548 examples of trusties in sentences

I will lay by my trusty bow and eke my arrows, and if thou darest abide my coming, I will go and cut a cudgel to test thy manhood withal.

Meanwhile, also, quite still stood the stranger, holding his bow in his hand, while one could count five; then he drew his trusty yew, holding it drawn but a moment, then loosed the string.

For seven days and nights they hunted through the forest glades, but never saw so much as a single man in Lincoln green; for tidings of all this had been brought to Robin Hood by trusty Eadom o' the Blue Boar.

Kurt saw Jerry, a trusty and long-tried employee, rather unceremoniously break away from these strangers.

When he had proceeded such a distance through the forest as to feel sure that he should not, by turning to the right, cross the route of any of the other Chiefs, he dismissed all his followers, except two of the most trusty and confidential.

Why, then, of course, I discharged Rudolph's gatekeeper, put a trusty of my own in his place, sent out to hire a diver, and turned all hands to hunting.

So he arose, girt on his trusty sword,

A trusty friend is tried in time of need; But I, when she in danger was of death, And needed me, and cried, Segasto, help!

Ah, Tremelio, trusty Tremelio!

"This valiant and trusty people," said Czar Alexander I., when winding up the Diet of Borgo, "will bless Providence for establishing the present order of things.

Stern action is required on out part if we are to make any headway with ourselves and make any impression upon the officials that they are not to consider themselves as masters of the people but as their trusties and servants who cannot hold office if they misbehave themselves and prove unworthy of the trust reposed in them.

Yet let me search my conscience for it first: My dog's my servant, faithful, trusty, true; But Warman was a traitor to his lord, A reprobate, a rascal and a Jew, Worser than dogs, of men to be abhorr'd!

When the parent or some trusty and confidential friend can, without the aid of interested spies and emissaries, have an eye to the general treatment, and especially to the moral management, it should be done; for even the best nurses may so differ in their principles, manners and habits from the parent, that the latter would deem it preferable to withdraw the child, and resort at once to feeding.

If the demand is repeated, they readily procure some trusty sycophant to maintain a charge of poison or magic against the insolent creditor, who is seldom released from prison until he has signed a discharge of the whole debt.

INGENIOSO. Is not here a trusty dog, that dare bark so boldly at the moon? PHILOMUSUS.

Who can observe the careful ant, And not provide for future want? 40 My dog (the trustiest of his kind)

And as for thee, she knew thee for a trusty lad, who would not do such things himself, nor yet stand by whilst others did them.'

I gladly entertain'd him, Who was glad to follow; and have got The trustiest, loving'st, and the gentlest boy, That ever Master kept: Him will I send To wait on you, and bear our hidden love.

It was on a pleasant autumn morning that Mr Brandon very carefully ensconced his niece in the family carriage, with Peggy and a trusty negro man, Sam, on the outside front seat.

Your faithful TRUSTY TOMKINS

Warwick and his brother gained the shelter of a neighbouring wood, where a trusty band of the earl's northern archers had been stationed.

The King established as far from Paris as possible, Lafayette was to arrange a manoeuvre of his troops at a point near the royal residence, and once arrived there, he was to rapidly and secretly march the trustiest of his regiments to the King's rescue, surround the palace, and call upon the army for a new oath of fidelity to the monarch and constitution.

In 1044 the young duke was at Valognes; when suddenly, at midnight, one of his trustiest servants, Golet, his fool, such as the great lords of the time kept, knocked at the door of his chamber, crying, "Open, open, my lord duke: fly, fly, or you are lost.

A large number of men convicted of murder are used as "trusties" in our penal institutions, even when their imprisonment is for a long term, or for life.

But bid two of the trustiest of the household hold themselves in readiness without, and if I strike upon the bell to rush in upon the instant.

548 examples of  trusties  in sentences