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628 examples of  turrets  in sentences

628 examples of turrets in sentences

O road of high adventure, That leadest many a band To yon ungrateful country where My native turrets stand, The country that my valor Did oft with glory crown, The land that lets me languish here, Who won for her renown.

And yet I vowed with courage rash thy turrets I would bring To ruin and thy subjects make the captives of my King.

And while he fain would hide his pain he paces up and down Before the palace turrets that Toledo's rampart crown.

Now this cloud rose into the sky from just behind the ruins, and looking a good deal like upheaved towers and spires, made Willie think within himself what a grand place the priory must have been, when its roofs and turrets rose up into the sky.

He was here from twelve till nearly six o'clock, and went through every room, even up to the turrets.

Just on his left hand there stood a great hotel, with some turrets and a large porch before the door; it was half-ruinous, he remembered, and had long stood empty; and so he made three steps of it and jumped inside the shelter of the porch.

Yes, I must see you when ye first behold Those holy turrets tipped with evening gold, In that glad moment will for you a sigh 565 Be heaved, of charitable sympathy; In that glad moment when your hands are prest In mute devotion on the thankful breast!

The lofty turrets of its towers were tipt with the golden light of the sun, and the neighboring peasantry had commenced their daily labors, as the different attendants of the equipage we have mentioned collected around it at the great entrance to the building.

The windows are of fine stained glass, and the view from the belfry tower, over the peculiar old townwith its curious turrets and roofs, whose best days have long passedis worth the somewhat arduous mount to get to it.

Above was a dark roof, breaking at the corners into little round overhanging turrets, the whole lying silent in the moonshine, with a drift of ragged clouds blackening the heavens behind it.

In front there are several pointed windows, a small circular hole above for birds' nests, two doorways with a window between them, a central surmounting gable, and a couple of feathery-headed perforated turrets, one being used as a chimney, and the other as a belfry.

When now the god his fury had allayed, And taken vengeance of the stubborn maid, From where the bright Athenian turrets rise He mounts aloft, and reascends the skies.

its great central doorway, with its two smaller side-doors; the fretted gallery over it, where the bishop in his pontificals was wont to stand and bless the people, or absolve them from the censures of the church; its noble window, rich with perpendicular tracery; its two slender lantern turrets; its crowning tabernacle, with its statue of the builder; and its pinnacled side aisles.

The principal features are the battlements, towers, and turrets of the old feudal castle, encompassed by grounds on which has been expended all that princely art of landscape gardening for which England is famousleafy thickets, magnificent trees, openings, and vistas of verdure, and wide sweeps of grass, short, thick, and vividly green, as the velvet moss we sometimes see growing on rocks in New England.

One can not but feel, in looking on these majestic trees, with the battlements, turrets, and towers of the old castle everywhere surrounding him, and the magnificent parks and lawns opening through dreamy vistas of trees into what seems immeasurable distance, the force of the soliloquy which Shakespeare puts into the mouth of the dying old king-maker, as he lies ebreathing out his soul in the dust and blood of the battlefield....

It has very strong walls, and turrets of large polished stones, with no trenches; but the Tartars have demolished the tops of the turrets, and the bulwarks of the walls.

It has very strong walls, and turrets of large polished stones, with no trenches; but the Tartars have demolished the tops of the turrets, and the bulwarks of the walls.

They had furnished, moreover, the whole wall on every side with turrets, and had covered them with skins.

When it almost touched the enemy's walls, and Caesar, according to his usual custom, kept watch at the work, and encouraged the soldiers not to discontinue the work for a moment: a little before the third watch they discovered that the mound was sinking, since the enemy had set it on fire by a mine; and at the same time a shout was raised along the entire wall, and a sally was made from two gates on each side of the turrets.

At the entrance he erected gates and turrets of a considerable height.

But their noise being heard by the sentinels of our camp, and the scouts which we had sent out, having brought an account of what was going on, Caninius instantly with the ready-armed cohorts from the nearest turrets made an attack on the convoy at the break of day.

He determined to surround the town with a rampart and turrets during the remainder of the time.

XXVI.To counteract this, Pompey fitted out large merchant ships, which he found in the harbour of Brundusium: on them he erected turrets three stories high, and, having furnished them with several engines and all sorts of weapons, drove them amongst Caesar's works, to break through the floats and interrupt the works; thus there happened skirmishes every day at a distance with slings, arrows, and other weapons.

After making these arrangements, he ordered his soldiers to go on board without noise, and disposed here and there, on the wall and turrets, some light-armed veterans, archers and slingers.

