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20036 examples of  touch  in sentences

20036 examples of touch in sentences

There is of course just a little of this tone left in the GeorgicsLucretius also has a touch of itbut the Aeneid has freed itself completely.

The writing of these poems had called the poet more and more away from philosophy and brought him into closer touch with the sufferings and experiences of his own people.

Wherever the work had received the final touch, the composition shows a flawless unity.

Thus to look at a chessboard was to have a number of sensations of black and white arranged in a certain order, to listen to a piece of music was to experience a succession of loud and soft auditory sensations, to handle a stone was to receive a group of sensations of touch.

The Platonist treats our physical world of sight and touch, which we think the most real of all, as a mere illusion compared to the 'Ideas' of his metaphysical world.

The Czech company was retiring slowly towards Svagena, and the Cossacks, while keeping in touch with the enemy, were retiring towards the railway on our rear.

Simultaneously his patrols advanced from Antonovka and came into touch with Kalmakoff's scouts on the right, and three days from our retirement his advanced elements were testing our line from end to end.

The artist's occupation is gone henceforth, and the painter's studio, like 'all charms, must fly, at the mere touch of cold philosophy.'

quoth Scoutbush in his shrewd way; "do you not know yourself what these fine fellows who were ready yesterday to kiss the dust off my feet would say, if I asked leave to touch a single hair of their rights?'Tell you what, my lord; we pays you your rent, and you takes it.

It was no modest cooing voice, tender, suggestive, trembling with suppressed emotion, such as, even though narrow in compass, and dull in quality, will touch the deepest fibres of the heart, and, as delicate scents will sometimes do, wake up long-forgotten dreams, which seem memories of some antenatal life.

And, without taking off his hand, he drew a single line; and a profile head sprang up, as if by magic, under his firm, unerring touch.

Any engines constructed with outside bearings have inside bearings also, which are supported by longitudinal bars, which serve also in some cases to support the piston guides; these bearings are sometimes made so as not to touch the shafts unless they break.

But I am yet less unhappy, I enjoy her Presence continually, and if I touch her, I destroy not the beauteous Form, but she looks pleased, and a sweet Smile sits in the charming Space which divides her Lips.

Every-day mortals, opinions, things are not good enough for him to touch or think of.

At his touch the drossy particles fall off, the irritable, the personal, the gross, and mingle with the dustthe finer and more ethereal part mounts with the winged spirit to watch over our latest memory and protect our bones from insult.

Our poet's verse does not put a spirit of youth in every thing, but a spirit of fear, despondency, and decay: it is not an electric spark to kindle or expand, but acts like the torpedo's touch to deaden or contract.

The fluttering string, whose only reason for being at all was to keep the queer head-gear from sailing away on the wind, gave a touch of the ludicrous to the boyish hat which, in its turn, lent more drollery than dignity to the sanctified face of the old theologian.

Otherwise it cannot be; for, in the three portraits to which allusion has been made, such subtile distinctions of character find expression in equally subtile differences of tint, that no touch could have been given from vague apprehensions of truth.

However, I fancy, that pleasant voice, and the accidental touch of that little hand, made an impression that never was effaced.

Thinking the brothers were in the back part of the house, she pushed open the door, which yielded to her touch, and was just about to make her way towards the kitchen, when she heard a sound in the parlor, and then these words, quite distinctly: "Are you ready, James?"

Did you notice the condition of the blood, whether moist or dry?" "The blood looked moist, but I did not touch it.

Some engineers never touch their flues with a cleaner, but when they choke the exhaust sufficiently to create such a draught as to clean the flues, they are working the engine at a great disadvantage, besides being much more liable to pull the fire out at the top of smokestack.

But not for long could we escape the touch of war.

Now I was, for the first time, in touch with actual fighting.

Give me the wreath of friendship true, Whose flowerets fade not in a breath: From memory gaining many a hue, To bloom beyond the touch of death.

And, as by humour grown insane, Allows the boys to touch his cane!

The sรฉance was over, but it had given just the requisite touch to our Christmas Evesomething a little human and out of the ordinary routine.

Amateurish trenches and rough and ready life, which to my mind gave this war what it sadly needsa touch of romance.

'You ought at least to touch it up with gold,' replied the Pope; and Michelangelo, with that familiarity he used toward his Holiness, said carelessly: 'I have not observed that men wore gold.'

Michelangelo's "donna" might just as well be a man; and indeed the poems he addressed to men, though they have nothing sensual about them, reveal a finer touch in the emotion of the writer.

Each of the four men expressed his own peculiar vision of the world with pen, or chalk, or metal point, finding the unique inevitable line, the exact touch and quality of stroke, which should present at once a lively transcript from real Nature, and a revelation of the artist's particular way of feeling Nature.

Only in the arrangement of the hair, hyacinthine locks descending to the shoulders, do we recognise the touch of the divine sculptor.

He combated sceptical criticism by an ingenious parody entitled "Historical Doubts relative to Napoleon Buonaparte," and his epigram on the majority of preachersthat "they aim at nothing and they hit it," proves his freedom from any touch of sacerdotalism.

