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798 examples of  tottered  in sentences

798 examples of tottered in sentences

Quickly, but with steps which, for the first time, I noticed, tottered, I went across the room to the great pier-glass, and looked in.

I turned away, and tottered to the window.

He laughed as they rolled out at his feet, and tried to stoop to collect them, then tottered to a chair, and covered for a moment his face with his hands.

Olympia cried, as her mother tottered against the ambulance.

Jo turned to come back; but the excitement was past that had sustained her; she trembled, she tottered.

With a ghastly look on his bloated features, he scanned for one moment the row of deeply shocked faces before him, then tottered back out of sight, and fled towards the staircase.

The outer air, streaming in as though eager to indemnify itself for years of exile, smote and swayed the flame of the Pope's lamp, whose feeble ray flitted from floor to ceiling as the decrepit man, weary with the way he had traversed and the load he was bearing, tottered and stumbled painfully along, ever and anon arrested by a closed door, which he unlocked with prodigious difficulty.

" She then tottered round the table, as with supernatural energy, and seizing the Laird's right hand, she drew it close to her unstable eyes, and then perceiving the emerald ring chased in blood, she threw up her arms with a jerk, opened her skinny jaws with a fearful gape, and uttering a shriek that made all the house yell, and every one within it to tremble, she fell back lifeless and rigid on the floor.

Constrained to look to herself or be trampled underfoot, and galvanized with terror, the woman struggled up and tottered hither and yon like a bewildered child, in the beginning too bemused to be able to keep out of the way of the combatants.

A second cry broke from her lips, shrill with terror, she tottered and fell as, dropping his cigarette, Lanyard ran to her.

As it gained the topmost step a final report sounded in the saloon, and the figure checked, revolved slowly on a heel, tottered, and plunged headforemost down the steps again.

M. de Kรฉratry, bent with his eighty years, was seated near the stove on an old worm-eaten chair; the chair tottered; the old man shivered.

On Thursday, the 4th, the coup d'รฉtat tottered, and was obliged to support itself by assassination.

Andy, trying to arise, gasped and tottered weakly.

His aunt tottered towards him.

" She gathered together her letters and her black draperies, and tottered off to the door, which Peter, who was sadly negligent of les petits soins forgot to open for her; nor did he observe the indignant look she favoured him with in consequence.

For a moment she tottered, and had to sit down.

She looked up at the sound of his voice, and then tottered and fell down in a swoon, and Oroonoko caught her in his arms.

Into the old farmhouse I tottered, like a weakling child, with mother helping me along, yet fearing, except by stealth, to look at me.

"The door of the safe was wide open, and Mr. Ireland had evidently tottered and fainted before some awful fact which the open safe had revealed to him; he had caught himself against a chair which lay on the floor, and then finally sunk, unconscious, into the arm-chair.

"Oh, I might 'ave known it was a joke," cried Mrs. Gibbs, in a faint voice, as she tottered to a chair.

His bold hands trembled, his graceful limbs tottered, and then one night apoplexy turned its hooked and icy fingers around his throat.

The walls were full of gaps and flaws, the winds whistled through the spacious halls, and the whole building tottered over our heads.

But Sullivan's indignation passed quickly to alarm and distress, for his daughter tottered, and would have fallen to the ground if Donnel had not caught her.

And immediately, before I knew which way to go, I knew that the sand did shift under my feet, and did work and heave, so that I was tottered, and was shaken also in the heart; for I knew not what to think in that instant.

My eyes were now heavy with sleep, every sense half-drunken with the vapourlike atmosphere of the room, so that, having abandoned something of hope, I tottered willingly to my bed, and fell into a profound slumber, which lasted till what must have been the time of the gathering in of the shades of night.

And then, seeing all protest in vain, she sighed, turned very slowly, and with a last, lingering look upon the helpless man to whom she had been so devoted, and who now so grossly misjudged her, she tottered out, closing the door behind her.

" She tottered, and fell fainting into the arms of Ramond, who with a great sob pressed her in a brotherly embrace.

" Chugungatte rose and tottered out; Thom followed; but as Keen stooped to the entrance the voice of Tantlatch stopped him.

He tottered across the lawn, climbed the steps, knocked faintly at the door, and, his whole strength failing him, sank down against the little portico.

But he tottered as he walked; his appearance was that of a man covered with wounds and bending beneath a heavy burden, and he stumbled at every step.

