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636 examples of  tuft  in sentences

636 examples of tuft in sentences

In autumn, when the colors are ripe, the whole circular grove, at a little distance, looks like a big handful of flowers set in a cup to be kept fresha tuft of goldenrods.

Even in the case of mere stumps, burned half through, some mere ornamental tuft will try to go aloft and do its best as a leader in forming a new head.

After cautiously casting about, I made choice of the tallest of a group of Douglas Spruces that were growing close together like a tuft of grass, no one of which seemed likely to fall unless all the rest fell with it.

He was standing bolt upright with his back to the wind, a tuft of snow piled on his square shoulders, a monument of passive endurance.

With shirt unbuttoned and with collar off, And cap on eyes, at beating of the drums, He shows his tuft denuded all of hair.

The tail, about seven inches long, ends in a tuft of stiff hairs.

The face and legs are black, or sometimes mottled, the horns spiral, and on the top of the forehead it has a small round tuft of lighter-coloured wool than on the face; has the muzzle and lips of the same light hue, and what shepherds call a mealy mouth; the eye is full of vivacity and fire, and well open; the body long, round, and firm, and the limbs robust.

Here was an accumulation of soil worn down from the granite above, and here, an odd, isolated tuft of scrawny verdure, grew a small grove of trees, stunted pine and scraggling brush.

'She watched a long tuft of clover, Where rabbit or hare never ran; For its black sour haulm covered over The blood of a murdered man.

" 'She looked at the tuft of clover, And wept till her heart grew light; And at last, when her passion was over, Went wandering into the night.

Here she at once undressed the wet boy, wound him closely in a large blanket so that nothing was to be seen of him besides a tuft of yellow, curly hair, put him in bed with the heavy cover far above his head, for, "getting him warm is the principal thing for the little boy," she kept on saying to herself.

This latter characteristic is emphasized by a thick tuft of hair which stands erect on the dorsal ridge just over the shoulders.

As she made her appearance I could not help being greatly impressed by the massive head and high shoulders on which stood the pronounced tuft of hair.

If Tuft and Josephine had not been so eager to impute every sort of misconduct to runaways, they would have foreseen this natural event.

At the bottom of his heart, Tuft was glad that there had been no reconciliation.

While, with these bitter thoughts in his head, Tuft was composing his sermon Josephine was writing a dastardly letter.

"God's way with sinners," said Tuft, "may seem cruel, but it is really kind and merciful.

" As soon as Tuft uttered these words he felt the sheer brutality of them.

" "You are not yourself, Josephine," said Tuft, rising up, and dressing himself hastily.

" Tuft did not dare do this himself, but he got his doctor to approach Kallem, who made an appointment to examine the child early next morning.

IV.The Reconciliation That night, over the body of the sleeping child, Ole Tuft at last dealt sternly and truly with himself.

At the third refusal Tuft understood.

It was Ole Tuft.

She began with fingers that trembled to pluck the primroses that grew in a large tuft close to her, saying no word.

One she called Moon Lady, because she often wanders away at night; another the Crown Wearer, because of a peculiar tuft upon her head.

They might be fancied to have grown up, just as the spires of a tuft of grass do, at the same time that they have a law of propriety and regularity among themselves.

An illustration that has been put forward, as involving a nice question in the treatment of an animal, is that of going toward a loose horse with a proffered tuft of grass in one hand, and a halter for his capture concealed behind the back in the other hand.

A very nice ride, cool, and through a succession of crops of millet; a stiff, reedy stem, some twelve or fourteen feet high, with a tuft on the top, is the physiognomy of the millet stalk.

Or, again, far away to the extreme right, between the flat tops of the great Saman-avenue at the barracks and the wooded mountain-spurs which rush down into the sea, the islands of the Bocas floating in the shining water, and beyond them, a cloud among the clouds, the peak of a mighty mountain, with one white tuft of mist upon its top.

Now the path was lost, having vanished in the six months' growth of weeds; and we had to beat about for it over fallen logs, through tangles of liane and thickets of the tall Arouma, {221} a cane with a flat tuft of leaves atop, which is plentiful in these dark, damp, northern slopes.

Above the medium height, with an erect figure, in a close-fitting uniform buttoned to the chin; with a ruddy face, decorated with close-cut gray side-whiskers, mustache, and tuft on the chin; reserved in manner, brief of speech, without impulses of any description, it seemed, General Johnston's appearance and bearing were military to stiffness; and he was popularly compared to "a gamecock," ready for battle at any moment.

He may pitch on some tuft of lilacs over a burn, and smoke innumerable pipes to the tune of the water on the stones.

I closed my eyes, as if about to roll to the bottom of the abyss, and I gave to my body a violent impulse on the side next to the hacienda, the surface of which offered not a single projection, not a tuft of weeds to check my descent.

The rain drummed on the roof and went hissing along the soaked ground; it sprayed out as the grass bent and parted under it; every hollow tuft was a water spout.

