798 examples of tottered in sentences

It seemed to me that in his touch there was a certain help, though he was weak and tottered, and every moment seemed full of suffering.

Whether from surprise, prudence, or anger he sat silent, uninterrupting till she tottered into the seat placed for her by a stranger.

And he tottered out.

The mattock tottered in his hand; So vain was his endeavour, That at the root of the old tree He might have worked for ever.

But his slender limbs tottered with weakness, his little head grew dizzy, and he leaned against the tree of death for support.

M. de Kératry, bent with his eighty years, was seated near the stove on an old worm-eaten chair; the chair tottered; the old man shivered.

He tottered out into the road, picked up his cane, and trudged on down the hill toward the city.

For a moment she tottered, and had to sit down.

" He turned from her abruptly and tottered away.

"The door of the safe was wide open, and Mr. Ireland had evidently tottered and fainted before some awful fact which the open safe had revealed to him; he had caught himself against a chair which lay on the floor, and then finally sunk, unconscious, into the arm-chair.

My eyes were now heavy with sleep, every sense half-drunken with the vapourlike atmosphere of the room, so that, having abandoned something of hope, I tottered willingly to my bed, and fell into a profound slumber, which lasted till what must have been the time of the gathering in of the shades of night.

What to that architect and engineer who, when the fatal pillars were first delivered to them for inspection, had found one broken under their eyes, yet accepted the contract, and built with them a mill whose thin walls and wide, unsupported stretches might have tottered over massive columns and on flawless ore?

He had tottered for a moment, then he had recovered himself.

He tottered rather than walked, and was almost unrecognisable from the effects of his sufferings during the night;he was colourless, haggard, his face swollen and even bleeding, and his merciless persecutors continued to torment him each moment more and more.

When, a second later, he reappeared, his face was ashy pale, and his steps tottered as he walked.

The boy got up, tottered over to the crock, fumbled the clasp, and let his arms fall.

All at once she became bent and gray, and tottered as she walked; as if she no longer had the strength to move about.

she sighed as she tottered through the cowhouse.

Finally, when they had reared a tall ladder to the first gallery, and had crowded it with men, Quasimodo, by sheer force, pushed the ladder away, and it tottered and fell right back.

They tottered about on their trembling limbs to get everything he asked for, imploring him for God's sake to take all, but spare their lives.

* I went out from that building that morning feeling like a man bowed down with age, for the depths of unutterable horror into which I had had glimpses during that one night made me very feeble, and my steps tottered, and my brain reeled.

The Court was, as we have shown, the focus of anarchy and confusion; the power and resources of the great nobles had steadily increased since the death of Henri IV, and had they only been united among themselves, the authority of Marie de Medicis must have been set at nought, and the throne of the boy-King have tottered to its base.

He stood up and tottered on to the seat.

Nations raged, kingdoms tottered, When he uttered his voice the earth melted.

"I am feeling really indisposed to-daynot at all bright; my solicitude for you, my dear b" He took two or three steps forward, tottered, clung to the apothecary, moved another step or two, and grasping the edge of the table stumbled into a chair which Frowenfeld thrust under him.

798 examples of  tottered  in sentences