69 examples of tremens in sentences

A Quaker's not steady enough on his beam-ends, And a Shaker is bad for delirium tremens.

O.D.V. Yes: a man may die of delirium tremens produced by drinking too much French wine.

'Bout an hour ago yer must a had a touch o' tremens, fer, all at onct yer cum chargin' out on deck, an' tried ter knife LeVere, an' he flung yer overboard.

The hallucinations of delirium tremens are the results obtained in extreme intoxication.

In time follows another and a terrible disease known as delirium tremens; and this may occur in those who claim to be only moderate drinkers, rarely if ever intoxicated.

Thus in an attack of delirium tremens, the victim of alcoholic poisoning sees horrible and fantastic creatures.

In case of stomachs, Nature has a few simple inventions of her own for bringing reckless abuses to a stand-still,dyspepsia, and delirium-tremens, and so on.

For she, a clever and determined woman, kept him, though not from drunkenness and debt, at least from delirium tremens and ruin, and was, in her rough, vulgar way, his guardian angelsuch a one at least, as he was worthy of.

"Delirium tremens.

It was rather the threat of some new disease, some brain malady about to descend on me: possibly delirium tremens.

While in another room lay his younger son a victim to delirium tremens, and dying in fearful agony.

"money matters became scarce," and the poor Briton was forced to associate with the delirium tremens and massive digestion of the Saxon, who floated in a vast ocean of lard and wassail during his waking hours and slept with the cunning little piglets at night.

Well, as I was a saying, he went; and when he came back he had an awful attack of delirium tremens, and then he took the typers.

In "Janet's Repentance," a drunken husband beats his beautiful but drunken wife, turns her out of doors at midnight in her night-dress, and dies of "delirium tremens and meningitis."

You may clothe the drunkard, fill his purse with gold, establish him in a well furnished house, and in three, six, or twelve months, he will once more be on the "Embankment," haunted by delirium tremens, dirty, squalid and ragged.

He has delirium tremens in his face.

Then it became plain that delirium tremens was not written on his face quite so plainly as Mr. Smirkie had at first thought, and there was nothing left but his trousers to condemn him.

He had been a drunkard and a pauper,had descended to the lowest occupation which the country afforded, and had more than once nearly died from delirium tremens.

It would have to beunless, of course, the General had a stroke before Saturday, or was smitten with delirium tremens in time.

Stories of seizures, strokes and "goes" of delirium tremens met with no rebuke nor contradiction from himand an air of leisured ease and unanxious peacefulness pervaded the Gungapur Fusiliers.

Did not an exquisite poet, from the very top of his fame, fall a gibbering sot, into the gutter, on his way to be married to one of the fairest daughters of New England, and at the very hour the bride was decking herself for the altar; and did he not die of delirium tremens, almost unattended, in a hospital?

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But, as in religious monomania there is something touchingly noble, as compared with the delirium tremens of a drunkard, so in that extreme sensitiveness of the samurai about their honor do we not recognize the substratum of a genuine virtue?

He is down with delirium tremens, and it isn't the first time.

69 examples of  tremens  in sentences