273 examples of tormentor in sentences

"Ah, you blush, you stammer!" cried my tormentor.

By this time the German-American student was free of his tormentor, a happy-go-lucky student named Henry Cale.

The reader will doubtless conclude that, now at least, having satisfactorily settled his demands, I had done with my Tormentor for ever.

Yes, my Tormentormy mysteriousomnipresent Tormentor was indeed gone; and in that one word, how much of vengeance was forgotten!

He was now busily getting one of the boats ready to shove off; but his white tormentor went at him again, with, "Well, then, if you've lived round here as long as that, you must know everybody.

In one instance, a sailor, goaded to madness, seized the captain and, springing overboard, drowned himself and his tormentor.

The tormentor removed the coal.

They, however, made no impression on her brutal tormentor, who kept vociferating with all his energy to keep her quiet.

What does he do, therefore, but take a house in the neighbourhood on the sea-shore; and while my tormentor, in alarm and horror, watches every movement, and thinks him coming if he sees a cloud or a bird, Ordauro sets people secretly to work night and day, and makes a subterraneous passage up to the very tower!

Fancying Thurnall a merely mean and self-interested worldling, untouched by those higher aspirations which stood to him in place of a religion, he imagined him making every possible use of his power; and longed to escape to the uttermost ends of the earth from his old tormentor, whom the very sea would not put out of the way, but must needs cast ashore at his very feet, to plague him afresh.

Elsley's horror was complete, when the door opened, and Lucia brought in none other than his tormentor.

his tormentor persisted, drawing the clothes warmly round him, in a luxury of indifference to the time of day.

Other means, which were more or less applied according to the fancy of the magistrate and the tormentor or executioner, were remarkable for their singular atrocities.

In France, the executioner, otherwise called the King's Sworn Tormentor, was the lowest of the officers of justice.

But I received another shock when I beheld my tormentor nailing pieces of wood over all the holes in the chest.

Being foiled, the bull wheels round, and charges his tormentor a second time, who again skilfully eludes being caught on the horns: this is repeated about three times, to the great delight of the audience.

Often has my tormentor pent me up in the stove, and let me lie among the burning brands through the live long night.

In fine, he said, "Well, I will rid you of your tormentor.

Being extremely sensitive to tickling, so soon as touched under the ear I took a flying leap from the chair somewhat disconcerting my tormentor.

'That creature was its own tormentor, and, I believe, its name was Boswell,' i. 470.

If mortification ever ceases to be a medicine, or virtue to be a passport to carnivals in the other world, who will be a self-tormentor any longernot, my child, that I am one; but, tell me, is he quite recovered?

Their use for this purpose by the ancient Greeks is apparent, because old men in the tragedies are called [Greek: diphtheriai], from the fact that they were clad in goat skins: and it is the custom also in our comedies to dress rustic characters in goat skins, like the youth in the Hypobolimaeus (the Counterfeit) of Caecilius, and the old man in the Heautontimorumenos (the Self Tormentor) of Terence.

In the third trial he lay in the fork and had a good chance to look square at his tormentor.

He frowned, fidgeted, coughed, buttoned and unbuttoned his coat, and jealously watched every proceeding of his tormentor.

Then, threatening her tormentor: "He will be home again this evening; he has only ridden to the Lake Hotel; you shall repeat this to his face, if you dare.

273 examples of  tormentor  in sentences
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