158 examples of trundle in sentences

Such a barking and yelping, and half a dozen dogs rushed on the stage, and didn't they trundle those monkeys about.

long gentyman!"With his hands upon his forehead, he watched the carriage trundle away.

For instance, the four youngest children slept together in one trundle-bed, two at the top and two at the bottom, their feet coming together in the middle.

But Mandoline had left the trundle bed, and was lying on the floor with her guest.

The companion the trundle-bedlittle Kosinawas quite indignant at being deserted, and made a loud outcry, in the hope of attracting her mother's attention.

Mrs. Rosenberg came up and boxed Rosina's ears; and after that the trundle-bed subsided.

The trundle-bed waked up at both ends and screamed; the black and tan dog, who slept under the counter in the store, barked lustily; the parrot in the blue cage called out, "Quit that!

I lying in my trundle-bed.

The "trundle-bed" (or "truckle-bed") was a low bed moving on castors.

Nares, sub "truckle bed" and "trundle bed.

" "So I glad," echoed Charlie, who was snugly tucked into the trundle-bed.

Away thither, and not to the Railway Hotel, they trundle in a flyleaving Mark Armsworth all but angry because they will not sleep, as well as breakfast, lunch, and dine with him daily,and settle in the good old inn, with its three white gables overhanging the pavement, and its long lattice window buried deep beneath them, likeso Stangrave saysto a shrewd kindly eye under a bland white forehead.

Trewe ( = honest) Tripennies Trondling Trouses True man Trundle bed Trunk-hose Tub-hunter ( = parasite) Turnops Two Noble Ladyes.

The next day at twelve o'clock we perceived the spires of Munich, and at two anchored close to one of the bridges from whence, having hired a wheelbarrow to trundle my portmanteau, I repaired to the inn called the Golden CrossZum goldenen Kreutz.

The most unmusical people know that Mozart stands unrivalled among infant prodigies, that he was a pocket-Paderewski, at a period when most children cannot even trundle a hoop, and that he was deep in composition before the usual child is out of kilts.

Here in the winter we used to trundle our hoops; and in the summer stroll about to gather bright berries from the hedges to make chains for the adornment of our bowers.

On those evenings when grandma visited the sick, or went from home on errands, we children were tucked away early in our trundle bed.

"If it wasn't you'd be in your little trundle over there, sleeping like a baby.

At the foot of this, under the other front-window, was the pallet of the nurse, and midway between it and the door through which she peered was the low trundle-bed of the sick child, on which at this moment lay the mother,soon to become a mother again; while at the farther end of the room a candle was burning dimly upon the hearth.

Mammy, good old soul! watched me narrowly, not having been let into the secret of my laudable resolve; and while she supposed that I had fallen into a restless slumber, I was in reality tossing about on my trundle bed, suffering the tantalizing pains of hunger.

They had a bunk up side the wall and a trundle bed.

When we got up in the morning we shoved the trundle bed back under the big bed.

Our beds were trundle beds with wheels on them to push them under the big beds.

But true to my principles I felt that I would make no matches nor break none, but would only smooth the path for True Love to trundle along in.

I'll soon trundle you home.

158 examples of  trundle  in sentences