285 examples of truthfulness in sentences

"That little boy, relying in his simple faith upon the wisdom and truthfulness of his father, believed for a long time, that the weathercock on the top of the barn, could bring the cold north, or the warm south wind, by turning upon its perch.

Patience and good temper are indispensable qualities; truthfulness, purity of manners, minute cleanliness, and docility and obedience, almost equally so.

"Time," according to the old proverb, "is money;" and it may also, in many cases, and with equal truthfulness, be said to be life; for a few moments, in great emergencies, often turn the balance between recovery and death.

How does it compare with Scott's romances in style, in plot, in interest, and in truthfulness to life?

"I don't know anything about her," Nick answered with a ring of truthfulness in his voice which Carmen's keen ears accepted.

But, indeed, we need only point to Queen Victoria herself, her strong but narrow nature torn by the false ideal which made her protest that no good woman was fit to reign, while all the time she was reigning with a persistent industry, a mastery of detail, and a truthfulness of dealing rare among any rulers, and at intervals illuminated by sudden glory.

Her stories are so natural, and are told with such truthfulness, that the reader becomes completely captivated.

I began to hate her,to hate her for her goodness, her gentleness, her truthfulness, her fidelity,to hate her because she dared make such an avowal, and because it was true.

We almost long for a little exaggeration and improbability to relieve us of that sense of dead truthfulness which weighs down our hearts, not for the Amelias and Georges of the story, but for poor kindred human nature.

In one light this truthfulness is even an objection.

He is a dark, strange-looking manstrong and largeof the brigand stamp, with fine eyes and lowering browsblunt and sarcastic in his manners, with a kind of misanthropical frankness, which seems based upon utter contempt for his fellow-creatures and a surly truthfulness which is more rudeness than honesty.

Through a motive of truthfulness he became false.

They will give a man credit, when his life is one manly testimony to the truthfulness of his lips.

This is substantially the same account as has been given on a former page, the verbiage differing slightly, and the remark regarding truthfulness will apply to it as well as to the other.

The narrative is given in its entirety, not only on account of its careful attention to details, but from its known truthfulness of description.

Holbein was a great colorist, and imitated all the rich and tender hues of Nature, in their delicate and almost imperceptible gradations, with a minute truthfulness which is quite marvellous.

The grim monarch sat to a painter who not only added to the truthfulness of his portrait the charm of poetic feeling, but the magic touch of whose pencil made his dry bones live.

By clearer and deeper truthfulness to let us see what the real facts of the case are, that is all; but that is very hard, so hard that it can be brought about by no other than the Almighty Holy Ghost.

And he addressed the following words to Lomasa, 'O thou whose strength lieth in truthfulness!

"Jimmie never realises how things will sound, or I think he wouldn'tor I don't know" She hesitated between her desire to clear Jimmie and her absolute truthfulness.

Her highest qualities, as Albert inventoried them, were good sense, good taste, and absolute truthfulness and simplicity of character.

But more than that was he moved by her diligent management of the household, her unwearying patience with the querulous and feeble-minded sick woman, her tact and common-sense, and especially the entire truthfulness of her character.

Nothing is like it used to be, poaching nor anything else; but that there man you might ha' noticed as went out about ten minutes ago and called me "Old Truthfulness" as 'e passed is the worst one I know.

" There is a very general belief that success in politics and truthfulness are incompatible, yet, as already shown, Washington prospered in politics, and the Rev. Mason L. Weems is authority for the popular statement that at six years of age George could not tell a lie.

To affirm is "to assert on one's reputation for knowledge or truthfulness."

285 examples of  truthfulness  in sentences
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