274 examples of transcriber in sentences

[Transcriber's note: a misprint in the book was corrected in this edition, from "He martyrdom" to "His martyrdom".

A glance at Chart F [Transcriber's note: Not preserved in book.] will show how widely separated are these objectives and how impossible it was for the small Dover force to defend them all simultaneously, especially during the hours of darkness.

A SLAVE*** E-text prepared by Brett Koonce and Project Gutenberg Distributed Proofreaders Transcriber's note: The inconsistent spellings of the original have been retained in this etext.

E. [20] In the translation by Barrington, this portion of Scythia is strangely said to extend south to the Mediterranean; the interpolation surely of some ignorant transcriber, who perhaps changed the Euxine or Caspian sea into the Mediterranean.

E. Schildtberger, or his transcriber, calls this the town of Bursa, by mistake for the mountain of Al-Burs.

[Transcriber's Note: Footnote 1 not found in the text]

[Transcriber's Note: misprint] Chief of Public Moneys Div..... 2,500 Chief of Customs Division...... 2,750 Chief Mer.Mar.& Int.

[Transcriber's note: There is no Footnote [j]] [k] The richest landlord.

[Cali enters with Irene, and exit [Transcriber's note: sic] with Mustapha.

The Supernatural Philosopher ... by William Bond, of Bury St. Edmonds [Transcriber's note: sic], Suffolk.

Inded [Transcriber's note: sic] the position of women novelists was anything but assured at the beginning of the eighteenth century.

[Transcriber's note: "See their Petition, page 88" in original.

[Transcriber's note: "See page 181" in original.

[Transcriber's Note: [=a] is representing a-macron, unicode character U0101, and [=A] is representing A-macron, unicode character U0100.

Thus we find him no sooner capable of holding the pen, than he employed it in writing verses, "He lisp'd [Transcriber's note: 'lips'd' in original] in Numbers, for the Numbers came.

[Transcriber's note: Opening quotes missing in original.]

Like Cato give his little senate laws, [Transcriber's note: 'litttle' in original] And sit attentive to his own applause; While Wits and Templars ev'ry sentence raise, And wonder with a foolish face of praise.

In a word, the things I have always wished to see, are not a Roman Catholic, or a French Catholic, or a Spanish Catholic, but a True Catholic; and not a King of Whigs, or [Transcriber's note: repeated 'or' removed] a King of Tories, but a King of England.

To which he was answered, that this did not require great knowledge of the foundation and disposition of the drama, as that must stand as it was, and Shakespear [Transcriber's note: 'Skakespear' in original] himself had not always paid strict regard to the rules of it; but this was to clear the scenes from the rubbish with which ignorant editors had filled them.

About the same year he wrote another Tragedy, intitled [Transcriber's note: 'intiled' in original] the Fatal Vision, or the Fall of Siam (which was acted the same year, in Lincoln's-Inn-Fields) to which he gave this Motto out of Horace.

[Transcriber's note: closing brackets missing in original.]

at Trinity, is a slip of the transcriber for 'Martij ,' which would set both day and year right.

[eBook #12316] Language: English Character set encoding: US-ASCII ***START OF THE PROJECT GUTENBERG EBOOK TRUE TILDA*** E-text prepared by Lionel G. SearA Lifetime Enthusiast of the British Inland Waterway System Transcriber's note: This was one of the most enjoyable e-texts that I have prepared but also one of the most difficult.

Transcriber's note: The original text has a single dot over the second "a" and another over the "e", rather than the more conventional diaresis shown here.

#chevreuil#, m., squirrel; [**Transcriber's note: this is wrong!!

274 examples of  transcriber  in sentences