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25066 examples of  tries  in sentences

25066 examples of tries in sentences

It's right pitiful the way her grandmother knows it, too, and makes herself talk English all the time to please the child and tries to perk up for her.

The minute a man tries to break the ice with this little lady, it's a freeze-out.

The moment she tries to live her own life she utterly fails.

Yes, Madam, so has every Galley Slave, That knows his Toil, but not his Recompence: To morrow I expect no more content, Than this uneasy Day afforded me; And all before me is but one grand piece Of endless Grief and Madness: You, Madam, taught Erminia to be cruel, A Vice without your aid she could have learnt; And now to exercise that new taught Art, She tries the whole experience on my Heart.

And she does sing, with that voice so matchless in its perfect purity, that even the disappointed critic grows uneasy as he tries in vain to find some reasonable fault with it.

Bon Mezrag is not a man, But the lowest of all beings; He deceived both Arabs and Khabyles, Saying, 'I have news of the Christians.' "I believed Haddad a saint indeed, With miracles and supernatural gifts; He has then no scent for game, And singular to make himself he tries.

Also, the hedgehog, neglected so lamentably in our fables, holds an important place; and if the jackal manages to deceive the lion, he is, in spite of his astute nature, duped by the hedgehog when he tries a fall with him.

Bartholomew, brother of Christopher Columbus, tries to arouse maritime enterprise in England. 1490.

The eldest young lady, a slim black-haired young lass of thirteen, frisks about the rooms, looks at all the pictures, runs in and out of the veranda, tries the piano, and bursts out laughing at its wheezy jingle.

We have not yet done away with robbery and murder, but we have at least made private warfare illegal; we have arrayed public opinion against it to such an extent that the police-court usually makes short shrift for the misguided man who tries to wreak vengeance on his enemy.

A person in extreme poverty is often described as being "as bare as the birch at Yule Even," and an ill-natured or evil-disposed person who tries to do harm, but cannot, is commonly said to: "Jump at it like a cock at a gooseberry.

Fro' heawrs to daysa dhreary length Fro' days to weeks one idle stons, An' slowly sinks fro' pride an' strength To weeny heart an' wakely honds; An' still one hopes, an' ever tries To think 'at better days mun come; Bo' th' sun may set, an' th' sun may rise, No sthreak o' leet one finds a-whoam.

It took him sixteen tries to make it, but he finally managed to grab hold of the edge of the window.

Again he tries, again his efforts fail Minon's a witchthe deuce is in her tail The anxious chase for weeks the Monarch tried,

Save when by fits the warmer air deceives, And, stealing hopeful to some sheltered bower, She lies on pillows of the yellow leaves, And tries the old tunes over for an hour.

He says he tries to put into each service four thingslight, music, motion; that is, changeand a touch of the dramatic.

The country boy is not likely to be much afraid, and he soon learns that if he tries to boss even the boys without good reason it doesn't pay.

Now she finds it's for her interest to make up, and so she tries to be as good as pie.

C. P. I always tell him he tries to do too much, but he's so infatuated with being an Emperor that there's no holding him.

The knave of diamonds tries his wily arts, And wins (oh shameful chance!)

You know that "Man's control in woman's hand Sorest tries the household band.

And since then," Eunanรฉ went on with a softened voice, "she has showed me how pretty its ways are, how clever it is, how fond of her, and she tries to make it friends with me....

... tries to shun The west, ... 1836.]

Shock tries the pituitary, as well as the adrenals.

" I gained no boon from her for labor spent: "Who tries the tried will in the end repent.

His mother tries to be satisfied, but she is afraid of the water.

I say that the Bible is the book which civilizes and refines, and ennobles rich and poor, high and low, and has been doing so for fifteen hundred years; and that any man who tries to shake our faith in the Bible, is doing what he canthough, thank God, he will not succeedto make such rough and coarse heathens of us again as our forefathers were five hundred years ago.

There it lies, the striped chest, a thousand fathoms deep, and if, as they say, the sea will some day be dry land, I grieve for the man who finds that old box and tries to penetrate into its secret.

The counsel for the plaintiff tries to throw upon him the mantle of the eavesdropper, but the breath of this boy's lightest word lifts such a covering from him, and reveals his purity of purpose and his agony of mind in listening to the revelation that was made.

A person tries, by throwing out his hand, to save himself from a fall, and the weight of the body brings the strain upon the firmly fixed wrist.

"No one cares for me, though I think the brook is sometimes sorry, and tries to tell me things.

Say, when I'm feeling rotten that there dog knows, and he climbs up in my lap and licks my ear and tries his best to be a comfort.

Having enjoyed his meal he tries to swim away; but there is no escape, and there he must wait until the owner of the trap makes his usual "round" in the morning.

