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278 example sentences with  tuberculosis

278 example sentences with tuberculosis

On account of this sudden change of the Negroes from one climate to another and the hardships of more unrelenting toil, many of them have been unable to resist pneumonia, bronchitis and tuberculosis.

"That means tuberculosis, I suppose," she said.

"But they say he has tuberculosis.

There is one inevitable result of this condition, and that is tuberculosis of the bone.

SPENCER, FRANK ROBERT. Laryngeal tuberculosis; with a chapter on Gross postmortem <pb id='288.png' /> and microscopic pathology, by Philip Hillkowitz.

Tuberculosis and genius.


LONG, ESMOND R. Tuberculosis: its cause and prevention.

Tuberculosis and genius.

Familial susceptibility to tuberculosis; its importance as a public health problem.

Young Cotter attended Fisk University but left in his second year because he had developed tuberculosis.

After riding up Perilous Creek a short distance, they crossed Tudor Mountain, and then followed the headwaters of Clinch down to Skain's Fork, where in a forlorn little district-school-house the trained nurse gave a talk on the causes and prevention of tuberculosis, the spitting of tobacco-juice over the floor by teacher and pupils abating somewhat as she proceeded.

We have come to think that man's control over nature has to take the general form which our industrial arts illustrate, and which our recent contests with disease, such as the wars with tuberculosis and with yellow fever, exemplify.

You must, for instance, fight tuberculosis not by prayer, but by knowing the conditions that produce it and the natural processes that tend to destroy its germs.

Out of a thousand men and boys, a certain percentage must commit these crimes just as a certain percentage must die of tuberculosis.

It is not many years since physicians and communities believed that tuberculosis was inherited.

It required the sacrifice of many lives and the careful investigation of scientists to discover that tuberculosis was the result of germs, generally accompanied by an impoverished system.

Many poor people die of tuberculosis, for instance, where the well-to-do would live.

Tuberculosis and insanity, for instance, take their greatest toll in the period of adolescence between fifteen and twenty-five years, just as crime does, and the percentage of both begins falling off rapidly after thirty.

It may well be that he has been saved from prison by dying early of tuberculosis.

Social conditions result in an extraordinary percentage of tuberculosis and lunacy, and in a baby shortage in Ireland.

Ireland's tuberculosis rate is higher than that of most of the countries in the "civilized" world.

Through Sir William Thompson, registrar-general of Ireland, I was given much material about tuberculosis in Ireland.

An international pre-war chart showed Ireland fourth on the tuberculosis listit was exceeded only by Austria, Hungary, and Servia.

During the war, Ireland's tuberculosis mortality rate showed a tendency to increase; in 1913, her death list from tuberculosis was 9,387 and in 1917 it was 9,680.

During the war, Ireland's tuberculosis mortality rate showed a tendency to increase; in 1913, her death list from tuberculosis was 9,387 and in 1917 it was 9,680.

Emigration is heat to the tuberculosis thermometer.

Numbers of the 50,000 annual migrants from the west coast of Ireland to the English harvests return to nurse the tuberculosis they contracted across the channel.

The Irish wage causes tuberculosis to mount higher.

Dr. Andrew Trimble, chief tuberculosis officer for Belfast, comments on the fact that the sex affected proves that economic conditions are to blame.

Dr. Trimble writes: "In Belfast and in Ireland generally more females suffer from tuberculosis than males.

and it would be necessary to go back over twenty-five years to come to a point where the mortality from tuberculosis among women equalled that now obtaining with us.

It would seem that the hardships associated with poor economic conditionsinsufficient wages, bad housing and want of fresh air, good food and sufficient clothingtell more heavily on the female than on the male, and with the march of progress and better conditions of living ... tuberculosis amongst women is automatically reduced."

The Irish wage must choose a tuberculosis incubator for a home.

In one-room homes tuberculosis breeds fast.

