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2431 example sentences with  tumble

2431 example sentences with tumble

Whistle up the larboard watch, bo'sun, and tumble into the boats, all hands."

There are serenades and suppers and much gallantry among the myrtles overhead; and meanwhile the foundation shudders underfoot, the bowels of the mountain growl, and at any moment living ruin may leap sky-high into the moonlight, and tumble man and his merry-making in the dust.

The costume is not so ancient, but that one may tumble now and then on a country squire who glories in it and denounces us juveniles as 'bears' for want of a similar precision.

It was a husk of a house, open to the sky, backless and front-less, and fit only to tumble down in the next high wind.

What mulct, what penance soever is enjoined, they dare not but do it, tumble with St. Francis in the mire amongst hogs, if they be appointed, go woolward, whip themselves, build hospitals, abbeys, &c., go to the East or West Indies, kill a king, or run upon a sword point: they perform all, without any muttering or hesitation, believe all.

, both advised us to reserve our fire until the enemy should come within range of our revolvers; but their arrows came so thick and fast we decided to give them one more volley from our rifles; this we did, having the good fortune to see two more of the party suddenly tumble from their horses' backs.

To our amazement and delight, we saw one of the number throw his arms up into the air and tumble headlong from his horse to the ground, while the rest instantly scattered; nor did they come together again until they were at least a mile away.

The least thing makes my silly heart tumble about, and if it tumbles too much the pain comes.

San Francisco is too far away to be thought very intelligently, but a great many people regard that home of wealth and elegance as another extreme Western die-in-your-boots, rough-and-tumble city.

A rough and tumble fight with fists soon afterwards resulted, and the hard fists and brawny arms of the settlers proved too much for the regulars, who were for the time being driven off.

Ill-adapted for the rough-and-tumble contests of a Democracy, he is admirably fitted to be the minister or the head of an oligarchical Republic.

"' 'Oh!' gasped Nancy, following it with keen reality; 'you'll tumble!'

All day we lie and listen to the swish of the waves as they tumble past, and watch our dressing-gowns hanging on the door swing backwards and forwards with the motion.

Turn down a side street, walk a little way and you are in a nest of mean streets, unpaved, dirty, smelling vilely, lined with open booths, where squat half-naked men selling lumps of sticky sweetmeats and piles of things that look like unbaked scones and other strange eatables; and little naked babies tumble in the dust with goats and puppies.

he gasped, living the scene over again, "wasn't I frightened for fear you would tumble off!"

" He had suddenly remembered having placed his memoranda in that hat, and as he studied its empty depths his mind pictured the important scrap fluttering along the sandy scene of his early-morning tumble.

"William," said his companion, "you must sit down; if you don't, you'll tumble overboard and be drowned.

Carefully screening it from the draughts which swept through the rickety building, he led the way into a bare room in which was a tumble-down table and two boxes to serve as seats.

It was a tumble-down sort of a place, seemingly made of driftwood and old sacks and bits of canvas.

The footsteps had drawn close now and a voice could be heard saying: "What a rickety, tumble-down old place.

"Much you deserve all the stockings that grandma knits for you so perseveringly; just look at the condition of that ball"and by a skillful flank movement she rescued the yarn as Tabitha's pranks and Peter's tumble came to a hasty conclusion, and the chief culprit gained his feet and began to apologize for his frolic, as the cat fled through the door.

In Ireland, a rough-and-tumble fight between Smith O'Brien's followers and the police was all that came of the dreaded rebellion.

I have some information which I desire to impart, and, strangely enough, I was seeking you when this unfortunate tumble came about, partly through my infirmities, I am sure.

What made ye tumble like that?

Several cataracts tumble over precipices, and fall upon the ear with deafening noise.

One, two, three flights there were, so steep that you had to go slowly or tumble on your nose, and then down at the bottom of the third ran a long passage, where a greenish yellow dusk from some unseen lamp prevailed.

They had a tiny little tumble-down house to live in, but very little to eat.

America has enough to do in the way of attending to domestic slavery, without concerning herself about the freedom of foreigners; and she has given the Italians hersympathies, which are of as much real worth to her as would be a treatise on the Resolutions of '98 to a man who should happen to tumble into the Niagara, with the Falls close upon him.

It also exchanged the judicial rough-and-tumble on horseback for the trial by jury.

The moment their tin pan appears, they are all in a flying huddle, tumble over each other, fly to the pan, to our shoulders, or anywhere, to get the first mouthful.

Then her mind cleared and her nerves steadied with amazing suddenness, just as the wind at a stroke will tumble the storm clouds aside and leave a placid blue sky above.

The French, British, Belgians and Italians, and every civilised force in Russia would tumble over one another in their eager greeting of this return to sanity.

A jolly mayor was he,a Yankee melted down into a Western man, thoroughly Westernized by a rough-and-tumble life in Kentucky during many years.