Provoked at such ill treatment, Caesar led three legions against Massilia, and resolved to provide turrets, and vinae to assault the town, and to build twelve ships at Arelas, which being completed and rigged in thirty days (from the time the timber was cut down), and being brought to Massilia, he put under the command of Decimus Brutus; and left Caius Trebonius his lieutenant, to invest the city.

BOOK II I.Whilst these things were going forward in Spain, Caius Trebonius, Caesar's lieutenant, who had been left to conduct the assault of Massilia, began to raise a mound, vineae, and turrets against the town, on two sides: one of which was next the harbour and docks, the other on that part where there is a passage from Gaul and Spain to that sea which forces itself up the mouth of the Rhone.

Besides, frequent sallies were made from the town by the Albici, and fire was thrown on our mound and turrets.

But afterwards, as experience is the best master in everything on which the wit of man is employed, it was found that it might be of considerable service if it was raised to the usual height of turrets, which was effected in the following manner.

The musculus was defended by darts, thrown from engines by our men from the brick tower, and the enemy were beaten off from the wall and turrets; nor was a fair opportunity of defending the walls given them.

At the same time the senate at Corduba shut the gates of their own accord against Varro, and posted guards and sentinels on the wall and in the turrets, and detained two cohorts (called Colonicae, which had come there accidentally), for the defence of the town.

LIV.Pompey, having made great additions to his works in the night, the following days built turrets, and having carried his works fifteen feet high, faced that part of his camp with mantlets; and after an interval of five days, taking advantage of a second cloudy night, he barricaded all the gates of his camp to hinder a pursuit, and about midnight quietly marched off his army, and retreated to his old fortifications.

Yes, the lofty turrets of St. Pancras had not intimidated him.

Where still their silver-bosom'd Nymphs abhor, 90 The blood-smear'd mansion of gigantic THOR, Erst, fires volcanic in the marble womb Of cloud-wrapp'd WETTON raised the massy dome; Rocks rear'd on rocks in huge disjointed piles Form the tall turrets, and the lengthen'd ailes; [Gigantic Thor.

Where, as proud Maffon rises rude and bleak, And with mishapen turrets crests the Peak, Old Matlock gapes with marble jaws, beneath, And o'er fear'd Derwent bends his flinty teeth; 175 Deep in wide caves below the dangerous soil Blue sulphurs flame, imprison'd waters boil.

Fiue or sixe dayes after the shippe arriued neere the Seuen towers, which is a very strong hold, and so called of so many turrets, which it hath, standing neere the sea side, being the first part of the city that we came vnto.

Warriors on the turrets were moving across the sky like giants, their armor flashing back the gleam of the setting sun, when a horseman dashed forward, spurred on his proud steed, and blew his bugle before the dark archway of the castle.

Then loudly rang the trumpet call; Thundered the cannon from the wall, And shook the Scottish shore; Around the castle eddied slow, Volumes of smoke as white as snow, And hid its turrets hoar; Till they rolled forth upon the air, And met the river breezes there.

Likewise, to prevent the caravels from being overlooked by the floating castles, one Peter Raphael built certain turrets on the decks of the caravels of spars set upright, in each of which seven or eight men had room to handle their arms.

Yet though my limbs disease invades, Her wings imagination tries, And bears me to the peaceful shades, Wheres humble turrets rise; Here stop, my soul, thy rapid flight, Nor from the pleasing groves depart, Where first great nature charm'd my sight, Where wisdom first inform'd my heart.

This is beautified by spiral turrets and domes, and wherever the slope is gradual enough, pine and cedar trees abound in large numbers.

Memorial Church is one of the features of the town, and behind it the traveler sees, as he approaches, turrets and towers of every shape and size.

The turrets glowed vermilion with the fire within it, the walls appeared to be of iron, and moats were round about them.

Lastly, Hannibal, fixing his camp directly before the walls, prepared to assault this paltry city and garrison, with every effort and all his forces, and having completely surrounded the city with a line of troops, lost a considerable number of men, including all the most forward, who were shot from the walls and turrets, while he pressed on and provoked the enemy.

Eight more quinqueremes joined together in pairs, the oars on their inner sides being removed, so that side might be placed to side, and which forming as it were ships, were worked by means of the oars on the outer sides, carried turrets built up in stories, and other engines employed in battering walls.

The ancient hold in Switzerland was originally little more than a square solid tower, perched upon a rock, with turrets at its angles.

The temple of Kally is a miserable building, or rather a dark hole, from whose cupola-like roof rise several turrets: the statue here was remarkable for its immense head and horribly long tongue.

In the centre is the great square tower, reaching to a height of more than two hundred feet, and ending in an elegant belfry, which rises between its four graceful turrets.

