancied best.

And under the shadow of the black leaved trees large bats flew here and there with slow and noiseless flap, and on the branches monstrous owls with topaz eyes like wheels of flame sat motionless, as if to watch.

It was, moreover, ornamented by twenty large circles of iron interlaced, and studded with topaz, emeralds, pearls, and other precious stones; while the splendour of the interior perfectly corresponded with this gorgeous framework.

It consists of brown and yellow crystals of quartz, and is much admired for seal stones, &c.; it is sometimes improperly termed topaz.

It forms also the most valuable gems, as the oriental ruby and the topaz.

The most highly prized varieties are the crimson and carmine red; these are the oriental ruby of the jeweller; the next is sapphire; and the last is sapphire, or oriental topaz.

The blue topaz, or Brazilian sapphire, is of recent introduction.

The white topaz considerably exceeds rock crystal in lustre, and in Brazil is called mina nova.

The pink topaz is made from the yellow, which, when of intense colour, is put into the bowl of a tobacco pipe, or small crucible, covered with ashes or sand: on the application of a low degree of heat, it changes its colour from a yellow to a beautiful pink.

The topaz cufflinks mystery.

Topaz, the invisible pig.

Amethysts of pale colour and yellow topaz are cheap.

Tilail, Tonga, Topaz, Name derived from the Greek "to conjecture"because no one knew whence they came!

Daily, over this groundwork, so deftly wrought for their reception, are cast fields and mighty bands of violet and rose, of amber and pale topaz, of blue, orange, and garnet, upon the sea.

She cast a helpless glance at the cat, who opened surprising topaz eyes and looked supercilious.

The purple could not keep the east, The sunrise shook from fold, Like breadths of topaz, packed a night, The lady just unrolled.

The rows of lights from the city converged towards the foot of the Acropolis like the topaz rays in a queen's diadem.

102 examples of  topaz  in sentences
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