69 examples of tremens in sentences

A Quaker's not steady enough on his beam-ends, And a Shaker is bad for delirium tremens.

It is a malignant disease, sometimes known as delirium tremens.

"I believe that a devil carried him off, and that its name was delirium tremens.

"Delirium tremens, you know!" Beaumaroy puffed at his cigar.

O.D.V. Yes: a man may die of delirium tremens produced by drinking too much French wine.

I myself witnessed such an attempt; and on that occasion a benevolent old gentleman endeavored to soothe his three holy associates, by suggesting that, if the outsides were indicted for this criminal attempt at the next assizes, the court would regard it as a case of lunacy (or delirium tremens) rather than of treason.

Laetus nunc, mox tristis; nunc sperans, paulo post diffidens; patiens hodie, cras ejuians; nunc pallens, rubens, currens, sedens, claudicans; tremens, &c. 1765.

Old Talmash, the grandfather, shot his valet in a paroxysm of delirium tremens,' said Colonel Madison.

"Delirium tremens.

While in another room lay his younger son a victim to delirium tremens, and dying in fearful agony.

He's got me all threatened with the tremens now, so thet I hardly know how to match my pronouns to suit their genders an' persons.

Well, as I was a saying, he went; and when he came back he had an awful attack of delirium tremens, and then he took the typers.

In "Janet's Repentance," a drunken husband beats his beautiful but drunken wife, turns her out of doors at midnight in her night-dress, and dies of "delirium tremens and meningitis."

It is not denied that it is found necessary to exclude tobacco, as a general rule, from insane asylums, or that it produces, in extreme cases, among perfectly sober persons, effects akin to delirium tremens.

In the Regimental Hospital, the surgeon may be seen going from the man who has lost a finger to a fever patient,and then to one who has ophthalmia,passing on to a fellow raving in delirium tremens,next to whom is a sufferer under bronchitis, who will not be allowed to go out of doors for weeks to come; and if half a dozen are brought in with cholera in the course of the day, the officials do not know which way to turn.

The French would leave the men with scratches and slight diarrhea and delirium tremens in the Regimental Hospital,would send the fever and bronchitis and scorbutic patients to the Divisional,and any gravely wounded, or rheumatic, or other very long cases to the General Hospital at the base of operations.

Before long there was a legend that he had been suffering from an acute attack of delirium tremens.

He has only just escaped delirium tremens, and will most likely be in bed for a day or two.

Did not an exquisite poet, from the very top of his fame, fall a gibbering sot, into the gutter, on his way to be married to one of the fairest daughters of New England, and at the very hour the bride was decking herself for the altar; and did he not die of delirium tremens, almost unattended, in a hospital?

Facts on delirium tremens.

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* SELL UNIVERSALIS affords a refreshing beverage in the last stages of Delirium Tremens.

I saw him before he saw me; he had a furtive air, he was pallid and his lips twitched; he looked to me on the verge of delirium tremens.

He is down with delirium tremens, and it isn't the first time.

69 examples of  tremens  in sentences