He tottered rather than walked, and was almost unrecognisable from the effects of his sufferings during the night;he was colourless, haggard, his face swollen and even bleeding, and his merciless persecutors continued to torment him each moment more and more.

When, a second later, he reappeared, his face was ashy pale, and his steps tottered as he walked.

O my little girl!" he tottered and would have fallen if she had not caught him and led him to a chair.

He tottered weakly to his feet.

After a little, he got up again and tottered behind the coffin, so that two men were obliged to support him; he appeared very ill and deeply moved.

But in his frenzy he answered her with brutal words, and lifted up his cruel arm and struck her, with that heaviness, that she tottered on the marble floor.

" There was a brief pause, during which Mrs. Hornby tottered across the court and resumed her seat, gasping with excitement and relief; then the usher called out "John Evelyn Thorndyke!" "Thank God!"

They tottered about on their trembling limbs to get everything he asked for, imploring him for God's sake to take all, but spare their lives.

She would have tottered away had I not supported her to a seat in the well-remembered living room and caressed her until she looked up through her tears, saying, "When you smile, you be my little Eliza, but when you look serious, I don't know you.

She pointed the gun at the hearth-rug, the walls shook with the explosion, and, with a shriek that set Mr. Travers's teeth on edge, she rushed downstairs and, drawing back the bolts of the back door, tottered outside and into the arms of the agitated boatswain.

His health, which now declined more rapidly than ever, was soon irrecoverably destroyed; his frame wasted visibly away; and as his body grew weaker, his visions increased in horror, until at length the intellect tottered upon its basis, and almost gave way beneath their intolerable pressure.

The poor woman who fell off, seemed completely exhausted; she tottered to the wall near by, and took up a little babe which we had not observed before.

The light of heaven, The common air, was narrow, gross, and dun; The tiles did drop from the eaves; the unhinged doors Tottered o'er inky pools, where reeked and curdled The offal of a life; the gaunt-haunched swine Growled at their christened playmates o'er the scraps.

The spring calves no longer tottered on wabbly legs, but could follow their swift mothers over the most steep and difficult trails.

He insinuated the death-sentence effect very cleverly, and at that moment, coming to his support, as it were, the old gentleman tottered up, seized upon two garments and carried them off from under my very fingers.

Many a dinner, therefore, did we declinemany a route did we reject; my husband's popularity tottered, and the inviters, though they no longer dinned their dinners in our ears, and teazed us with their "teas," vowed secret vengeance, and muttered "curses, not loud, but deep.

For a year and a half I hung over the edge, one ailment running into another, but finally I straightened out a bit and tottered back into Washington to resume operations.

But the child Of Zeus rushed in, and with his broadsword drave Through flank and navel, sundering with swift stroke His vitals: Lynceus tottered and he fell,

She dreaded the last, the hurried "fare well," the last look, the last word from her William, and she tottered as she approached the side of the ship.

Here he got a shirt, and tottered on as far as the quarter-deck.

After drying himself as well as he could with a towel, though the breeze and the climate did that office for him pretty effectually, Mark put on the clean, fresh shirt, and tottered back to his own berth, where he fell on the mattress, nearly exhausted.

In the silence May's blood gurgled at her ears, and she tottered with dizziness.

He tottered back and sank on to a sofa.

Whole cities shivered, tottered, reeled, and fell in spreading heaps of undistinguishable ruin.

He had a bottle-green coat on, with a cape to it, and large stone buttons, a broad-leafed low-crowned hat, from under which a big powdered wig escaped; he stooped very much, and supported his bending knees with the aid of a crutch-handled cane, and so shuffled and tottered along painfully.

We tottered down the lateral moraine in the dark, over boulders and tree trunks, through the bushes and devil-club thickets of the grove where we had sheltered ourselves in the morning, and across the level mud-slope of the terminal moraine.

Nations raged, kingdoms tottered, When he uttered his voice the earth melted.

He was a feeble-looking figure, with a white wan face, as he tottered along the narrow passage between the tables, making his way to that end of the saloon where Percival Nowell lounged luxuriously, with his legs stretched at full length upon the sofa, and a book in his hand.

With uncertain steps she tottered towards him.

I tottered to the mantel, and felt along it for matches.

