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236 examples of  twitters  in sentences

236 examples of twitters in sentences

The sun rose in a blaze of splendor and the birds began to twitter.

And about them birds twittered cheerily, and the formal garden flourished as gardens thrive nowhere except in Lichfield, and overhead the sky was a turkis-blue, save for a few irrelevant clouds which dappled it here and there like splashes of whipped cream.

One was lying on one's back in the woods, where the birds were astir and eager to begin their house-building, and twittered hysterically over the potentialities of straws and broken twigs.

Sea-beasts, such as the walrus, now restricted to the extreme north, paddled about where birds had twittered among the topmost twigs of the fir-trees.

Assignment for further discrimination: <trill, pipe, quaver, peep, cheep, twitter>.

The linnets play among the leaves At hide-and-seek, and chirp and sing; While, flashing to and from the eaves, The swallows twitter on the wing.

After the introductions were over, Mr. Cowan put forth some questions about her qualifications, and at each answer, his colleagues were given to understand by a faint twitter of his eyes that Miss Watson was still doing well.

The sight-seers passing below looked up by hundreds and smiled at the ladies' eager twitter, as, flirting in humming-bird fashion from one subject to another, they laughed away the half-hours waiting for the pageant.

The Cock is crowing, The stream is flowing, The small birds twitter, The lake doth glitter, The green field sleeps in the sun; The oldest and youngest Are at work with the strongest; The cattle are grazing.

From the first twitter of the blades, even Rudolph knew the outcome.

A twitter of angry bat voices, shrill squeaks and flutters in the darkness.

Only in the tree-tops is the sleepy hum of bees, still busy with the flowers, and the last twitter of soft birds' voices.

Now twitter away, if you've any of that angel voice left!"

The piano rattled; the new-comer, with a certain faint whimsical smile as if he appreciated the humor of his position, did "twitter away"; loud sounds filled the place.

Although the rhymes upon the lunar lady of Notts are supposed to have been the first twitter of his muse, he has said himself, "My first dash into poetry was as early as 1800.

Birds dropped down from the sky sometimes to gossip and twitter of the nests they were building in the apple-trees, and the new songs they were learning to sing.

It was a pleasant enough place on this summer afternoon, contrasted with the dingy street whence we had come, though its grass was faded and yellow and the twitter of the birds in the trees mingled with the hideous Board-school drawl of the children who played around the seats and the few remaining tombs.

How the swallows twitter under the eaves!

On the leaves is a sound of falling rain; A bird, awakened in its nest, Gives a faint twitter of unrest, Then smoothes its plumes and sleeps again.

And then she began to whistle and warble, twitter and crow, through a ludicrous series of noisy variations.

Birds twitter.

Aunt Dahlia is obviously all of a twitter, and my place is by her side.

No matter how much of a twitter he was in, he should have had sense enough to see that he was throwing a spanner into the works.

But there was no corresponding sunshine in Bertram Wooster's soul and no answering twitter in his heart as he sat up in bed, sipping his cup of strengthening tea.

Thus I love to hear the young girl's low, merry song, floating from the window of a country-house, half-broken by the cicala, the swallow's twitter, or the rustling leaves;I love to hear the joyous ripple of the harpsichord, bringing back, with some old music, times when that merry music stamped the hours, and took possession of themin the heartforever more!

There's not a flower, That hangs the dewy head, and seems to weep, As pallid blue-bells, crow-tyes and marsh lilies, But I'll plant here, and if they chance to wither, My tears shall water them; there's not a bird That trails a sad soft note, as ringdoves do, Or twitters painfully like the dun martlet,

The twitter of sparrows is, in itself, as prosaic a sound as there is in nature, but I never hear it on waking without a feeling of inward peace.

[Irregular motion] Agitation N. agitation, stir, tremor, shake, ripple, jog, jolt, jar, jerk, shock, succussion^, trepidation, quiver, quaver, dance; jactitation^, quassation^; shuffling &c v.; twitter, flicker, flutter.

V. be agitated &c; shake; tremble, tremble like an aspen leaf; quiver, quaver, quake, shiver, twitter, twire^, writhe, toss, shuffle, tumble, stagger, bob, reel, sway, wag, waggle; wriggle, wriggle like an eel; dance, stumble, shamble, flounder, totter, flounce, flop, curvet, prance, cavort

shaking &c v.; agitated tremulous; desultory, subsultory^; saltatoric^; quasative^; shambling; giddy-paced, saltatory^, convulsive, unquiet, restless, all of a twitter.

[owl]; chirp, cheep, chirrup, twitter, cuckoo, warble, trill, tweet, pipe, whistle [small birds]; hum [insects, hummingbird]; buzz [flying insects, bugs]; hiss [snakes, geese]; blatter^; ratatat [woodpecker].

sing, chaunt, chant, hum, warble, carol, chirp, chirrup, lilt, purl, quaver, trill, shake, twitter, whistle; sol-fa^; intone. have an ear for music, have a musical ear, have a correct ear.

swell, glow, warm, flush, blush, change color, mantle; turn color, turn pale, turn red, turn black in the face; tingle, thrill, heave, pant, throb, palpitate, go pitapat, tremble, quiver, flutter, twitter; shake &c 315; be agitated, be excited &c 824; look blue, look black; wince; draw a deep breath. impress &c (excite the feelings) 824.

