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2672 examples of  tuned  in sentences

2672 examples of tuned in sentences

To the disappointment of the gossips, who were tuned to a spicier anticipation, the note was no more than a recipe of the manner that the Countess was used to mix her syllabub, with instruction that it was the "rosemary a little bruised and the limon-peal that did quicken the taste."

" Gull tuned up, struck a few chords, and then launched out into a rattling nigger song with an amount of "go" and clatter sufficient to inspire the hearer with an almost irresistible desire to get up and dance.

From the very first he had been leader of the choir, and had given the pitch with a fork hammered and tuned by his own hands.

The walls were well clayed between the logs, which were large and round, except on the upper and under sides, and as visible inside as out, successive bulging cheeks gradually lessening upwards and tuned to each other with the axe, like Pandean pipes.

Oh, I said, it had so much woman in it,muliebrity, as well as femineity;no self-assertion, such as free suffrage introduces into every word and movement; large, vigorous nature, running back to those huge-limbed Germans of Tacitus, but subdued by the reverential training and tuned by the kindly culture of fifty generations.

In faith, the larger a man is, the more the women seem tempted to torment him; but on me she presently took pity, and as the fiddles tuned up in the great ballroom, she led the way thither and permitted me to tread a minuet with her.

Leech's harp was tuned by the genius of sorrow.

Seeing Graham's puzzled expression, he quickly explained that any imaginary character an author dreams up is actually a person that the author has tuned into.

Giving in, he stopped struggling and tuned in to an old rerun of Walt Disney's Wonderful World of Color.

Lest his readers might fear that the arguments of the poet might lose some of their persuasive force from their being fictitious, Sidney hastens to add: "For that a fayned example hath as much force to teach as a true example (for as for to moove, it is cleere, sith the fayned may be tuned to the highest key of passion);" and here he is drawing from Aristotle's Rhetoric.

I do bethink me, Will, that thou didst use to have a pretty voice, and one that tuned sweetly upon a song.

Then Allan a Dale came forth and tuned his harp, and all was hushed around, and he sang in his wondrous voice songs of love, of war, of glory, and of sadness, and all listened without a movement or a sound.

How Germany's public opinion was tuned to the war melody is seen by a study of the German newspapers published between July 25th and August 1st.

And from the blessed power that rolls About, below, above, We'll frame the measure of our souls: 35 They shall be tuned to love. Then come, my Sister!

At night, 'mid wine and flowers, the bulbul tuned his song: "Bring thou the morning bowl: prepare, ye drunken throng!" Sikander's mirror, once so famed, is the wine-filled cup: behold All that haps in Dรกrรก's realm glassed within its wondrous mould.

It might have been tuned to the trumpet; or tempered (as himself expresses it) to "trampling horses' feet."

It is because it comes so suddenly that it confuses the mind if the heart is not tuned properly.

For although the sullen tone of his mind was not fully brought out until he wrote Childe Harold, it is yet evident from his Hours of Idleness that he was tuned to that key before he went abroad.

" As he spoke, Colby tightened a string and began strumming it to get it tuned.

"I wonder" "Don't wonder or worry about Agnes now, when we are tuned to the 'Morgen Blaetter' music," said Peggy.

In the vexed glories of unquiet Troy, So might to Helen's jealous ear discourse The flute, first tuned on Ida's haunted hill, Against OEnone's coming, to betray In what sweet solitude her shepherd lay.

The tubes are carefully tuned, so that the harmony is perfect.

"She has always had this suite of rooms whenever she has sung in Edinburgh before, and it was understood that whenever she wrote or wired for them we were to arrange for a grand piano, properly tuned to concert-pitch, to be put in for her.

Yet none of them roared with quite such assurance when Sharkey's pale face and filmy blue eyes were tuned upon him.

But there was no triumph in his bearing as he tuned the atmosphere of that august assembly into absolute harmony, conquering every discordant noteonly a further lowering of the quiet voice, which seemed to utter, unchallenged, the conclusions of each listener.

