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124 example sentences with  topaz

124 example sentences with topaz

Every one has at least read the glorious poem; but were I to leave it out I should have lost, not the sapphire of aspiration, not the topaz of praise, not the emerald of holiness, but the carbuncle of delight from the high priest's breast-plate.

Its eyes were spots of sunlit topaz.

A peacock on the balustrade, in the sunshine, spread out his tail into a great Oriental fan, and slowly lowered it, making a prismatic shower of topaz, sapphires, and emeralds as it fell.

The blue colour of the sapphire represented faith; the verdure of the emerald, hope; the redness of the ruby, charity; and the splendour of the topaz, good works [h].

III They descended gently into Bursley, crossing the top of St. Luke's Square and turning eastwards into Market Square, ruled by the sombre and massive Town Hall in whose high tower an illuminated dial shone like a topaz.

One looks out through it at the chequer-work of blue sky, all the more intense from its contrast; or at a long whirl of white surf and gray spray; or, turning the eyes inland toward the lagoon, at dark masses of mangrove, above which rise, black and awful, the dying balatas, stag-headed, blasted, tottering to their fall; and all as through an atmosphere of Rhine wine, or from the inside of a topaz.

[Chem], xanthin^; zaofulvin^. crocus, saffron, topaz; xanthite^; yolk.

The same properties I find ascribed to the hyacinth and topaz.

The foliage of the trees, illuminated from beneath by its saffron beams, glowed with the lustre of the topaz and the emerald.

Miss Hugonin shook her little head till it glittered in the sunlight like a topaz.

Now rested from the cushioned seats we rise And to the stairway turn again our eyes; The fourth stage plated o'er with beaten gold We pass, and topaz fifth till we behold The sixth of azure blue; to seventh glide, That glows with silvery summit where reside The gods, within a shrine of silvery sheen Which brightly glows, and from afar is seen.

Lady Maulevrier had given her granddaughter some old-fashioned ornaments, topaz, amethysts, turquoisejewels that had belonged to dead and gone Talmashes and Angersthorpesto be reset.

Before mefor a thousand leagues, as it seemedstretched a vista of rainbows, whose colors gleamed with the splendor of gemsarches of living amethyst, sapphire, emerald, topaz, and ruby.

All the remaining articles, which were chiefly rings of the less prized stones, such as jasper, granite, topaz, and turquoise, were also identified, answering perfectly to the description furnished by the jeweller, who had sold them to Jacques Colis the night of the fรชte, when, with Swiss thrift, he had laid in this small stock in trade, with a view to diminish the cost of his intended journey.

A. Diamonds, jasper, sapphire, chalcedony, emerald, sardonyx, sardius, chrysolite, beryl, topaz, chrysoprasus, jacinth, amethyst.

Mention should also be made of Miss Ives' Dragon Fly, Mrs. Boutcher's Lady Wolfino, Miss Bland's Marland Topaz, Mr. Walter Winans' Morning Light, and Mr. Fowler's May Duchess.

And really the topaz-eyed creature, in its becoming jade collara gift from Nick Hilliardwas often a comfort to Angela, curled up in her lap and purring cosily under her book as she read.

Round the palm-stems, round the creepers, Flashed a feathered jewel past, Ruby-crested, topaz-throated, Plucked the cocorite bast, Plucked the fallen ceiba-cotton, {333} Whirred away to build his nest, Hung at last, with happy humming, Round some flower he fancied best.

"A Gothic bracelet of enamelled gold, in the centre a burnt topaz surrounded by three large brilliants; in each link composing the bracelet is a square emerald; at each extremity of the topaz forming the centre ornament are two balls of burnished gold, and two of wrought gold.

"A Gothic bracelet of enamelled gold, in the centre a burnt topaz surrounded by three large brilliants; in each link composing the bracelet is a square emerald; at each extremity of the topaz forming the centre ornament are two balls of burnished gold, and two of wrought gold.

In one spring the hue is like that of an emerald, in another like that of the turquoise, another has the ultra-marine hue of the sapphire, another has the color of the topaz; and the suggestion has been made that the names of these jewels may very properly be given to many of these springs.

Out of her fruit she annually conserved miracles of flavor and transparence,great plums like those in Aladdin's garden, of shining topaz,peaches tinged with the odorous bitter of their pits, and clear as amber,crimson crabs floating in their own ruby sirup, or transmuted into jelly crystal clear, yet breaking with a grain,and jelly from the acid currants to garnish her dinner-table or refresh the fevered lips of a sick neighbor.

Below them stretched the wide sweep of the river valley, amethyst and topaz and emerald, rich with lush June verdure, soft shadowed, tranquil, in the late afternoon sunshine.

Some folks say topaz, but they're fools.

The ruby, the emerald, the topaz, the amethyst, chalcedony, carnelian, jasper, agate, and garnet, and all the beautiful varieties of rock crystal, are mostly or entirely silex.

His turban was of cloth-of-gold, having a fowl wrought upon it like a heron, whose foot was covered with diamonds of an extraordinary bigness and price, with a great oriental topaz, which may be said to be matchless, shining like a little sun.

