142 examples of tree-trunk in sentences

He leaps upon the smooth tree-trunk, growing slantwise instead of perpendicular.

Any object that broke the winda stunted pine, a broken tree-trunk, a Government road-posthad at its leeward side a high, narrow snow-drift tailing off to the dead level of the plain.

And you can see the plain mark of claws on the old tree-trunk.

So Sextus stood alone beside the rough-hewn tree-trunk, to which was tied the body of a man who had been dead, perhaps, since sunset.

The conspirator retraces his steps for some distancedismountsties Fodder to a tree-trunk; and then, with his bundle under his arm, creeps along in the shadow toward the cabin.

The tree-trunk is smooth and free from climbers; and that mass of verdure may belong possibly to the very cables which you met ascending into the green cloud twenty or thirty yards back, or to that impenetrable tangle, a dozen yards on, which has climbed a small tree, and then a taller one again, and then a taller still, till it has climbed out of sight and possibly into the lower branches of the big tree.

She does not take their ploughs and waggons contemptuously, but rather makes every hovel and every sheepfold, every railed bridge or fallen tree-trunk an agreeably noticeable incident; not a mere speck in the midst of unmeasured vastness, but a piece of our social history in pictorial writing.

On the night of the 24th a tree-trunk was reported, but when morning came nothing further was seen.

Oh, that simple and innocent Isak, he made all the noise he could with his tree-trunk, and coughed and hemmed, all for her to come out and wonder at him.

He slipped the rope from the tree-trunk and went off with it once more.

But though his lips were closed his eyes were not; and they seldom wandered from the bent headgold against a dark tree-trunk; and the cameo profileivory-white upon a red-brown background.

Her beautiful back could not adapt itself to the irregularities of the tree-trunk, and she moved a little now and then in the effort to find an easier position.

He saw her before him, leaning against the tree-trunk in her white dress, limpid and inscrutable....

" "Very well," said the big fellow, standing up very straight and rather sidewise, as he held his bow at his left arm's length, slowly drew the arrow to the head, and then as Robin gazed in the direction of the indistinctly seen hat hanging on the tree-trunk Twang!

Three magnificent oaks and a weird, blackened tree-trunk added picturesqueness to the ground upon which the log cabin and outbuildings stood.

I fled out into the dark and made my way to the weird old tree-trunk in the back yard.

They were still rushing forward, breathless with apprehension, when to their horror this head-dress began to lengthen and broaden, and a great bird flapped heavily up and dropped down again on the nearest tree-trunk.

"He does not advertise his whereabouts as freely as do the Woodpeckers and other tree-trunk birds, so you will have to keep a sharp lookout to find him.

Finally, as Max halted beside a tree-trunk, watching them, they began to walk slowly down the driveway, turning from time to time to gaze back at the house-front.

" After a little she sat down, her back against a tree-trunk, her face toward the distant view....

A little farther on there was a soft spot in the path where a great tree-trunk had rotted half a century before, leaving a rich black soil.

The blue grouse sat stiff and close to the tree-trunk, while gray squirrels with quaintly tufted ears peered curiously at sinuous forms that nosed from side to side of the hidden trail below.

Hermitage Gallery, St. Petersburg JUDITH] Characteristic of the master is the introduction of the great tree-trunk, conveying a sense of grandeur and solemn mystery to the scene; characteristic, too, is the distant landscape, the splendid glow of which evokes special praise from the writers just mentioned.

Simon stopped a moment and surveyed the fallen tree-trunk with interest.

Mac Strann heaved himself highhe screamed at the horse as though the poor brute could understand his warning, and then the tree-trunk was upon them.

142 examples of  tree-trunk  in sentences