130 examples of truism in sentences

He was familiar with the truism that God was everywhere, but he had never really believed it; and, as the years passed, he had found it convenient to remove him to a shadowy distance in space, less likely to interfere with modern business methods.

" He garnished this absurd truism with a wave of his hand so solemn that Donnegan was chilled; as though the fat man were actually conversant with the Three Sisters.

A statement so obviously true that it hardly extends, in itself, beyond a truism.

It is a truism that interesting occupation prevents dissension, and that idle fingers are the Devil's tools.

CHAPTER IV It would be a truism to declare that human nature is about as complicated a piece of machinery as could be found in the human world.

Carlyle tersely says: "These historical novels have taught all men this truth, which looks like a truism, and yet was as good as unknown to writers of history and others till so taught: that the by-gone ages of the world were actually filled by living men, not by protocols, state papers, controversies, and abstractions of men.

Speaking of himself as the co-eternal Son, I say;for how superfluous would it have been, a truism how unworthy of our Lord, to have said in effect, that "a creature is less than God!"

Nay it appears to me (I confess) to turn a sublime and most instructive truth into a truism.

But it is a truism that deeds, not words, are the demonstration and test of character; wherefore, from time immemorial, it has been the recognized business of the theatre to exhibit character in action.

This will never do, said I; a toad in the heart of a tree lives a more comfortable life than a nothing-doing man; and I began to perceive a very deep meaning in the truism of "something being better than nothing."

That this holds of reductions in hours of work has become a truism among trade unionists, who recognize that any reduction of hours of work eventually, though not perhaps immediately, results in a readjustment of wages, whether week-workers or piece-workers or both be involved, till the original money wage at any rate is reached, supposing, of course, that no other influence enters in as an element to lessen rates of pay.

"It is a truism to assert," said he, "that labour extorted by fear of punishment is insufficient and unproductive"; yet some people can be driven by the lash to accomplish what no feasible payment would have induced them to undertake.

"We hold these truths to be self-evident": it was the fanaticism of truism.

This may seem a truism which everybody is willing to accept without demur.

It is a truism in free governments that laws rest upon public opinion, and fall powerless before its determined opposition.

Surely it is a truism that that is the price of all progress; saner conceptionsman's recognition of his mistakes, whether those mistakes take the form of cannibalism, slavery, torture, superstition, tyranny, false laws, or what you will.

That we ought to act in accordance with these opinions, and that we are acting wrongly if we act in opposition to them, is a truism.

Axiom, truism. Baffle, balk, bar, check, embarrass, foil, frustrate, hamper, hinder, impede, retard, thwart.

The word "hardship" often repeated by successful artists, is accepted by the public as a truism, which affects their attitude towards the stage as a career about as much as the statement that the world is round, when in their eyes it appears disappointingly flat.

This expresses a truth, but is no more than a truism.

The title of this chapter, A Truism.

The acceptation is so common, it has been so long received as a truism unquestionable as unquestioned, as well in Spain as in Great Britain, of British commerce being one-sided, and carrying a large yearly balance against the Peninsular state, that these figures of relative and approximate quantities can hardly fail to excite a degree of astonishment and of doubt also.

"What a ridiculous truism!" said Nino, laughing outright.

In countries where rain is entirely unknown, it is not a truism to say that 'when it rains it is damp.'

In the former sense it applies alike to man and beast; in the latter it is mere truism to say that it applies to man only.

130 examples of  truism  in sentences