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273 examples of  tormentor  in sentences

273 examples of tormentor in sentences

And the dead shadows stirred from the bunks, and the hollow-eyed victims of insomnia crept out to curse their tormentor.

" "I don't know anything of the sort," returned the tormentor, standing up to take his bag off the rack; "all I know is just what I've told you.

Peace, I saythou damnable Tormentor, this is the Doctrine you preach to your Mistress, but you shall do't it private, for I'm resolv'd to lock ye both up, and carry the Keys in my Pocket. Jul.

She had no words to tell her tormentor that the borrowing trait in her tribe which had earned them the name of the borrowing Passmores proceeded not from avarice, which ate into Pap Himes's very marrow, but from its reverse trait of generosity.

Was this plan drawn by a man in a state of nervous terror with his tormentor standing threateningly over him, or was it drawn up by a man working at leisure, free not only from terror but from interruption?

He had hated me and vowed my death if I escaped the fate he could now dimly see opening out before himself; yet I could see that he was glad to see me slip from my tormentor's hands with my story unimpeached, and that he drew his breath more deeply and with much more evidence of freedom, now that my testimony had been thoroughly sifted and nothing had come to light implicating Carmel.

"My chief executioner and my chief tormentor," said the king.

My chief tormentor, being a man of mild temper and humane disposition, considers that it might at first suffice to employ gentle measures, such, for example, as suspending thee head downwards in the smoke of a wood fire, and filling thy nostrils with red pepper.

Having scribbled on a piece of paper several lines of mere gibberish, he brought them to Lavender, and gravely asked what language it was; and on receiving the answer "It is Italian," he broke into an exultant laugh at the expense of his tormentor.

But the cat did not know that anything was the matter with him, and was more determined to play than ever; crouching now here, now there among the stones and bushes, he would spring out upon Martin and pull him down with its big paws, and this so enraged him that picking up a stick he struck furiously at his tormentor.

Suddenly the horse turned, seized his tormentor by the shoulder, and pushed him into the canal.

" With this parting thrust at her tormentor, Dotty turned again to the misery of her own thoughts.

The reader will doubtless conclude that, now at least, having satisfactorily settled his demands, I had done with my Tormentor for ever.

Yes, my Tormentormy mysteriousomnipresent Tormentor was indeed gone; and in that one word, how much of vengeance was forgotten!

He was now busily getting one of the boats ready to shove off; but his white tormentor went at him again, with, "Well, then, if you've lived round here as long as that, you must know everybody.

He stood for a minute looking from right to left like a hunted animal at baythen with something between a groan and a cry of savagery, he spring towards Falconer with his hands outstretched and making for his tormentor's throat.

He asked her all about her tormentor, and she confided everything to him.

Now what do you say to that, you lousy beggar in borrowed clothes?" Our young gentleman stopped short and looked his tormentor full in the face.

The tormentor removed the coal.

The smart crack of a rifle was simultaneous with the attempt, and the tormentor's arm fell useless by his side.

She, poor girl, had watched every expression in the face of her mistress, with the same anxiety as the courtiers of the sultan watch that autocrat, who holds their lives and fortunes in his hand; and surprised at this assault from an unlooked-for quarter, she jumped aside, and in doing so trod upon the paw of her tormentor, and sent him howling to the lap of his mistress.

Waving the pail he pursued his tormentor round the hotel and into the front doorway.

Did it stub its toe and fall?" Victor suspended operations with the handkerchief to bend upon his tormentor a louring, distrustful stare.

He would endure it within doors, because he has noticed that his tormentor gives place to another every hour, and pain may be borne when it is not monotonous; but he remembers that there is no limit to the time during which one human being may impel him along an open road, and he also remembers some very pretty friskings, delightful to himself, but disconcerting to his rider, and he may perform some of them.

The three-legged trotter is not the kind of horseman to cling to his reins, and he will not be dragged, and Billy is too good-tempered not to stop the moment he has rid himself of his tormentor.

They, however, made no impression on her brutal tormentor, who kept vociferating with all his energy to keep her quiet.

What does he do, therefore, but take a house in the neighbourhood on the sea-shore; and while my tormentor, in alarm and horror, watches every movement, and thinks him coming if he sees a cloud or a bird, Ordauro sets people secretly to work night and day, and makes a subterraneous passage up to the very tower!

This is their tormentor by excellence.

"I see you will not do for us yet awhile," said his tormentor, "and we are therefore under the painful necessity of rejecting you.

Otherwise, he will be but too likely to find in the morning a triangular bit cut out of his own flesh, or even worse, out of his horse's withers or throat, where twisting and lashing cannot shake the tormentor off; and must be content to have himself lamed, or his horses weakened to staggering and thrown out of collar-work for a week, as I have seen happen more than once or twice.

hypochondriac, seek sorrow, self-tormentor, heautontimorumenos^, malade imaginaire [Fr.], medecin tant pis

He hath seen the change of faces in that cool one, as a tempter, as a tormentor; and hath heard the noise of a conscience, and is so frightened with all these, that he can never have rest till he have run out of himself to God, in whose face at first he find rigour, but afterwards sweetness in his bosom; he bleeds first from the hand that heals him.

