5499 examples of tracking in sentences

And this spirited him up; at least he had confused his trail; for he was still possessed with the idea of people tracking him all about Paris over the snow, and collaring him next morning before he was awake.

I found a sheep and lamb missing, took my lantern and Bruno, who was some good at tracking sheep, and started out.

Shortly before reaching the river a large party of natives came up with us, after tracking the horses for some distance.

" "Nay, sahib, but the reverse; for if Yussuf Dakmar should miss you after midnight he would go in search of you, with those five in turn tracking him.


"Nix on the tracking," I said, "I've retired from the 'detective business, and now I'm going to be cook on a house-boat.

We have done for the present, lest our number should interrupt the enjoyment of any of the thousand pedestrians who are at this moment tracking The slow ascending hill, the lofty wood That mantles o'er its brow.

At the end of a half-hour's run Jarley was worn out, but the engine seemed to gather strength and speed the farther it travelled; and as it let out a fearful shriekpossibly a whistleevery time the rear end of the train suggested side-tracking and a cessation of traffic for a month or two, Jarley in his indulgence invariably withdrew the proposition.

They came tracking their way to whereGod only knows.

(By special cable to The Daily Thrill.)While truffle-tracking in the Saratoga forest a corporal and three men of the United States Marines came upon what is believed to be a cache of Bolshevist arms.

Half a mile beyond, as I expected, we found the motor, its tracking sledges and all.

The Starmen had spent more than two days exploring it fully and tracking its electronics systems.

Pride forbade her appealing to her neighbours, so on me devolved the duty of tracking my father from one pub to another and bringing him home.

Fond eyes yet are tracking the spot where he fell: They come, the wild waters, in tumult and throng, Roaring up to the cliffroaring back, as before,

It meant traveling upward in the great snowbound reaches of Vermont mountain-country and tracking down a murderer who had killed a second time to gain his freedom and would stop at nothing again.

The gaunt man checked his leader's tracking, and the little man on the white horse rode behind, a man lost in a dream.

For a time he forced an interest in the tracking.

The Indians had with them a tracking dog, by the aid of which they followed his trail for three miles; until he halted, shot the dog, and thus escaped.

In crossing this white level, we have been tracking our way across an invisible pond, which was alive last week with five hundred skaters.

And it is small wonder after this, that scant and sparse were the jests played on the grim master of the Wolfsberg, or that the bay of a blood-hound tracking on the downs frightened the most stout-hearted rider in all that retinue of dare-devils.

Our crew jumped out, and commenced tracking the boat over the sand, and while thus employed, I observed by means of my glass, a crowd of natives, and some of the pirates running down the other side of a low point, apparently with the intention of giving us battle, as they were all armed with spears and muskets.

Then the collar of a member of the audience was handed on to the stage, while the Marvel was blindfolded, and, after sniffing the collar, he succeeded in tracking down its ownerlike a dog again.

Even as she spoke I heard the sharp clatter of the machine-gun break out again, but now very close, and with an intimate note as though it were the same gun that I had heard before, which had been tracking me down round the town.

He has been tracking you two ever since you left the cabin.

When the enemy detected his flight, they set out in pursuit, tracking him by means of bloodhounds, and were about to overtake and slay him when Malagigi suddenly appeared with Bayard.

5499 examples of  tracking  in sentences