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359 examples of  transcends  in sentences

359 examples of transcends in sentences

This pleasing and successful drama is Robin's sole patent to that title of Earl of Huntington, in confirmation of which Dr. Stukeley fabricated a pedigree that transcends even the absurdities of heraldry, and some unknown forger an epitaph beneath the skill of a Chatterton.

Moreover, it involves, though it transcends, all those religious beliefs of which human nature seems exigent and which are, absolutely speaking, attainable by what might be called the "natural inspiration" of religious genius.

So far however as the Christian creed exceeds man's natural exigencies and aspirations, it plainly cannot be subjected to this criterion; and so far as it includes (while it transcends) the highest form of "natural religion," the argument from adaptability holds of it only if we suppose Christianity to be a natural product of the human mind, thus destroying its claim to be from without and from above.

Idealism has really contributed nothing to the solution of the difficulty which is persistent as long as God is known only as a Sovereign and Infinite Personality among a multitude of finite personalities, and until revelation hints at the possibility of a higher "unity which transcends personality, by which He is to be the reconciling principle and home of the multitude of self-determining agents."

Of all the dogmas of Plato, that concerning the first principle of things as far transcends in sublimity the doctrine of other philosophers of a different sect, on this subject, as this supreme cause of all transcends other causes.

Of all the dogmas of Plato, that concerning the first principle of things as far transcends in sublimity the doctrine of other philosophers of a different sect, on this subject, as this supreme cause of all transcends other causes.

But to see this scientifically, is like a survey of this highest part of the heavens by the astronomer; for he by knowing the height of the media between us and it, knows also scientifically that it transcends in altitude not only the loftiest tree; but the summits of air and aether, the moon, and even the sun itself.

But it produces such as are first and proximate to itself, similar to itself; one goodness, many goodnesses, one simplicity and unity which transcends all others, many, unities, and one principle many principles.

For the highest God, according to Plato, as we have largely shown from irresistible evidence, is so far from being a part of a consubsistent triad, that he is not to be connumerated with any thing; but is so perfectly exempt from all multitude, that he is even beyond being; and he so ineffably transcends all relation and habitude, that language is in reality subverted about him, and knowledge refunded into ignorance.

A great emprise is thine, At once, then, every other thought resign; For know the task which first inspired thy zeal, Transcends in glory all that love can feel.

What mighty Chieftain rules his cohorts there? His name and lineage, free from guile, declare!" "Gรญw, son of Gรบdarz, long a glorious name, Whose prowess even transcends his father's fame.

These, therefore, constitute the basic laws of the underlying universal mentality which sets the Standard of Normal Personalitya standard which, when seen in this light, transcends the utmost scope of our thought, for it is nothing else than the Spirit of the Infinite Affirmative conceived in Human Personality.

Thy wisdom which both makes and mends, We ever much admire: Creation all our wit transcends; Redemption rises higher.

A juggler long through all the town Had raised his fortune and renown; You'd think (so far his art transcends)

This in love-vanity transcends; 30 That smitten with his face and shape, By dress distinguishes the ape; T'other with learning crams his shelf, Knows books, and all things but himself.

which mimics reason's lore And oft transcends: heaven-taught, the roe-buck swift Loiters at ease before the driving pack And mocks their vain pursuit, nor far he flies But checks his ardour, till the steaming scent That freshens on the blade, provokes their rage.

Christ's Passion, written in Latin by the famous Hugo Grotius, and translated by our author, to which he also added notes; this subject had been handled handled before in Greek, by that venerable person, Apollinarius of Laodicea, bishop of Hierapolis, but this of Grotius, in Sandys's opinion, transcends all on this argument; this piece was reprinted with figures in 8vo.

How Angels (cloyster'd in our humane Cells) Maintaine their parley, Beaumont-Fletcher tels; Whose strange unimitable Intercourse Transcends all Rules, and flyes beyond the force Of the most forward soules; all must submit Untill they reach these Mysteries of Wit.

That remarkable, grotesque poem, Caliban upon Setebos, transcends human fields altogether, and displays the brutelike theology of a fiend.