Adj. excited &c v.; wrought up, up the qui vive [Fr.], astir, sparkling; in a quiver &c 821, in a fever, in a ferment, in a blaze, in a state of excitement; in hysterics; black in the face, overwrought, tense, taught, on a razor's edge; hot, red-hot, flushed, feverish; all of a twitter, in a pucker; with quivering lips, with tears in one's eyes.

From all the woods around came the goodnight twitter of the birds.

Unlike their two Northern relatives, they are eminently social, often traveling in small flocks, even in the breeding season, and keeping up an almost incessant chorus of shrill twitters as they flit hither and thither through the woods.

" Never let your heart grow bitter; With your lips to Hope's transmitter, Hear Love's songbirds bravely twitter, "Keep sweet." Bless your heart, this world's a good one, and will always help a man; Hate, misanthropy, and malice have no place in Nature's plan.

But about the dawn dreams twitter and arise, and circling thrice around the Happy Isles set out again to find the world of men, then follow the souls of the sailors, as, at evening, with slow stroke of stately wings the heron follows behind the flight of multitudinous rooks; but the souls returning find awakening bodies and endure the toil of the day.

You must consider this letter as Mary'sfor writing letters is such a trouble and puts her to such twitters (family modesty, you know; it is the way with me, but I try to get over it) that in pity I offer to do it for her.

Let us listen, then, and be duly edified as he reads in a low, sweet voice, and the birds twitter about him in the clear morning.

III But, Song, arise thee on a greater wing, Nor twitter robin-like of love, nor sing A pretty dalliance with griefbut try Some metre like a sky, Wherein to set Stars that may linger yet When I, thy master, shall have come to die.

Twitter and tweet Thy carollings Of little things, Of fair and sweet; For it is meet, O robin red!

One evening, as they were dressing for dinner, there came through the stillness of the restful air the "twitter" of a tiger.

Do many of my readers know what the "twitter" of a tiger is?

It is a sound the Monarch of the Jungle makes and it is just like the twitter of a bird;in fact, some declare it is only the twitter of a bird.

It is a sound the Monarch of the Jungle makes and it is just like the twitter of a bird;in fact, some declare it is only the twitter of a bird.

Well, on this particular evening, the tiger must have been passing quite close to the camp, for his "twitter" was clear and unmistakeable.

They did, and very pleased and proud they were when they heard the tiger's "twitter" clearly and distinctly through the gathering shade and stillness of the darkening night.

The blackness that filled the world was a month ago streaked with gray; three weeks ago there was a line of faint colour in the east; a fortnight, and there are scarlet plumes in the far heaven, and a faint twitter of song; a week, and the whole sky is a commotion of glory and birds.

Miss Moppet, childlike, was perfectly overjoyed at the prospect of a wedding in which she was to play a part, and flew from her aunt to Miss Bidwell and Betty, then back to her aunt again in a twitter of excitement at the combination of a journey and festivity as well.

Night birds twittered about him.

His heart seemed weighted under a pressure that had taken all life from him, and close above him, in a balsam bough, a night bird twittered.

He heard the bleating of the flock, And the twitter of birds among the trees, And felt the breath of the morning-breeze Blowing over the meadows brown.

Far sounds melt mellow on the ear: the bark, The bleat, the tinkle, whistle, blast of horn, The rattle of the wagon-wheel, the low, The fowler's shot, the twitter of the bird, And even the hue of converse from the road.

This rather egotistical frame of mind, however, was soon dispelled when I encountered Polton, for the little man was in a veritable twitter of excitement at the prospect of witnessing the clearing up of the mysteries that had so severely tried his curiosity; and even Thorndyke, beneath his habitual calm, showed a trace of expectancy and pleasurable anticipation.

Clara had cried: "Oh Wayneyou dear!" and twittered and fluttered around, but the twittering and fluttering did not bring that light back to Wayne's face.

The nightingale's rapturous song has become a lazy twitter; the bird has done with courtship; it has a family in immediate prospect, if not one already screaming for food, and the musician has half lost his passion for music.

My impression was, that they somewhat resembled the notes of a wild duck in its nocturnal flight, and, at times, the twitter of a redbreast, in quick succession.

These little song sparrows must surely be ladybirdsthey are talking back in such a saucy twitter.

In all the trees there was not so much as the twitter of a bird.

When you have been sitting on other front porches, have you, by the divine law of your being, been reproducing your notes as though they were mine, and even pouring forth the little twitter that was meant for your private ear?

Then we drove away through the lanes draped with birch tassels and willow wands, while bloodroot and marshmarigold kept pace in the runnels, and I heard the twitter of the first barn-swallow of the year.

It is probable that nearly every young cuckoo, during a series of many hundred generations, has been brought up in a family whose language is a chirp and a twitter.

It would have struck upon a sense of humor like a trivial twitter from the oboe trickling through a lull in the swell of brasses and strings; but Hiram Ranger had no sense of humor in that direction, had only his instinct for the right and the wrong.