The moment is not to be lost; the churchyard gate is at hand; Sheridan slips in, knowing that his mounted tormentor cannot follow him, and there bursts into a roar of laughter, which is joined in by Kelly, but not by the returning Holloway.

He never did find out whether he had been made the butt of a hideous practical joke by a half-mad brute or whether his tormentor really meant to send him to death and was deterred at the last moment by fear of the consequences.

The invisible tormentor now changed his manner, and used more gentle means.

" Miss Edith was smiling, but she took pity upon me at last and endeavoured to rescue me from my tormentor.

"The Conqueror's sailing to-morrow morning, too," continued his tormentor; "his father's old ship.

He can bear the sight of the dead grass on the cliff-edge, weary, feeble, expostulating with its old tormentor the gale; then the fierce screams of the blasts as they rush up across the layers of rock below, like hounds leaping up at their prey; and far beneath, the horrible confused battle-roar of that great leaguer of waves.

Fancying Thurnall a merely mean and self-interested worldling, untouched by those higher aspirations which stood to him in place of a religion, he imagined him making every possible use of his power; and longed to escape to the uttermost ends of the earth from his old tormentor, whom the very sea would not put out of the way, but must needs cast ashore at his very feet, to plague him afresh.

Elsley's horror was complete, when the door opened, and Lucia brought in none other than his tormentor.

When a mere imp of a boy, the heartless tormentor of a large and sententious stepmother, the despair of schoolmasters, the most ingenious of truants, a humorous ragamuffin invulnerable to punishment, it was already revealed to him that his mission in life was to be the observation and reproduction of human character, particularly in its humorous aspects.

his tormentor persisted, drawing the clothes warmly round him, in a luxury of indifference to the time of day.

Other means, which were more or less applied according to the fancy of the magistrate and the tormentor or executioner, were remarkable for their singular atrocities.

In France, the executioner, otherwise called the King's Sworn Tormentor, was the lowest of the officers of justice.

He gave him some excellent advice, remarking of a moth which fluttered into a candle, "that creature was its own tormentor, and I believe its name was Boswell."

Paddling sideways, I caught a glimpse of the flying-fish that had been my tormentor.

But that wilful boat, the Greased Lightning, seemed unwilling to let off her tormentor so easily.

Staring grimly at him, over the top of the paper, his tormentor fired a point-blank question, from which there was no refuge.

The saints of olden time perished at the stake; they hung on gibbets; they agonized upon the rack; they died under the steel of the tormentor.

At first he used to rush furiously at the nearest tormentor until brought up with a jerk at the end of his chain and completely exposed to attack behind from another dog.

But I received another shock when I beheld my tormentor nailing pieces of wood over all the holes in the chest.

Then the eye of Red Jim returned to his tormentor, desperately.

"You lie," said Red Jim quietly, and lifting his head, he stared full into the face of his tormentor.

"I'll see if I can't make you den;" and poor Tom dodged behind pots and kettles to avoid the blows which were aimed at him; at last, thoroughly enraged by a hard knock on the back, he sprang fiercely into the face of his tormentor, who, completely upset by the suddenness of his attack, fell sprawling on the floor, screaming loudly for help.

On one such occasion the tortoise struck the wall so forcibly as to break its shell, and then Goujon seized a shovel and rushed at his tormentor with such blind fury that the latter made a bolt of it.

Little Goujon made a wild storm about his arrest, and before he did go to France managed to extract twenty pounds from Rameau by way of compensation, in spite of the absence of any strictly legal claim against his old tormentor.

The poor girl, whose brother had thus been murdered before her eyes, could not wrestle down the awful agony of her feelings, and the brutal tormentor left her without effecting his object.

He passed round the end of the house where I was sitting with the agent: he seemed to take no notice of me, but fixed his eyes on his tormentor till he passed quite by us.

2. Were there nothing else to prove it a system of monstrous cruelty, the fact that FEAR is the only motive with which the slave is plied during his whole existence, would be sufficient to brand it with execration as the grand tormentor of man.

Thus 'public opinion' transfers the helpless cripple from the hand of his master, who, as he has always had the benefit of his services, might possibly feel some tenderness for him, and puts him in the sole power of the wretch who has disabled him for lifeprotecting the victim from the fury of his tormentor, by putting him into his hands!

The foregoing illustrations of southern 'public opinion,' from the laws made by it and embodying it, are sufficient to show, that, so far from being an efficient protection to the slaves, it is their deadliest foe, persecutor and tormentor.

2. Were there nothing else to prove it a system of monstrous cruelty, the fact that FEAR is the only motive with which the slave is plied during his whole existence, would be sufficient to brand it with execration as the grand tormentor of man.

Thus 'public opinion' transfers the helpless cripple from the hand of his master, who, as he has always had the benefit of his services, might possibly feel some tenderness for him, and puts him in the sole power of the wretch who has disabled him for lifeprotecting the victim from the fury of his tormentor, by putting him into his hands!