A table from the dispensary for tuberculosis patients, an institution built in Dublin as a memorial to the American, P.F. Collier, shows that out of 1,176 cases 676 came from one-room homes.

Bread-and-tea, and bread-and-tealess families get on the calling list of tuberculosis nurses.

[Footnote 1: "Ireland's Crusade Against Tuberculosis."

[Footnote 3: "Ireland's Crusade Against Tuberculosis."

[Footnote 4: "Report of Chief Tuberculosis Officer of Belfast for the Three Years Ended 31 March, 1917."

Nor that the low pay of the workers made them easy prey to tuberculosis.

From this time until her death her journal is largely occupied with her health, which constantly failed, but her interest in art and her intense desire to do something worthy of a great artistsomething that Julian, Robert-Fleury, and, above all, Bastien-Lepage, could praise, seemed to give her strength, and, in spite of the steady advance of the fell tuberculosis from which she was dying, she worked devotedly.

Not infrequently a young girl contracts tuberculosis and dies before one realizes that she is ill.

One interesting special library is circulated in Massachusetts and Rhode Island in behalf of the anti-tuberculosis movement.

Something like forty of the best books on health, and on the prevention and cure of tuberculosis, are included.

This library, with a pretty complete tuberculosis exhibit, is sent around, and is shown by the local clubs of each town.

that in trades which involve a great mass of the people, or affect the whole community, or particularly where there are definite dangers, such as noxious vapors or tuberculosis-breeding dust, it will be constitutional, as it is common sense, to limit the conditions and even the hours of labor of women or men, as well as children.

Fowls poorly fed and allowed wide range are far from cleanly in their habits of eating; in fact, they are largely scavengers, and through the food they pick up, often become infested with internal parasites, and affected with tuberculosis and other diseases which are liable to be communicated to those who eat their flesh.

Without debating the matter, the doctor merely asserted that this radical change was, in his eyes, a question of life or death, a question of health or insanity possibly complicated in the near future by tuberculosis.

Should the Maoris die out, the medical verdict might be summed up in the one word tuberculosis.

In the little circle to which I was introduced in Strassburg I talked with one sorrowing woman, who said that her son, obviously in an advanced state of tuberculosis, had been called up in spite of protests.

About one out of every 10 of these people died from tuberculosis.

About this time the boy was diagnosed with tuberculosis.

A lifetime's heavy drinking of alcohol and cigarettes made Hammett's tuberculosis worse.

Katherine soon got tuberculosis, and died in January 1568.

Many people around the world have infections of M. tuberculosis without showing any signs of it.

During this exile, Quezon became ill with tuberculosis, and later he died of it.

He was a disabled veteran of World War I, and a victim of tuberculosis, but he was allowed to join.

His wife died of tuberculosis in 1856.

Bruwer says certain factors put people at higher risk of infection, including diabetes, chronic lung diseases, asthma or previous structural lung diseases (tuberculosis).

CNN reported that Fineberg insisted, however, that the coronavirus isn't as infectious as tuberculosis or measles.

HUANG: He says the study shows that it's possible to consistently prime immune systems to prevent tuberculosis infections.

I stumbled on all this information recently as I was reading about tuberculosis and its world of coughing, collapsed lungs, sputum, and sanatoria.

Among opportunistic infections, tuberculosis, multidermatomal herpes zoster, esophageal candidiasis, pneumocystosis, acute histoplasmosis, cryptococcosis, cytomegalovirus and BK virus were reported with Olumiant.

It was inspired in the 1800s by the observation that milkmaids did not develop tuberculosis.

Scientists that deaths related to HIV could increase by 10%, tuberculosis by up to 20% and malaria by 36% over the next five years.

So it was no surprise that, in addition to treating cancer, physicians in the early twentieth century experimented with using radium for hypertension, diabetes, arthritis, rheumatism, gout, and tuberculosis.

Some of the most devastating plagues in history have been yellow fever, tuberculosis, cholera, bubonic plague, smallpox and influenza, all of which were appropriately described as pandemics.

