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92 example sentences with  turned toward him

92 example sentences with turned toward him

As soon as I knew, for he called, "Lettie," I stopped and turned toward him.

" I turned toward him quickly.

She did not turn toward him, but as the "judge" began talking she lifted her head and King saw her throat, her cheek.

She had turned toward him, but, no doubt, thought him still asleep.

She laughed again (but this time it was like the splash of water in a deep well), and turned toward him that curiously tilted point of chin and mouth, her eyes shadowy and mocking.

The heroine of the moment turned toward him quickly, with a look more natural, more sincere, than she had ever given him.

And the face of the Angel at the portal was turned toward him in softening pity.

He sat down in silence, seeking to avoid the questioning eyes which turned toward him so expectant and so hopeful.

After the usual preliminary questions had been asked and answered, he waited, looking out over the multitude of faces turned toward him, while Sharpman consulted his notes.

The delicate little face of Redbud was turned toward him inquiringly.

Andy ventured to say, and he was thrilled when his companion, turning toward him just at that moment, went on to say: "Perhaps in less time than that, Andy; with the glasses you might glimpse it even now!

Cartwright exclaimed, and both of the others turned toward him.

Mautang turned toward him in surprise.

From Howland's lips, too, there fell a sudden cry; for one of the two faces that were turned toward him for an instant was that of Croisset, and the otherwhite and staring as he had seen it that first night in Prince Albertwas the face of the beautiful girl who had lured him into the ambush on the Great North Trail!

and he was looking back when Howland turned toward him.

Rachel turned toward him with a puzzled look.

THE BLACKBIRD Bang! CHANTECLER [Turning toward him.]

Slowly, as if his words froze her, Violet rose and turned toward him; a light shone from her eyes that melted their dark depths into the radiance of high noon; and she spoke with a thrilled, yet unfaltering tone: "Yes, I share it, it is true.

" "Cavaliere," said Nobili, turning toward him (his vagrant eyes had wandered off to Enrica, so charming, with the pink oleander and its dark-green leaves waving above her blond head), "do me the favor to ask the Marchesa Guinigi at what hour she will admit me to sign the marriage-contract.

Every face was turned toward him.

God will accept our imperfections, where their face is turned toward him, on the road to the glorious liberty of the Gospel.

The duke looked all the time he was speaking very attentively on the young Horatio, and finding something in his air that corroborated the colonel's description, was pleased to say, that he was charm'd with his early thirst after same; and then turning toward him, you will soon, pursued he, have an opportunity of seeing how the face of war looks, near at hand:I can tell you, that you must not always expect smiles.

As the name of Delwood was announced, all eyes were turned toward him, for his presence was considered a great acquisition to any circle, and many a fair one envied Winnie Santon, as he claimed her hand for the first dance.

He could not see her face, which was in the shadow turned toward him, as he looked into the light of the lantern from the other side of her pony.

Well, of all" and saw his mistake when the stranger's full face was turned toward him.

A few minutes later the Doge, busy among his orange-trees, hearing a step, looked up with a signal of recognition which changed to blank inquiry when the cheek with the mole was turned toward him.

" "Since I see you safe"began Geoffrey, as Betty half turned toward him.

He saw no sign of welcome in the faces turned toward him, but he advanced upon them, mumbling incoherently.

Then she rose slowly, and turned toward him.

Then she drew back softly, and seated herself before the fire, with her back turned toward him, close beside her father.

Jade Willow Lady turned toward him from the grill.

"O.K." A minute later she turned toward him and said, "Follow me when I leave."

The white face of Story turned toward him, and Joel read in the brief glance no anger, only an almost tearful grief.

By the way, Mr. Haverley," she said, turning toward him, "is there anything I can do to help you in shutting up the house?

MARGARET (turning toward him)

I found him walking the deck carrying himself nonchalantly and trying to appear unconscious of the glancesamused, contemptuous, hostilethat were turned toward him.

Should the gun be discharged when the flat side of the bell was turned toward him, the ball would pass through, and most probably kill his child without endangering the life of the Indian.

Mr. Forbes turned toward him indifferently and held out his hand.

He hesitated on the threshold until they both turned toward him.

" "Hagar," said Mr. Carrollton; and at the sound of that voice Hagar turned toward him her flashing eyes, then with a scream buried her head in the bedclothes, saying: "Go away, Arthur Carrollton!

Every head was turned toward him.

"It's agreed, then," remarked Sterry, "that we will go to Wolf Glen, and then, and then" "And then what?" demanded Jennie, turning toward him.

He calmly awaited the coming of the mounted men, saluted them, and said: "You have come for Mont Sterry, and Cadmus there assures me that if I give him my word that he is not in my house he will accept the statement; do you agree to it?" "How's that, Larch?" asked Ira Inman, turning toward him.

"I remember wondering," he continued, smiling, as they started and turned toward him, "why the young ladyshe was such a perfect ladywas martyred in a ball dress, as I took her costume to be.