He is, we may almost say of course, violent and unjust against Strafford and Clarendon; and the most prominent touch of candour that we can find in this period of his history is, that he slurs over the murder of Laud in an abscure half-line (i. 119) as if he wereas we hope he really isashamed of it.

We believe it is worse; we think, verily, that the apprentice or his master who sits out Othello or Richard at the theatres, does get a sort of glimpse, a touch, an atmosphere of intellectual grandeur; but he could not keep himself awake during the perusal of that which he admiresor fancies he admiresin scenic representation.

And so with Don Pickwick and Sancho Weller, if their gentle humours and kindly wit, and hearty benevolent natures, touch us and convince us, as it were, now, why should they not exist for our children as well as for us, and make the twenty-fifth century happy, as they have the nineteenth?

It has visions that we love to look upon, and tones that touch the inmost heart till it responds.

If a tall man stood on the end of the window-sill, steadying himself by the left hand and leaning to the right, he could just touch the end of this gutter with his right hand.

I took the greatest possible pleasure in the letter of the kindest and best beloved of fathers, but your own delightful letter put the finishing touch to my joy.

I've had a touch of rheumaty, and this is the fust I've stirred for two weeks.

To see a venerable old man tied as if to be broken on the wheel, and cut to the bone by the lash of an athletic driverwrithing and yelling under the most exquisite torture, were certainly circumstances sufficiently strong to touch the heart of any one possessed of the smallest degree of common humanity.

His tone comforted, his touch was a comfort.

And then she went on: "There's another beautiful place I don't believe you know, for all you're such an old New-Yorkera pier at the foot of East Eighty-something Street, where you can almost touch great seagoing vessels as they pass.

Fain would I feign my fall, so fair a fare Lessens not hate, yet 'tis a lesson good: Gilt will not long hide guilt; such thin wash'd ware Wears quickly, and its rude touch soon is rued.

Take your toddy, and let's have a touch of moral drunkenness.

Who shall reckon up by what millions of slight touches from the hand of circumstance, extending over many years, the one man is gradually formed into the giving of the shilling, and the other man into the receiving of it with that touch of his hat?

" The firm touch and calm tone partly brought the boy to himself, and he followed as closely as he could, but only to be beaten back again and again.

The sombre forest stretching away from the opposite shore had not yet been brightened by a touch of frost.

Night after night she sat alone at her window till the distant town-clocks struck midnightnow picturing to herself the glad minute of his coming, the quick explaining words, the bursting tears of relief, the joy of that warm embrace, the touch of those strong armsnow convinced that he would never come, and her heart sinking into a bitter loneliness of despair.

With this epigrammatic touch he took his leave, I and the rest of the company laughing heartily, and having eaten as heartily as we then laughed.

I'd die before I'd touch the flesh of his flesh to mine!

Ben held his paddle like iron, yet with a touch as delicate as that of a great musician upon piano keys, and he steered his craft to the last inch.

Then she felt the touch of his fingers on her shoulder.

To touch with unhallowed proboscis the immaculate lip of beauty, the unprotected scalp of old age, the savoury glories of the kitchen?

Then you may see she is anchored in such a way that but one of the guns from the battery can touch her; whereas, had she been a real timid trader, she would naturally have got into a place where, if a straggling picaroon should come into the port, he would have found her in the very hottest of the fire.

The last touch to this tragedy was the sordid tinge of poverty.

She made the promise, and the manner in which she did not keep it adds the necessary human touch to this most beautiful of true love stories.

This picture of Farquhar's life is nowhere given in the form just related, but not one touch in the portrait but is to be found somewhere in the frank and easy pages of Love and Business.

Yet, even now, when a village is absorbed by a sprawling suburb or overwhelmed by the influx of a new industrial population, some of the older inhabitants feel that they are losing touch with the deeper realities of life.

Caldigate, when he heard this, thought of Euphemia Smith on board the Goldfinder, when she certainly did not drink, when her personal appearance was certainly such as might touch the heart of any juryman.

" "Ah! and here is my first friend," cried de Lapp, holding out his hand to me with a smile which was kindly enough, and yet had that touch of patronage which a man uses when he smiles to his dog.

But in all there was the play of a shrewd wit, the touch of sureness, lacking snobbery, of the man who knows where he stands, and a love of entertaining others.

This man never lost touch with men as they passed.

From the Continent Richard Milnes brought back a gaiety of spirit, a frankness of bearing, a lightness of touch which were quite un-English, and "a taste for French novels, French cookery, and French wines" with which Miss Crawley would have sympathized.

"If you should catch your wife in adultery, you would put her to death with impunity; she, on her part, would not dare to touch you with her finger; and it is not right that she should"Speech of Cato the Censor, quoted by Aulus Gellius, x, 23. E.g., Marcellus in Dig., 24, 3, 38:

Slowly I trundled the invaluable little vehicle up the street, never losing touch of the curb, flinging the stakes and cordage into the road as I went, until I had brought it to the corner of a street about a quarter of a mile from my house; and there I abandoned it, making my way back as fast as I could to the museum.

