157 examples of trapezes in sentences

Tiring of the rings at last, Jetson stood with folded arms, looking about him, until his eyes lighted with interest on the trapezes.

If you were in the profession you'd understand that a fellow values a charm that has carried him safe over Fridays, thirteenths, rotten trapezes and cyclones.

This seam, Andy discerned, ran right over to the trapezes.

Some low trapezes were swung from a post.

He made up his mind he could about live among the balancing bars and trapezes, if they would let him.

went the orchestra, and from a box suspended over the trapezes the bottom suddenly dropped out.

Joe became an expert on the trapeze, and, later, when Benny Turton was temporarily in a hospital, Joe "took on" the tank trick.

I'm going back to some of my high trapeze work.

The big swing was a trapeze act performed on the highest of the circus apparatus.

Midway between the platforms, which were just large enough for a man to stand on, was a trapeze with long ropes, capable of being swung from one resting place to the other.

" Joe's act, which he had often done, but which of late had been performed by a man billed as "Wogand," was to stand on one platform, have the long trapeze started in a long, pendulumlike swing by an attendant, and then to leap down, catch hold of the bar with his hands, and swing up to the other platform.

He missed the trapeze, toppled into the net, and, by some chance, did not land properly.

When circus performers on the high trapezes fall or jump into the safety nets, they do not usually do it haphazardly.

He had had a new set of trapezes made, and had ornamented them and the two platforms in a very striking manner.

So, while the parade was being gotten ready, Joe went inside the main top, which by this time was erected, to see about having his platforms and trapeze put in place.

I don't make no mistakes when I'm putting up trapezes.

And he liked the sensation when he leaped from one platform toward the swinging trapeze bar, aiming to grasp it in his hands and swing in a great arc to the other little elevated place, close under the top of the tent.

The real danger was in the long trapeze.

"Now for the other and the trapeze.

He was a little too talkative for a man to give his whole attention to fastening a trapeze.

Presently he came out with a bit of wire cable, such as is used in making circus trapezes.

"Why aren't you out fixing the trapezes?

Boys in scanty clothing played sipa or practised gymnastic exercises on improvised trapezes, while on the staircase a fight was in progress between eight or nine armed with canes, sticks, and ropes, but neither attackers nor attacked did any great damage, their blows generally falling sidewise upon the shoulders of the Chinese pedler who was there selling his outlandish mixtures and indigestible pastries.

Hidden trapezes.

Hidden trapezes.

157 examples of  trapezes  in sentences