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3335 examples of  tribune  in sentences

3335 examples of tribune in sentences

The Tribune said: "What time the reader can spare from perusing our special dispatches concerning the progress of Smalleyism in Europe, shall, undoubtedly, be given to our female-reporter's account of the alleged tragedy at Bumperville.

The New-York Tribune says: "This is a Masterly Treatise by | | the Master of his Professionthe ripened product of forty | | years' experience in Handling, Training, Riding, and Driving | | the Trotting Horse.

I have often seen him, with a bundle of papers in his pocket, entering a large building with the words "Tribune Office" over the doorand I adore him!

AMONG the strange revelations about Tribune people elicited during the MCFARLAND trial, was the bit of gossip about Mr. GREELEY going to Saratoga to "trip the light fantastic toe."

"P.S.If a large diamond, a team of six black and white horses, a Sound steamer, or a copy of the Tribune, would be of any use to you, command me.

HALF PAST ELEVEN.Great war between Erie and the Tribune.

Tribune interdicted on Erie Railway and Boston and Long Branch steamers.

Panic amongst Tribune stockholders. TWELVE.FISK says that the Tribune is so heavy that it must far the future be paid for by weight, on his steamers.

Panic amongst Tribune stockholders. TWELVE.FISK says that the Tribune is so heavy that it must far the future be paid for by weight, on his steamers.

The personal feeling against the French Emperor, so often displayed in the columns of the Tribune, has frequently been a subject of comment.

At a late hour this evening a trusted agent left here for the Tribune office.

He was executed at noon, a copy of the Tribune being tied to his feet, to add force to his fall and curtail his sufferings.

He has been reinforced by the Tribune, which will continue to harass the enemy by attacks in the rear.

VICTORY!By a well executed movement the Narragansett fleet under command of Admiral Fisk, have succeeded in cutting off the Tribune's connection with Long Branch.

A panic prevails in the Tribune office.

In his travelling bag was found a tooth-brush and several copies of the Tribune.

Some unpublished FactsH.G. of the Tribune reveals to H.G. of Punchinello what he Knows of Farming.

"H. G. OF THE Tribune, I believe," said I, reaching out and taking his lilly-white hand, one Saturday mornin at Chattaqua.

Are they not as prone to bad language as the Tribune, and as noisy and noisome as the Sun itself?

If, as the Tribune says, this is an "off year" with the Republicans, shouldn't they be satisfied with an 'OFFMAN for Governor?

Enter on the Capitol SULPITIUS, Tribune, CAIUS MARIUS, Q. POMPEY, Consul, JUNIUS BRUTUS, LUCRETIUS, CAIUS GRANIUS, LECTORIUS, LUCIUS MERULA, Jupiter's Priest, and CINNA; whom placed, and their Lictors before them with their rods and axes, SULPITIUS beginneth.

But, nobles, now the final day is come, When I, your tribune, studying for renown, Pronounce and publish Marius general, To lead our legions against Mithridates, And crave, grave fathers, signs of your content.

Then take away the scandal of this state, Banish the name of tribune out of town; Proclaim false Marius and his other friends Foemen and traitors to the state of Rome,

The name of tribune hath continued long.

Marius and his wretched sons: His friends Sulpitius, Claudius, and the rest Be held for traitors, and acquit the men, That shall endanger their unlucky lives; And henceforth tribune's name and state shall cease.

As be he tribune, consul, lord, or knight, That hateth Sylla, let him look to die.

Messrs. Beecher, Bellows, and Hale plead the cause of amusements; the author of "Saints and their Bodies" celebrates the uses and urges the need of athletic sports; gymnasia are becoming matters of course in the cities and larger towns; "The New York Tribune" attends to the matter of cookery; and it is safe to predict that the habits of the people will undergo in time the necessary changes.

(New York Tribune, February 7, 1895.) EXTRACT.

" Julius Caesar said to Metellus, when that tribune interfered to hinder him from entering the Roman treasury, "Young man, it is easier for me to put you to death than to say that I will"; and the youth yielded.