In Company of your Betters be not [longer in eating] than they are lay not your Arm but ar[ise with only a touch on the edge of the table.

It is for the most distinguished member of the company to unfold first his napkin and touch the food, and the rest should wait quietly, without laying hand on anything before he does.

Oft in bands, While they keep Watch, or nightly Rounding walk, With heav'nly Touch of instrumental Sounds, In full harmonick Number join'd, their Songs Divide the Night, and lift our Thoughts to Heav'n.' C. [Footnote 1: who] [Footnote 2: 'Paradise Lost', B. IV., lines 675-688.]

If the former was too furious, this was too sheepish, for his Part; insomuch that after a short modest Walk upon the Stage, he would fall at the first Touch of 'Hydaspes', without grappling with him, and giving him an Opportunity of showing his Variety of 'Italian' Tripps: It is said, indeed, that he once gave him a Ripp in his flesh-colour Doublet, but this was only to make work for himself, in his private Character of a Taylor.

Nicolini, as Hydaspes in this opera, thrown naked into an amphitheatre to be devoured by a lion, is so inspired with courage by the presence of his mistress among the spectators that (says Mr Sutherland Edwards in his 'History of the Opera') 'after appealing to the monster in a minor key, and telling him that he may tear his bosom, but cannot touch his heart, he attacks him in the relative major, and strangles him.']

On the other hand, without any Touch of Envy, a temperate and well-govern'd Mind looks down on such as are exalted with Success, with a certain Shame for the Imbecility of human Nature, that can so far forget how liable it is to Calamity, as to grow giddy with only the Suspence of Sorrow, which is the Portion of all Men.

And here, Sir, I shall not compliment You upon your Birth, Person, or Fortune; nor any other the like Perfections, which You possess whether You will or no: But shall only touch upon those, which are of your own acquiring, and in which every one must allow You have a real Merit.

The subject of each is slight; each stroke of her brush is made once and for all, with a precision and dash that are inspiriting; and you have in each painting the sparkle, the deft lightness of touch, the instantaneous impression of form and coloring that a water-color should have.

The excellence of her work is in the strength and certainty of touch and the sincerity and originality of composition.

"No, no," she replied, with no touch of bourgeois confusion, "I am a Burgundian.

I ask no favor in return, not even a touch from your hand.

Max found in the soft touch of the girl's hand a wonderful antidote to her sharp words.

and I dared not put it to the touch.

" There was a touch of coldness in her voice as she turned and walked slowly toward the bridge.

Then there was a touch of anger in his voice as he continued: "Have I blood in my veins?

When I touch it, I feel that I almost hate this princess, whose vast estates have a power of attraction greater than any woman may exert.

"Where suppose you Sir Max isand Sir Karl?" asked Yolanda, with a touch of anger in her voice.

There where king Yudhishthira resides, the objects of all the senses, viz.,taste, touch, smell, and hearing, will be endued with excellent attributes.

How can I, therefore, being a prince by birth, touch it with my hands?

Born in the Kshatriya order, and the son of a great king, and always observant of mantras and vows, it is not becoming of me to touch it.

Whose is this beautiful scimitar of sable blade covered with golden bosses, capable of cutting through the bodies of adversaries, whose touch is as fatal as that of a venomous snake which is irresistible and exciteth the terror of foes?

No poet is needed to tell us that Virtue kindles at the touch of joy.

He only believed in the presence of Truth when he could touch her with his hand, and still cried out almost every moment, "That's impossible!

I call it weak, for so it must have been, or hypocritical; unless he meant by one satiric touch to ridicule his own republic, or throw it into everlasting contempt.

But he paused again at the water's edge, and Piggy, who had come up close enough to touch the rickety lad, reached out a muddy hand and dabbed the quaking boy's breast.

[Illustration: "Say, boys, where's its bottle?"] Mealy rose with a stone in each hand, and hobbled over the pebbles, trying, "Touch me now!

Touch me if you dare!"

But he whimpered again, "Well now, touch me if you dare!"

Baby touch little sister's toeses.

He backed off, and exclaimed, as he saw the grocer grab a butter paddle, "Dern you, don't you touch me; I'll pay for your old chicken.

Is it not, as he says farther on, better 'to see great truths,' even if not so strictly in line and form, 'touch and handle little ones,' to take the highest point of view we can reach, not a lower one?

Behold the fields 170 In balmy spring-time full of rising flowers And joyous creatures; see that pair, the lamb And the lamb's mother, and their tender ways Shall touch thee to the heart; thou callest this love, And not inaptly so, for love it is, 175 Far as it carries thee.

"I shall await in Lucca the exact day you may please to name; but, madame"and with a lover's ardor strong within him, he advanced nearer to where the marchesa stood, and raised his hand as if to touch her"I beg you not to keep me waiting long.

"You are very good to care," answered Nobili, sighing again, gazing into her face; "once I thought that my fate did touch you.