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102 examples of  trenholm  in sentences

102 examples of trenholm in sentences

It was all over in a night and a day, anywaylook at them Northern Spy apples, Mr. Trenholm!" He wanted to forget the Kut Sang and the awful night we had in her.

Courtesy Mr. James A. Trenholm, Amalgamated Press "My dear sir," said Meeker, "you have dropped a documentallow me.

"We appreciate your kindness very much, Mr. Trenholm.

"This is Mr. Trenholm of the Amalgamated Press," I told the clerk in the steamship office over the hotel's desk-telephone.

"Trenholm is my name.

"Is this Mr. Trenholm?

This is the steamship office, Mr. Trenholm.

" "My immortal soul, if it isn't Mr. Trenholm!" said he, blinking at me, his goggles bobbing on a rubber string made fast to a jacket-button.

"Of all persons, Mr. Trenholm!

"Just one moment, Mr. Trenholm" he called after me, shaking a bony forefinger"just one moment, I beg of you, sir!

"If you will come in to tiffin with me, Mr. Trenholm, I will tell you about him.

"I hope he did not actually steal anything, my dear Mr. Trenholm.

It seemed a tenable theory, but I could not account for all this bother on his part because James Augustus Trenholm, of the Amalgamated Press, took passage in the Kut Sang.

"When are you leaving, Mr. Trenholm?" asked the clerk.

Just one minute, please, Mr. Trenholm!"

"Glad to meet ye, Mr. Trenholm," he said.

"So you and Mr. Trenholm have met before?" said Meeker, evidently astonished because Trego spoke to me without an introduction.

"Do you carry deadly weapons, Mr. Trenholm?

" "Meester Trenholm ees breeng a sailor, too?" demanded Trego, turning his black eyes on me in a manner that I could not understand.

It's not that I'm against the sailing directions in the Bible, mind, Mr. Trenholm, or an ungodly man, for I was a deacon back home in Maine.

I am sure that you will find it of interest, Mr. Trenholm, as a literary man and a member of the press, even if in no other way, and you, my dear Captain Riggs, will be interested because it concerns the sea, and you may have some knowledge of the facts.

He's in it, too, and" "Why, my dear Mr. Trenholm!"

"What does this mean, Mr. Trenholm?

"I must confess, Mr. Trenholm, that I was somewhat surprised to find that you carried two pistols, and you must admit that you brought this man on board with you.

"It looks very awkward for you, Mr. Trenholm," said Meeker, sadly.

"My dear Mr. Trenholm," said Meeker, smiling blandly.

"I am very sorry about this, Mr. Trenholm," said the captain.

"You seemed determined to sail in the Kut Sang, Mr. Trenholm," he said: "So your insistence to be a passenger was to slay a fellow-man, was it?

"You have not been tried yet, Mr. Trenholm.

Take Mr. Trenholm here to his room, and remove all his luggage and see that he has no more arms, even so much as a pocket-knife.

"Mr. Harris, take Mr. Trenholm to his room," and the mate took me by the arm and led me down the passage.

His room being next to Mr. Trenholm's, the two of 'em will know what's going on, but we don't care.

I planned to grab his arms and hurl him back, yelling at the same time to Harris not to shoot, that it was I, Trenholm, and that I was holding Long Jim.

Blessed if I know what has become of Trenholm, but we'll find him in time and attend to him proper.

"Captain," I called as the match went out, "it's Trenholm, ready to fight with you.

"You don't realize our situation, Mr. Trenholm, or what all this means, or the men we are against.

"Mr. Trenholm," he began with fervor, "if I had known there were any dangers I could have met them.

"Did you ever hear of the Devil's Admiral, Mr. Trenholm?" "I never did.

"That's it, Mr. Trenholm.

"Pearlers he went after first, and then he got bolder and went after sailing-ships; and now they say he went after steamers and got the Legaspi, and, Mr. Trenholm, I believe he's aboard here now.

" "And Thirkle is" "Our Rev. Luther Meeker, Mr. Trenholm.

I've broken too many mutinies, Mr. Trenholm.

If there was a chance in the world, Mr. Trenholm, I'd fight; but, being a landsman, you don't understand how these things work out.

But this ain't my fault, Mr. Trenholm.

"Mr. Trenholm, I don't want to bother you with all this now; but it's no decent end for me, I say.

"The very thing, Mr. Trenholm.

"We'll make a fancy job of it, Mr. Trenholm, while we're at it.

Put that in, Mr. Trenholm.

"Here is what I'll say: 'Captain Riggs wishes it understood that, after setting this message adrift, he and Trenholm and Rajah determined to die fighting rather than go to their doom at the pleasure of Thirkle and his men.

