3748 examples of totalling in sentences

Full details were given to Admiral Mayo of the proposed North Sea Barrage on a line totalling 230 miles in length, which was divided into three parts, Areas A, B and C, of which Area A only would be dangerous to surface vessels.

Out of four hundred and seventy persons to whom he propounded this question, two hundred and ten or forty-four per cent of them were total abstainers.

So is a doctrine (still popular among philosophers) that the only true 'cause' is the total universe at one moment, the only true 'effect,' the whole of reality at the next.

The details were so foolish, the total result so formidable.

Would the total abolition of war be a good thing for the world?

Total. 1851 31,688 acres 223,314 acres 255,002 1860 146,320 " 230,677 " 377,003 In Africa, also, the export of cotton is on the increase; and Egypt is erecting new works to retain and direct the overflow of the Nile, which will augment her exports.

The next step is a stoppage of specie paymenta total degradation of paper as a currencyunusual depression of prices, the ruin of debtors, and the accumulation of property in the hands of creditors and cautious capitalists.

Boys, 2. Total, 18.

* I conceive the constitution in this particular was formed in order that the Government, whilst it was restrained from laying a total prohibition, might be able to give some testimony of the sense of America, with respect to the African trade.

It was not to be expected that the total extinction of the apprenticeship law would be followed by an instantaneous return to active labor, but feeling as I do the deepest interest in the successful result of the great measurement now in progress, I sincerely congratulate you and the country at large, on the improvement which is daily taking place on the resumption of industrious habits, and

Between 1840 and 1850 nearly 7000 miles of railroad were built, making a total mileage of 9000.

In 1855 there were 2012 issued and reissued; in 1856, 2506; in 1857, 2896; in 1858, 3695; and in 1860, 4778, raising the total number to 43,431.

This magnificent expanse would make seven states as large as Pennsylvania, or three and a half as large as Oregon, and is only 6000 acres less than the total area of the thirteen original states with their present boundaries.

Our total population in 1870 was 38,000,000.

Total number of states in 1870, 37.

Habit is second naturewhen It supersedes the first, wise men Receive it as a warning, That total change comes then too late, And they must e'en assimilate Life's evening to its morning.

The Belgians had in action four divisions, totalling about sixty thousand men, opposed to which was a considerably heavier force of Germans.

In an assortment of nieces, totalling nine in allbut two of them, being still, in Sir WALTER'S phrase, composed of "that species of pink dough which is called a fine infant" do not countI think that my favourites are Enid and Hannah.

[Footnote 2: Over a period of 22 years (1886-1908) 850 journalists were charged, 367 of whom were Rumanians; the sentences totalling 216 years of imprisonment, the fines amounting to Fcs. 138,000.]

Vol.13, Searches and seizures-Total production.

He had been a total abstainer from sentiment, as one may say, for sixty hours, and this was his only glass.

Still, some diseases were very prevalent, particularly those which may be considered as induced by a total absence of cleanliness.

I am Mr. Peck, a total stranger to you.

I knew my left wing was a total loss and I suspected my left leg was about to leave me, and I was downhearted and wanted to die.

" End of Project Gutenberg's Against The Grain, by Joris-Karl Huysmans [Transcriber's Note, to forestall future queries: This translation, as printed, omits two sections: chapter 6 entirely, and a few paragraphs near the end of chapter 9 (totalling 2500 words, or about 4%).

3748 examples of  totalling  in sentences