"What do you think of a man who'll wander off a trail, tumble over a ledge, and get mixed up in a bunch of wait-a-bit like that?"

"But it was a distance that nighta tumble distance," he continued, before she could answer.

* * * * * WHEN THE TIDE GOES OUT When the tide goes out, how the foam-flakes dance Through the wiry sedge-grass near the shore; How the ripples spark in the sunbeam's glance, As they madly tumble the pebbles o'er!

It's a wonderful place, little boy, little boy, And its city is Sugarplum Town, Where the slightest breeze through the candy trees Will tumble the bon-bons down; Where the fountains sprinkle their lemonade In syrupy, cooling streams; And they pave each street with a goody, sweet, And mark them off in a manner neat, With borders of chocolate creams.

He never forgot the shabby dark back room where under gas-light a frail, fine woman was sewing ceaselessly, one child sick in a tumble-down bed, and two others playing on the floor.

It was, after a', a queer sicht, and, as may be supposed, I drew a haill crowd of bairns after me, bawling out, "Here's Willy M'Gee's monkey," and gi'eing him nits and gingerbread, and makin' as muckle of the cratur as could be; for Nosey was a great favourite in the town, and everbody likit him for his droll tricks, and the way he used to girn, and dance, and tumble ower his head, to amuse them.

Did he tell you of the pot which tosses and roars as if the biggest of Beelzebub's fires was burning beneath, and of the hog's-back over which the water pitches, as it may tumble over the Great Falls of the West!

I was afraid he was drunk, and that this tumble would add vexation to his spirits; but he was only tired and over-weighted, carrying a big knapsack and a gun, a number of articles girdled around his waist, along with too much avoirdupois.

Mr. Kilburn is a gentleman unaccustomed to rough-and-tumble encounters, while his adversary has doubtless associated more with pugilists than gentlemenat least any one would think so from his actions yesterday.

The only theory I can form is, that they all tumble into a hole somewhere, and continue excavating therein during the day: however that may be, I have once or twice come across them returning at night, in exactly the same state of excitement, and seemingly in quite as great a hurry to get home as they were before to get out.

He might tumble off the wall."

But, madam, you will tear that handsome gown; The little boy be sure to tumble down;

When he was only a little over three years old, I found him carefully mending some windfall robins' eggs, cracked by their tumble, with bits of rubber sticking-plaster, then putting them hopefully back into the nest, with an admonition to the anxious parents to "sit very still and don't stwatch."

He has not had a fall or a tumble, has he?

If she had had to tumble why couldn't she have done it on the West shore where there were women, doctors and medicines?

Buzzby's feelings had been rather powerfully stirred up by the joy of all around, and a tear would occasionally tumble over his weather-beaten cheek, and hang at the point of his sunburnt and oft frost-bitten nose, despite his utmost efforts to subdue such outrageous demonstrations.

His attitude through life was that of a man who, having set out on his career with the understanding that a second-class ticket is to be provided, allows himself to be unceremoniously hustled into the rough and tumble of a noisy third.

On the terraces dancing has commenced; the players of violins, concertinas, and penny whistles do a brisk trade among the groups eager for a rough-and-tumble valse; so do the pickpockets.

"Wherefore," says Quintilian, "they are little to be respected, who represent this art as mean and barren; in which, unless you faithfully lay the foundation for the future orator, whatever superstructure you raise will tumble into ruins.

She sought her own favorite haunt, a mossy seat beside the little singing stream, where she loved to sit and watch the water tumble and foam over the rocks, but when she got there she found the place already occupied.

She found another place, far downstream, where there was a rocky seat close to the water, and, curling herself down in it, she watched the water tumble and foam, and gave herself over to pondering on the delightful mystery of life and fate.

He purges the soul, not with the terror and pity of tragedy, but with the irresistible laughter of rough-and-tumble farce.

I had an insane desire to spring at his throat and throttle his infamous bravado, tumble him overboard and annihilate the last vestige of his existence.

The tumble bug and other tales.

I'll soar or tumble!"

Srinagar has no architecture in particular, being but a picturesque chaos of tumble-down wooden shanties.

'You had better tumble in there, Parson,' said Mr. Pomeroy.

Sevier and Tipton themselves, on one occasion when they by chance met, indulged in a rough-and-tumble fight before their friends could interfere.

It contributes subject matter for conversation at the next house that is visited, when a pleasant raillery often arises on the derangement of dress, which the ladies have sustained, and the more than usual display of graces, which the tumble has occasioned.

The next morning Jack lost no time in making his way toward Hank Handcraft's tumble-down abode.

"The on'y thing I can see," says the boy, one day, "is for Bill to 'ave a touch of sunstroke as 'e's leaving the wheel one day, tumble 'ead-first down the companion-way, and injure 'isself so severely that 'e can't be moved.