The foregoing illustrations of southern 'public opinion,' from the laws made by it and embodying it, are sufficient to show, that, so far from being an efficient protection to the slaves, it is their deadliest foe, persecutor and tormentor.

" "I know she did at one time," said his tormentor, turning the leaves of her book with well-feigned indifference.

Being foiled, the bull wheels round, and charges his tormentor a second time, who again skilfully eludes being caught on the horns: this is repeated about three times, to the great delight of the audience.

Of this, however, the most moderate and guarded use was to be made; because, while it was necessary, by exposing the true character and habitual violence of his wife, to relieve the prisoner of that load of public indignation which had been excited against him on account of his alleged brutality, it was even more important that no strong resentment should be supposed to have grown up on his part against his tormentor.

Vexed alike with himself and his tormentor, he was tempted to offer some violence to the latter; and then, recalled to his reccollection by the dangerous impulse he moderated his pace, and continued his route with a calm determination to be superior to any emotions that such a pitiful object could excite.

He was now called to account for every farthing with the most malignant accuracy, and a sum of money, lost by ill-management, not being satisfactorily accounted for, his new tormentor threatened him with prison and trial.

Often has my tormentor pent me up in the stove, and let me lie among the burning brands through the live long night.

In fine, he said, "Well, I will rid you of your tormentor.

The little fellow came near falling as he was thrust forward, but he regained his equilibrium, and turned around to face his tormentor.

He could only look at his tormentor speechlessly.

Or to change the metaphor, the bear and his tormentor have changed places.

she cried, drawing away from her tormentor, her voice trembling with anger.

She stared, wide-eyed and unbelieving, upon the brief tragedy; she saw her tormentor hurled viciously toward the gates and then, with new alarm, saw him pick himself up from the ground, writhing with pain and anger.

This was repeated several times; and the exasperated visitor could never succeed in catching her tormentor.

"The storm put the track between Yolanda and Sausalito out of commission," Claire found herself snapping back too eagerly at her tormentor.

The Play was the Self-Tormentor.

N. B. There are in the Play of the Self-Tormentor of Terence's, which is allowed a most excellent Comedy, several Incidents which would draw Tears from any Man of Sense, and not one which would move his Laughter.

I had never dressed a thigh stump, but must dress a good many now; I rolled that one in a wet cloth, and covered it carefully, to let the man get time to rest, while I got rid of his horrid tormentor.

If mortification ever ceases to be a medicine, or virtue to be a passport to carnivals in the other world, who will be a self-tormentor any longernot, my child, that I am one; but, tell me, is he quite recovered?

Their use for this purpose by the ancient Greeks is apparent, because old men in the tragedies are called [Greek: diphtheriai], from the fact that they were clad in goat skins: and it is the custom also in our comedies to dress rustic characters in goat skins, like the youth in the Hypobolimaeus (the Counterfeit) of Caecilius, and the old man in the Heautontimorumenos (the Self Tormentor) of Terence.

The Beast on his tormentor turned A shining hazel eye.

Povertygrinding, unceasing, uninteresting poverty, had been Sir Marmaduke's relentless tormentor ever since he had reached man's estate.

"Well," said I, looking the sneering tormentor in the face, "if so be that I am your Hereditary Justicer, it will be long ere a sentence so monstrous shall be carried out by me.

In the third trial he lay in the fork and had a good chance to look square at his tormentor.

Which girl are ye maist feart for, Macgreegor?' Macgregor fled from the tormentor.

"An' you is righd," persisted the tormentor, still unfastening; but the daughter's tears gushed forth, and the repentant tease threw herself upon her knees, drew her child's head into her bosom and wept afresh.

The visits of the Italian musician to the numismatist, his ambition to shine as another Kubelik, his ungovernable temper, the high words that followed Hume's frequent sneers at his ambition and the fact that he once drew a knife upon his tormentor, were presented in full.

He says that, goaded into a rage, Spatola struck his tormentor down.

As for what her tormentor had said of Nino, she could have killed him for saying it, but she knew that it was a lie; for she loved Nino with all her heart, and no one can love wholly without trusting wholly.

The goodly appearance you have inherited from your sire will not be long left when the tormentor takes you in hand.

Father Pedro turned furiously on his tormentor.

He frowned, fidgeted, coughed, buttoned and unbuttoned his coat, and jealously watched every proceeding of his tormentor.

"Friends.'" exclaimed his tormentor; "two thieves, I suppose."

" "Much good that would do me," said poor Peregrine, setting his teeth as his tormentor came in.

The dwarf, seeing his tormentor dead, then advised Dietrich to fly in haste, lest Sigenot, the most terrible of all the mountain giants, should come to avenge his companion's murder.

"It was all very simple, my good M. Ratichon," now concluded my tormentor still quite amiably.

Then, threatening her tormentor: "He will be home again this evening; he has only ridden to the Lake Hotel; you shall repeat this to his face, if you dare.