When they arrived at the stairs of the tower, Paul begged the tribune to be allowed to speak to the angry and demented crowd.

Ananias the high-priest presided, and the Roman tribune was present at the proceedings, which were tumultuous and angry.

Paul seeing that the assembly was made up of Pharisees, Sadducees, and hostile parties, made no elaborate defence, and the tribune dissolved the assembly; but forty of the most hostile and fanatical formed a conspiracy, and took a solemn oath not to eat or drink until they had assassinated him.

The plot reached the ears of a nephew of Paul, who revealed it to the tribune.

He ascended the tribune, when Brรฉzรฉ, the master of ceremonies, came with a message from the King for them to join the other orders, and said in his voice of melodious thunder, "We are here by the command of the people, and will only disperse by the force of bayonets."

But he detested and mistrusted the mighty tribune of the people,the aristocratic demagogue, who, in spite of his political rancor and incendiary tracts, was the only great statesman of the day.

In the tribune he was immovable.

But here there is no fortification to receive them, in their alarm: those last enlisted and unskilled in military discipline turn their faces to the military tribune and the centurions; they wait to find what orders may be given by them.

XIX.Having therefore sent two legions into Further Spain under the command of Quintus Cassius, tribune of the people; he himself advances with six hundred horse by forced marches, and issues a proclamation, appointing a day on which the magistrates and nobility of all the states should attend him at Corduba.

The affection of the province to Caesar proved so great and so favourable, that he received a letter from Gades, before he was far advanced on his march: that as soon as the nobility of Gades heard of Caesar's proclamation, they had combined with the tribune of the cohorts, which were in garrison there, to drive Gallonius out of the town, and to secure the city and island for Caesar.

There was a friendship subsisting between his [Juba's] father and Pompey, and a feud between him and Curio, because he, when a tribune of the people, had proposed a law, in which he endeavoured to make public property of the kingdom of Juba.

Another says, I have been a tribune, but you have not.

Every jewel, every ornament was brought forth, but still the tribune judged it necessary to pass a law prohibiting the ladies of Rome to wear more than half an ounce of gold, or particoloured splendid dresses.

For longso runs the storynobody announced himself as ready to take in hand the complicated and perilous business; but at last a young officer of twenty-seven, Publius Scipio (son of the general of the same name that had fallen in Spain), who had held the offices of military tribune and aedile, came forward to solicit it.

The best extant illustration of it in sculpture is the famous group of the Pankratiasts (commonly called the Luttatori) in the Tribune of the Uffizi at Florence.

The weak thin voice of Cassius Chaereas, tribune of the praetorian cohort, had marked him out for the coarse and calumnious banter of the imperial buffoon; and he determined to avenge himself, and at the same time rid the world of a monster.

One Claudius, a robber, who overran Judaea and Syria and was sought for in consequence with great hue and cry, came to him one day with horsemen, like some military tribune, and saluted and kissed him.

At last he despatched a tribune from his body-guard with many horsemen and threatened him with terrible punishments if he should not bring the culprit alive.

Mr. Johnson, of the Tribune, told me that two or three years ago he and thirty or forty more were returning from an Anti-slavery Convention held at Harrisburgh in Pennsylvania.

At the Grand Review of sixty thousand troops he and his wife and eldest son were given seats in the Imperial Tribune, a little way behind the emperor and the King of Prussia, who were so soon to wage a deadly war with each other.

[Footnote 1: New York Tribune, Feb. 19, 1855.]

[Footnote 2: New York Tribune, Feb. 19, 1855; and Carlier, L'Esclavage, etc., p. 339.]

Thus: Whether the Editor of the Tribune was H.G. really?

A carefully-written "Personal," in which Ignotus informed Ignota of the necessity of his communicating with her, appeared simultaneously in the Tribune, Herald, World, and Times.

But the other day I found in the Tribune the following paragraph, which I may be permitted to set down as an example of the kind of international outrage with which I have by far the most instinctive sympathy.

Very few have the poetic charm belonging to the "S. John" of the Pitti or the "Madonna" of the Tribune.

[Sidenote] "Tribune Almanac," 1860.