They provided accommodation for the troops necessary between the stations, which were at some distance from each other; and between each two castella there were also erected two turrets, so that communication from one end of the Wall to the other was speedy and certain.

Westward from this mile-castle the Wall climbs Burnhead Crag, on which the foundations of a building, similar to the turrets, were exposed a few years ago; then it dips down again to Haltwhistle Burn, which comes from Greenlee Lough, and is called, until it reaches the Wall, the Caw Burn.

But connected with this building are other towers, round, square, octagon, walls with embrasures, moats, loop-holes, turrets, parapets,looking as if the beef-eaters really meant to hold out, if a new army of Boulogne should cross over some fine morning.

It was a huge, uncouth place, and bore every mark of being exceedingly old, with turrets at every corner, and a square keep on the side which was nearest to us.

Yet though my limbs disease invades, Her wings Imagination tries, And bears me to the peaceful shades Where 's humble turrets rise.

'Twas built with turrets, on a rising ground, And strong, and large, and unimproved around; Its owner's temper, timorous and severe, Unkind and griping, caused a desert there.

And bade those awful fanes and turrets rise, To hail their Fitzroy's festal morning come; And thus they speak in soft accord The liquid language of the skies: V. 'What is grandeur, what is power? Heavier toil, superior pain, What the bright reward we gain?

Its old characteristic feature was that of a series of turrets rising above the general elevation.

As I approached the little village, the gleam of white sheets mingled with the picture of old houses huddled together, some half-timber, some with turrets and encorbelments, nearly all of them with very high-pitched roofs and small dormer windows.

The outline of the buttresses being that of a semi-ellipse, they look like turrets carried up the entire face of the wall.

The little town is picturesquely situated on the river-bank, and it has some old houses with turrets, and other interesting details.

It had two large turrets; and winding staircases led from the passages and kitchens underneath the sitting rooms, up to the top of the turrets, and so out upon the leads of the house, from which there was the most beautiful view of the Ocean you ever saw; and, as the top of the house was battlemented, like the top of your church tower, people could walk about quite safely and comfortably, without any fear of falling over.

It had two large turrets; and winding staircases led from the passages and kitchens underneath the sitting rooms, up to the top of the turrets, and so out upon the leads of the house, from which there was the most beautiful view of the Ocean you ever saw; and, as the top of the house was battlemented, like the top of your church tower, people could walk about quite safely and comfortably, without any fear of falling over.

As usual, throughout Europe in the feudal times, the principal part of the building was a massive square pile, the decayed summit of which was rendered picturesque, by flanking turrets of different sizes and heights, some round, some angular, some ruinous, some tolerably entire, varying the outline of the building as seen against the stormy sky.

My dream-ship's journeys are long and bold, And the ports she visits are far and few; They lie by the rosy shores of old, 'Mid the dear lost scenes my boyhood knew; Or, deep in the future's misty blue, By the purple islands of Arcady, And Spain's fair turrets shine full in view, Where my dream-ship sails o'er the silver sea.

It was said to have been a noble pile, and adorned with four square turrets.

Beyond that again were the houses of the other side, high, narrow, and prim, slashed with diagonal wood-work in front, and topped with a bristle of sharp gables and corner turrets.

Even as he hung there with straining hands his eyes were running in admiration and amazement over the huge wall in front of him, with its fringe of turrets and pinnacles and battlements all lying so still and cold in the moonlight.

Even at that distance her immense turrets, with their grinning gun muzzles, were clearly visible.

The old stone turrets that towered above the blazing parterres gleamed in the hot sunlighta mediaeval castle of romance.

Transitory movements of the body are noted and transcribed with merciless precision; an Italian hill-side, with its olive trees and winding ways and crown of turrets, forms the background of one scene; in another the drama is localised amid Renaissance architecture of the costliest style.

90 But, as high turrets, for their airy steep, Require foundations in proportion deep; And lofty cedars as far upward shoot, As to the nether heavens they drive the root: So low did her secure foundation lie, She was not humble, but Humility.

The birds of care build their nests amid the turrets of a palace as readily as in the thatched roof of a cottage.

The midnight moon shone drear and cold, Upon a stately tow'r; Whose ramparts high and turrets bold Bespoke a lordly pow'r.

He overlooked, directly, the turrets or Ranec and of Asch; to the south was Nรฉrac; northward showed Perdigon: and the prince of no country owned any finer castles than were these four, in which lived Manuel's servants.

of armor, and amidships she has a citadel carrying two revolving turrets, each containing two 80 ton guns.

A tremendous thickness of masonry is built up to the very embrasures for the guns in the steel-clad turrets.

