64 examples of triplet in sentences

If there is any truth in the story, the grasshopper then had powers far in advance of his degenerated descendants; for now the grasshopperlike the crickethas a chirp consisting of three notes in rhythm, always forming a triplet in the key of B.

" "Nay, show patience," said Giles, "we will amend that in the next triplet, thus: "There Roger fought, and Walkyn too, And Giles that bare the bow of yew; O swift and strong his arrows flew, Dixit!"

"How the great Dr. Swift would stare at this vile triplet!

Triality N. Triality^, trinity; triunity^. three, triad, triplet, trey, trio, ternion^, leash; shamrock, tierce^, spike-team

[Bad poetry] doggerel, Hudibrastic verse^, prose run mad; macaronics^; macaronic verse^, leonine verse; runes. canto, stanza, distich, verse, line, couplet, triplet, quatrain; strophe, antistrophe^. verse, rhyme, assonance, crambo^, meter, measure, foot, numbers, strain, rhythm; accentuation &c (voice) 580; dactyl, spondee, trochee, anapest &c; hexameter, pentameter; Alexandrine; anacrusis^, antispast^, blank verse, ictus.

to arrange for itgot the townhall, got the Governor to preside (the saint!he ought to have triplet doubles provided him by law), and then came to get me to speak.

" I, smiling at the triplet of occasions, promised to come, if consistent.

The Thames.""We sometimes find the last line of a couplet or triplet stretched out to twelve syllables.

"A Brace is used in poetry at the end of a triplet or three lines, which have the same rhyme.

"A BRACE is used in poetry at the end of a triplet or three lines which rhyme together.

[{}] The BRACE serves to unite a triplet; or, more frequently, to connect several terms with something to which they are all related.

"G. B. "We sometimes find the last line of a couplet or a triplet stretched out to twelve syllables.

"The Brace was formerly used in poetry at the end of a triplet, or where three lines rhymed together in heroic verse; it also serves to connect several terms with one, when the one is common to all, and thus to prevent a repetition of the common term.

"A Brace is used in poetry, at the end of a triplet, or three lines which rhyme together.

Thus wrote Pope, using for the nonce the triplet and alexandrine by which Dryden frequently varied the couplet.

But I cannot, with Mr. Malone, interpret the same passage, by supposing the third line of the triplet to apply to Dryden.

But Tonson, perfectly satisfied with this single triplet, hastened to comply with the author's request, without requiring any further specimen of his poetical powers.

To vary the English hexameter, he established the use of the triplet and Alexandrine.

Two of the most simple forms are the couplet and the triplet.

To render the altar observable from all parts of the church, a Norm. triplet, which once formed the chancel arch, has been mutilated; a pointed arch has been inserted, and the corner of the S. wall pared away.

Note (1) fine N. doorway (which should be compared with the S. porch of Malmesbury), (2) arcading round interior face of wall, (3) triplet at W. end, (4) remains of vaulting, (5) shallow external buttresses.

(1) One is a three-storeyed structure, containing on basement a vaulted, chapel-like chamber, lighted by side lancets and a terminal triplet, and possessing a large piscina and an aumbry.

The chancel is lighted at E. by an E.E. triplet; and some old glass will be observed in a window on the S.

As examples of the style note (1) S. doorway, (2) chancel arch, comprising two remaining members of a triplet, with squint; (3) lancets in chancel, (4) plain round font.

It is a plain vaulted building of severe simplicity with an apsidal E. end, containing a good E.E. triplet.

64 examples of  triplet  in sentences