The body is a rich living green, red wings, yellow beak, and black throat; there is a tuft of vivid red as a topknot, and the tail is a brilliant blue;

his career and Novello his marriage his tuft Mary Anne Mary Victoria (nรฉe Novello) Clarkson, Thomas and Catherine.

There is not much beauty about this Chinese tree, for it is but a big spiny stake, with no branches, and a tuft of palm-like foliage at the top.

This is of smaller growth than the latter, rarely exceeding about 6 feet high, with large white flowers that are rendered all the more conspicuous by the tuft of golden stamens.

It was the first time that Elsley had ever seen one of those exquisite zoophytes which stud every rock and every tuft of weed.

Seizing us by the crown-tuft of hair upon our shaven head, he plants the foamy bunch of fibres full in our face.

Assuredly he seemed as though he did both, for he poked his nose into every bush and tuft of moss, and turned over the stones, and dug holes in the groundand, in short, if he did not understand these sciences, he behaved very much as if he did.

The horns are short and thick, the hoofs are cloven, and the tail is short, with a tuft of hair at the extremity.

Again Dick sprang to one side, but in doing so a tuft of grass or a stone caught his foot, and he fell heavily to the ground.

The larches and cedars diminished gradually in size and numbers, until the straggling and stinted tree became a bush, and the latter finally disappeared in the shape of a tuft of pale green, that adhered to some crevice in the rocks like so much moss.

We may notice, moreover, the curious description given of the Franks by Sidoine Apollinaire, who says, "They tied up their flaxen or light-brown hair above their foreheads, into a kind of tuft, and then made it fall behind the head like a horse's tail.

At first, they only left a small tuft on the chin, but by degrees they allowed this to increase, and in the sixth and seventh centuries freemen adopted the usual form of beard.

Not but Axel was a kindly man enough to live with, but miserly; counted his cheeses, and kept good note of every tuft of wool; Oline could not do as she liked with things, not by a long way.

* SKULLNarrow, but deep and rounded; high at the occiput, and covered with a nice silky tuft or topknot.

Now and then his feet brushed through a soft tuft of parsley fern: but soon even that sign of vegetation ceased; his feet only rasped over rough bare rock, and he was alone in a desert of stone.

It might be a hassock of rushes; a tuft of the great water-dock; a dead dog; one of the "hangs" with which the club-water was studded, torn up and stranded: but yet, to Tom, it had not a canny look.

So he ran over the leaves until his eye rested on the description of Queen Guinevere: "She seem'd a part of joyous Spring; A gown of grass-green silk she wore, Buckled with golden clasps before; A light-green tuft of plumes she bore Closed in a golden ring.

Although she stood erect, and looked around her with very bright and restless eyes, she seemed quite old; for her face was crossed and recrossed with a hundred wrinkles, and around the edges of her bonnet could be seen protruding here and there a tuft of short gray wool.

With the rich beauties and the dim obscurities of lines like these, let us contrast the Verses addressed To a Tuft of early Violets by the fastidious author of the Baviad and Mรฆviad.

[Footnote A: What an awkward bed-fellow for a tuft of violets!]

Sumachs and Cornel-bushes have usurped the place of the exotic shrubbery in the old garden; and the only ancient companions of the Poplars, now remaining, are here and there a straggling Lilac or Currant-bush, a tuft of Houseleek, and perhaps, under the shelter of some dilapidated wall, the White Star of Bethlehem is seen meekly glowing in the rude society of the wild-flowers.

He had a tuft of beard on his chin, wore a hat, and had some other traits in his dress and gear which smacked of civilization.

Now, what remains of some of them is even with the ground: others present a stump just high enough to form a seat; and others are perhaps a man's height from the ground; and all are mossy, and with grass and weeds rooted into their chinks, and here and there a tuft of flowers giving its tender little beauty to their decay.

But, Rollo, what is that?" He pointed back, as he said this, to a little tuft floating round and round in a small eddy, made by a turn of the brook, just above where they had crossed.

Now it hid a tuft of foliage, and now it wreathed itself around a horned clump of aloes, and, streaming far down below it in the dimness, made it seem like the goblin robe of some strange, supernatural being.

It is a tuft of moss.

He wore a short tuft of black moustache cut well away from the edge of the red lip, a moustache which oddly accentuated his youth.

Another matter of great importance which the barbers have to do with is a little tuft of hair that is allowed to grow from the top of the head of a child when all the rest of the scalp is shaven.

Beatrice, also, finding that he was going and drawing her after him, for she still held him by the hand, caught hold of a tuft of grass which grew on the edge of the cliff and grasped it convulsively.

In this situation they hung for an instant, suspended over the abyss; but the grass-tuft by which she clung gradually gave way; and in another instant a sullen plunge in the deep waters below told that the loves and miseries of Spinello and Beatrice were ended.

One day, says a Persian poet, I saw a bunch of roses, and in the midst of them grew a tuft of grass.