Let us hope that that fear of heaven which expels all other fear, and that regard to duty which transcends all other regard, may influence public men and private citizens, and lead our country still onward in her happy career.

" Religion confesses this, philosophy constantly tends to forget it, therefore true religion speaks always through the symbol, rejecting, because it transcends, the intellectual criterion, while philosophy is on safe ground only when it unites itself with religion, testing its own conclusions by a higher reality, and existing not as a rival but as a coadjutor.

Before God all men are equal, that is, they are granted charity and mercy which transcends the law, also they possess immortal souls of equal value.

I believe it is because we have built up a system that goes far outside the limits of human scale, transcends human capacity, is forbidden by the laws and conditions of life, and must be abrogated if it is not to destroy itself and civilization in the process.

He points out the various directions in which science leads to the same conclusion, and shows that in their united belief in an Absolute that transcends not only human knowledge but human conception lies the only possible reconciliation of science and religion.

I am confirmd; this favor Transcends requitall: if a man misled By error gainst the diety, gross enough For his damnation, owe a gratitude To his converter, I am engag'd to you For my delivery from her.

But this is just a case in which genius transcends technical scope.

Networked democracy: learning from natural interconnectivity The current renaissance offers new understandings of what it might mean to forge a global society that transcends the possibilities described by the language of financial markets.

The spirit of man performs miracles; it transcends the limitations of flesh and blood.

Having met other souls while wandering in dreams (line 8) or in some way equally difficult of rational explanation, I have a circle of acquaintances that transcends the list of those of whom I have knowledge in any recognized way.

Few men have written more finely, or with more evident sincerity, about truth and courage, about the essential equality of man, about the duty of kindness and consideration to slaves, about tenderness even in dealing with sinners, about the glory of unselfishness, about the great idea of humanity as something which transcends all the natural and artificial prejudices of country and of caste.

But no scene in the outward world transcends in loveliness the Sabbath school, where the young come to receive Christian instruction.

The child is a part of the flesh and blood of the parents; he belongs to them in a vital way that transcends his relationship to everything else in the world.

His authority in religious matters transcends that of the Sultan, and is final and irrevocable.

But Vergil, apparently to his own surprise, permits his Roman understanding of life to prevail, and transcends his first intentions as soon as he has felt the grip of the character he is portraying.

Abstractly, there is always a doubt about what transcends our immediate experience, and this is why it is so healthy to have to repudiate so many theoretic doubts in every act we do.

For he cannot discover how he (or anyone) can get any 'knowledge' or 'intuition' which transcends all human faculties.

In simplicity of design, cheapness of construction and efficiency, Professor Morse's Telegraph transcends all yet made known.

I have just filed a caveat for one which I have invented, which as far transcends in simplicity and efficiency any previous plan for the purpose, as my telegraph system is superior to the old visual telegraphs.

The loss of opportunity of any of these men really transcends the loss of money, for it involves the loss of personal development and all that that means.

The need of the man in whom is combined the ability of brain and hand transcends any possibility of our meeting the demand.

He, too, finds in mathematics the example for all science, and holds that whatever transcends mathematics transcends the reason.

He, too, finds in mathematics the example for all science, and holds that whatever transcends mathematics transcends the reason.

That which transcends experience cannot be proven and known, but only believed in.

Whatever of positive doctrine revelation has added to natural religion transcends the reason, it is true, but does not contradict it.

Nature's creative impulse is inexhaustible, it transcends every product.

But to explain the laws of nature themselves transcends, according to Comte, the fixed limits of human knowledge.

Far different is the case in our country; and the privilege of bringing every law to the test of the constitution belongs to the humblest citizen, who owes no obedience to any legislative act which transcends the constitutional limits.

In a way that transcends understanding, one pure, strong human personality may by its influence restore moral vigor and bring peace and hope to other souls rent by remorse and sunk in despair.

The interest of British colonization in Northwest America far transcends any technical inquiry of the kind, and the Canadian statesmen are wise in declining to relieve the English cabinet from the obligation to act definitely and speedily upon the subject.

Of a divine hate that transcends love.

