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178 examples of  trackless  in sentences

178 examples of trackless in sentences

They stayed at Fort Enterprise; but, long before the spring returned, they found their food was all but finished, and the nearest place to get more was five hundred miles away, over a trackless desert of snow.

Again, town children cannot visualise hill and valley, forest and moor, brook and river, not to mention jungles and snowfields and the trackless ocean.

CHAPTER XLI HOW THEY RODE INTO THE WILDERNESS Fast galloped the good horse, bursting through underbrush and thicket with the roar of the pursuit following ever distant and more distant; and ever Beltane spurred deeper into those trackless wilds where few dare adventure them by reason of evil spirits that do haunt these solitudes (as they do say) and, moreover, of ravening beasts.

Hearken now" "Nay, my lord, no forester am I to find my way through trackless wild.

and Fidelis sighed in deep and troubled fashion and so fell to silence, what time Beltane, cunning in wood-lore, glancing hither and thither at knotted branch and writhen tree bole, viewing earth and heaven with a forester's quick eye, rode on into the trackless wilds of the forest-lands.

The only methods of communication were the letters and still fewer newspapers, which were carried by post riders often through an almost trackless wilderness.

He can point out the fords of a hundred rivers; he can guide you in safety through a hundred trackless woods.

The men knew their way, it seemed, even though the wood was trackless.

We knew quite well that it would be an easy matter to die of starvation in that great trackless forest, therefore we kept on undaunted, while the yellow autumn sun struggled through the dark pines, glinting on the straight gray trunks and reflecting a golden light in that dead unbroken silence.

Contempt and want the wretch await Who slumbers in an abject state 'Midst rushing crowds, by toil and pain The meed of Honor we must gain; At Honor's call, the camel hastes Thro' trackless wilds and dreary wastes, Till in the glorious race she find The fleetest coursers left behind:

Enduring every hardship, every privation, perishing by hundreds in the trackless deserts, captured and put to torture by the Indians, they still persevered in their migration, and, halting at last in the valleys of Utah, began the settlement of the Central West.

why won't he write to me?" She tore open the letter, read it, and stood holding it in her hand, looking out over the trackless pine-woods with absorbed, speculative eyes.

The deadly monotony of the scenethe trackless level, the preposterous dimensions of the plain, the sense of distance that is conveyed only by the steppe and the great desert of Gobi when the snow lies on itall these tell the same grim truth to all who look on them: the old truth that man is but a small thing and his life but as the flower of the grass.

But it revealed drift on drift of snow piled high around the huta hopeless, uncharted, trackless sea of white lying below the rocky shores to which the castaways still clung.

70 The "parting Genius" [J] sighs with hollow breath Along the mystic streams of Life and Death.[K] Swelling the outcry dull, that long resounds Portentous through her old woods' trackless bounds, Vallombre, [L] 'mid her falling fanes deplores 75 For ever broke, the sabbath of her bowers.

To the west, a vast and trackless forest spread as far as the eye could reach, unbroken save by some distant lakes, that shone like clear mirrors in their dark green setting.

Henrich often assured her with sincerity that he had no idea of venturing on so hopeless an attempt; but whenever the Indian girl saw his eyes fixed sadly on the eastern horizon, and dimmed, as they often were, by tears of sad remembrance, she felt her fears again arise, and longed more earnestly to leave the spot, and plunge into the trackless forest that lay between the Pequodee encampment and she proposed hunting grounds.

Its flat monotony was only broken by a few clumps of trees and shrubs, that almost looked like distant vessels crossing the wide trackless sea.

This would lead him through the trackless woods, and the dreary wilds, inhabited only by the barbarous and untutored red men.

White poison-foam drops from his hideous jaws, Which yawning wide, display a dismal gulf, The grave of many a hapless being, lost Wandering amidst that trackless wilderness.

Some of them, it is true, lead you into a swamp, some to the edge of a precipice; some will hurl you down a mountain-side with terrific rapidity; others stop half-way, bringing you face to face with a blank wall; and others again will lose you entirely on a bleak and trackless plain.

The only rest in a really civilised place that they have had after many hundreds of miles of road and forest and trackless thirsty bush.

With these forces, he marched to Detroit, through an almost trackless wilderness.