A sunny stillness brooded over it; long shadows from the pointed turrets lay upon the fine white sand of the driveway and dipped along the gray walls of the chรขteau, which the hand of man had fretted with lace-like sculpture.

His highness landed, and was riding on Across a fresh plough'd fieldwhere once, they say, A mighty city stood in Pagan times With Habsburg's ancient turrets full in sight, That was the cradle of his princely race.

The design purports to be a revelation from heaven, and, if so, must have emanated from some one of the Gothic architects of the Middle Ages whose taste had become bewildered by his residence among the spheres; for the turrets are to be surmounted by figures of sun, moon, and stars, and the whole building bedecked with such celestial emblems.

Often, when thus alone, would he loiter on his way and seat himself on the ridge, and watch the setting sun, as its dying glory illumined the turrets of his ancient house, and burnished the waters of the lake, until the tears stole down his cheek; and yet he knew not why.

And thou, old Castle!thy bold turrets high, Have shed their deep enchantment on mine eye, Though years have changed thee, I have gazed intent In silent joy, on tower and battlement, When all thy time-worn glories met my sight; Thou have I felt such rapture, such delight, That, had the splendour of thy days of yore Flashed on my view, I had not loved thee more!

Above two rows of pointed roofs and old houses, it stands out alone against the sky and gazes upon the valley in the distance; two bell-turrets project from the front toward the west; the oblong body follows, and two massive brick towers close the line with their esplanades and battlements.

Piedb[=a]gh, as its name implies, is a complete orchard, piedan meaning perpetual, and b[=a]gh, garden; from a distance it looks like a thick wood with the turrets of the forts overtopping the dark foliage.

Its form is castellated: and the receptacles for the salt are formed by the removal of the tops of the turrets.

Georgia Douglas Johnson THE HEART OF A WOMAN The heart of a woman goes forth with the dawn, As a lone bird, soft winging, so restlessly on, Afar o'er life's turrets and vales does it roam In the wake of those echoes the heart calls home.

Its towers, turrets and spires present a picturesque grove of architecture of different ages, and its windows, it is said, equal in number all the days of the year.

I see its towers, turrets and minarets; its grand and sculptured gateways and portals through this long, leaf-arched aisle.

Through the swaying branches of the forest-trees he caught brief glimpses of the granite walls and turrets reddening in the sunset glow.

"How could the moderns," said the Counsellor of Arts, Fraischdรถrfer, "build anything, except some little Bernini-like turrets?"

She would find her way through every obstacle, Ethie thought, wondering vaguely at the strength which kept her up and made her feel equal to most anything as she followed her conductor through street after street, onward and onward, up the hill, where the long windows and turrets of a most elegant mansion were visible.

Some evil demon, invisible to human eyes, has seized him, and carried him to one of the turrets of the Palace of Clouds. KING.

The sea lazily plashed against the sunken turrets of the walls which descended to the water, a flock of bustards and of geese whizzed through the fog, and flew with a complaining cry above the ramparts; all was dark and melancholyeven the dull and tiresome braying of the asses laden with faggots for the market, sounded like a dirge over the fine weather.

Barrington Court (now a farm) is a magnificent E-shaped building, with numerous twisted chimneys, turrets, and finials.

Externally the church is a cruciform building with a central tower, characterized by two tiers of double windows and spired octagonal turrets at the corners.

Of the hall only the N. and W. walls and some detached turrets now survive.

Externally, the most impressive feature is the W. front, with turrets at the corners (as at Crewkerne), a recessed and richly carved doorway, and above the window a representation of the Father holding the crucified Son (cp. S. Brent).

He took his outings as usual either in his own garden or on the city wall, from which he could watch the slow rebuilding of the Legation Quarter, a perfect salade Russe of architecture, with German gables, classic Venetian gateways and Flemish turrets jostling one another.

The villa lay in deep shadow, but the outline of the turrets of the tower were clearly marked against the starry sky.

Surely something moves between the turrets of the tower!

At first view, this structure, with its stone walls, corner turrets, ponderous door, and barred windows, might be taken as part and parcel of the ancient prison existing in this locality.

Viewed from the summit of one of the tall turrets of the Holbein Gate, the appearance of the palace of Whitehall, at the period of our history, was exceedingly picturesque and strikingperhaps more so than at any previous or subsequent epoch, since the various structures of which it was composed were just old enough to have acquired a time-honoured character, while they were still in tolerable preservation.

"As the weary traveler sees, In desert or prairie vast, Blue lakes, overhung with trees, That a pleasant shadow cast; "Fair towns with turrets high, And shining roofs of gold, That vanish as he draws nigh, Like mists together rolled.