Do we say tor or tore

tor 97 occurrences

Just before a quarter to four a great movement was seen from the direction of the Brandenburger Tor, which spread like a wave along the street.

Euphranor ton Thaesea ton heatou to Parrhasiou parebale, legon tor men ekeinou hroda bebrokenai, tor de eautou krea boeia.]'

Euphranor ton Thaesea ton heatou to Parrhasiou parebale, legon tor men ekeinou hroda bebrokenai, tor de eautou krea boeia.]'

An equestrian party had been formed to see, from Berry-head, a large fleet which had been driven by a recent storm into Tor Bay.

Her eyes were heavy with lack of sleep, smarting with the bite of the north wind, which neither ceased nor eased until, towards ten o'clock, the carriage began to lumber downhill towards Two Bridges, under the lee of Crockern Tor.

Dorothea's eyes, avoiding the wind, were fixed on the tor to the left, when Endymion touched her hand and pointed towards the base of the other.

To the south rose sharply and abruptly a high, pointed hill, the tor of Glastonbury.

At the distance of ten miles behind the beach of the mainland, which is very low, there is a continued ridge of rocky hills which was named Wellington Range, and behind them is the Tor, a remarkable rock that stands alone.

In memory of Childe, a tomb was erected to him in a place a little below Fox-tor, where he perished, which stood perfect till about fifteen years since; but it has been destroyed by some ignorant "landlord or tenant," for building materials, and it is now in a ruinous condition.

Convicted of entering the abode of the French ambassador, he was desired to explain his motives tor so doing, but remained obstinately silent.

Brent Tor Church, Devonshire, situate upon a rock.

On Brent Tor is a church, in which is appositely inscribed from Scripture, "Upon this rock will I build my church, and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it."

Tradition says it was erected by a merchant to commemorate his escape from shipwreck on the coast, in consequence of this Tor serving as a guide to the pilot.

At the foot of the Tor resided, in 1809, Sarah Williams, aged 109 years.

She never lived further out of the parish of Brent Tor, than the adjoining one: she had had twelve children, and a few years before her death cut five new teeth.

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Jo-ey had been ill, and the doc-tor said that there was noth-ing like coun-try air to make him well a-gain.

His pa-pa had thought that Jo-ey might go to school dur-ing the sum-mer, but when the doc-tor heard of it he said no. "Let the boy run wild for three months.

[Illustration: GLASTONBURY TOR] A climb should be taken to the top of the Tor500 ft. above sea-level.

A spring, called the "Blood Spring," near the Tor is said to mark the spot where St Joseph buried the Holy Grail.

tore 1900 occurrences

A revolution plotted by men in darkness tore me from your sideanother revolution will sweep me into your arms and revive me!

The artillerymen then became silent and the orchestra tore into the prelude.

Only gradually did he succeed in fixing his eyes on the object presented to him; but, as soon as he did perceive it, he immediately extended his little arms sideways, as though somewhat bashful, and then, like a delighted child, suddenly seizing it with hand and mouth at once, he deliberately tore the prey to pieces.

Mechanically he tore off the wrapper and even glanced over the first page.

When Charles Whitney had read the letter he tore it up, saying half-aloud and contemptuously, "I was afraid there was too big a streak of fool in him."

And she was right; almost all the time he could spare from his efforts to save his father from a sick but obstinately active man's bad judgment was given to writing to herformal letters which he tore up as too formal, passionate letters which he destroyed as unwarranted and unwise, when he had not yet, face to face, in words, told her his love and drawn from her what he believed was in her heart.

Tear, tore, tearing, torn.

They listened to the breathing of the wean; whiles and again he'd rouse and greet a wee, and every sound he made tore at their heart strings.

And the Romans' vaunted pride, Their eagle-god, in blood streams dyed, Which, amid the battle's roar, From their king of ships he tore; Hurl it, hurl it in the flame,

And being thus seized with passion, the great sage of a highly irascible temper, tore off a matted lock of his hair, and with holy mantras, offered it as a sacrifice on the sacred fire.

Any body in dis town can tell you dats so foh dey tore dis house down ter run de hants eraway.

After they had buried the bone in her body they took their glass-pointed spears and tore her entrails out, and finally fractured her skull with their waddies.

The other he seized, tore off her head, and threw it into the sea, where it was transformed into a turtle. HONEYMOON IN A CAVE On the west coast of the Tongan Island of Hoonga there is a peculiar cave, the entrance to which is several feet beneath the surface of the sea, even at low water.

I began to get discouraged in the hard days of last month, when day after day I was obliged to retreat the Allied flags on the frontier, and when the Russian offensive fell down, I simply tore the map off the wall, and burned it, flags and all.

Then the Franks, enraged against Clotaire, threw themselves upon him, tore his tent to pieces as they heaped reproaches upon him, and bore him away by force, determined to kill him if he hesitated to march with them.

" Then a great wind broke out of the sky and tore through the forests like armies of wild beasts.

The light probably being bad he tore down every picture he could reach in order to get a better view of it.

The mute carried the paper to the light, and holding it very near to his eyes read it with much attention; then he tore it into strips, placed it upon the red coals of a stove which stood near him and watched it burn.

The Indians tore open the envelopes, stared at the broad pieces, fingered them, jingled them together, and uttered grunts of amazement and joy.

But he was probably weak and faint; the weapon merely tore the uniform.

" But Koogah, shoving Nam-Bok clear or the beach, tore the shawl from her shoulders and flung it into the bidarka.

He payed his bill, tore himself from his seat and dizzily gained the door.

I tore open the note.

His manner changed when he was at our house; if she appeared, the man tore away the mask of the minister.

"If I may not write as I like, I will not write at all," I passionately exclaimed, and seizing the sheet nearest to me tore it asunder, and would have done the same with the rest, had not mamma gently laid her hand on my arm, uttering my name in an accent of surprise and sorrow; my irritable and sinful feelings found vent in a most violent flood of tears.

Do we say   tor   or  tore