But it revealed drift on drift of snow piled high around the hut,a hopeless, uncharted, trackless sea of white lying below the rocky shores to which the castaways still clung.

UNSATISFIED Some sigh for the breath of the desert Where the stifling heat waves blow; Some pant for the trackless tundra

YET Some sigh for the breath of the desert Where the stifling heat waves blow; Some pant for the trackless tundra

You should snap and bounce at regular intervals; at one moment you should seem a blazing star, and the next be lost in trackless darkness.

The spirit of his whole life is well expressed in his Paracelsus, written when he was only twenty-two years old: I see my way as birds their trackless way.

And stirs the mind's longing To travel the way that is trackless.

Sudden with rage their injur'd bosoms burn, Retort the insult, or the wound return; Unwrong'd, as gentle as the breeze that sweeps 170 The unbending harvests or undimpled deeps, They guard, the Kings of Needwood's wide domains, Their sister-wives and fair infantine trains; Lead the lone pilgrim through the trackless glade, Or guide in leafy wilds the wand'ring maid.

265 Stretch'd on her mossy couch, in trackless deeps, Queen of the coral groves, ZOSTERA sleeps; [Viscum.

O guide my wanderer to my arms again!" Her buoyant skiff intrepid ULVA guides, And seeks her Lord amid the trackless tides; [Ulva, l. 407.

Thus ISRAEL's heaven-taught chief o'er trackless lands Led to the sultry rock his murmuring bands.

Then shrieks of captured towns, and widows' tears, Pale lovers stretch'd upon their blood-stain'd biers, 65 The headlong precipice that thwarts her flight, The trackless desert, the cold starless night, And stern-eye'd Murder with his knife behind, In dread succession agonize her mind.

Where vast Ontario rolls his brineless tides, And feeds the trackless forests on his sides, Fair CASSIA trembling hears the howling woods, And trusts her tawny children to the floods.

awkward, unwieldy, unmanageable; intractable, stubborn &c (obstinate) 606; perverse, refractory, plaguy^, trying, thorny, rugged; knotted, knotty; invious^; pathless, trackless; labyrinthine &c (convoluted) 248; intricate, complicated &c (tangled) 59; impracticable &c (impossible) 471; not feasible &c 470; desperate &c (hopeless) 859.

And so they departed into the trackless south, Bill-Man, his brothers, and Mesahchie.

We worked our way slowly through the cedar swamp; over logs and under logs, up ravines and down ravines, a crooked, trackless, toilsome way, till the middle of the afternoon, when we met two of our fellow passengers on their way back to the wreck.

A small pocket compass, which chance had discovered, their last guide in a trackless ocean, fell between the beams into the sea.

What Europeans yet appear unable to accomplish, the wild Igorots, who inhabit that trackless range of mountains, have carried on successfully for centuries, and to a proportionally larger extent; and this is the more remarkable as the metal in that district occurs only in the form of flints, which even in Europe can be made profitable only by particular management, and not without expense.

It is indeed a veritable labyrinth of snow-clad peaks, unknown glaciers, and trackless canyons.

They looked upon the port-holes in the stern as real eyes, by which the vessel was able to find her way in the sea; and observed, that travellers on land found difficulty to find the road from one place to another, while we were able to travel along the trackless ocean; and that the whites must therefore be the greatest of sorcerers, not inferior to the devil himself.

It was the sea-gull's flapping wing, all trackless in its flight, Its screaming note, that welcomed on the fierce and stormy night!

The forest was a trackless and dreadful forestthe leaves not green, but blackthe boughs not freely growing, but knotted and twistedthe fruit no fruit, but thorny poison.

Feeling guiltily that it was my weight that made them groan, I lay perfectly still, and was even holding my breath in an effort to make myself lighter, when, for no apparent reason, we left the road, such as it was, and started across the trackless plain.

On the ninth day they came to a summit of the Alps, chiefly through places trackless; and after many mistakes of their way, which were caused either by the treachery of the guides, or, when they were not trusted, by entering valleys at random, on their own conjectures of the route.

Their only source of anxiety was, lest the other Hasdrubal and Mago, terrified at his discomfiture, should protract the war by withdrawing into trackless forests and mountains.