His turban was of cloth of gold, having a fowl wrought upon it like a heron, whose foot was covered with diamonds of an ordinary bigness and price, with a great oriental topaz which may be said to be matchless, shining like a little sun.

There drew he forth the brand Excalibur, And o'er him, drawing it, the winter moon, Brightening the skirts of a long cloud, ran forth And sparkled keen with frost against the hilt: For all-the haft twinkled with diamond sparks, Myriads of topaz-lights, and jacinth-work Of subtlest jewelry.

He felt the charms of Edith's eyes, Nor wanted hope to gain the prize, Could ladies look within; But one Sir Topaz dress'd with art, And, if a shape could win a heart, He had a shape to win.

The story told, Sir Topaz moved, The youth of Edith erst approved, To see the revel scene: At close of eve he leaves his home, And wends to find the ruin'd dome All on the gloomy plain.

But, certes, sorely sunk with woe Sir Topaz sees the elfin show, His spirits in him die: When Oberon cries, A man is near, A mortal passion, clรจeped fear, Hang's flagging in the sky.

25 With that Sir Topaz, hapless youth!

The revel now proceeds apace, Deftly they frisk it o'er the place, They sit, they drink, and eat; The time with frolic mirth beguile, And poor Sir Topaz hangs the while, Till all the rout retreat.

Topaz whitens to a milky glassapparently decomposing, throwing out filmy threads of clear glass and bubbles of glass which break, liberating a gas (fluorine?)

It appears in the gem, assuming a blue in the sapphire, green in the emerald, yellow in the topaz, red in the ruby, brown in the emery, and so on to the white, gray, blue, and black of the slates and clays.

He wore a loose, scarlet cloak thrown over his fine limbs, Greek sandals, and a cap like that of the Italian princes of three centuries before, a kind of low circle of green and vermilion striped silk, clasped by a large rose of topaz.

Old Chaucer doth of Topaz tell, Mad Rabelais of Pantagruel,

A recent traveller found in the head of a mummy, of a superior kind, a balsam, in colour and transparency like a pink topaz.

And under the shadow of the black leaved trees large bats flew here and there with slow and noiseless flap, and on the branches monstrous owls with topaz eyes like wheels of flame sat motionless, as if to watch.

It was, moreover, ornamented by twenty large circles of iron interlaced, and studded with topaz, emeralds, pearls, and other precious stones; while the splendour of the interior perfectly corresponded with this gorgeous framework.

The river Tinto rises in Sierra Morena, and empties itself into the Mediterranean, near Huelva, having the name of Tinto given it from the tinge of its waters, which are as yellow as a topaz, hardening the sand and petrifying it in a most surprising manner.

While others for topaz and emerald stray, 'Mid the cradle cliffs of the Paraguay.

The feats of "Elym of the Clough," "Randle of Chester," and "Sir Topaz," which had faded under the kind keeping of the minstrels, were now refreshed and brought more boldly in the new version before the sense.

It consists of brown and yellow crystals of quartz, and is much admired for seal stones, &c.; it is sometimes improperly termed topaz.

It forms also the most valuable gems, as the oriental ruby and the topaz.

The most highly prized varieties are the crimson and carmine red; these are the oriental ruby of the jeweller; the next is sapphire; and the last is sapphire, or oriental topaz.

The blue topaz, or Brazilian sapphire, is of recent introduction.

The white topaz considerably exceeds rock crystal in lustre, and in Brazil is called mina nova.

The pink topaz is made from the yellow, which, when of intense colour, is put into the bowl of a tobacco pipe, or small crucible, covered with ashes or sand: on the application of a low degree of heat, it changes its colour from a yellow to a beautiful pink.

Instead it showed opaline hues and tints of topaz and amethyst.

He also got a very handsome trogon and an exquisite little tanager, as brilliant as a cluster of jewels; its throat was lilac, its breast turquoise, its crown and forehead topaz, while above it was glossy purple-black, the lower part of the back ruby-red.

The topaz cufflinks mystery.

The case of the topaz flower.

ROUNDS, GLEN. Topaz, the invisible pig.

The topaz cufflinks mystery.

The case of the topaz flower.

ROUNDS, GLEN. Topaz, the invisible pig.

Amethysts of pale colour and yellow topaz are cheap.

I saw little really fine jewellery, probably because I was obviously unlikely to be a big buyer, but many good spinels, dark topaz, and rough emeralds.

Alexandrites were not, and pink topaz scarce and dear.

The dealers generally tried to sell pale spinels as pink topaz.

Tilail, Tonga, Topaz, Name derived from the Greek "to conjecture"because no one knew whence they came!

The good archbishop spurs a-field, And smites Abyme upon the shield, His emir's shield, so thickly sown With many a gem and precious stone, Amethyst and topaz, crystals bright, And red carbuncles flashing light: The shield is shivered by the blow; No longer worth a doit, I trow; Stark dead the emir lies below.