At any moment he expected to hear the sharp crack of a rifle and to see Mukoki tumble forward upon his face.

Somebody might find the dome in the dark, and tumble into it.

If they should conclude to bury them, it would be easier and quicker to dig a trench along the line, and tumble them in, than to make the deep holes that would otherwise be necessary.

Tumble in, you black fellows, and each take an oar.

The table was filled with empty cans and tin plates and cracked, oven-stained bowls and iron-handled knives and forks, and the bunk in the corner was a tumble of gray blankets and unpleasant, red-flowered comfortscorner-wads, Charming Billy was used to calling themand for pillows there were two square, calico-covered cushions, depressingly ugly in pattern and not over-clean.

Couldn't you dive off the quay and save some-body's life from drowning?" "Yes, I could," said Blundell, "if somebody would only tumble in."

Oh, I amuse them; they dress me in Ruyven's clothes and have me to winelacking a tenor voice for their songsand at first, long ago, their wine made me stupid, and they found rare sport in baiting me; but now they tumble, one by one, ere the wine's fire touches my face, and father swears there is no man in County Tryon can keep our company o' nights and show a steady pair of legs like mine to bear him bedwards."

Staring through the unwashed window-pane, moodily brooding on what I had learned, I followed impatiently the flight of those small, gray swallows of the North, colorless as shadows, whirling in spirals above the cold chimneys, to tumble in like flakes of gray soot only to drift out again, windblown, aimless, irrational, senseless things.

As nobody pronounces this word ร  la franรงaise, as everybody calls it "Revelee," why not drop it, as an affectation, and translate it the "Stir your Stumps," the "Peel your Eyes," the "Tumble Up," or literally the "Wake"?

Western civilization has produced a bourgeois human being intensively conscious of his capacities and anxious to try himself out in the rough-and-tumble of the market place and on the battlefield; to initiate, undertake, direct, administer.

This thwacking rough-and-tumble, Rabelaisian horse-playShakespeare!

"It was just as though the whole place was going to tumble about our ears.

Markovitch was trembling so that he was afraid lest he should tumble or make some noise.

Butler's is the best done picture of the country, Kennaway's the exactest of the settlers' every-day rough-and-tumble haps and mishaps, and Lady Barker's the brightest.

While our elders were dancing, I and others of my age were playing games in the kitchenkissing-games with a rush and tumble in them, puss-in-the-corner, hunt-the-squirrel, and the like.

Soon the horses were all in a tumble and one on top of the other.

"'Tumble out, Tim,' says I, 'or I'll have you court-martialled and shot.'

But he did manage to tumble out, and finished the last stanzas with a flourish, for the edification of the mounted aid-de-camp.

"And Sir Giles didn't get drunk as a lord and tumble about the ballroom, and yell comicawfully comicsongs, till someone hauled him off to the refreshment-room and filled him up with whiskey till he could sing no more!"

Both sexes play rough and tumble games with each other.

After selling off since early November, gold and its related ETFs are showing signs of life on Tuesday, rallying along with stocks and index ETFs on the first day of December, as bonds tumble.

Burly, bearded Bill led The Domeโ€™s circular interior as if in a tumble dryer.

Nigeria, Africaโ€™s largest crude oil exporter, saw its revenues tumble with the fall in oil prices which started in January.

Other facilities at 9 on Camp include air conditioning & heating, complimentary toiletries, dishwasher, hairdryer, Nespresso, pure cotton percale, a tumble dryer, and a washing machine.

She styled her hair in an off-center part and let her blond tresses tumble down her back and shoulders in soft, loose waves.

As a result, the world has seen oil prices plummet and stock markets tumble, and these challenges show no real sign of easing.

The very strong economy that weโ€™ve been enjoying is about to take a tumble.

This delusion while he straddles the world stage begging for income support for the run-down, dilapidated, tumble-down backyards he leaves behind here in SVG.

This does not end the storied career of an accomplished police chief who climbed the ladder to success in law enforcement only to see it all tumble amid an inane minutiae of bad decisions.

This includes slipping on wet surfaces, stumbling over toys, sliding down a staircase or taking a tumble after tripping over cables.

โ€œThis is not the rough and tumble of politics, this is corruption,โ€ Saltzburg said.

Given an array of integers representing heights of consecutive steps, we say that a is a sequence of strictly decreasing numbers and the height of the tumble is the difference between the height of the top step and the bottom step.

Sorry for your tumble.

โ€œThe catastrophic tumble in oil prices took a deep toll on Alberta families last year and that was only compounded by the Wood Buffalo wildfire.

The rushing and turbulent flood waters gouge, rip and tumble the stream gravels, clays, sands and boulders * along with the Gold * hurtling them downstream.

Tumble dry on cool or delicate.