For many days the three hunters wandered over the trackless prairie in search of a village of the Sioux Indians, but failed to find one, for the Indians were in the habit of shifting their ground and following the buffalo.

In the interior of the country the hard sun-baked soil is usually trackless, so that the aid of a "Shagird Chapar," or post-boy, becomes essential.

My business has, therefore, been the rough business of a pioneer; and while hewing a road through the trackless forest, along which all might hereafter travel with ease, I had no time to attend to those minute graces of composition and petty perfection of arrangement and collocation, which are the attribute of the academic grove, or the literary parterre.

"I fly, trackless as a breath..."

It is by that trackless road, across the bottomless deep, that the whole world shakes hands with the new; and that the new supplies the old with so many conveniences and riches.

Mute is the sky as an empty tomb; Trackless the path, and all unknown; What means this journey through its gloom, Which each must make alone?

* Chill through his trackless pines the hunter passed, His yell arose upon the howling blast; Before him fled, with all the speed of fear, His wealthand victim, yonder helpless deer.

"[Q] Our journey for the entire day has been most trying, leading us through a trackless forest of pines encumbered on all sides by prostrate trunks of trees.

Sudden fear of being lost in the trackless mountains almost precipitated a panic, and it was with difficulty that my father and other cool-headed persons kept excited families from scattering rashly into greater dangers.


The seven men who first braved the dangers of the icy trail in the work of rescue came over a trackless, ragged waste of snow, varying from ten to forty feet in depth, and approached the camp-site near the lake at sunset.

Variegated Passion-Flowers were conspicuous on the bare white sand that checkered the ground, displaying their emblematic forms on their low repent vines, and reminding the wanderer in these almost trackless solitudes of that Faith which was founded on humility and crowned with martyrdom.

As no horse could travel through the trackless woods at this time of year, he must make his way on foot.

The spell which holds this captive soul She never would possess, Were not her varying features rul'd By sparkling playfulness, But when with aimless, trackless skill Is twin'd a mazy chain,

It seemed a trackless waste of blown grass for one to navigate in the dark.

This lay on both sides of the Ohio River, much of it being the trackless forest, so that Father Orin and Toby used the Shawnee Crossing oftener than the Shawnees themselves.

A courier could have brought it in a few hours by riding fast through the wide, trackless wilderness, and swimming broad, unbridged rivers.

Nevertheless she may still be afloat though in a waterlogged condition and drifting about in the trackless wastes of the South Pacific.

There were so many pitfalls for the unsuspecting in these trackless wilds.

A charming object is a vessel cutting the waves with her taffrail, and chasing her wake on the trackless waters, like a courser that ever keeps in his path, though dashing madly on at the very top of his speed!"

Wilder had joined his passengers, cheerful, and with that air of enjoyment which every officer of the sea is more or less wont to exhibit, when he has disengaged his vessel from the dangers of the land, and has fairly launched her on the trackless and fathomless abyss of the ocean.

Twenty mariners were then seen climbing among the ropes; and sail after sail was opened still wider, until bearing the vast folds of all her canvas spread, the vessel was urged along the trackless course, like a swift cloud drifting through the thin medium of the upper air.

Neither ice nor snow, neither winter seas nor trackless wastes, could daunt him, for youth was in his heart and fire ran through his veins.

Two huge maples overhung the camp, and at a distance of twenty feet from our lodge we entered the trackless, primeval forest.

His aimlessness and theirs made them brothers of the air, and he followed them under the trackless sky, aware that his destination for the night lay somewhere ahead of him, leaving the rest to chance and the patron saint of Nomads.

Around them, treeless, trackless, was the same rolling, illimitable prairie land.

Her hand indicated the trackless waste to the right.

Far as ever bow can carry, Thro' the trackless airy space, All he sees he makes his quarry, Soaring bird and beast of chase.

Under his command similar expeditions were repeated again and again to that mysterious wonderland; and never were the wildest fictions read with more avidity than his official reports of daily adventure, danger and discovery, of scaling unclimbed mountains, wrecking his canoes on the rapids of unvisited rivers, parleying and battling with hostile Indians, and facing starvation while hemmed in by trackless snows.

