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2107 examples of  trumpet  in sentences

2107 examples of trumpet in sentences

With a small escort Matilda contrives to escape, and passes undiscovered through the royal posts, on a dark and silent night, when no sound is heard but the clang of a trumpet or the challenge of a sentinel.

[-9-] When the signal was raised and the trumpet gave the first call, all the boats joined battle near the land and the infantry force of both alike was marshaled at the very edge of the breakers, so that the spectacle was a most notable one.

They weighed anchor to the sound of the trumpet and with ships in close array drew up their line a little outside the narrows, not advancing any farther: he in turn started out as if to come to close quarters or even make them retire.

Another Chief, followed by the voices of the assembly, repeated, in a low deep tone, which fell on our ears as distinctly as the loudest trumpet-note in the midst of absolute silence, the solemn imprecation "Who denies a brother's need, Who in will, or word, or deed, Breaks the Circle's bounded line, Rends the Veil that guards the Shrine, Lifts the hand to lips that lie, Fronts the Star with soothless eye:.

But the waters, the evidences of their power, that go down the steep and stony ways, the outlets of ice-bordered pools, the young rivers swaying with the force of their running, they sing and shout and trumpet at the falls, and the noise of it far outreaches the forest spires.

" Her voice shook with emotion, and drawing a huge white linen handkerchiefs from the folds of her gown, she cracked it by the corner like a whip, and blew her nose like a trumpet.

It is only like whispering through a long trumpet.

His voice had the dissonance, and at times the inspiriting effect of the trumpet.

My heart then quak'd, then dazzled were mine eyes; One hand forgot to rule, th'other to fight; Nor trumpet's sound I heard, nor friendly cries.

It might have been tuned to the trumpet; or tempered (as himself expresses it) to "trampling horses' feet."

" "Well, no need of bawling it aloud, as if thou wert hailing a Sicilian through thy trumpet, though the fact should be so.

Having some fear of mischief, Barron made some preparation to resist; but it was too late to prepare to cope with the Leopard, which followed close in her wake, and the commander called out through his trumpet:

" With a speaking trumpet, the commodore once more hailed the sloop with: "What sloop is that?" This time he was greeted with a broadside.

He took a ring from his hand and gave it into his hand, and clad him with a double stole furred with bise; and a golden collar he put about his neck, and made him to ascend upon his chair; the second trumpet crying that all men should kneel tofore him, and that they should know him upperest provost of all the land of Egypt.

It was the sound of the battalions marching and charging at the trumpet-command in all the adjoining streets.

Pray, thanke the King, and tell him I am ready To cry a charge; tell him I shall not sleepe Till that which wakens Cowards, trembling with feare, Startles me, and sends brave Musick to mine eare; And that's the Drumme and Trumpet.

And now Aeneas-like let thine own Trumpet Sound forth thy battell with those slavish Moores.

He made a loud trumpet noise and stepped on the Monster's foot.

From the moment that the trumpet sounded, and the guards grew as rigid as the basalt statues in the niches of the columned walls, it was a punishable crime to speak or even to move until Caesar appeared and was seated.

Fairyland never, with its silver-twisted, trumpet-flower-like bugles, rolled such a merry-mournful music to the friendly stars!

The cry had aroused and frightened them as if the trumpet of the last judgment had shaken the world.

can the weak alarm Of women's yells those stubborn souls disarm, Whom nor the sword nor trumpet e'er could fright, Nor the loud din and horror of a fight?

And as the fiery war-horse paws the ground, And snorts and trembles at the trumpet's sound; Transported thus he heard the frantic rout, And raved and maddened at the distant shout.

On the top, between the four pipes, there stood an image of an angel with a trumpet.

Under the tree there was a vault, in which a man was hidden, and from him a pipe ascended to the angel; and when the butler commands to sound the trumpet, the man below blows strongly, and the trumpet emits a shrill sound.

