3335 examples of tribune in sentences

tres, three. trescientos, -as, three hundred. tribuna, f., tribune, pulpit, gallery, organ-loft. tribunal, m., tribunal, court.

A sanguine tribune might hope permanently to check a growing evil by fresh supplies of free labour.

In the year when Tiberius Gracchus was tribune (and the coincidence is significant), it was found necessary to send a consul to put down the first slave revolt in Sicily.

There must have been numbers of such cases with every possible complexity of title; and even if the class that would be actually affected was not large, it was powerful, and every landowner with a defective title would, however small his holding (provided it was over 30 jugera, the proposed allotment), take the alarm and help to swell the cry against the Tribune as a demagogue and a robber.

Gracchus offered to pay him the value of the land out of his own purse; but Octavius was not to be so won over, and as Tribune interposed his veto to prevent the bill being read to the people that they might vote on it.

The Senate showed its spite against the successful Tribune by petty annoyances, such as allowing him only about a shilling a day for his official expenditure, and, as rumour said, by the assassination of one of his friends.

Gracchus stumbled over some prostrate bodies, and was slain either by a blow from P. Satyreius, a fellow-tribune, or from L. Rufus, for both claimed the distinction.

They banished some, and slew others of the tribune's partisans.

He said this in advocating the Lex Papiria, which proposed to make the re-election of a tribune legal.

Rome was thronged to overflowing by the country class, and the nobles strained every nerve in opposition when Caius was elected tribune.

When the day arrived for arguing the question, the people assembled in such numbers, that the area of the Capitol could scarcely contain them; and the cause having been gone through, the only hope of safety which presented itself was, that Caius Servilius Casca, a tribune of the people, a connexion and relation of Posthumius, should interpose his protest before the tribes were called to give their votes.

The Pelignians were now fighting within the rampart, when in another quarter Valerius Flaccus, a military tribune of the third legion, taunting the Romans with cowardice for conceding to allies the honour of taking the camp.

" "What about?" "Look here," said he, handing her the New York Tribune.

I was present when Caius Carbo, the son of Caius, a tribune of the people, uttered these words in the assembly of the people: "O Maree Druse, patrem appello.

" The last five Epigrams were sent to the New York Tribune, Feb. 22, 1879, by the late J.H. Siddons.

For all that the remainder did not cease their disturbance, but rushed to the houses of the murderers, and during the excitement they killed without reason Helvius Cinna, a tribune, and some others; this man had not only not plotted against Caesar, but was one of his most devoted friends.

One Gaius Casca, a tribune, seeing that Cinna had perished as a result of his name being similar to the praetor's, and fearing that he too might be killed, because Publius Servilius Casca was one of the tribunes and also one of the assassins, issued a book which showed that they had in common only one and the same name and pointed out their difference of disposition.

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3335 examples of  tribune  in sentences