2204 examples of tumble in sentences

Pulz was small but nimble, and understood rough and tumble fighting.

I made sure he was going to tumble.

If I worked as hard as he does, I'd be ready to tumble into bed instead of pegging away at Latin and Mathematics.

" "And then another time," said Laura, her eyes twinkling, "she was upstairs straightening up the store-room when she pretended to have a tumble.

Many a merry bout have these frolick beings at the vicissitudes of an ague, and good sport it is to see a man tumble with an epilepsy, and revive and tumble again, and all this he knows not why.

Many a merry bout have these frolick beings at the vicissitudes of an ague, and good sport it is to see a man tumble with an epilepsy, and revive and tumble again, and all this he knows not why.

He lived alone with his grand-daughter and a stable helper in the tumble-down adobe just to the left of the San Lorenzo race track.

But not only the church, but more or less the whole village, seemed in a tumble-down condition, and this appeared to us especially strange, as everywhere around prosperity seemed to reign; and further, since the railway from Pau, which was to be opened this year, appeared nearly completed, the fact of Laruns being the terminus at this end of the valley ought to render it yet more prosperous.

As we looked back from the cascade, which seemed to tumble from the summit of the Pic de Laruns, the clouds gradually rising over the head of the valley disclosed a huge snow mountain

No light matter this which he had undertaken; no battle with a rough-and-tumble fighter who presumed upon a local reputation.

When you tumble from the top, Keep a-goin'! S'pose

And it troubles him that he hath not the like: there is a difference (he grumbles) between Laplolly and Pheasants, to tumble i' th' straw and lie in a down bed, betwixt wine and water, a cottage and a palace.

So the mason who came to mend the broken chimney found himself, much to his surprise, put first at the tumble-down stone pillars of the gateway.

They were pretty evenly matched and a rough-and-tumble fight ensued.

The table was filled with empty cans and tin plates and cracked, oven-stained bowls and iron-handled knives and forks, and the bunk in the corner was a tumble of gray blankets and unpleasant, red-flowered comfortscorner-wads, Charming Billy was used to calling themand for pillows there were two square, calico-covered cushions, depressingly ugly in pattern and not over-clean.

I know they won't give me a pony that will tumble down; and I know that I've told you to look to see that they don't.

The fumes are supposed to ascend to the clouds and stupefy the witches, so that they tumble down to earth.

Oh, I amuse them; they dress me in Ruyven's clothes and have me to winelacking a tenor voice for their songsand at first, long ago, their wine made me stupid, and they found rare sport in baiting me; but now they tumble, one by one, ere the wine's fire touches my face, and father swears there is no man in County Tryon can keep our company o' nights and show a steady pair of legs like mine to bear him bedwards.

Staring through the unwashed window-pane, moodily brooding on what I had learned, I followed impatiently the flight of those small, gray swallows of the North, colorless as shadows, whirling in spirals above the cold chimneys, to tumble in like flakes of gray soot only to drift out again, windblown, aimless, irrational, senseless things.

And to Benny: "If you tumble or fall into any foolishness, see that you squall no louder than a kitten mewing.

" "Quit foolin'," said Elerson, as the two big, over-grown boys seized each other and began a rough-and-tumble frolic.

Butler's is the best done picture of the country, Kennaway's the exactest of the settlers' every-day rough-and-tumble haps and mishaps, and Lady Barker's the brightest.

The red-faced boy rings a huge bell, and we all tumble madly up the narrow stairs to the dining-room, where a score of assorted tourists are seated.

" "And suppose you tumble overboard," said Jone.

" "And seen me tumble into the water and frighten you out of your senses, and there's nothing one loves like a downright pest, especially if she loves us; and I do love you, Mr. Hope, dearly, dearly, and I promise to be a pest to you all your days.

2204 examples of  tumble  in sentences