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92 examples of turned toward him in sentences

As soon as I knew, for he called, "Lettie," I stopped and turned toward him.

She had turned toward him, but, no doubt, thought him still asleep.

" She laughed again (but this time it was like the splash of water in a deep well), and turned toward him that curiously tilted point of chin and mouth, her eyes shadowy and mocking.

He sat down in silence, seeking to avoid the questioning eyes which turned toward him so expectant

" Cartwright exclaimed, and both of the others turned toward him.

" Rachel turned toward him with a puzzled look.

A few minutes later the Doge, busy among his orange-trees, hearing a step, looked up with a signal of recognition which changed to blank inquiry when the cheek with the mole was turned toward him.

Jade Willow Lady turned toward him from the grill.

I found him walking the deck carrying himself nonchalantly and trying to appear unconscious of the glancesamused, contemptuous, hostilethat were turned toward him.

Mr. Forbes turned toward him indifferently and held out his hand.

He hesitated on the threshold until they both turned toward him.

" "Hagar," said Mr. Carrollton; and at the sound of that voice Hagar turned toward him her flashing eyes, then with a scream buried her head in the bedclothes, saying: "Go away, Arthur Carrollton!

" Jack, still suspicious of Sandy, turned toward him with a frown.

She turned toward him gravely, and he could only read dismissal now.

Two women entered the little square, and as Rafael sat up and removed his hat, the taller, who seemed to be the mistress, acknowledged his courtesy with a slight bow, went on to the other end of the esplanade, and stood, with her back turned toward him, looking at the view.

Deacon flushed as the coach's glittering eyeglasses turned toward him.

Winchester turned toward him, with an inquiring look; for everything had been previously arranged between them; he received merely a significant gesture in return.

The pale and terror-stricken countenances of those present were turned toward him.

Then she turned toward him her pale, beautiful face, with evident signs of heartfelt sympathy, and was even rising to come to his assistance.

Palmyre started and turned toward him; but he went on without lifting his eyes.

" Jim heard him and turned toward him with a stricken face, twisted with suffering and pleading.

He remained quiet, motionless, and she turned toward him expectantly.

So she turned toward him smiling, and swayed gently as she clung to the vine.

"Pray leave me, Mr. Faber," she cried, half-terrified, half-bewildered, as she rose and turned toward him.

And the man who turned toward him at the slamming of that door, turned slowly, coolly, and gazed into the black muzzle of his pistol looked, indeed, every inch of him a king.

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