Daily, over this groundwork, so deftly wrought for their reception, are cast fields and mighty bands of violet and rose, of amber and pale topaz, of blue, orange, and garnet, upon the sea.

He might well admire that glen; its steep and rugged sides were veiled with lichens, moss, and wild-flowers, and the sea-birds found safe refuge in its lonely windings, which were colored with topaz and emerald by the pencillings of nature and the rich stains of time.

Some reed of the bank revealed itself by reflection, black on silver; arched wings flapped and jarred the still water to splintered glass; the desert ridge turned to topaz, and the four figures stood clear, yet without shadowing, from their background.

She cast a helpless glance at the cat, who opened surprising topaz eyes and looked supercilious.

The frozen gum of the black spruce glowed like frosted topaz.

Next follows the topaz, equaling the emerald, for the reward it promises is a heavenly dwelling.

The purple could not keep the east, The sunrise shook from fold, Like breadths of topaz, packed a night, The lady just unrolled.

Bare and rock-ribbed, a flayed skeleton of a terrain, it glowed with wondrous yellow, crimson, and topaz hues.

From Roman times, from Greek, from ancient Jerusalem, from the fire-breathing shrines of Baal at long-dead Carthage, perhaps, this topaz might have come.

She suddenly seized a case of topaz and a piece of scarlet silk and ran over to me: I being a Montereรฑa, etiquette forbade me to purchase in Santa Barbara.

On a large table were the more delicate and valuable gifts: a rosary of topaz, the cross a fine piece of carving; a jeweled comb; a string of pearls; diamond hoops for the ears; a large pin painted with a head of Guadalupe, the patron saint of California; and several fragile fans.

Besides the different kinds of marble, which it is not strange to find, diamonds also, jasper, agates, onyx, topaz, and other stones, a kind of jade and of malachite, are found in a great many places.

It lays its gentle touch on the waterfall, transforming it into a torrent of molten silver, and causing each drop to glisten like topaz under its witching light.

The rows of lights from the city converged towards the foot of the Acropolis like the topaz rays in a queen's diadem.

Sweet perfection, holding up Magic dew in topaz cup, Alabaster, amethyst Curling lips which Earth has kissed, Folded hearts where secrets hide, Secrets old when Eve was bride!

After that he only made 5 more movies: Marnie (1964), Torn Curtain (1966), Topaz (1969), Frenzy (1972) and Family Plot (1976).

After that, her mother Anna appeared to her in spirit form (because the topaz lets you come into contact with the dead)and told Jasmine to travel with Lief and Barda to find the jewels.

Alec received 34.96%, AJ received 21.18% and Topaz received 4.68%.

In the second half of the book, it follows Lief, how on his 16th birthday, he set out on the Deltora Quest to find the gems of Deltora, with Barda, and got paralysed by Wenn, saved by Jasmine, and got the topaz from Gorl.

Pure topaz is colorless and transparent but they usually have colors made by small impurities.

She met Lief and Barda in the Forests of Silence, and helped them get the first jewel, the topaz.

Topaz's vote for Jillian helped her win Big Brother.

When the American seal-hunting ship Topaz visited the island in 1808 they found only 1 mutineer, John Adams, still alive along with 9 Tahitian women.

Facet Cut Topaz Gemstones in various colors, including mystic.

He tricks Aquamarine into thinking that he in fact is the "My Dad" they are looking for in hopes that Topaz would absorb his body so that he can use his bubble power to un-fuse the two Topazes.

Topaz recently played a Virtual Day Party for Untitled and made an online splash through his use of tense atmospherics, beamed out to a crowd of 500,000.

Topaz was created by Calgary-based oil and gas producer Tourmaline Oil Corp. a year ago as a vehicle to hold petroleum processing and handling assets that it felt were not being recognized in its share price.

A topaz gemstone is yellow in colour, although the mineral from which it comes can be blue, yellow, brown, pink or colourless.

His newest honour, the Topaz Medallion, will be awarded in March at the Association of Collegiate Schools of Architecture convention.

If you purchased your new Husqvarna TOPAZ 40 from us, we invite you to our exclusive and extensive training classes for both the sewing and embroidery features on this machine.

I like the painterly look Topaz given all of these.

I like to do Topaz adustments with them.

In June, I was fortunate to receive funding from SSHRC-CURA and the Maltwood Art Museum and Gallery to research other developments built by Housing Enterprises Ltd., the construction company who developed Topaz Heights.

Mineralogy Adventure in Cambodia: Looking for Topaz in Takeo ProvinceFollow mineralogists Paula Piilonen and Glenn Poirier in Cambodia, from the summit of Phnum Bayong Kao to the stalls of local mineral vendors.

The securities of Topaz have not been, and will not be, registered under the U.S. Securities Act of 1933, as amended (the โ€œU.

Topaz can cause noise and color shifts but if your photo looked good on your computer and shifted when uploaded to the web it is probably a color profile issue.

Topaz, our Hungarian alpine sheep dog, a Kuvasz, 5 years old and here with us in The Yukon via BC's Sea-to-Sky Whistler corridor, Lake Huron & Alaska.