It may be I'm old-fashioned, but the times I like the best Are not the splendid parties with the women gaily dressed, And the music tuned for dancing and the laughter of the throng, With a paid comedian's antics or a hired musician's song,

Right now she's tuned up to top-notch pitch, and a full supply of gas is kept on hand all the time, as well as everything needed in the way of supplies.

The hum of motors and the buzz of propellers being tuned up could be heard in many quarters.

And I saucily chucked her under the chin, And tuned me the strings of my violin And was glad for a day.

Have I not loved thee long, Though my young lips have often done thee wrong And vexed thy heaven-tuned ear with careless song?

And thou also!" in glad understanding, that I laughed again a little in my throat; as though I had only a half-believing that any true human did answer my laugh; but rather some sweet Delusion or Spirit that was tuned to my mood.

Whose tounge tuned to the Instruments of war Never knew straine of fancy; on my breath Affection never dwelt, but war and death!

Whose tounge tuned to the Instruments of war Never knew straine of fancy; on my breathe Affection never dwelt, but war and death!

and I tuned up with Veni.'

So Gouvernail brought to Sir Tristram his shining harp, and when Sir Tristram had taken it into his hands he tuned it, and when he had tuned it he struck it and sang; and, because of the stillness of the evening, his voice sounded marvellously clear and sweet across the level water, so that those who stood upon the castle walls and heard it thought that maybe an angel was singing on board of that ship.

So Gouvernail brought to Sir Tristram his shining harp, and when Sir Tristram had taken it into his hands he tuned it, and when he had tuned it he struck it and sang; and, because of the stillness of the evening, his voice sounded marvellously clear and sweet across the level water, so that those who stood upon the castle walls and heard it thought that maybe an angel was singing on board of that ship.

[Sidenote: Sir Tristram sings before King Arthur] Sir Tristram took the harp in his hands and tuned it and struck upon it.

And Sir Tristram took the harp and set it before him and tuned it and played upon it, and sang so sweetly that they of the castle said: "Certes, this is no knight-errant who sings, but an angel from Paradise who hath come among us.

" So the damsel ran to the castle and brought the harp thence, and the Lady Loise took the harp and tuned it and struck it and played upon it.

At last!" The words had been a song at his heart, tuned to the jolt and rhythm of the wheels.

At length, however, she seated herself at Scotland's loved instrument, touched and tuned the strings, laid aside hood and wimple, the better to display her charms, and with a borrowed simplicity well assumed, sang a lively air, Lochinvar.

In the days when all my soul was tuned to pleasure and vivacity (and you will think perhaps it is far from being out of tune yet), I hated Houghton and its solitude; yet I loved this garden, as now, with many regrets, I love HoughtonHoughton, I know not what to call ita monument of grandeur or ruin!'

In other words, this cap is tuned, if I may use the word, to a certain number of vibrations and half-vibrations; a wireless instrument of high power, with a modifying addition which the inventor has added, has only to be set in motion to discharge it at any distance up to twenty-five miles.

It was time for supper, and instruments were being tuned into order for a grand march, to be led by Madam De Lancey, when Betty, standing near a large Indian screen, talking with Mr. Van Brugh, who was a dear friend of her father's, became aware of subdued voices at her elbow, on the other side of the screen.

How all such discord may be removed, how the chords of the heart may be tuned and the life become music,these are questions of religion, which are quite beyond our scope.

Alison tuned right in, moving with him, sighing.

I would therefore propose, that no Instrument of this Nature should be made use of, which I have not tuned and licensed, after having carefully examined in what manner it may affect the Ears of her Majesty's liege Subjects.

But at the first scraping of the violins as the orchestra tuned up, he glued his eyes to the curtain, which rose at last.

" Tumblers were arrested in mid-air, cigars taken from smooth or hairy lips, while all eyes were turned towards the adjutant, a soldier down to his spurs, who "tuned up," as universally requested, without delay.

FROSCH Our throats are tuned.

He thinks her soul and his are tuned to the same string.

We know the world is rich with streams Renowned in song and story, Whose music murmurs through our dreams Of human love and glory: We know that Arno's banks are fair, And Rhine has castled shadows, And, poet-tuned, the Doon and Ayr Go singing down their meadows.