"Mr. Trenholm," he said, as he climbed down from the top bunk, dripping and smiling, "I guess you were right about what you wrote there lastI calculate that there's a bit of a fight left in Captain Riggs yet, although I don't for the life of me see what chance I've got of fighting anybody.

Trenholm!" yelled Riggs frantically from below.

She's safe as a church, Mr. Trenholm.

Are you game to go after him, Mr. Trenholm?" "I'm with you to the end of the whole gameI want to see it played out now, win or lose.

I suppose I've been a bit of an old woman, Mr. Trenholm, but I never looked for the likes of what was aboard last night.

We'll find out if this Devil's Admiral, or Thirkle, or the Rev. Luther Meeker, or whatever he calls himself, is so bad as he makes out to beeh, Mr. Trenholm?" We shook hands on the compact, lying there on the sizzling iron deck-plates that reflected the rays of the sun in shimmering heat-waves, making our exposed position intolerable after the thirst and smoke and hunger we had endured in the forecastle.

"Then that's settled, Mr. Trenholm.

"It's near noon now, Mr. Trenholm, and we ought to get away in an hour or so.

"Keep a sharp lookout, Mr. Trenholm," he called up to me.

"Can you see anything, Trenholm?" "It's Buckrow.

" "It's no quarter, either, Mr. Trenholm, unless we have one of 'em, so he can't do any damage, and then we might give him a chance to live so he can hang.

" "I'd like to get Thirkle myself, Mr. Trenholm; but it's Thirkle we'll have to get first of all, if we can.

"We ought to keep close together, Mr. Trenholm, and fight together.

"That's Trenholm there, or I'm a Dutchman!"

Our dear friend, Mr. Trenholm isn't alone, I'll bet a hat on that.

He'll do for us all now; but if ye got any sense stir up Mr. Trenholm here and find what's become of the ship and his mates.

"We will wish them luck, my dear Mr. Trenholm; and, as we are in the same boat now, I trust that what little animosity you may have borne against me in the past can now be forgotten.

I want a little confab with Mr. Trenholm here, and I'll give a hand presently.

"It looked bad for me a while back, Mr. Trenholm," said Thirkle, sitting beside me and offering a cigar, which I took.

" "My dear Mr. Trenholm, I'm sorry you didn't go down in the Kut Sang.

" "You flatter me, my dear Mr. Trenholm.

" "I don't believe it, my dear Mr. Trenholm.

" "My dear Mr. Trenholm!

I was really afraid of you, Mr. Trenholm.

You have turned murder into a fine artyou should have been a contemporary of the Borgias." "Do you know, Mr. Trenholm, I have thought of something like that myself.

I regret to say that you will be no exception in that respect, Mr. Trenholm.

But I want a rest, and there are some things I want to say to Mr. Trenholm here that will be of use to us.

"See that, Mr. Trenholm?

But it was a fine joke, to my mind, Mr. Trenholm.

" "We don't intend to let Mr. Trenholm get away," said Thirkle.

"I was just thinking, lads, that there are three of us, but counting Mr. Trenholm we make four, and we can rattle him down so he can lift and carry, but not much else.

"How can you have any doubts about what will happen to Mr. Trenholm?

"You may find it a little harder, Mr. Trenholm; but perhaps it will be more convenient.

"Who go in first?" "It will be easier if Mr. Trenholm goes in first," said Thirkle.

You and Mr. Trenholm set at it while I put Bucky under ground.

" "So ye want to take a hand in things here, do you, Mr. Trenholm?" said Thirkle as I came out.

"You stick to your pen and typewriter, Mr. Trenholm, and let me run my own crewnice pirate ye'd make, with silk underwear and a typewriter," and he and Petrak laughed loudly at the joke, "I told him you would kill him, and so you will," I said, mustering as much defiance as I could under the circumstances.

"Stick to Thirkle and Thirkle will stick to you like a Dutch uncle, and never mind what Mr. Trenholm has to say.

No more soldiering, Petrak: and see that ye keep yer jaw battened down, Mr. Trenholm, or I'll take a hand in this that ye won't relish and attend to ye in a way ye won't fancy.

Take this knife and cut the lines away from Mr. Trenholm's feet, and we'll fix him so he can navigate back to the boats.

You take the lead back, Reddy, because you know the way better than I do, and I'll make Mr. Trenholm fast to ye, and follow on.

Mr. Trenholm will be right at your back all the way down, and we can't take any chances now, Reddy.

"We'll have to select something special for Mr. Trenholm.

I thought ye was gamer than that, my fine Mr. Trenholm.

"Captain Riggs," I cried, "it is I, Trenholm!"

"Glad to see ye alive, Mr. Trenholm.

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