78 examples of trysted in sentences

We were trysted to be back an hour before sundown, and if some one of us did not find food we should go supperless.

It's my concern as much as yours, for I brought you here, and I'm trysted with Lawrence to take back word.

On the road we met many bands of Indians hastening to the trysting-place, for the leader had flung his outposts along the whole base of the range, and the chief warriors returned to the plateau for the last ritual.

On this account it is held highly dangerous to gather even a leaf "from certain old and solitary thorns which grow in sheltered hollows of the moorlands," for these are the trysting-places of the fairy race.

ROBERT BURNS MARY MORISON O Mary, at thy window be; It is the wished, the trysted hour!

But a' the niest week as I petted wi' care, I gaed to the tryste o' Dalgarnock, And wha

Tryste, appointment, fair.

Focus N. focus; point of convergence &c 290; corradiation^; center &c 222; gathering place, resort haunt retreat; venue; rendezvous; rallying point, headquarters, home, club; depot &c (store) 636; trysting place; place of meeting, place of resort, place of assignation; point de reunion; issue.

I was confounded, but at length it came out that she had accidentally opened a letter that had come from London for Kate, that she had read it, by which she came to know that Kate and her darling son were trysted, and that this was not the first love-letter which had passed between them.

'Forst' is the name it bears; Brilliant the fame it wears; Thither,our trysting place, Ride at your swiftest pace; Come to my fond embrace!

So, had any luckless intruder chanced to discover Zelma's trysting-place, thrown open to the world the hidden romance in which she took such shy and secret delight, and handled in idle gossip the delicate joys and fragile hopes of young love, it is more than likely that she would have been frightened away from bower and lane, shocked and disenchanted.

And some shall seek their mothers' faces, And some shall run to trysting-places, And some to towns, and others yet Shall find great forests in their debt.

Ye winna meet with Robin Oig again either at tryste or fair.

"Adzooks!" exclaimed the bailiff"sure Harry Wakefield, the nattiest lad at Whitson Tryste, Wooler Fair, Carlisle Sands, or Stagshaw Bank, is not going to show white feather?

I found amusement in alternately exciting and lulling to sleep the causeless fears of my timorous companion, who tried in vain to induce a Scotchman with whom we dined in Darlington to ride with him, because the landlord informed us "that for as peaceable a gentleman as Mr. Campbell was, he was, moreover, as bold as a lionseven highwaymen had he defeated with his single arm, as he came from Whitson tryste.

Grizel's arms rocked with delight in the dark, and she was on her way to the Cuttle Well, the trysting-place, before she came to and saw with consternation that Tommy had been ordering her about.

The lad, being on his guard, might get rid of her attentions by playing a trick on her, making a bogus appointment with her in the bush, and then informing the elder men, who would appear in his place at the trysting-place, to the girl's mortification.

The Isle of Cyprus was the trysting-place appointed for all the forces of the expedition.

there was Michael Texel come all the way to the Red Tower for me, though it was by his own trysting that we had agreed to meet at the inn of the White Swan.

And see it as a secret business I didfor what else could it be that would make two men meet near an old ruin at midnight, when in a town where, at any rate, one of them was a stranger, and the other probably just as much so, they could have met by broad day at a more convenient trysting-place without anybody having the least concern in their doings?

Englishmen, Frenchmen, and Hollanders made of the Antilles their trysting-ground for the purpose of preying upon the common enemy.

That is our trysting-place.

An hour later I sent Mount out to make a circle of a mile, strike the Iroquois trail and hang to it till dark, following any traveller, white or red, who might be likely to lead him towards the secret trysting-place of the False-Faces.

"I've found the False-Faces' trysting-place," said Mount, eagerly, as I came up.

he roused to follow Jack Mount, who, at a sign from me, had started across the dark hill-side to guide us to the trysting-place of the False-Faces' clan.

78 examples of  trysted  in sentences