129 examples of tuberculosis in sentences

The germ of pulmonary consumption, known as the bacillus tuberculosis, is contained in the breath and the sputa from the lungs of its victims.

Example of a Micro-OrganismBacillus Tuberculosis in Spotum.

At the time of our visit there were six lying-down cases in the infirmary; two with tuberculosis in the first stage (prisoners captured recently at El Arish); one with diarrhoea; one with conjunctivitis; one with malaria; and one with a wounded leg.

From Dysentery 45 " Tuberculosis 9 " Beri-beri 1 " Malaria 1 " War wounds 9 " Typhoid fever 1 - 66 === In addition, one German prisoner died of pneumonia.

Eleven cases of tuberculosis were sent into the Egyptian Red Cross hospitals and to that at Abbassiah.

An early case of tuberculosis, without Koch's bacillus in the sputa, was cured.

There are 4 prisoners now in hospital: 1 eye case, 1 of tuberculosis, 1 of bronchitis, and 2 feverish patients under observation.

One had tumour on the brain, 2 chronic enteritis, 1 tuberculosis, and 1 an intestinal obstruction.

Tuberculosis is fairly common, its prevalence undoubtedly caused by the living conditions practiced among the highlanders, who are unwilling to sleep in a room which is not tightly closed and protected against any possible intrusion of fresh air.

In the warmer valleys, where bodily comfort has led the natives to use huts of thatch and open reeds, instead of the air-tight hovels of the cold, bleak plateau, tuberculosis is seldom seen.

The health of the individual at this time is usually good; susceptibility to the diseases peculiar to childhood is slight, but there is increased danger of acquiring adult diseases, and some writers claim that it is during this time, when there are great physical disturbances, that the germ of many adult diseases, such as tuberculosis, are apt to be implanted.

LONG, ESMOND R. Tuberculosis: its cause and prevention.

Laryngeal tuberculosis; with a chapter on Gross postmortem <pb id='288.png' /> and microscopic pathology, by Philip Hillkowitz.

Tuberculosis and genius.

Familial susceptibility to tuberculosis; its importance as a public health problem.

The Modern attack on tuberculosis.

Fight against tuberculosis advanced to training state.

Laryngeal tuberculosis; with a chapter on Gross postmortem <pb id='288.png' /> and microscopic pathology, by Philip Hillkowitz.

Both are beautiful, but to a doctor, or to anyone else who knows the deadliness and horrors of tuberculosis, the beauty of the consumptive girl's eyes will seem uncanny, like the charm of a snake, and it will inspire pity, which in this case is not akin to love, but fatal to it.

No scientist can tell us how small-pox or tuberculosis or rheumatism first entered the world; but any scientist can tell us that by wrong living, wrong housing, wrong feeding, we can breed and spread and perpetuate disease.

James A. LeRoy, my faithful, able and efficient private secretary, contracted tuberculosis, and fell a victim to it after a long and gallant fight.

I've been at the government tuberculosis hospital at Fort Bayard, New Mexico, for a year.

Without debating the matter, the doctor merely asserted that this radical change was, in his eyes, a question of life or death, a question of health or insanity possibly complicated in the near future by tuberculosis.

The death of the two brothers of the young scientist from tuberculosis, and the physician's report that he himself was threatened by the dread malady, forced a change in his plans and withdrew him from an atmosphere which was so favorable to the development of his great ideas.

Should the Maoris die out, the medical verdict might be summed up in the one word tuberculosis.

129 examples of  tuberculosis  in sentences