333 examples of trinidad in sentences

Mackintosh's name had been mentioned in connection with at least two posts before thisa judgeship in Trinidad and the office of Advocate-General in Bengal, and Lamb's epigram may have had reference to one or the other.

In 1834 two hundred colored emigrants went from New York alone to Trinidad, under the superintendence and at the expense of planters of that island.

The Trinidad press welcomed these immigrants and spoke in the highest terms of the valuable services they rendered the country.

One of these Negroes appreciated so much this new field of opportunity that he returned and induced twenty intelligent free persons of color living in Annapolis, Maryland, also to emigrate to Trinidad.

The editor wished a few dozen Trinidad planters would come to that city on the same business and on a much larger scale.

N.W. Pollard, agent of the Government of Trinidad, came to Baltimore in 1851 to make his appeal for emigrants, offering to pay all expenses.

England’s share of the plunder consisted largely of distant colonies, such as South Africa, Ceylon, Trinidad, etc.

St Trinidad 90 60 100,000 Ditto.

Origin, 218 Use in Cuba, 225 Trade restricted, 20, 24, 25, 30 Transportation, 90 Treaty of Paris, 118, 182 Trinidad, 12, 91, 100, 103 Turnbull, David, 25 U UNITED STATES: Diplomatic correspondence, 125 et seq.

7-1/2d respectively in the new and buoyant settlements of Trinidad, Guiana and British Honduras.

On one of these islands I found some Spaniards, but they belonged to the isle of Trinidad, who came hither in a sloop to make salt, and try to find some pearl muscles.

Doña Trinidad was sewing as usual, and dressed as simply as if she looked to her daughter to maintain the state of the Iturbi y Moncadas.

" "Sure!" said Doña Trinidad.

Doña Trinidad, who never thought of replying to her daughter, said, "Chonita mia, Liseta and Tomaso wish to marry, and thy father will give them the little house by the creek.

Doña Trinidad drew down her mouth.

Doña Trinidad smiled upward with the self-approval of the modest barn-yard lady who has raised a magnificent bantam.

" Doña Trinidad smiled with the pride of the Californian housewife.

Twenty girls, sharply watched and directed by Doña Trinidad and the sometime mistress of Casa Grande, worked upon the marriage wardrobe.

Twelve rebosos were made for her; Doña Trinidad gave her one of her finest mantillas; Chonita, the white satin embroidered with poppies, for which she had conceived a capricious dislike.

Doña Trinidad's cooking-girls were as thick in the kitchen as ants on an anthill, for the good things of Casa Grande were as famous as its hospitality, and not the least of the attractions to the merry visitors.

he added to Chonita, as Estenega went up the steps to greet Don Guillermo and Doña Trinidad, "I have just received positive information that it was he who kept me from distinguishing myself and my house in the Departmental Junta, he who cast me in a dungeon.

" Nevertheless, ten minutes later, Valencia, with the manoeuvring of the general of many a battle, had guided him to a seat in the sala under Doña Trinidad's sleepy wing, and her eyes were flashing the language of Spain to his.

"It is understood that when Doña Trinidad stays at home Chonita is in my charge.

Don Guillermo, rising before dawn, and walking up and down the corridor to conquer the pangs of Doña Trinidad's dulces, noticed that the door of his son's room was ajar.

At the end of the week Doña Trinidad died suddenly.

333 examples of  trinidad  in sentences