He thinks that you mean him to stop, and then you whip him and he tries to go on, and you pull again, and he knows not what to think.

and during the next minute or two, while the class trots about a third of a mile, the poor beauty hears every command in the manual addressed to her, and smilingly tries, but tries in vain to obey them; but in an unhappy moment the teacher's glance falls on the society young lady and he bids her keep her right shoulder back.

and during the next minute or two, while the class trots about a third of a mile, the poor beauty hears every command in the manual addressed to her, and smilingly tries, but tries in vain to obey them; but in an unhappy moment the teacher's glance falls on the society young lady and he bids her keep her right shoulder back.

[The Ugly Duckling tries to quack, but chokes.

[The Ugly Duckling tries again; chokes.]

He tries to speak to the Grandmother, but she does not hear him.]

(Eliza tries to thank King with her eyes.)

If he tries to jump over parental authority, fill him with shot, same as your man did his jumpin frog, only pour it into him with a mustick.

It is funny to see how hard the poor old fellow tries, and to hear what strange work he makes of it.

The monkey inserts his arm, fills his hand with corn, and tries to pull it out, but can't unless he lets go of the corn, which he won't do.

I want to find someone who'll believe the lies I tell him without expecting me to believe the truth he tries to foist on me.

And if anybody tries to interfere at Haifa, or if men get on the train between Haifa and Damascus who look like being accomplices of yours, he's going to murder Ramsden there and then, seize the letter, and make a jump for it!

She moved not, but looked in his wondering face, Till his blushes began to rise; But she gazed, like one on the veiling lace, To something within his eyes; A gaze that had not to do with place, But thought and spirit tries.

3. The rich man mourns his little loss, And knits the brow of care; The poor man tries to bear the cross, And seeks relief in prayer.

Thus when he tries to recall each stage of the journey he does so with the knowledge of its end, and can no longer make it clear, even to himself, how it may have seemed to him at the time.

But husband thou thy pleasures, and give scope To all her subtle play: by nature led A thousand shifts she tries; to unravel these The industrious beagle twists his waving tail, Through all her labyrinths pursues, and rings Her doleful knell.

And now In vain each earth he tries, the doors are barred Impregnable, nor is the covert safe; He pants for purer air.

What doubling shifts He tries!

Nor less the shifting cur avoid, that breaks 70 Illusive from the pack; to the next hedge Devious he strays, there every mews he tries: If haply then he cross the steaming scent, Away he flies vain-glorious; and exults As of the pack supreme, and in his speed And strength unrivalled.

Either he never looks out of the window at all or he tries to look two ways at once.

The baby seizes Gulliver and tries to swallow his head.

The next phase in his career is one in which reliance is placed as much upon statecraft as warfare, in which he tries with varying success to array his state and his religion along with the great empires and principalities of his Eastern world.

The highest pleasures, those of the intellect, are to him inaccessible, and he tries in vain to replace them by the fleeting pleasures of sense in which he indulges, lasting but a brief hour and at tremendous cost.

So then he gets up, and joins the lads, and tries to sing a little; but he comes back very still and sits down.

" The salacious landlady in Mrs. Lennox's Henrietta tries to discourage the heroine from reading Joseph Andrews by recommending Mrs. Haywood's works, "... 'there is Mrs. Haywood's Novels, did you ever read them?

If she tries to conceal what was faulty, she is surrounded by those who will detect that concealment: if she ostentatiously parades her own excellences, she knows she will sink in the estimation of her friends.

The civilian or the imitation soldier who tries to imitate the military salute invariably makes some mistake which shows that he is not a real soldier; he gives it in an apologetic manner, he fails to stand or march at attention, his coat is unbuttoned or hat on awry, or he falls to look the person saluted in the eye.

" "He'll not be to blame if he tries to get square.

Of the few really attractive callings left, that of the poacher must be given a prominent place, especially in France, where the law is not too severe upon a man who tries to make an honest living by breaking the law so far as it relates to fish and game.

In the meantime he tries to make two ends meet, first by the profession of medicine, then by that of law, then by the army; but the rolling stone gathers no moss, and the poor fellow dies of the sickness of hope deferred.

Claudio, condemned to die for betraying his mistress Juliet, tries to buy his life at the sacrifice of his sister Isabella's honor, shamefully pursued by Angelo, the Duke's deputy.

It will be a change for the "Palladium's" eleven unhappy readers, who are getting very tired of the old type cast for the Concha Mission in 1811, which tries to make up for its lack of w's by a plentiful superfluity of greaser u's.

Whatever she tries to do is only half done: music, languagesshe has only half learned.

[Micho tries to free himself but becomes more entangled in the cloth.

If only that sunshine, I thought, would light up these green leaves, put a glow on these brilliant flowers, instead of this poor coloring which tries to look like sunshine, we might rival Nature.

Even the Sudbury champion, bent on finding realistic clothes, rebels (to his eternal honour) when Mr. Percy Fitzgerald tries to show that Bob Sawyer's famous statement that he was neither Buff nor Blue, "but a sort of plaid," must have been copied from some silly man at Ipswich who said that his politics were "half and half."