And yet it was not till this comparatively advanced stage of the nautical artwhen man had obtained a faithful guide in his most devious and trackless wanderingswhen

Quite willing to follow the beaten path so long as there was promise of harvest returns, they were prepared nevertheless to blaze a new road into the trackless forest if they were sure some of God's treasure-trove could be brought back on it.

In the storm, that sweeps along; Blazing fire, and earthquake strong; In the lightning's trackless flight; Gathering cloud, and curtain'd night!

They could no more get lost in the trackless wilderness than a civilized man could get lost on a highway.

The Indians were completely taken by surprise; they had never dreamed that they could be attacked in their innermost strongholds, cut off, as they were, from the nearest settlements by vast trackless wastes of woodland and lofty, bald-topped mountain chains.

This Piece begins thus, Sing Muse, the conscious torch, whose mighty flame, (The shining signal of a brighter dame) Thro' trackless waves, the bold Leander led, To taste the dang'rous joys of Hero's bed: Sing the stol'n bliss, in gloomy shades conceal'd, And never to the blushing morn reveal'd.

And embracing him with her arms, Krishna of faultless features awaked him as a lioness awaketh a sleeping lion in a trackless forest.

Ethie's face and Ethie's form were everywhere, and if earnest, longing thoughts could have availed to bring her back, she would have come, whether across the rolling sea, or afar from the trackless desert.

Observe, Soon, a resistless hero, shall he cross The trackless ocean, borne above the waves In an aรซrial car; and shall subdue The earth's seven sea-girt isles.

" "She has wandered off upon the trackless prairie!"

She found out how old she was, how friendless she was, howbut I rather think not whyVirginia had run away from Buck Gowdy; and all that could be learned about me which could be learned without entering into details of our hiding from the world together all those days alone on the trackless prairie.

Then the Missouri River seemed to be the western boundary of all civilization, and as these gold hunters launched out on the almost trackless prairies that lay westward of that mighty stream, many considered themselves as entering a country of peculiar freedom, and it was often said that "Law and morality never crossed the Missouri River."

Out of this trouble we were once again on the safe road from Salt Lake to Los Angeles, and again made error in taking a cutoff route, and striking across a trackless country because it seemed to promise a shorter distance, and where thirteen of our party lie unburied on the sands of the terribly dry valley.

Yet, scarcely were they anchored in some frontier haven than they fell to dreaming of the wilderness, of the far silences in the trackless sea of trees, of the winds ruffling the forest's crests till ten thousand trees toss their leaves, silver side up, as white-caps flash, rolling in long patches on a heaving waste of waters.

He would have started homeward, but the country was a complete desert, the trail led here and there over vast sheets of trackless rock, and he feared that he might lose his way.

Out upon the trackless wilds, absolutely without any other guide, it would not do to ignore the compass.

It was after nine and the boy was deep in his trackless revery.

Long months of peace (if such bold word accord With any promises of human life), 25 Long months of ease and undisturbed delight Are mine in prospect; whither shall I turn, By road or pathway, or through trackless field, Up hill or down, or shall some floating thing Upon the river point me out my course?

We followed the twentieth parallel of longitude north of the equator, right on, straight as an arrow's flight is the long run of the shipher vapor and the bubbles that break from the waters vanishing, so that we were as trackless when we had passed one breadth after another of the globe, as the lonesome canoes of the Indians on the Great Lakes.

One can become intimately acquainted with it, and learn to love its quiet solitude, only by living in or near it, and wandering at will through its trackless, leaf-carpeted aisles.

The coast was a fearful-looking stretch of dismal, trackless sand, and the ocean lay boundless and awful beyond the wild and desolate beach, from which we were now only divided by a patch of low coarse-looking bush, growing as thick and tangled as heather, and so stiff and compact that it was hardly possible to drive through it.

To this day I associate Ohioโ€™s most interesting city with a lonely carriage ride that seemed to be chiefly uphill, through a region that was as strange to me as a trackless jungle in the wilds of Africa.

All day long he vainly sought the monsters in the trackless forest, until, sinking down exhausted at the foot of a tree, he soon fell asleep.

"And that's darn funny," he muttered, when he was perfectly sure that there was no car, that there could never have been a car on that trackless ridge.