142 examples of tree-trunk in sentences

Any object that broke the winda stunted pine, a broken tree-trunk, a Government road-posthad at its leeward side a high, narrow snow-drift tailing off to the dead level of the plain.

And you can see the plain mark of claws on the old tree-trunk.

So Sextus stood alone beside the rough-hewn tree-trunk, to which was tied the body of a man who had been dead, perhaps, since sunset.

Animated were the argumentsalmost the betsas to which tree-top belonged to which tree-trunk.

He slipped the rope from the tree-trunk and went off with it once more.

Her beautiful back could not adapt itself to the irregularities of the tree-trunk, and she moved a little now and then in the effort to find an easier position.

" She relapsed listlessly against her tree-trunk.

"Look at that tree-trunk.

Three magnificent oaks and a weird, blackened tree-trunk added picturesqueness to the ground upon which the log cabin and outbuildings stood.

I moved around and looked toward Jakie's grave, then returned to the side of the tree-trunk which had escaped the ravages of fire, and ran my finger up and down, feeling the holes which the red-headed woodpecker had bored and filled with acorns.

De Catinat staggered up against a tree-trunk and leaned his head upon his arm, deadly sick.

The log-buildings of the clearing, every tree-trunk and bough in the woods beyond, the distant skyline of stump and hollow, all stood out sharply against the peculiar radiance of the snow.

In rolling and shifting the huge, heavy tree-trunk every one had to assist now and then.

"He does not advertise his whereabouts as freely as do the Woodpeckers and other tree-trunk birds, so you will have to keep a sharp lookout to find him.

But Woodpeckers do not perch in the true sensethey rest either against a tree-trunk or on a limb, and even sleep in these positions.

The fight was a succession of single combats, each man sheltering himself behind a stump, or rock, or tree-trunk, the superiority of the backwoodsmen in the use of the rifle being offset by the superiority of their foes in the art of hiding and of shielding themselves from harm.

Thus he dwelt alone in the vast dim wastes, wandering whithersoever he listed through the depths of the melancholy and wintry woods, sleeping by his camp-fire or in the hollow tree-trunk, ever ready to do battle against brute or human foea stark and sombre harbinger of the oncoming civilization.

His shoulders were an expression of latent mightpower to break a tree-trunk at its base; by the conformity of his muscles he was agile and quick as a tiger.

The blue grouse sat stiff and close to the tree-trunk, while gray squirrels with quaintly tufted ears peered curiously at sinuous forms that nosed from side to side of the hidden trail below.

" "But I could listen to a poem," he said, and he winked at a tree-trunk.

After a few minutes on the snowy beach, we found a long, slender tree-trunk that our driver said would do, and began to drag it across the ice.

He knew the sedges along the bank with their nodding tassels and stiff lance-like leaves, the feathery grasses, the velvet moss upon the wet stones, the sea-green lichen on boulder or tree-trunk.

If she had thrown herself violently against the nearest tree-trunk, she could not have been stricken more breathless than she was by the compact, embattled solitude that encompassed her.

It is claimed that the first inhabitants of Hispaniola were islanders of Mataninó, who had been driven from that country by hostile factions and had arrived there in their canoes dug out of a single tree-trunk, by which I mean to say their barques.

As the creeper that girdles the tree-trunk the Law runneth forward and back For the strength of the Pack is the Wolf, and the strength of the Wolf is the Pack.

142 examples of  tree-trunk  in sentences