"Since the days of Clay and Webster," said the "Tribune" next morning, "no man has spoken to a larger assemblage of the intellect and mental culture of our city."

[Sidenote] "New York Tribune," February 28, 1860.

"Mr. Lincoln is one of nature's orators," said the "Tribune," "using his rare powers solely to elucidate and convince, though their inevitable effect is to delight and electrify as well.

Copied in The New York "Tribune," July 20, 1859.

[Sidenote] N.Y. "Tribune," May 18, 1860.

The "Abraham Baldwin letter" in substance was that I could not find the Journal of the Confederation Congress for the session at which was passed the Ordinance of 1787and that in stating Mr. Baldwin had voted for its passage, I had relied on a communication of Mr. Greeley, over his own signature, published in the New York Weekly Tribune of October 15, 1859.

(In Chicago Sunday tribune.

(In Chicago Sunday tribune, Feb. 13, 1938)

in The Chicago tribune & New York daily news, Jan. 15, 1939-Apr. 23, 1939)

(In New York herald tribune, Feb. 21, 1943)

(In New York herald tribune, Nov. 9, 1947) ยฉ 9Nov47; B106556.

(In New York herald tribune, Nov. 25, 1947) ยฉ 25Nov47; B106572.

(In New York herald tribune, Nov. 30, 1947) ยฉ 30Nov47; B106577.

(In New York herald tribune.

(In New York herald tribune, Jan. 2, 1948)

(In New York herald tribune, Jan. 25, 1948) ยฉ 25Jan48; B116104.

(In New York herald tribune, <pb id='418.png' n='1975h2/A/2885' /> Jan. 26, 1948)

(In New York herald tribune, Feb. 8, 1948)

(In New York herald tribune, Feb. 13, 1948)

(In New York herald tribune, Feb. 21, 1948)

(In New Tork herald tribune, Feb. 22, 1948)

(In New York herald tribune, Mar. 13, 1948)

(In New York herald tribune, Mar. 20, 1948)

(In New York herald tribune, Mar. 28, 1948) ยฉ 28Mar48; B127031.

(In New York herald tribune.

in New York herald tribune, commencing Nov. 7, 1948.

(In New York herald tribune.

(In Chicago daily tribune, July 6, 1949)

(In Chicago daily tribune, July 7, 1949) ยฉ 7Jul49; B199689.

(In Chicago daily tribune, July 8, 1949) ยฉ 8Jul49; B199690.

(In Chicago daily tribune, July 21, 1949) ยฉ 21Jul49; B201382.

(In Chicago daily tribune, July 22, 1949) ยฉ 22Jul49; B201383.

(In Chicago daily tribune, July 23, 1949) ยฉ 23Jul49; B201384.

(In New York herald tribune.

(In New York herald tribune.

in Chicago tribune, June 12-Aug. 5, 1950.

(In New York herald tribune, Dec. 25, 1949)

(In New York herald tribune, Nov. 17, 1950)

" Then turn we to her latest tribune's name, From her ten thousand tyrants turn to thee, Redeemer of dark centuries of shame, The friend of Petrarch, hope of Italy, Rienzi; last of Romans.

He raised the enthusiasm of the populace; collected a band of conspirators, at whose head, clad in complete armour, he marched to the Capitol, and assumed the government of the city, declining "the names of Senator or Consul, of King or Emperor, and preferring the ancient and modern appellation of Tribune....

Never perhaps has the energy and effect of a single mind been more remarkably felt than in the sudden, though transient, reformation of Rome by the Tribune Rienzi.

In the Tribune above, surrounded by prelates, was the amorous and still handsome King.

The hour of vespers being come, we were conducted to the chapel, and, as it was my curiosity that had led us thither, I was placed in the Maintenon's own tribune; my company in the adjoining gallery.

Of the same family was that other C. Licinius who, when he was tribune of the people, 365 years after the expulsion of the Kings, first transferred the Sovereign function of law making from the Comitium to the Forum, thus as it were constituting that area the 'farm' of the entire people.[50] The other whom I see come hither is Cn.