And I ran to tear away the tuft, when the grass replied: "Spare me!

Here is the star of Bethlehem, wide open in the sunshine and showing so purely white amidst the green, and yonder is the purple fringe-like tuft of the weird muscari.

In quadruped life, it reminds me of a poodle closely shaved all over, except a little tuft at the end of his tail, the sword and the tuft recalling to mind the fact that the respective possessors have been shorn of something.

In quadruped life, it reminds me of a poodle closely shaved all over, except a little tuft at the end of his tail, the sword and the tuft recalling to mind the fact that the respective possessors have been shorn of something.

He was bald, except a tuft on the occiput, or hinder part of his head, and on dress occasions he wore powder.

The sterile fronds may be distinguished from those of the cinnamon fern by not having retained, like those, a tuft of wool at the base of each pinna.

In its crosier stage it is wrapped in wool, which falls away as the fronds expand, but leaves, at the base of each pinna, a tiny tuft, as if to mark its identity.

Columbus was busy trying to unearth a wood-louse that had eluded him in a tuft of grass.

He persevered for a long time, till in fact the tuft of grass was practically demolished, and then at last, failing in his quest, he relinquished the search, and with a deep sigh lay down by her side.

Captain Deadeye was a staid, wall-eyed veteran, with his coat of a regular Rodney cut, broad skirts, long waist, and stand-up collar, over which dangled either a queue, or marlinspike with a tuft of oakum at the end of itit would have puzzled old Nick to say which.

The meadows were of the purest emerald, through which the stream wound its way, with even borders, covered to the water's edge with grass so smooth and velvety, that a fairy might have danced along on it for miles without stumbling over an uneven tuft.

I will pluck all the fur off you except one tuft on the end of your tail.

We have portulaccas, mignonette, white candy-tuft, nasturtiums, eutocas, etc.; and the morning-glories, which are all behindhand, are just beginning to bloom.

For a long time Harry continued his way, leaping lightly from tuft to tuft, where the grass grew thickest, sometimes wading knee-deep in the slush and feeling carefully every foot lest he should get to a depth whence he should be unable to extricate himself.

For a long time Harry continued his way, leaping lightly from tuft to tuft, where the grass grew thickest, sometimes wading knee-deep in the slush and feeling carefully every foot lest he should get to a depth whence he should be unable to extricate himself.

Just as he was thinking whether he had not better stop where he was, and sit down on the firmest tuft he could find and wait for morning, when perhaps the rainstorm might cease and enable him to see where he was, he heard, and at no very great distance, the sudden bray of a donkey.

I never felt much more hopeless, when I thought I should have to pass the night sitting on a tuft of grass with mud and mist all round me, except when I was once nearly baked to death in, company with Prince Rupert.

Just as the sepals open at the tips, and you think they are about to expand, they shrivel and fall away, leaving a tuft of greenish yellow stamens in the center.

"and pink candy-tuft for the border and foxgloves for the back; are those old plants or seedlings?" "Both."

Perhaps it was the short, fur-trimmed dress she wore and the small cap with its tuft of heron plumes, a fashion lately set by the Princess de Lamballe, which gave her that childish air.

A hanging tuft of yellow and red ivy nodded queerly in place of the face, some broken and discoloured masonry in perspective took up the outline and colouring of the arms and figure, and two imperfect red and yellow lichen streaks carried on the curved tracing of the long spindle shanks.

KOLMER, JOHN A. Clinical immunology, biotherapy and chemotherapy, by John A. Kolmer & Louis Tuft.

Louis Tuft (A); 14Jan69; R453413.

TUFT, CARLYN MANASSES, joint author.

The breeding season of the red grouse is very early in spring, and the female deposits her eggs, eight or ten in number, in a high tuft of heather.

He was well dressed, wore gold spectacles, and his scant hair and a tuft of whiskers on either side of his cheeks were snowy white, while his features were regular.

I had already noticed that one of my wife's handsthe one that I had not been holdingwas clenched, and I now observed that it grasped a little tuft of hair.

I drew out a portion of the tuft and looked at it.

Antennae with a stout, short club, more or less mucronate at the apex, the mucro mostly if not always with a tuft of scales at the point, the club sometimes appearing compressed (perhaps from desiccation).

There seems to be a slight difference in the structure of the antennae in this genus, in the first species the club is rounder and less mucronate than in the two following ones, it seems also destitute of the tuft of scales at the point.

Leading my mustang I slowly proceeded across the open, guided by an occasional down-trodden bush or tuft of grass.

The cocoanuts grow in clusters drooping from the tuft of long, fringed leaves which crown the branchless trunk of the stately palm.

On this day likewise they took a bird resembling a heron, of a black colour, with a white tuft on its head, and having webbed feet like a duck.

And so they added William Tuft.

In a moment she drew back with the flower in her hand, to find his cigarette smouldering on a tuft of moss.