Well, there is a rage in the storms of late years which really transcends bounds; I do not remember if I have noted it in these sheets before: but I never could have conceived a turbulence so huge.

As well might it be said, the law of the land shall not be administered, because the sheriff's officers are guilty of abuses, as to say the law of nations shall cease because we apprehend that certain commercial rivalries may induce others to transcend them.

"True law is right reason," says Cicero in a noble passage; and goes on to teach that this law transcends all human codes of law, embracing and sanctioning them all; and that the spirit inherent in it, which gives it its universal force, is God Himself.

Luke E. Lawless, Judge of the Circuit Court of Missouri, at a session of that Court in the city of St. Louis, some months after the burning of this man, decided officially that since the burning of McIntosh was the act, either directly or by countenance of a majority of the citizens, it is 'a case which transcends the jurisdiction,' of the Grand Jury!

Luke E. Lawless, Judge of the Circuit Court of Missouri, at a session of that Court in the city of St. Louis, some months after the burning of this man, decided officially that since the burning of McIntosh was the act, either directly or by countenance of a majority of the citizens, it is 'a case which transcends the jurisdiction,' of the Grand Jury!

But every now and again some one of their authors transcends his local importance, gives evidence of a genius which is not to be denied even by those who normally have not the knowledge to appreciate the particular flavour of locality which his writings impart, and becomes a national figure.

It transcends all heights of temporal glory, to have been made like the saints in glory.

One of these, less known to the public in later times, we think transcends all the others in boldness of conception, regularity of plot, variety of passion and character displayed, and horror and pathos of catastrophe.

"I have learnt with particular satisfaction that the fleet your Honor sent to the assistance of Ramajee Punt have by their courage and conduct reduced Severndroog, the suddenness of which transcends my expectations; and I allow myself incapable of sufficiently commending their merit," wrote the Peishwa's Commander-in-Chief to Bourchier.

Of all pangs that can assail a human heart, none transcends that of learning the worthlessness of those we love; and to lay this burden, which has crushed and crazed the strongest natures, upon the tender heart of a child, was little less than murderous.

That law, founded on salus republicae, transcends all codes, and lies outside of forms and statutes.

The boundless theme transcends poetic lays, Let plain historic truth record thy praise.

But that transcends thy skill; thrice happy all, Could we but prove thus astronomical.

I am sure that He who has so sorely afflicted you accepts the patience with which you bear the rod, and that when this first terrible amazement and bewilderment are over, and you can enter into communion and fellowship with Him, you will find a joy in Him that, hard as it is to the flesh to say so, transcends all the sweetest and best joys of human life.

in philosophic lore, Unbless'd with scientific erudition; How can I sing of elemental War, Or the contending powers of opposite Attractions, that impel, and poize, and guide, The ever-rolling Spheres: Animal War, The flux of Life, devouring and devour'd, Ceaseless in every tribe, through Earth, and Air, And Ocean, transcends my utmost ken.

The pageantry of war has gone, but here at least is a magnificence of achievement and self-sacrifice on the epic scale which beggars description and transcends praise.

So far your knowledge all their power transcends, As what should be beyond what is extends.

Such a noble dwelling transcends the word 'hut,' and we pause to give it a more fitting title only from lack of the appropriate suggestion.

It will raise the question, how the diverse sorts of plants and animals came to be as they are and where they are, and will allow that the whole inquiry transcends its powers only when all endeavors have failed.

My thought transcends those viols' shrill delight, The booming bass, And towards the regions we shall view to-night Makes hurried pace: The painted castle, and the unneeded guard That ready stand; The harmless Ghost, that walks with helm unbarred And beckoning hand; And, beautiful as dreams of maidenhood, That doubt defy, Young Hamlet, with his forehead grief-subdued, And visioning eye.

The Grundys, male and female, may go hang; the joy of the present so transcends all memory, so eclipses hope even, that all else is forgotten.

For she transcends reason, and on that very account is mysteriously wise, the wisest of created thingsmother-wise.

The Pythagorean scale of numbers was at once discovered to be perfect; but the poems of Homer we yet know not to transcend the common limits of human intelligence, but by remarking, that nation after nation, and century after century, has been able to do little more than transpose his incidents, new name his characters, and paraphrase his sentiments.