When he's tuned this, I won't want another.

"But it isn't tuned at all," Sylvia wailed.

Every sensitive nerve in her, tuned to a graceful and comely order of life, was rasped to anguish by the ugliness of it all.

Here happy Horace tuned th' Ausonian lyre To sweeter sounds, and tempered Pindar's fire; Pleased with Alcaeus' manly rage t' infuse The softer spirit of the Sapphic Muse.

On one occasion, as the boy was amusing himself on his own little violin, he said to Schachtner, "if you have left your violin tuned as it was when I last played upon it, it must be full half-a-quarter of a note flatter than mine."

4 Improve the peaceful hour with wine; Let music die along the grove; Around the bowl let myrtles twine, And every strain be tuned to love.

Those sacred virgins whom the bards revere, Tuned all her voice, and shed a sweetness there, To make her sense with double charms abound, Or make her lively nonsense please by sound.

Haven't you heard their high voices that were tuned to cut through the voice of the sea? Haven't you found their very wide, long-toed footprints in the sand?

The school day should always open with something of the nature of a religious service, striking the note of a common purpose and a common life, so that the boys, who are all coming from different homes and different ways of living may be tuned to unity in the school.

Could roach these lofty strings; For Gabriel with his golden harp, Tuned by the heavenly dove, Could never touch the thrilling notes Of God's redeeming love.

Where marriage pleasures midnight prayers supply, And matin bells, a melancholy cry, Are tuned to merrier notes, Increase and multiply.

The lute he carried was of silver, fashioned like a horse's head, and tuned according to acoustic laws discovered by himself.

Thy brother angels at thy birth Strung each his lyre, and tuned it high, That all the people of the sky Might know a poetess was born on earth.

We had exasperating delays and false starts for an hour and then suddenly the machine tuned up, and off she went faster than one could walk, reaching Cape Armitage without further hitch.

He tuned in a complicated code and began to speak.

" She tuned her mandolin, and, neglecting the harmonica, in a moment drew forth some chords and then sang: /* "Sur le pont d'Avignon L'on y danse, l'on y danse, Sur le pont d'Avignon L'on y danse tout en rond.

Philidor unpacked Clarissa and recited in a loud tone the now familiar inventory of their artistic achievements and Yvonne, smiling, donned her orchestra, tuned her mandolin and played.

Nature seemed tuned to sweet harmonies, and echoing the happiness that filled the heart, produced no discordant note.

Birds carolled in wild melody their hymns of praise, and lifted their glad voices to Him "who tipped their glittering wings with gold, and tuned their voice to praise."

'I feel that I ought to speak frankly,' he said, in a voice as polite and well-tuned as ever.

For language is in its own nature but an imperfect instrument, and even when tuned with the greatest skill, will often be found inadequate to convey the impression with which the mind may labour.

To Pope, as the translator of Homer, he gives this praise: "His version may be said to have tuned the English tongue; for since its appearance no writer, however deficient in other powers, has wanted melody."Life of Pope: Lives, p.

Next I suggested that the piano should be tuned, but they were united in their disapproval of such a fearful extravagance.

Dryden, therefore, by no means sorrowed as if he had no hope; but, having said all that was decently mournful over the bier of Charles, tuned his lyrics to a sounding close in praise of James.

But if thou hast not a voice tuned to so high a key as that, let me suggest some other mercies thou mayest sing of; and they are the mercies thou hast experienced.

The spiritual vitality, all the higher powers as we call them, of thought and feeling and conscience, if they be life, no hand but His strung and tuned their manifold and subtle cords.

" And Miss Prissy, whose musical talent was one of her special fortes, tuned her voice, a little cracked and quavering, and sang, with a vigorous accent on each accented syllable, "From the third heaven, where God resides, That holy, happy place, The New Jerusalem comes down, Adorned with shining grace.

