25066 examples of tries in sentences

This is a limited portion of the public conscience, which tries to study the problem from the standpoint of the technical jurist.

Thus when he tries to recall each stage of the journey he does so with the knowledge of its end, and can no longer make it clear, even to himself, how it may have seemed to him at the time.

Von H. You yourself, Excellency, have lately discovered how fallacious a thing is a speech, even where the speaker honestly tries to do his best to please everybody.

Mr. OXENHAM'S weak points are that sometimes he fails to distinguish between real pathos and sticky sentimentality, and that when he tries his hand at telling a practical joke he does not know when to stop.

Emprote and the other proteid foods produced by the Eustace Miles Proteid Foods Ltd., is a valuable asset to the vegetarian beginner, who too often tries to subsist upon a dietary deficient in assimilable proteid.

He tries in vain to disbelieve his eyes; finally, learns the whole story from the owner of the cottage, and loses his senses.

Occasionally he makes the mistake of running across a mitrailleuse battery with its dog-teams needing reinforcements, or tries to billet himself on a military pigeon-loft and meets a violent death.

In a maritime contest each side tries to control the ocean communications and to prevent the other from controlling them.

But there is no knowing till one tries.

For democracy shies At the artist who tries To express himself subtly or darkly; And the man in the street In a fair plébiscite Would probably crown Mrs. BARCLAY.

If a man does a thing unconsciously, it costs him no trouble; but if he tries to do it by taking trouble, he fails.

A man tries to acquire direct mastery over things, either by understanding them, or by forcing them to do his will.

The dullest of clowns tells, or tries to tell, himself a story, as the feeblest of children uses invention in his play; and even as the imaginative grown person, joining in the game, at once enriches it with many delightful circumstances, the great creative writer shows us the realisation and the apotheosis of the day-dreams of common men.

Here is a man apparently in the last madness of intense passion, in fierce altercation with another, who tries his utmost to outbluster his furious declamation.

Each selfishly tries to save his own skin, and they know that if any one individual were to complain, or to dare to resist, he would have to bear the brunt of the battle alone.

Delivering the numbing blow with his mighty fore paw, he fastens on the throat of the animal he has felled, and invariably tries to tear open the jugular vein.

It is measured prose; if it ever tries to be more, it fails.

'There are three tries yet,' they said, 'and our man may yet win.'

" "Mrs. Brodie says," I continue, "that she is horrid to other women and tries to take away their husbands.

Boggley tries to frighten me with tales of dâk-bungalows and jungly cooking, but I won't be frightened; I am looking forward to it all too much.

And, most of all, where the sufferer is not merely a genius, but a saint; persecuted, perhaps, abroad by vulgar tradesmen and Philistine bishops, and snubbed at home by a stupid wife, who is quite unable to appreciate his magnificent projects for regenerating all heaven and earth; and only, humdrum, practical creature that she is, tries to do justly, and love mercy, and walk humbly with her God?


But what is the despotism whose horrid features our smooth professor tries to hide beneath an array of cunningly-selected words and nicely-adjusted sentences?

He is anxious to hide the odious disease from the public eye, and the ballot box and the right of petition, when used against him, he feels as sharp reproof; and being unwilling to renounce his errors, he tries to escape from their consequences, by making the world believe that HE is the persecuted, and not the persecutor.

But what is the despotism whose horrid features our smooth professor tries to hide beneath an array of cunningly selected words and nicely-adjusted sentences?

25066 examples of  tries  in sentences