The community representatives also urged the government to ensure uninterrupted supply of all essential medication to transgender persons, including ART medicine, tuberculosis care and treatment, hormone therapy and other gender-affirming procedures.

The health minister stated that intensive care units were ready in Gwagwalada and National Hospital, both in Abuja, for those who may have complications, especially those with the underlying illnesses like Tuberculosis, HIV, cancer, and also the elderly.

This caused Essex and his protégé Oscar Kashala to warn that tests for HIV “should be interpreted with caution when screening individuals with tuberculosis or other mycobacterial species.”

This is largely driven by social and environmental factors slowing the transmission, and a younger population that has benefitted from the control of communicable diseases such as HIV and tuberculosis to reduce possible vulnerabilities.

“Within the next two or three weeks, the over 300 Gene Xpert machines that are used for tuberculosis diagnosis will be converted to be used for COVID-19 detection.

By the early 1880s, tuberculosis emerged as a full blown epidemic among the Indians of the plains.

Challenges, particularly HIV infection and tuberculosis, still remain and grow as the wily microbials continually change and fortify their armour.

DESIGN: Cross-sectional survey using a hospital-based tuberculosis surveillance program.

He is sure the most acute problem today is the treatment of tuberculosis diseased persons, coming out from the places of detention.

He relieved everyone of the embarrassment by stating that he had recently been discovered to have pulmonary tuberculosis.

Hershfield E. The role and tasks of the anti-tuberculosis associations: the Canadian Lung Association and International Health.

In 1952, an Inuit hunter with tuberculosis leaves his northern home and family to go recuperate at a sanatorium in Quebec City.

In 1962, shortly after her debut at Carnegie Hall, she was diagnosed with tuberculosis and spent six months recuperating in a sanatorium.

March 24 is World Tuberculosis Day.

Mr. Speaker, today is World TB Day, an international call to action, to mobilize political commitment to reduce the burden of tuberculosis.

Parenterally administered Mycobacterium bovis BCG vaccine confers only limited immune protection from pulmonary tuberculosis in humans.

Recommendations for prevention and control of tuberculosis among foreign-born persons.

Since its inception at the Genoa Summit, G8 countries have pledged US$3.2 billion to the Global Fund to fight HIV/AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria over a five-year period.

The bill's purpose was to provide drugs to those developing countries that might be facing issues related to HIV-AIDS, tuberculosis, malaria and other types of diseases that were affecting civil society.

The first headmaster of Bishop Feild College to be born and educated in Newfoundland and Canada, Edgar House spent the final 24 years of his working life at the Newfoundland Tuberculosis Association (now the Lung Association of NL).

There have been reports of transmission of tuberculosis in the dental setting.

The Whitehern archive is a valuable area for cultural research into Victorian attitudes toward eugenics and various illnesses such as mental disease and tuberculosis.

The World Health Organization declared TB a global health emergency in 1993, and the Stop TB Partnership proposed a Global Plan to Stop Tuberculosis which aims to save 14 million lives between 2006 and 2015.

They discuss the developments in the treatment and prevention of tuberculosis, the establishment of sanataria, and the role the Red Cross, Public Health nurses and other groups played in this development.

Tuberculosis evidence review 1. Review of barriers and facilitators.

Tuberculosis in young adults and the elderly.

Tuberculosis is a density-dependent disease in ruminants, since close contact promotes successful transmission, mainly by the respiratory route, or by ingestion (Radostits et al., 1994).

Tuberculosis is also common.

"Tuberculosis is a serious issue, yes," Beiser says.

Tuberculosis is less contagious than many other infectious diseases and generally, only close, prolonged contact with an infected person poses a potential risk of infection.

Tuberculosis nurses employed under the Board of Health.

Tuberculosis, or 'consumption' as it was commonly known, caused the most widespread public concern in the 19th and early 20th centuries as an endemic disease of the urban poor.