98 examples of tripe in sentences

29.Scotch Stewed Tripe.

Clean and boil tripe until tender; then fry 1 chopped carrot and 1 onion until light brown.

Cut the tripe into narrow strips; add to the sauce.

One morning at breakfast his tripe didn't suit him, and he immediately brained his wife and children and set the house on fire, varying the monotony of the scene by pitching his mother-in-law down the well, having previously, with great consideration, touched her heart with a cheese knife.

This soup may be made of the liquor in which tripe has been boiled, by adding vegetables, seasoning, rice, &c. TURKEY SOUP (a Seasonable Dish at Christmas).

They may also be shelled, and served the same as eggs à la Tripe, with a good Béchamel sauce, or brown gravy, poured over them.


So presently a savory stew of tripe and onions, with sweet little fat dumplings, was set before him, likewise a good stout pottle of Malmsey, and straightway the holy friar fell to with great courage and heartiness, so that in a short time nought was left but a little pool of gravy in the center of the platter, not large enow to keep the life in a starving mouse.

She took a clean dish To get him some tripe; When she came back He was smoking a pipe.

I suspect that the true reading is "tripe-wives" (cf. oysterwives, &c.).

She thought how wonderful it was that she, the shaking little girl who yesterday had run off with fourpence to buy a meal at a tripe-shop, should be the cause of this emotion in such a man.

Fish are scarce, and beef is supposed to be dear; but when butter, eggs, and cheese bulk so largely in the diet, the half chicken, the scrap of tripe, the slice of garlic sausage, the tiny cut of beef for the ragout, cannot be heavy items.

Boiled tripe for dinnerugh!"

Continual tripe and onions.

Young men who have been to Harrow and Oxford are not likely to look with favour upon suppers of tripe or Welsh rarebits.

I have had wild plums, and wild grapes, and nuts and cranberries, and a nice little dish of tripe-de-mere from the rocks.

But deafer far to the voice of conscience grown The type that cuts me off a pound of bone Wherefrom an ounce of fat forlornly drops, And calls the thing two shillings' worth of chops; More steeped in crime the heart that dares to fleece My purse of eighteen-pence for one small piece Of tripe, whereof, when times were not so hard, The price was fourpence for the running yard!

With wealth he was not trusted, for Heaven knew 470 What 'twas of old to pamper up a Jew; To what would he on quail and pheasant swell, That even on tripe and carrion could rebel?

"Mr. Marston, the President [of the Policemen's Union], stated that the time for action will arrive after the tripe alliance at Southport on June 24."Provincial

LA CREOLE Boil tripe with onion, parsley, celery, and seasoning; cut in small pieces, then boil up in the following sauce: Take one tablespoon of fat, brown it with two tablespoons of flour; then add one can of boiled and strained tomatoes, one can of mushrooms, salt and pepper to taste.

TRIPE, FAMILY STYLE Scald and scrape two pounds tripe and cut into inch squares.

TRIPE, FAMILY STYLE Scald and scrape two pounds tripe and cut into inch squares.

When onions begin to cook, put in tripe and steam half an hour.

Then cover tripe with water and let cook slowly three hours.

Half an hour before serving, add the following, after taking off as much fat from the tripe as possible: Three tablespoons of flour thinned with little water; add catsup, paprika, ginger, and one teaspoon of salt.

98 examples of  tripe  in sentences