178 examples of trackless in sentences

They stayed at Fort Enterprise; but, long before the spring returned, they found their food was all but finished, and the nearest place to get more was five hundred miles away, over a trackless desert of snow.

Again, town children cannot visualise hill and valley, forest and moor, brook and river, not to mention jungles and snowfields and the trackless ocean.

The men knew their way, it seemed, even though the wood was trackless.

We knew quite well that it would be an easy matter to die of starvation in that great trackless forest, therefore we kept on undaunted, while the yellow autumn sun struggled through the dark pines, glinting on the straight gray trunks and reflecting a golden light in that dead unbroken silence.

But it revealed drift on drift of snow piled high around the huta hopeless, uncharted, trackless sea of white lying below the rocky shores to which the castaways still clung.

White poison-foam drops from his hideous jaws, Which yawning wide, display a dismal gulf, The grave of many a hapless being, lost Wandering amidst that trackless wilderness.

Some of them, it is true, lead you into a swamp, some to the edge of a precipice; some will hurl you down a mountain-side with terrific rapidity; others stop half-way, bringing you face to face with a blank wall; and others again will lose you entirely on a bleak and trackless plain.

The only rest in a really civilised place that they have had after many hundreds of miles of road and forest and trackless thirsty bush.

You should snap and bounce at regular intervals; at one moment you should seem a blazing star, and the next be lost in trackless darkness.

And stirs the mind's longing To travel the way that is trackless.

Then shrieks of captured towns, and widows' tears, Pale lovers stretch'd upon their blood-stain'd biers, 65 The headlong precipice that thwarts her flight, The trackless desert, the cold starless night, And stern-eye'd Murder with his knife behind, In dread succession agonize her mind.

Where vast Ontario rolls his brineless tides, And feeds the trackless forests on his sides, Fair CASSIA trembling hears the howling woods, And trusts her tawny children to the floods.

And so they departed into the trackless south, Bill-Man, his brothers, and Mesahchie.

We worked our way slowly through the cedar swamp; over logs and under logs, up ravines and down ravines, a crooked, trackless, toilsome way, till the middle of the afternoon, when we met two of our fellow passengers on their way back to the wreck.

A small pocket compass, which chance had discovered, their last guide in a trackless ocean, fell between the beams into the sea.

What Europeans yet appear unable to accomplish, the wild Igorots, who inhabit that trackless range of mountains, have carried on successfully for centuries, and to a proportionally larger extent; and this is the more remarkable as the metal in that district occurs only in the form of flints, which even in Europe can be made profitable only by particular management, and not without expense.

It is indeed a veritable labyrinth of snow-clad peaks, unknown glaciers, and trackless canyons.

Feeling guiltily that it was my weight that made them groan, I lay perfectly still, and was even holding my breath in an effort to make myself lighter, when, for no apparent reason, we left the road, such as it was, and started across the trackless plain.

Two huge maples overhung the camp, and at a distance of twenty feet from our lodge we entered the trackless, primeval forest.

This Piece begins thus, Sing Muse, the conscious torch, whose mighty flame, (The shining signal of a brighter dame) Thro' trackless waves, the bold Leander led, To taste the dang'rous joys of Hero's bed: Sing the stol'n bliss, in gloomy shades conceal'd, And never to the blushing morn reveal'd.

Observe, Soon, a resistless hero, shall he cross The trackless ocean, borne above the waves In an aërial car; and shall subdue The earth's seven sea-girt isles.

" "She has wandered off upon the trackless prairie!"

Long months of peace (if such bold word accord With any promises of human life), 25 Long months of ease and undisturbed delight Are mine in prospect; whither shall I turn, By road or pathway, or through trackless field, Up hill or down, or shall some floating thing Upon the river point me out my course?

We followed the twentieth parallel of longitude north of the equator, right on, straight as an arrow's flight is the long run of the shipher vapor and the bubbles that break from the waters vanishing, so that we were as trackless when we had passed one breadth after another of the globe, as the lonesome canoes of the Indians on the Great Lakes.

All day long he vainly sought the monsters in the trackless forest, until, sinking down exhausted at the foot of a tree, he soon fell asleep.

178 examples of  trackless  in sentences