"There they sit with ranks unbroken, cheering on the fierce debate, Till the sunrise lights them homeward as they tramp through Storey's Gate, Racked with headache, pale and haggard, worn by nights of endless talk, While the early sparrows twitter all along the Birdcage Walk.

The Hemp-Bird often joins their parties, and his cheerful and well-known twitter may be heard, as he hurriedly flits from one bush to another, hunting for the seeds of the golden-rods and asters.

It was part of her dance to drop from that perch as daintily as a bee-martin way-laying a hive, devour each home-coming word as he devours bees, and flit back and twitter and flutter as a part of all nature's harmony, though in chills of dismay at her peril and yet burning to go to Hilary, from whom this task alone forever held her away.

For a while there was no sound but the twitter of the birds and the murmur of the river.

The air was no longer filled with the song of birds; but it was alive and cheerily a-twitter with their fat flittings from seeds to berries, from marsh to woodland.

On the stairway he passed the black little landlord, who was now in a sad twitter, foreseeing bloodshed.

Save the noise made by themselves, the twitter of birds, and the occasional cry of some prairie dog routed out by their approach, the silence of the plains was intense.

This Barn Swallow was very much worried about something, and talked so fast to his friend the Tree Swallow, that his words sounded like twitters and giggles; but you would know they were words, if you could only understand them.

First one ran around a little and whistled; then one jumped right off into the air, making a whirring with his wings until he was way up out of sight, and then after a little while he came pitching down zig-zag, like a kite that has lost its tail, whistling something like the way a Swallow twitters, and making a queer twanging noise.

Which have no music-boxes in their throats, and therefore cannot sing, though some of them can twitter. 16.

Ailie was in a twitter, as of old, and not able even yet to speak of her husband without an apologetic look to the ladies who had none.

Mrs. McLean had said in a twitter to him while Tommy and Grizel were talking, and he had answered No almost sharply.

'I am all of a twitter!

But his lordship was, as he had candidly said, 'all of a twitter,' and offered no help.

What a twitter I am in!

I am all of a twitter.

Swallows had built nests under the eaves outside, and some on the rough projections inside, and joined their twitter to the songs of other birds and the rich organ accompaniment of wind and trees.

Besides, I ne'er was form'd to sing, And so must soar on humbler wing, Since nature saw it fitter; But yet my feeble powers I'll try, And sound my chatt'ring notes on high, For I am sure you'll not deny To hear my simple twitter.

She included Lanfear in her good-bye, and all her girls said good-bye in the same way, and with a whisking of skirts and twitter of voices they vanished through the shrubbery, and faded into the general silence and general sound like a bevy of birds which had swept near and passed by.

For a time at dusk there was a continual flutter of weary wings at the lower entrance, a good night twitter, and a sound of tiny feet climbing the stairways in that gloomy hall.

A big, golden moon had risen above the woods, and the light and music and merry voices had started a sleepy twitter up in the dome of Robin's Inn.

Behind the vines a girl's voice, speaking rapidly and softly with a laugh running all through the tones, hushed as suddenly as does a wild bird's twitter when strange steps approach.

A moment later Jack, hearing a human, feminine twitter from the direction of the rose garden, left off examining pridefully his belongings, and bolted without apology, after his usual headlong fashion.

The Cock is crowing, The stream is flowing, The small birds twitter, The lake doth glitter, The green field sleeps in the sun; 5 The oldest and youngest Are at work with the strongest; The cattle are grazing, Their heads never raising; There are forty feeding like one!

Not even the twitter of a snow-bird marred its silence.

Some people are simply gregarious, and twitter together like starlings in a shrubbery: that isn't talkit's only a series of signals and exclamations.

The birds began to chirp and twitter in the ivy; the thrush uttered her long-drawn notes, sweetly repeated and sustained in the dusky bushes.

In the early spring, whilst the fields are still covered with snow, but which is melted on the roof, the latter affords the first announcement of spring, with the young sprouting grass where the sparrow twitters: "Spring comes!" Between Motala and Vadstene, close by the high road, stands a grass-turf houseone of the most picturesque.

Not a bird is heard to twitter, not a pine-tree moves: of what does the Southern summer dream here in the North, amongst pines and fragrant birches?

It was in the midst of a thick beech woods, and the twitter of a bird, now and then, was the only sound in all the deep stillness.

Day was already dawning; the birds were beginning to twitter softly and the dew was rising noticeably from the ground.

Do you hear those little chirps and twitters coming out of that piece of apple-wood?

With never a pausing, They bill and coo, And twitter gently: "Do thou love, too!" INVITATION How long wilt stand outside and cower? Come straight within, beloved guest.

Here a twitter, There a croak!

That the Holy Spirit, which erst did brood O'er the Son of Man by Jordan's flood, In thine own pure form to the eye of sense, From its resting place has departed hence, And twitters the swallow, and wheels the bat O'er the mercy-seat where its presence sat?

The wind, that has run riot during the day, has blown itself out by evening, and the birds have gone to sleep with heads tucked under their wings, or settled with soft breasts over nestlings that twitter soft "good nights" to mother love.