372 examples of transpires in sentences

Nice Awful Atrocious Grand Horrible Pitiful Beastly Transpire Claim Weird

<Spire, spirit> (breathe, breath): (1 and 2 combined) spirit, spiritual, perspire, transpire, respire, aspire, conspiracy, inspiration, expiration, esprit de corps.

All that transpires during pubescence is symptomatic of the underlying tidal stir in the cells.

So the entire journal transpires at length by piece-meal.

" Yussuf Dakmar was gone twenty minutes, and whether he begged, bought or stole did not transpire, but he returned with a pint flask containing stuff that looked and smelt enough like whisky to get by if there had been a label on the bottle.

In his second letter, meant for the stadtholderess alone, he authorized her to assemble the states-general if public opinion became too powerful for resistance, but on no account to let it transpire that he had under any circumstances given his consent.

" On motion, it was resolved, &c., (set forth in order each resolution or order as it transpires.)

Nor are such discrepancies surprising, when we remember how the history which transpires now and here fails of harmonious report.

"You seem to forget that I'm the commander of this fortress," said Mr. Walters, "and that I have a right to know everything that transpires within it; but I see you look obstinate, and as I haven't time to settle the matter now, you may pass on.

It records the events of a sea-fight in the reign of Henry the Eighth, between Lord Howard and Sir Andrew Barton, a Scotch pirate; and it is rendered curious by the picture it presents of naval engagements in those days, and by a singular fact which transpires in the course of the details; namely, that the then maritime force of England consisted of only two ships of war.

" Nothing at all transpires in these letters regarding the company kept by Michelangelo at Bologna.

His warm affection transpires even more clearly in the two following documents: "I should like you to be thoroughly convinced that all the labours I have ever undergone have not been more for myself than for your sake.

It now transpires that Oilivitch was also employed at the Admiralty, the War Office and the National Liberal Club.

When this occurs en masse there transpires that hiatus of the personal consciousness called sleep, and while sleep lasts the personality is out of incarnation.

CIVIL WAR Effect of the Ulster massacres on EnglandAn agrarian rather than religious risingThe Confederates' terms Glamorgan sent to Ireland, The secret treaty transpires, Arrival of Rinucini, Battle of Benturb, Ormond surrenders Dublin to the Parliament.

When the official treaty was published and the secret articles began to transpire, Europe was in commotion at the new situation in which it was placed.

If the latter be the correct reading, the meaning then would be,'Let none talk about what transpires in the presence of the king.

The romantic history transpires in the healthy atmosphere of the open air, on the green earth beneath the open sky....

Then I will let it transpire that there was some injury to the face, as well, and that the mask had to be removed.

If we read the signs of the times aright, events are soon to transpire of such a nature as to preclude the necessity of any apology for the publication of what is contained in the following pages.

The events to transpire, and the agents therein concerned, are brought out in a vivid and startling light.

The book of Revelation is evidently not a consecutive prophecy of events to transpire from the beginning to the close of the gospel dispensation, but is composed of a series of prophetic lines, each taking up its own class of events, and tracing them through from the days of the prophet to the end of time.

No line of prophecy can go farther; and any events to transpire in probation, subsequently mentioned, must of course belong to a new series.

Events transpire in these days faster than our minds are prepared to grasp them.

Everything transpires quickly in a small house, and just as she had finished packing, in came Mary in violent distress.

372 examples of  transpires  in sentences