"And who, then, is she?" Mrs. Rutherford turned toward him and fixed on his face her tear-bathed eyes, as though sight were restored to her, and she were trying to read his thoughts in his countenance.

Jack, still suspicious of Sandy, turned toward him with a frown.

The Bishop turned toward him after a long look into the wagon.

Seeing only the backs turned toward him, he at length straightened out his crumpled hat, still smiling, and slowly put it on his head; as he turned away he pulled the hat farther over his eyes, and then he was off along the dusty street, looking to neither side, still with the little smile that made his face gentle.

She turned toward him quickly.

And then, as though aware of her discourtesy, she turned toward him, a smile for the first time illumining the pallor of her face.

He did not speak, but as she turned toward him she saw that his eyes were alight with comprehension.

"I'm not made of tender stuff" she broke off and turned toward him with an impulsive gesture.

The face turned toward him, framed in its dark roll of hair, caused him to start with surprise.

she said, turning toward him, seeing him wince as he started up the step.

She turned toward him gravely, and he could only read dismissal now.

Two women entered the little square, and as Rafael sat up and removed his hat, the taller, who seemed to be the mistress, acknowledged his courtesy with a slight bow, went on to the other end of the esplanade, and stood, with her back turned toward him, looking at the view.

The eyes of the women turned toward him instinctively with an expression of interest and fear.

Suddenly he saw the profile of the dead woman with one eye turned toward him, graciously and malignly, just as the "eye of the morning" must have looked at its mistress while uncoiling her mysterious dances in her Asiatic dwelling.

The other turned toward him quickly.

Once, she turned toward him, as if to speak; but, without a word, looked again at the canvas.

Deacon flushed as the coach's glittering eyeglasses turned toward him.

"To me?" asked the girl, turning toward him.

He moved a little, and she turned toward him, smiling faintly and allowing the light to come more clearly and fully on her face.

Ailsa turned toward him at the same moment, and instantly a flicker of malice transformed the nobility of his set features: "It seems," he said, "that you and I are irrevocably related in all kinds of delightful ways, Mrs. Paige.

She turned toward him a face, pallid, enraptured, transfigured with an inward radiance that left him silentgraver after that swift glimpse of a soul exalted.

" "Why?" Her face, turned toward him, invited him to look at it again, but he did notjust then.

Turning toward him the girl said, "Let the stranger make a trial."

At last, when their backs were turned toward him, Wurrunnah crept out and stuck the lost yam-sticks near together in the ground; then he slipped back to his hiding-place.

Winchester turned toward him, with an inquiring look; for everything had been previously arranged between them; he received merely a significant gesture in return.

All eyes were turned toward him, when suddenly a Friend leaned over the back of the seat, seized his coat tails and jerked him down in a most emphatic manner.

"Gotzkowsky is of our opinion," said the second burgomaster, turning toward him; it would be best to yield to the Russian."

The pale and terror-stricken countenances of those present were turned toward him.

As he still remained silent, Tottleben turned toward him laughingly.

Then she turned toward him and her face softened.

Again he was silent, and I turned toward him in astonishment.

Then she turned toward him her pale, beautiful face, with evident signs of heartfelt sympathy, and was even rising to come to his assistance.

Staring, blinking, trying to shelter his eyes against the demons of the storm, the Master turned toward him.

As they wheeled out of the broad diagonal path that crossed the square, and turned toward him in the highway, he fancied that the Creole observed him.

Palmyre started and turned toward him; but he went on without lifting his eyes.

"I hope I did not hurt you much," I say with concern, turning toward him to make my acknowledgments, "but I really am very much obliged to you; I believe that, if you had not come by, I should have been left there till bedtime."

Jim heard him and turned toward him with a stricken face, twisted with suffering and pleading.

He remained quiet, motionless, and she turned toward him expectantly.

So she turned toward him smiling, and swayed gently as she clung to the vine.

"Mr. Faber," said the minister, now turning toward him, and looking him full in the face, "if you had a friend whom you loved with all your heart, would you be under obligation to a man who counted your friendship a folly?" "The cases are not parallel.

As the curate stepped in, a grizzled head turned toward him a haggard face with dry, bloodshot eyes, and a long hand came from the bed to greet him.

"Pray leave me, Mr. Faber," she cried, half-terrified, half-bewildered, as she rose and turned toward him.

At the sound of his voice Strang turned toward him and the sonorous triumph that rumbled in his throat faded to a low greeting.

And the man who turned toward him at the slamming of that door, turned slowly, coolly, and gazed into the black muzzle of his pistol looked, indeed, every inch of him a king.

Marion's brother had turned toward him, his head thrown back against the stake, his face lifted to the sky.

She turned toward him and took one of his hands in both of hers.

Pickering turned toward him frowning, but Larry paid not the slightest attention to the executor, leaning against the door with his usual tranquil unconcern.

She turned toward him with an air of attention, as if in expectation.