A girl may be the bride of the God of Love himself if she never tries to see him; she sees him, and he vanishes away.

The little hand that carries Christ's banner through His war, will carry it also in His triumph; the little hand that tries to unfurl it bravely now, will wave it when His glorious reign begins and His blessed kingdom is come.

I will love Thee, O Lord Jesus; I will not listen to Satan, who tries to keep me from loving Thee; I will not ask myself anything about it, lest I should begin to get puzzled about whether I do love Thee or not.

" IX Then Satan, awhile dissembling his rank, A piece of amorous fun tries: Quoth he, "I'm a Netherlander born; Fair Virgin, receive not my suit with scorn; I'm a Prince in the Low Countries X "Though I travel incog.

" "Then, Rose Jane, go ye an' pick 'em up while she tries again.

He takes many things amiss in Kromitzki, and says of him: "If he had a higher or honester aim in view I could forgive him; but he tries to gain money for the mere sake of having it."

Almost unconsciously everybody tries to please, to gain sympathy; and towards that end often sacrifices his own opinions and convictions.

The newer school of painting is narrowing spontaneously the limit of its proportions, tries to divest itself from philosophical and literary ideas; does not attempt speeches, sermons, historical events that require a commentary, or allegory that does not explain itself at a glance; in fact confines itself with the full consciousness of doing so to the reproduction of shape and color.

Music since Wagner's time goes in the opposite direction,tries to be, not only a harmony of sound, but at the same time the philosophy of harmony.

I have already mentioned that with all her inflexibility, she has a certain weakness: she cannot bear that anybody should be angry with her; it frightens her, and she tries her best to conciliate those that are angry.


I always tries to teach him to save.

The infirmities with which God afflicts you, the enemies He raised up against you, the disgraces and losses with which He tries youdo you receive them all as you ought, with humble submission to His will?

Society of Arts and Sciences, Johnson tries to speak there, ii. 139; is recommended by Hollis, iv. 97; votes against a Scotchman, iv.

That was a glorious morningone of those mornings when the sun tries to warm the northwest wind and the northwest wind tries to chill the sun, and between the two a tonic gets into the air and people want to do things.

That was a glorious morningone of those mornings when the sun tries to warm the northwest wind and the northwest wind tries to chill the sun, and between the two a tonic gets into the air and people want to do things.

But the traveller in the dusk fears more as he sees less; he knows there may be danger, and, therefore, suspects that he is never safe, tries every step before he fixes his foot, and shrinks at every noise lest violence should approach him.

Now they are chanting the Ave Maria in hundreds of churches, and the Princess worships in distant accord, and tries to still the anxieties of her heart with many a prayer.

"Maybe she don't mean to stay long; she didn't bring no baggage," Hannah said, and thus reassured, Mrs. Dobson rolled down her sleeves and tying on a clean apron, started for the reception-room, where Ethie sat like one stupefied, or one who walks in a dream from which he tries in vain to waken.

A man who tries that game is a good deal like the fellow who puts on a fancy vest over a dirty shirthe's the only person in the world who can't see the egg-spots under his chin.

If he wakes up a little and tries to assert himself after he's been married a year or so, she shudders and sobs until he sees what a brute he is; or if that doesn't work, and he still pretends to have a little spirit, she goes off into a rage and hysterics, and that usually brings him to heel again.

And a title is like a suit of clothesit must fit the man who tries to wear it.

Is it not to fly from this that he rises early, late takes rest, and eats the bread of carefulness? that he plots, contrives, swears, lies, shuffles, puts on all shapes, tries all garments, wears them with this or that side outward, just as it may favour his escape?"

"I have no doubt it is far superior," he answers, in a fierce and sulky tone, that he in vain tries to make sound playful.

'It's all very well, my dear,' said Lord Findon, seating himself'but this place tries me a good deal.' 'Because the ladies in the restaurant are so stout?' said Eugรฉnie.

and he will wave his precious little square hand and say, 'Big boat,' and she says he tries to say, 'Way off'and, oh, dear, we are 'way off'" "Stop talking, you fiend," said my sister, from the depths of her handkerchief.

She steals a cat and tries to boil it.

* X. arrived to take up duty at N., he shows himself a despot: he is annoyed when some one else is a success; he becomes quite different in the presence of a third person; when a woman is present, his tone changes; when he pours out wine, he first puts a little in his own glass and then helps the company; when he walks with a lady he takes her arm; in general he tries to show refinement.

The locksmith tries to find out the cause, and once he plunges it in holy water.

When a woman destroys things like a man, people think it natural and everybody understands it; but when like a man, she wishes or tries to create, people think it unnatural and cannot reconcile themselves to it.

The hereditary honorable citizen Oziaboushkin always tries to make out that his ancestors had the right to the title of Count.