103 examples of trammel in sentences

"But I will never seek to trammel your conscience, Alfred.

Macbeth in vain tried every stratagem to "trammel up the consequence."

Several of these States, I am convinced, incline sincerely towards the North, and will remain united with it; but are there not others, Virginia, for instance, which perhaps only refrain from seceding for the better protection of those that have done so, and whose present rôle consists in preventing all repression, while its future rôle will be to trammel all progress by the continued threat of joining the Southern Confederacy?

[Law]; ill wind; head wind &c (opposition) 708; trammel, tether &c (means of restraint) 752; hold back, counterpoise.

Newgate, Fleet, Marshalsea; King's Bench, Queen's Bench. bond; bandage; irons, pinion, gyve, fetter, shackle, trammel, manacle, handcuff, straight jacket, strait jacket, strait-jacket, strait-waistcoat, hopples^; vice, vise.

In all these some concessions to the liberal principles of intercourse proposed by the United States had been obtained; but as in all the negotiations they came occasionally in collision with previous internal regulations or exclusive and excluding compacts of monopoly with which the other parties had been trammeled, the advances made in them toward the freedom of trade were partial and imperfect.

But they are convinced that by blending it with the claims not only will no progress be made toward its solution, but that these last, standing upon their own unquestionable character, ought not to be trammeled with a subject to which they are wholly foreign.

We would ask why, in what justice, if we can not find the object in the route prescribed, are we to be thus trammeled?

A trammel was found in the solid substance of a tree in Onondaga.

Query, had this been a pot trammel of some ancient explorer?

" That's how he wires, alternate days, But sends no troops to trammel The foe that follows as I bump Across Judæa on the hump Of my indifferent camel.

All the cities and provinces had sworn fidelity to the King, and obedience to herself; all the governors of fortresses had followed their example; and the great nobles, whose plans were not yet matured, and whose cupidity was for the moment satisfied, testified no inclination to disturb, or to trammel the measures of the Government.

He, trammeled with his Church connections, and yet not wishing to break with the prefect, declined to interfere in the matter, thus leaving them to settle the dispute by themselves; and soon the ecclesiastics and the citizens joined issue.

, the locus of the instantaneous axis of the trammel bar (of which the part EH corresponds to the connecting rod, when a crank OH is added to the elliptograph there discussed) was found to be a circle.

A short distance west of this place they met two menNick Trammel and John Morrow who profitted (dealt) in Negro slaves.

My grandmother said that Mr. Trammel and Mr. Morrow probably thought he might cause trouble and killed him as she never saw him after he returned from Little Rock.

Prairie, by Bob Trammel.

Before they left Dave Block went on Trammel's bond and got my mother.

He was of a metaphysical turn of mind, and in the pursuit of truth was in no way trammeled by popular superstitions.

The clay chimney was not of sufficient strength to hold the trammel and pot-hooks, which at that day had not been superseded by the cooking-stove and kitchen-range.

Will it not diminish its limits, * * * trammel its transports?

Another has some royal road to learning, and, though he is trammeled and held down by what he calls the ignorance and stupidity of his trustees or his school committee, yet, if he could fairly put his principles and methods to the test, he is certain of advancing the science of education half a century at least at a single leap.

For though, like all beauty of earth, Thou'rt trammeled by earthly decay, Yet my soul is lifted by thine, To glories that fade not away.

Great Britain had also a restrictive policy, which placed fetters and burdens on trade and trammeled the productive industry of the mass of the nation.

The Canadas, New Brunswick, and Nova Scotia, the islands in the American seas, with Texas trammeled by treaties of alliance or of a commercial character differing in policy from that of the United States, would complete the circle.

103 examples of  trammel  in sentences