92 examples of turned toward him in sentences

He sat down in silence, seeking to avoid the questioning eyes which turned toward him so expectant

The delicate little face of Redbud was turned toward him inquiringly.

and he was looking back when Howland turned toward him.

"This is home," she said; "andand thank you!" He could not see her face, which was in the shadow turned toward him, as he looked into the light of the lantern from the other side of her pony.

A few minutes later the Doge, busy among his orange-trees, hearing a step, looked up with a signal of recognition which changed to blank inquiry when the cheek with the mole was turned toward him.

" "Since I see you safe"began Geoffrey, as Betty half turned toward him.

Then she drew back softly, and seated herself before the fire, with her back turned toward him, close beside her father.

Jade Willow Lady turned toward him from the grill.

"O.K." A minute later she turned toward him and said, "Follow me when I leave."

Every head was turned toward him.

The Bishop turned toward him after a long look into the wagon.

Suddenly he saw the profile of the dead woman with one eye turned toward him, graciously and malignly, just as the "eye of the morning" must have looked at its mistress while uncoiling her mysterious dances in her Asiatic dwelling.

Deacon flushed as the coach's glittering eyeglasses turned toward him.

He moved a little, and she turned toward him, smiling faintly and allowing the light to come more clearly and fully on her face.

Ailsa turned toward him at the same moment, and instantly a flicker of malice transformed the nobility of his set features: "It seems," he said, "that you and I are irrevocably related in all kinds of delightful ways, Mrs. Paige.

All eyes were turned toward him, when suddenly a Friend leaned over the back of the seat, seized his coat tails and jerked him down in a most emphatic manner.

"Seesee what Ihave found!" Staring, blinking, trying to shelter his eyes against the demons of the storm, the Master turned toward him.

Palmyre started and turned toward him; but he went on without lifting his eyes.

He remained quiet, motionless, and she turned toward him expectantly.

Violet, you, too, share the Shadow!" Slowly, as if his words froze her, Violet rose and turned toward him; a light shone from her eyes that melted their dark depths into the radiance of high noon; and she spoke with a thrilled, yet unfaltering tone: "Yes, I share it, it is true.

Every face was turned toward him.

"Pray leave me, Mr. Faber," she cried, half-terrified, half-bewildered, as she rose and turned toward him.

And the man who turned toward him at the slamming of that door, turned slowly, coolly, and gazed into the black muzzle of his pistol looked, indeed, every inch of him a king.

"Better take it easy for a while, Nat!" Marion's brother had turned toward him, his head thrown back against the stake, his face lifted to the sky.

" She turned toward him and took one of his hands in both of hers.

92 examples of  turned toward him  in sentences