5072 examples of tragedies in sentences

MONTGOMERY PENDRAGON, in his room in Gospeler's Gulch, reads Southern tragedies in an old copy of the New Orleans Picayune, until two o'clock, when he hastily tears up all his soiled paper collars, packs a few things into a travelling satchel, and, with the latter slung over his shoulder, and a Kehoe's Indian club in his right hand, is met in the hall by his tutor, the Gospeler.

The tragedies of their house of bondage were the realities of yesterday, and peopled their memories with thronging horrors.

The dress with the Russian sable bands went the way of all Hahn & Lohman tragedies.

The story of how Josie Fifer came to be mistress of the cast-off robes of the firm of Hahn & Lohman is one of those stage tragedies that never have a public performance.

In French we have the tragedies of Arnault (1792) and Ponsard (1843).

His tragedies are The Father's Revenge and Bellamere.

This has furnished the subject of several tragedies: i.e., Otway's Don Carlos (1672), in English; those of J.G. de Campistron (1683) and M.J. de Chénier (1789) in French; J.C.F. Schiller (1798) in German; Alfieri in Italian, about the same time.

Corneille and Guihem de Cantro have introduced her in their tragedies, but the rôle they represent her to have taken is wholly imaginary.

Both Corneille and Guilhem de Cantro have admirable tragedies on the subject; Ross Neil has an English drama called The Cid; Sanchez, in 1775, wrote a long poem of 1128 verses, called Poema del Cid Campeador.

de Girardin (1847) wrote tragedies in French on the same subject.

[Illustration] This is not the Cleopatra of Shakespeare's and Dryden's tragedies.

These dens of iniquity were only too frequently the scene of awful tragedies, and the sawdust floors drank up the blood of many a poor unfortunate.

One of the saddest of life's tragedies is associated in my mind with an employee of one of these places.

This place has been appropriately named and was the scene of some of the most sickening tragedies that blacken the annals of this or any other country.

I viewed these scenes with double interest from having read Schiller's "Wilhelm Tell," one of the most splendid tragedies ever written.

It was the heart-breaking end of a love storythe closin' up of one of those little tragedies which the world seldom hears about.

The Venetian Rothschilds no doubt preferred the ceremonial to the imaginative treatment of sacred themes; and to do him justice, Veronese did not make what would in his case have been the mistake of choosing the tragedies of the Bible for representation.

ILLUSTRATIONS OF THE TRAGEDIES of ÆSCHYLUS and SOPHOCLES, from the Greek, Latin, and English Poets, with an Introductory Essay by J.F. BOYES, M.A., St. John's College, Oxford.

The Elizabethans understood human nature, and made glorious comedies and tragedies out of its inordinate crimes and cruelties, and its pathetic follies and fatuities.

Most of them stayed, nerving themselves to the endurance of those tragedies, finding in the weakness of their womanhood a strange new courage, strong as steel, infinitely patient, full of pity cleansed of all false sentiment.

Truly, when I come to think of it it seems that the human mind too has its tragedies, and it began by confessing its own powerlessness.

I had the great good fortune to please Him often at his Court in my Masque, on the Stage in Tragedies and Comedies, and so to advance myself in His good opinion; an Honour may render a wiser Man than I vain; for I believe he had more equals in extent of Dominion than of Understanding.

There is the same kind of Mortality in our Modern Tragedies, where every one gasps, faints, bleeds and dies.

It was damned many years ago at Paris, and yet I think is better than some that have succeeded, and much better than any of our modern tragedies.

One of the most pathetic and beautiful tragedies in modern literature is that which a Danish poet elaborated from Correggio's artist career.

5072 examples of  tragedies  in sentences