Under the tree there was a vault, in which a man was hidden, and from him a pipe ascended to the angel; and when the butler commands to sound the trumpet, the man below blows strongly, and the trumpet emits a shrill sound.

The Tartarean trumpet, with its hoarse voice, called up the dwellers in everlasting darkness.

When all was ready and the divers had ascended again, the barge in which we were was warped away, and by a galvanic battery in another barge (which we had seen carried there, and whose connection with the barrel we had seen), upon signal given by sound of trumpet, the gunpowder was fired.

There is no artifice that a translator can resort to with less chance of success, than this blowing of the showman's trumpet as he goes on exhibiting the wonders of his original.

You catch sight, it may be, of the head of a tree aloft, blazing with golden trumpet flowers, which is a Poui; and of another lower one covered with hoar-frost, perhaps a Croton; {137c} and of another, a giant covered with purple tassels.

Thus it was not quite so absurd, as was imagined, when the blind man asked if the colour scarlet was like the sound of a trumpet.

[For detection], check, telltale; test &c (experiment) 463; mileage ticket; milliary^. notification &c (information) 527; advertisement &c (publication) 531. word of command, call; bugle call, trumpet call; bell, alarum, cry; battle cry, rallying cry; angelus^; reveille; sacring bell^, sanctus bell [Lat.].

Alarm N. alarm; alarum, larum^, alarm bell, tocsin, alerts, beat of drum, sound of trumpet, note of alarm, hue and cry, fire cross, signal of distress; blue lights; war-cry, war- whoop; warning &c 668; fogsignal, foghorn; yellow flag; danger signal; red light, red flag; fire bell; police whistle.

" Carrying the stocking between them, and followed by all the girls who had been standing around, Sahwah and Miss Judy started for Bedlam to tell Tiny about the panic her hosiery had caused, but halfway to Bedlam the trumpet sounded for dinner and the deputation broke up in a wild rush for the bungalow.

His face is as brazen as his trumpet, and (which is worse) as a fiddler's, from whom he differeth only in this, that his impudence is dearer.

Then when they were in all ways prepared, the marshal of the field blew upon his trumpet a call for the assault.

Hark, the trumpet loudly pealing Knocks the plaster from the ceiling, As there marches on the course The Jumbos of the police-force.

Music nor words, dear reader, can stand me in any stead to convey the sound to you; the first note like the trumpet of a peacock, and the rest the deepest toned thunder.

Then loudly rang the trumpet call; Thundered the cannon from the wall, And shook the Scottish shore; Around the castle eddied slow, Volumes of smoke as white as snow, And hid its turrets hoar; Till they rolled forth upon the air, And met the river breezes there.

Welcome the song that like a trumpet high Lifts the tired head of battle with its cry, Welcome the song that from its morning heights Cheers jaded markets with the health of fields, Brings down the stars to mock the city lights.

Careful as he was to conciliate opposing prejudices, he was yet first in the field, and this motto to the first of his series of Milton papers, Yield place to him, Writers of Greece and Rome, is as the first trumpet note of the one herald on a field from which only a quick ear can yet distinguish among stir of all that is near, the distant tramp of an advancing host.

Around these wonders, as I cast a look, The trumpet sounded, and the temple shook, And all the nations, summoned at the call, From diff'rent quarters, fill the crowded hall: Of various tongues the mingled sounds were heard;

" The Goddess heard, and bade the Muses raise The golden Trumpet of eternal Praise: From pole to pole the winds diffuse the sound That fills the circuit of the world around.

From the black trumpet's rusty concave broke Sulphureous flames, and clouds of rolling smoke; The pois'nous vapour blots the purple skies, And withers all before it as it flies.

Though no sculptured marble may tell the traveller where he may shortly liethough he never trod the thorny road of ambition or powerthough the trumpet of fame never blew the echo of his name through a gaping worldstill those eyes, which will soon be closed in death, may hereafter awake, to behold, undaunted, a world in flames, and these heavens fleeing away.

