1329 examples of toughest in sentences

And he didn't give it up, either, though he admitted long after it was the toughest time he had ever put in in all his life.

In order to obtain well-flavoured and eatable meat, we must relinquish the idea of making good soup from it, as that mode of boiling which yields the best soup gives the driest, toughest, and most vapid meat.

THE MEAT ON THOSE PARTS OF THE ANIMAL in which the muscles are least called into action, is most tender and succulent; as, for instance, along the back, from the rump to the hinder part of the shoulder; whilst the limbs, shoulder, and neck, are the toughest, driest, and least-esteemed.

"But Bonnie says it's the toughest case he ever had to handle in which to find any witnesses for the defense.

This is all I know of Baston; but is not this enough to melt the toughest heart?

As in cuffing all blows are aimed at the face, so it fares in these rencounters, where he that wears the toughest leather on his visage comes off with victory though he has ever so much the disadvantage upon all other accounts.

Not the scantest and toughest of rock-growths thrust a leaf through its brassy surface, not a well-head or a darker depression of the rock gave sign of a trickle of water.

The overseer always went around with a whip, about nine feet long, made of the toughest kind of cowhide, the but-end of which was loaded with lead, and was about four or five inches in circumference, running to a point at the opposite extremity.

A boy is delighted at knowing the toughest boy in the neighborhood.

This tree yields a hard wood that is the best and toughest timber grown in some localities.

"But the toughest lives are brittle, And the bravest and the best Lightly fallit matters little; Now I only long for rest.

"And now," he concluded, "he's the toughest old he one they've got.

" "This brown husk," continued his governess, "is a valuable part of the nut, for the toughest ropes and cables are made of its fibres, as well as the useful brown matting so generally used to cover offices and passages.

<pb id='054.png' /> DAVIS, KENNETH S. Eisenhower's toughest flight.

The Toughest freighter north of hell.

She was a brittle old lady who creaked as she walked, and cracked like a whin-pod in the heat, but she did her dozen miles or more a day, and passed all the fowls in review, and could not be deceived by the craftiest of farmers' wives; and in the tail of the day she became possessor, and did herself thraw the neck of the stoutest and toughest hen that ever entered a linen bag head foremost.

Half the students who complete their course come out broken in health, and those who do not are about the toughest "horned cattle," as Horace Greeley says, that can be found.

"Say," I said in the toughest voice I could assume, "you got a leak.

"The toughest part of it is," Fred went on, "that we thought we had the whole thing 'hands down,' and that was what made my father go in so deep.

Accordingly I told Peter to saddle the toughest-mouthed, hardest-trotting carriage horse in the stable.

Mrs. Smith, of Clapham, who had brought up her children in the strictest propriety, welcomed as play-mates for her dears, whom she had kept away from the contaminating associations of the alleys, Belgian children from the toughest quarters of Antwerp, who had a precocity that led to baffling confusion in Mrs. Smith's mind between parental responsibility and patriotic duty.

It requires the toughest sort of courage, I can tell you.

There's times and circumstances in this service that make the toughest of us gloomy.

Their arms were of the simplest description: wood pointed and hardened in the fire, arrows tipped with fish-bone or turtle-shell, and clubs of the toughest kinds of wood.

I pumped him until I got a pretty good description of both those fellows, and I decided one of them must be 'Red' Hogan, about the toughest gun-man in Chicago.

1329 examples of  toughest  in sentences