His own belief is probably true in the sense that the truth doubtless transcends and embraces all spiritual light hopefully discerned; but the moment that a man condemns those who do not exactly agree with himself, he sins against the Spirit.

I have had sometimes dreams of a solemnity and beauty that appear to transcend my powers of imagination.

It is a wholly unreasonable thing, no doubt, and yet it transcends all reason and surmounts all moral principle.

The humble sense of failure will be a bright and noble thought, because it will show him how much the mystery transcends the most daring hope and dream.

To walk with Him, transcends all earthly enjoyment.

If there be any higher sort of realitythe 'absolute,' for examplethat sort, by the confession of those who believe in it, is still less amenable to ordinary logic; it transcends logic and is therefore still less rational in the intellectualist sense, so it cannot help us to save our logic as an adequate definer and confiner of existence.

It transcends in value all those 'expediencies,' and is something to live for, whether expedient or inexpedient.

"The Negro Soldiers" is a poem with the race problem as its theme, yet it transcends the limits of race and rises to a spiritual height that makes it one of the noblest poems of the Great War.

Although the intuition transcends the intelligence in its grasp of beauty and truth, we may attain to the higher insight it has to offer only if the things of the spirit become known to the intellect - a point in Bergson's philosophy which the majority of his readers overlook.

He transcends All precedents, believe it, a flesh'd ruffian, That hath so often taken the Strappado, That 'tis to him but as a lofty trick Is to a tumbler: he hath perused too All Dungeons in Portu[g]al, thrice seven years Rowed in the Galleys for three several murthers, Though I presume that he has done a hundred, And scap't unpunisht.

It is only in his latest book that he transcends the Spanish scene and peoples the wider range from South America to Paris, and from Paris to the invaded provinces of France with characters proper to the times and places.

She is exactly that which she should be; she expresses goodness, order, law, truth, honour; she transcends time and reveals the eternal.

A new science of accounting has been developing to assist in the solution of a problem, the complexity of which transcends the agencies at hand to deal with it.

It has everywhere established and propagated one or other modification of the doctrine that all things are manifestations of a power that transcends our knowledge.

I confess that I am partial to these wild fancies, which transcend the order of time and development.

Each transcends nature and is an affirmation that takes its place in the vast storehouse of human culture.

Just nature, first instructed by his thought, In his own house thus practised what he taught; This glorious piece transcends what he could think, So much his blood is nobler than his ink!

These are they Deserve the greatness, and unenvied stand, Since what they act transcends what they command.

It is faith, springing from our experience of the working of that order in us; it transcends knowledge, but it grows with knowledge; and ideal literature asserts this faith against nature and against man in all their deformity, as the centre about which life revolves so far as it has become subject to rational knowledge, to beautiful embodiment, to joyful being, to the will to live.

ANTINOMY, in the transcendental philosophy the contradiction which arises when we carry the categories of the understanding above experience and apply them to the sphere of that which transcends it.

It is history whose mode of representation is not really confined by the limits of the time to which it relates, but whose spirit transcends the present.

In this way, however, romantic art becomes art which transcends itself, carrying on this process of self-transcendence within its own artistic sphere and artistic form.

While I look after each moment of the present, the power of blessing emanates from thee that transcends all reason and all the universe.

Natural selection might have gone on forever improving the breed of the highest animal in many ways, but it could never unaided have started the process of civilization or have given to man those peculiar attributes in virtue of which it has been well said that the difference between him and the highest of apes immeasurably transcends in value the difference between an ape and a blade of grass.

This question transcends in immediate importanceinevitable consequenceremote as well as near, all the war with Spain has raised.

Three of them were British, two were Belgian, and one was French, but there was a common bond which drew them together in a comradeship which transcends all harriers of nationality, for they had escaped from a common enemy.

One of his favorite books was Sturm's Betrachtungen รผber die Werke Gottes in der Natur ("Contemplations upon the Works of God in Nature"), and from his diary of 1816 we have the quotation which was the basis of his creed"God is immaterial, and for this reason transcends every conception.