53 examples of trident in sentences

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In Northern India the African marigold is held as a sacred flower; they adorn the trident emblem of Mahádivá with garlands of it, and both men and women wear chaplets made of its flowers on his festivals.

The book mentioned above lies before us with its valves open, helpless as an oyster on its shell, inviting the critical pungent, the professional acid, and the judicial impaling trident.

"Find him, and, by the trident of Neptune, I swear I'll see his backbone!"

now the Stage is down, darst thou appeare Bold FLETC[H]ER in this tottr'ing Hemisphear? Yes;Poets are like Palmes which, the more weight You cast upon them, grow more strong & streight, 'Tis not love's Thunderbolt, nor Mars his Speare, Or Neptune's angry Trident, Poets fear.

The vulgar idea of the devil with horns and a tail (though the retention of it argued a genius in Tasso very inferior to that of Milton) is defensible, I think, on the plea of the German critics, that malignity should be made a thing low and deformed; but as much cannot be said for the storehouse in heaven, where St. Michael's spear is kept with which he slew the dragon, and the trident which is used for making earthquakes (canto vii.

Large brass pots, which have some sacred meaning, stand about, and with them a curious trident-shaped stand, about four feet high, on the horns of which garlands of flowers are hung as offerings.

[U.S.], trefoil; triangle, trident, triennium^, trigon^, trinomial, trionym^, triplopia^, tripod, trireme, triseme^, triskele^, triskelion, trisula^. third power, cube; cube root.

348. hydrography, hydrographer; Neptune, Poseidon, Thetis, Triton, Naiad, Nereid; sea nymph, Siren; trident, dolphin.

And he came and stood upon the margin of the hoary sea, alone in the darkness of the night, and called aloud on the deep-voiced Wielder of the Trident; and he appeared unto him nigh at his foot.

And the Trident-wielder for Isthmos over seas harnessed his swift chariot, and hither first he bare with him Aiakos behind the golden mares, and so on unto the mount of Corinth, to behold his feast of fame.

By fate divine receive men also valour and wisdom: how else might the hands of Herakles have wielded his club against the trident, when at Pylos Poseidon took his stand and prest hard on him, ay, and there prest him hard embattled Phoibos with his silver bow, neither would Hades keep his staff unraised, wherewith he leadeth down to ways beneath the hollow earth the bodies of men that die?

For the archer maiden with both hands fitteth the glittering trappings, and Hermes, god of games, whensoever Hieron to the polished car and bridle-guided wheels yoketh the strength of his steeds, calling on the wide-ruling god, the trident-wielder.

Let Kallikles in his dwelling beside Acheron find in my tongue a minstrel of his praise, for that at the games of the deep-voiced wielder of the trident his brows were green with parsley of Corinth; of him, boy, did Euphänes, thy aged grandsire, rejoice erewhile to sing.

For Themis of wise counsels spake in the midst of them of how it was pre-destined that the sea-goddess should bear a royal offspring mightier than his father, whose hand should wield a bolt more terrible than the lightning or the dread trident, if she came ever into the bed of Zeus, or of brethren of Zeus.

That seas and waters are enamoured with this our beauty, is all out as likely as that of the air and winds; for when Leander swam in the Hellespont, Neptune with his trident did beat down the waves, but "They still mounted up intending to have kiss'd him.

Neptune first struck his trident on the ground (or was it on the waves?

Wrest the trident out of her hands.

Swift from the ruler of ocean he Steals the trident, yea, e'en from Arès Steals the sword from the scabbard; Arrow and bow from Phoebus too, Also his tongs from Hephæstos Even Zeus', the father's, bolt, Him had fire not scared, he had ta'en.

The spear head used is a small trident.

Beneath them to submit the officious flood; And with his trident shoved them off the sand.

O blessed one, it is wonderful to relate that in that tirtha, to this day, coins with the mark of the lotus and lotuses also with the mark of the trident, are seen, O represser of heroes!

Bathing there and adoring the god known by the mark of the bull and holding the trident in his hand, one's soul being purified from every sin one attaineth to the highest state.

And believing that there was nothing better and greater than the god Rudra, he began to adore him in these words: 'O holder of the trident, thou art the refuge of the celestials and the Asuras, of, indeed, the universe.

LETO (i. e. the hidden one), one of the Titan brood, who became by Zeus the mother of Apollo and Artemis, and for whose confinement, in her persecution by Hera, Poseidon by a stroke of his trident fixed the till then floating island of Delos to the sea-bottom.

53 examples of  trident  in sentences