If Milton, Shakspeare, or Dryden had been born with the same genius and inspiration for music as for poetry, and had passed through the practical part without corrupting the natural taste, or blending with it any prepossession in favour of sleights and dexterities of hand, then would their notes be tuned to passions and to sentiments as natural and expressive as the tones and modulations of the voice in discourse.

It was due directly and entirely to an environment more nearly in tune with my ill-tuned mind.

[Footnote G: But even a violin will need to be tuned.

The expression, which in French is well tuned, pleased the municipality, and Palissot, I believe, was not afterwards molested.

Sam's boat having been tuned up to the last notch of readiness, Jack Curtiss strolled consequentially about on the float, making bets freely on the hydroplane's chance of winning.

On such a morning, when the air was like summer and all the birds were rehearsing most industriously their parts in the opening chorus with which Spring meant to celebrate her return to the northern land, a ride down the valley was pure joy to any man whose soul was tuned in harmony with the great outdoors; and trouble lagged and could not keep pace with the riders.

Men do not blossom forth as wits, humourists, masterly delineators of character, and skilful performers on a highly-strung and carefully-tuned sentimental instrument all at once, after entering their "forties;" and the only wonder is that a possessor of these powerssome of them of the kind which, as a rule, and in most men, seeks almost as irresistibly for exercise as even the poetic instinct itselfshould have been held so long unemployed.

We did not carry our horses on this boat; but stopped at relay stations for fresh teams, and after we had pulled out from one of these stations, we went flying along at from six to eight miles an hour, with a cook getting up fine meals; and we often had a "sing" as we called it when in the evening the musical passengers got together and tuned up.

So finely tuned was his sympathy that for one fleeting moment he saw a homely, hilly farm in Michigan, with rail fences and a squat old house with wide porch and hard-beaten path from the kitchen door to the well and on to the stables; and down a long slope that was topped with great old trees, Alexander P. Dill shambling contentedly, driving with a crooked stick three mild-mannered old cows.

And yet he felt a sense of restfulness in this cool room, where every color was tuned to harmony with every other.

In the April eclogue Hobbinol recites to the admiring Thenot Colin's lay Of fayre Eliza, Queene of shepheardes all, Which once he made as by a spring he laye, And tuned it unto the Waters fall.

He is pitched too high and tuned too nicely for common life; and I am only too glad to get him off out of Newbury, to care much how he went.

Thorough gold-woven dreams goes the dance of the Hours, In space without bounds swell the soul and its powers, And Truth, with no veil, gives her face to the day, And joy to-day and joy to-morrow, But wafts the airy soul aloft; The very name is lost to Sorrow, And Pain is Rapture tuned more exquisitely soft.

Then we men gathered once more over our port and walnuts, conversing freely, while the fiddles and bassoons tuned up from the hallway, and General Schuyler told us pleasantly as much of the military situation as he desired us to know.

Tuning a psalmA black thingA double tongued womanA doleful noiseBurning the herbsThe sick childGardiner's oxThe dead ramBurning "the sow's tale" Goodwife Howell, during her illness which hastened Elizabeth's arrest, "tuned a psalm and screked out several times together very grievously," and cried "a witch!

The physiologist must never forget that Nature is aiming at a keener and subtiler temperament in framing the American,as beneath our drier atmosphere the whole scale of sounds and hues and odors is tuned to a higher key,and that for us an equal state of health may yet produce a higher type of humanity.

It belonged to a roundabout, and regularly tuned up towards evening; so distant that Tilda could not distinguish one tune from another; only the thud of its bass mingled with the buzz of a fly on the window and with the hard breathing of the sick woman.

Nino had tuned his guitar in the other street, and stood ready, waiting for the clocks to strike.

Thus early acquainted with the Lovely Muse, who tuned my soul to pure harmonies, she won my love, and, as I oft have felt, gave me hers in return.

Your eyes must be trained to constant watching, you must learn to be a close observer, to note the flowers, vines, and tangled shrubbery that are seldom mentioned by botanists, and your ear must be tuned to catch the elfin music that is heard within the confines of the forest.

"Why, you little duffer, don't you see the bridge is too low?" He slackened the string, removed the bridge, fitted on a higher one, tuned it, and handed it over.