129 examples of tuberculosis in sentences

On the other hand, they said, anemias, tuberculosis, hemophilias, scrofulas occurred more among the lymphatic type.

Bean showed, too, that the hypers (to use a short word to contrast with the mesos) were present to the extent of almost a hundred per cent in a series of tuberculosis, and about ninety per cent in a series of central nervous system disease.

" Tuberculosis had entered our home.

So long as Pasteur and his disciples had not given to the world their discovery of the pathogenic microbes of all infectious diseases, such as typhoid fever, cholera, diphtheria, tuberculosis, etc, more or less absurd remedies were demanded of the science of medicine.

At the time of our visit there were six lying-down cases in the infirmary; two with tuberculosis in the first stage (prisoners captured recently at El Arish); one with diarrhoea; one with conjunctivitis; one with malaria; and one with a wounded leg.

From Dysentery 45 " Tuberculosis 9 " Beri-beri 1 " Malaria 1 " War wounds 9 " Typhoid fever 1 - 66 === In addition, one German prisoner died of pneumonia.

Eleven cases of tuberculosis were sent into the Egyptian Red Cross hospitals and to that at Abbassiah.

An early case of tuberculosis, without Koch's bacillus in the sputa, was cured.

There are 4 prisoners now in hospital: 1 eye case, 1 of tuberculosis, 1 of bronchitis, and 2 feverish patients under observation.

One had tumour on the brain, 2 chronic enteritis, 1 tuberculosis, and 1 an intestinal obstruction.

The health of the individual at this time is usually good; susceptibility to the diseases peculiar to childhood is slight, but there is increased danger of acquiring adult diseases, and some writers claim that it is during this time, when there are great physical disturbances, that the germ of many adult diseases, such as tuberculosis, are apt to be implanted.

He also suffered, says the same writer, the symptoms that accompany tuberculosis.

On account of this sudden change of the Negroes from one climate to another and the hardships of more unrelenting toil, many of them have been unable to resist pneumonia, bronchitis and tuberculosis.

The Modern attack on tuberculosis.

V A will train former servicemen who are affected by tuberculosis, compatible with their physical capacities.

Fight against tuberculosis advanced to training state.

After riding up Perilous Creek a short distance, they crossed Tudor Mountain, and then followed the headwaters of Clinch down to Skain's Fork, where in a forlorn little district-school-house the trained nurse gave a talk on the causes and prevention of tuberculosis, the spitting of tobacco-juice over the floor by teacher and pupils abating somewhat as she proceeded.

A change of even the slightest factor of environment might have saved the victim from hanging, so that he could die a respectable and peaceful death from tuberculosis or cancer.

Out of a thousand men and boys, a certain percentage must commit these crimes just as a certain percentage must die of tuberculosis.

" I went with him towards the wagon, and there beheld the sad spectacle of a youth in the last stages of tuberculosis.

Samuel Hopkins Adams, a new member of the staff, will write on Modern Surgery, Tuberculosis, Typhoid Fever, and Pneumonia.

I've been at the government tuberculosis hospital at Fort Bayard, New Mexico, for a year.

The prevalence of tuberculosis and its cure by fresh air seems to indicate this.

Tuberculosis U U.S. Bureau of Labor Unrest, domestic Unsanitary Utopian V Veblen Ventilation Village houses influx from W Wage-earners Waste, conspicuous Watchword of the future Water,

The death of the two brothers of the young scientist from tuberculosis, and the physician's report that he himself was threatened by the dread malady, forced a change in his plans and withdrew him from an atmosphere which was so favorable to the development of his great ideas.

129 examples of  tuberculosis  in sentences
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