General Booth has uttered a trumpet-call, the echoes of which will be reverberated through the entire world.

Far away, the trumpet-call of a wild tusker trembled through the moist, hot night; and great bell-shaped flowers made the air pungent and heavy with perfume.

For the time was passing with never the blast of a trumpet from the heavens.

Day after day they sat together here and waited for the sign,for the going down of the sun upon a night when there should be no darkness; when the light should stay until the sun came back over the eastern verge; when the trumpet should wind through the hills, and when the little man's perplexities, if not his punishment, should be at an end.

They made a great noise with a drum and trumpet, and were received everywhere with shouts of laughter.

A youth full of such pure intensity of hope and faith and purpose, what is he but the breath of a resurrection trumpet to us stiffened old fellows, bidding us up out of our clay and earth if we would not be too late?

But all such pacific and only slowly growing Teutonism was brought to a crisis and a decision when the voice of Pitt called us, like a trumpet, to the rescue of the Protestant Hero.

In that day five nations were to partake not of the body, but of the spirit of Poland; and the trumpet of the resurrection of the peoples should be blown from Warsaw to the western isles.

If the bugles of Bonaparte raised the living populace of the passing hour, she could blow that yet more revolutionary trumpet that shall raise all the democracy of the dead.

His elephants twist their trunks, and trumpet to the din of cymbals; negroes feed the flaming candelabra with scattered frankincense; the white oxen of Clitumnus are loaded with gaudy flowers, and the dancing maidens are dishevelled Maenads.

But now the year its race has run, Its promises and labors done; The grave has closed o'er its remains, 'Till the last trumpet breaks its chains; Then must its mysteries be unroll'd, And all its hidden deeds be told.

The device by which Troilus is led to doubt the constancy of Cressida is much less natural than that she should have been actually inconstant; her vindication by suicide is a clumsy, as well as a hackneyed expedient; and there is too much drum and trumpet in the grand finale, where "Troilus and Diomede fight, and both parties engage at the same time.

The Nut-Hatch (Sitta Caroliniensis) is often found among these assemblages, and may be recognized by his piercing trumpet-like note.

" He took some of the cherries and laid them on the table, near his wine-glass; but he had scarcely placed the glass to his lips when the trumpet sounded.

In front of these two, on tall poles, stood the Brazilian and American flags; and at sunrise and sunset the flags were hoisted and hauled down while the trumpet sounded and all of us stood at attention.

Then, with a rush, an immeasurable longing shivers through him like a trumpet call.

Then the trumpet call shivered through these exiles.

And love wall be love until the last trumpet is sounded, and it wall make men and women, lads and lassies, act i' the same daft way it always hasthank God!

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And the startled company, staring about, saw Mr. Hooper stumbling forward in the aisle toward the trumpet.

During the pandemonium, the voice in the trumpet was proceeding quite unperturbed.

" When the room was in a silence so solemn that those present could hear their own hearts beat, the voice the company now recognized as Mr. Edison's came through with trumpet clearness: "I have great admiration and high regard for Marconi, the pioneer inventor of wireless communication.

He stops at the garden gate in the palings before the thatched cottage, delivers his print to the old woman or the child sent out with the copper, and starts again with a flourish of his trumpet.

He is a product of modern days, almost the latest, and as he goes from cottage door to cottage door, the discordant uproar of his trumpet is a sign of the times.

On the 12th of August, 1523, it caused notice to be given, by sound of trumpet, throughout the whole of Paris, that clergy and laymen were to deposit in the keeping of the Palace all Luther's books that they possessed.

And, incontinently, during the two days following, he caused it to be proclaimed by sound of trumpet throughout the cross-roads of the city that if any persons knew who had done it they should make their report and statement to justice and to him, and he would give them a thousand crowns of gold.

Among the leaves of the trumpet-tree, close to his nest, The pea-dove sings, and each note thrills me with strange delight Like the words, wet with music, that well from your trembling throat.