Then, trembling horribly, so that the extinguisher rattled on its spike, I tottered to the glass and sawElvesham's face!

I put a venerable smoking-cap on my venerable head, and, coughing a little from my exertions, tottered out upon the landing.

Whereas, it was when he turned to Ally that he hadn't a word to say, any more than she had, and that he became entangled in his talk, and that the intellect he tried to summon to him tottered and vanished at his call.

the heavy wagon tottered by, laden with the clusters of the vine.

The chief magistrate felt unable to answer; his knees tottered and his teeth chattered convulsively.

After two days and nights without rest, Gotzkowsky tottered toward his own house.

Her health suffered, her reason tottered and faded out, yet life remained

" The master of the Stella made no reply, but rising feebly, tottered to the side, and shook his fist at the launch as it headed for the shore.

" Mrs. Gribble, with her hand to her heart, tottered to the sofa and lay there with her eyes closed.

Then, steadying herself by the wall, she tottered into the front room, followed by the discomfited Mr. Mills, and sank into a chair.

She sat shivering and smiling in her chair, and when it was fit for her to excuse herself, she did, and walked out bravely; but Mrs. Barsaloux noticed that she tottered a little as she reached the door.

Accordingly, I consented to his returning to bed, and turned him round in that direction; whereupon he tottered gleefully towards his resting-place like a tired horse heading for its stable.

She opened her eyes and gave a faint scream, and then, scrambling to her feet, tottered toward him and sobbed on his breast.

As nature's curtain fell The one who bore him tottered in, For this was woman's son.

More dead than alive, he drew his sword, and, striking at every shadow cast by the tombstones on the moonlit road, he tottered to his friend's house.

" They tottered down the hill towards the Workhouse gate.

At the moment when the trumpets rang out, a very old woman, in a blue camlet cloak, came hobbling out of a grocer's shop some twenty yards up the pavement, and tottered down ahead of the procession as fast as her decrepit legs would move.

"I am feeling really indisposed to-daynot at all bright; my solicitude for you, my dear b" He took two or three steps forward, tottered, clung to the apothecary, moved another step or two, and grasping the edge of the table stumbled into a chair which Frowenfeld thrust under him.

After a long interval three others tottered by in a cluster.

He tottered to a chair, threw himself into it with the air of a thoroughly wearied man who finds rest delicious, put a grain of the powder on his tongue, and then drew a long sigh, a sigh of entire relief.

" Taking the nautical arm, Clara slid and tottered away, leaving Thurstane lying on the sloppy deck.

When I first tottered downstairs, he had been buried more than three weeks.

Mrs. Somers took it from her, and placed it on the table; it tottered and nodded to the chirrups of the guests.

I had never seen the Nevski without its trams; I had always been forced to stand on the brink, waiting whilst the stream of Isvostchicks galloped past and the heavy, lumbering, coloured elephants tottered along, amiable and slow and good-natured like everything else in that country.

She tottered towards me, and clasping me in her arms, burst into a passion of tears.

On the afternoon of the fourth day, Mr. Lisle walked, or rather tottered, into Caleb's stall, and seated himself on the only vacant stool it contained.

She tottered and almost fell.

The plan tottered over and fell onto him, and my pardner, to continue the metafor, lay under the ruins as squshed and mute as if he wuz never goin' to git up agin.

Dimly, vaguely, the vapor of such thoughts as these passed through her despairing soul, as she lifted herself from the floor and tottered back to her room.

The words struck at him, filling his head with shooting pain, and he tottered back and sank to the ground to get away from them.

He measured the paralysis of death creeping up his legs inch by inch, driving the sharp pains before it, until suddenly his weight tottered under him and he hung heavily upon the thong about his throat.

He tottered down toward her, gaining new strength at each step, but when he reached her the boat was no longer to be seen and Winnsome's face was whiter than the sands under her feet.

So close were they, that the victim of that shot, struck in the centre of the forehead, tottered forward, and fell into his arms.

With a bitter groan I tottered back against the wall, while the cold dew stood on my brow, and my limbs trembled under me.

he stammered thickly, as he tottered towards his bed.

She tottered to a gate by the roadside, and there, clinging weakly with her head bowed upon her arms, she remained for a very long time.

She relaxed her hold and tottered back against the wall.

She almost tottered, so amazing had been his compliance.

She put her hands over her face and tottered blindly from the open window.