359 examples of transcends in sentences

This pleasing and successful drama is Robin's sole patent to that title of Earl of Huntington, in confirmation of which Dr. Stukeley fabricated a pedigree that transcends even the absurdities of heraldry, and some unknown forger an epitaph beneath the skill of a Chatterton.

How Angels (cloyster'd in our humane Cells) Maintaine their parley, Beaumont-Fletcher tels; Whose strange unimitable Intercourse Transcends all Rules, and flyes beyond the force Of the most forward soules; all must submit Untill they reach these Mysteries of Wit.

But this is just a case in which genius transcends technical scope.

Networked democracy: learning from natural interconnectivity The current renaissance offers new understandings of what it might mean to forge a global society that transcends the possibilities described by the language of financial markets.

But no scene in the outward world transcends in loveliness the Sabbath school, where the young come to receive Christian instruction.

The child is a part of the flesh and blood of the parents; he belongs to them in a vital way that transcends his relationship to everything else in the world.

But Vergil, apparently to his own surprise, permits his Roman understanding of life to prevail, and transcends his first intentions as soon as he has felt the grip of the character he is portraying.

Abstractly, there is always a doubt about what transcends our immediate experience, and this is why it is so healthy to have to repudiate so many theoretic doubts in every act we do.

For he cannot discover how he (or anyone) can get any 'knowledge' or 'intuition' which transcends all human faculties.

I have just filed a caveat for one which I have invented, which as far transcends in simplicity and efficiency any previous plan for the purpose, as my telegraph system is superior to the old visual telegraphs.

The need of the man in whom is combined the ability of brain and hand transcends any possibility of our meeting the demand.

Far different is the case in our country; and the privilege of bringing every law to the test of the constitution belongs to the humblest citizen, who owes no obedience to any legislative act which transcends the constitutional limits.

It transcends all heights of temporal glory, to have been made like the saints in glory.

"I have learnt with particular satisfaction that the fleet your Honor sent to the assistance of Ramajee Punt have by their courage and conduct reduced Severndroog, the suddenness of which transcends my expectations; and I allow myself incapable of sufficiently commending their merit," wrote the Peishwa's Commander-in-Chief to Bourchier.

The boundless theme transcends poetic lays, Let plain historic truth record thy praise.

My thought transcends those viols' shrill delight, The booming bass, And towards the regions we shall view to-night Makes hurried pace: The painted castle, and the unneeded guard That ready stand; The harmless Ghost, that walks with helm unbarred And beckoning hand; And, beautiful as dreams of maidenhood, That doubt defy, Young Hamlet, with his forehead grief-subdued, And visioning eye.

The Grundys, male and female, may go hang; the joy of the present so transcends all memory, so eclipses hope even, that all else is forgotten.

His own belief is probably true in the sense that the truth doubtless transcends and embraces all spiritual light hopefully discerned; but the moment that a man condemns those who do not exactly agree with himself, he sins against the Spirit.

Although the intuition transcends the intelligence in its grasp of beauty and truth, we may attain to the higher insight it has to offer only if the things of the spirit become known to the intellect - a point in Bergson's philosophy which the majority of his readers overlook.

A new science of accounting has been developing to assist in the solution of a problem, the complexity of which transcends the agencies at hand to deal with it.

ANTINOMY, in the transcendental philosophy the contradiction which arises when we carry the categories of the understanding above experience and apply them to the sphere of that which transcends it.

In this way, however, romantic art becomes art which transcends itself, carrying on this process of self-transcendence within its own artistic sphere and artistic form.

While I look after each moment of the present, the power of blessing emanates from thee that transcends all reason and all the universe.

This question transcends in immediate importanceinevitable consequenceremote as well as near, all the war with Spain has raised.

One of his favorite books was Sturm's Betrachtungen über die Werke Gottes in der Natur ("Contemplations upon the Works of God in Nature"), and from his diary of 1816 we have the quotation which was the basis of his creed"God is immaterial, and for this reason transcends every conception.

359 examples of  transcends  in sentences