3335 examples of tribune in sentences

Some unpublished FactsH.G. of the Tribune reveals to H.G. of Punchinello what he Knows of Farming.

"H. G. OF THE Tribune, I believe," said I, reaching out and taking his lilly-white hand, one Saturday mornin at Chattaqua.

Are they not as prone to bad language as the Tribune, and as noisy and noisome as the Sun itself?

If, as the Tribune says, this is an "off year" with the Republicans, shouldn't they be satisfied with an 'OFFMAN for Governor?

Enter on the Capitol SULPITIUS, Tribune, CAIUS MARIUS, Q. POMPEY, Consul, JUNIUS BRUTUS, LUCRETIUS, CAIUS GRANIUS, LECTORIUS, LUCIUS MERULA, Jupiter's Priest, and CINNA; whom placed, and their Lictors before them with their rods and axes, SULPITIUS beginneth.

But, nobles, now the final day is come, When I, your tribune, studying for renown, Pronounce and publish Marius general, To lead our legions against Mithridates, And crave, grave fathers, signs of your content.

Then take away the scandal of this state, Banish the name of tribune out of town; Proclaim false Marius and his other friends Foemen and traitors to the state of Rome,

The name of tribune hath continued long.

Marius and his wretched sons: His friends Sulpitius, Claudius, and the rest Be held for traitors, and acquit the men, That shall endanger their unlucky lives; And henceforth tribune's name and state shall cease.

As be he tribune, consul, lord, or knight, That hateth Sylla, let him look to die.

" Julius Caesar said to Metellus, when that tribune interfered to hinder him from entering the Roman treasury, "Young man, it is easier for me to put you to death than to say that I will"; and the youth yielded.

When they arrived at the stairs of the tower, Paul begged the tribune to be allowed to speak to the angry and demented crowd.

Ananias the high-priest presided, and the Roman tribune was present at the proceedings, which were tumultuous and angry.

Paul seeing that the assembly was made up of Pharisees, Sadducees, and hostile parties, made no elaborate defence, and the tribune dissolved the assembly; but forty of the most hostile and fanatical formed a conspiracy, and took a solemn oath not to eat or drink until they had assassinated him.

The plot reached the ears of a nephew of Paul, who revealed it to the tribune.

He ascended the tribune, when Brézé, the master of ceremonies, came with a message from the King for them to join the other orders, and said in his voice of melodious thunder, "We are here by the command of the people, and will only disperse by the force of bayonets."

But he detested and mistrusted the mighty tribune of the people,the aristocratic demagogue, who, in spite of his political rancor and incendiary tracts, was the only great statesman of the day.

In the tribune he was immovable.

But here there is no fortification to receive them, in their alarm: those last enlisted and unskilled in military discipline turn their faces to the military tribune and the centurions; they wait to find what orders may be given by them.

XIX.Having therefore sent two legions into Further Spain under the command of Quintus Cassius, tribune of the people; he himself advances with six hundred horse by forced marches, and issues a proclamation, appointing a day on which the magistrates and nobility of all the states should attend him at Corduba.

One Claudius, a robber, who overran Judaea and Syria and was sought for in consequence with great hue and cry, came to him one day with horsemen, like some military tribune, and saluted and kissed him.

At last he despatched a tribune from his body-guard with many horsemen and threatened him with terrible punishments if he should not bring the culprit alive.

Mr. Johnson, of the Tribune, told me that two or three years ago he and thirty or forty more were returning from an Anti-slavery Convention held at Harrisburgh in Pennsylvania.

At the Grand Review of sixty thousand troops he and his wife and eldest son were given seats in the Imperial Tribune, a little way behind the emperor and the King of Prussia, who were so soon to wage a deadly war with each other.

Thus: Whether the Editor of the Tribune was H.G. really?

3335 examples of  tribune  in sentences