236 examples of twitters in sentences

Assignment for further discrimination: <trill, pipe, quaver, peep, cheep, twitter>.

The sight-seers passing below looked up by hundreds and smiled at the ladies' eager twitter, as, flirting in humming-bird fashion from one subject to another, they laughed away the half-hours waiting for the pageant.

Now twitter away, if you've any of that angel voice left!"

The piano rattled; the new-comer, with a certain faint whimsical smile as if he appreciated the humor of his position, did "twitter away"; loud sounds filled the place.

How the swallows twitter under the eaves!

There's not a flower, That hangs the dewy head, and seems to weep, As pallid blue-bells, crow-tyes and marsh lilies, But I'll plant here, and if they chance to wither, My tears shall water them; there's not a bird That trails a sad soft note, as ringdoves do, Or twitters painfully like the dun martlet,

Unlike their two Northern relatives, they are eminently social, often traveling in small flocks, even in the breeding season, and keeping up an almost incessant chorus of shrill twitters as they flit hither and thither through the woods.

You must consider this letter as Mary'sfor writing letters is such a trouble and puts her to such twitters (family modesty, you know; it is the way with me, but I try to get over it) that in pity I offer to do it for her.

III But, Song, arise thee on a greater wing, Nor twitter robin-like of love, nor sing A pretty dalliance with griefbut try Some metre like a sky, Wherein to set Stars that may linger yet When I, thy master, shall have come to die.

These little song sparrows must surely be ladybirdsthey are talking back in such a saucy twitter.

In all the trees there was not so much as the twitter of a bird.

It would have struck upon a sense of humor like a trivial twitter from the oboe trickling through a lull in the swell of brasses and strings; but Hiram Ranger had no sense of humor in that direction, had only his instinct for the right and the wrong.

For a while there was no sound but the twitter of the birds and the murmur of the river.

The air was no longer filled with the song of birds; but it was alive and cheerily a-twitter with their fat flittings from seeds to berries, from marsh to woodland.

Save the noise made by themselves, the twitter of birds, and the occasional cry of some prairie dog routed out by their approach, the silence of the plains was intense.

This Barn Swallow was very much worried about something, and talked so fast to his friend the Tree Swallow, that his words sounded like twitters and giggles; but you would know they were words, if you could only understand them.

First one ran around a little and whistled; then one jumped right off into the air, making a whirring with his wings until he was way up out of sight, and then after a little while he came pitching down zig-zag, like a kite that has lost its tail, whistling something like the way a Swallow twitters, and making a queer twanging noise.

Which have no music-boxes in their throats, and therefore cannot sing, though some of them can twitter. 16.

What a twitter I am in!

I am all of a twitter.

Not even the twitter of a snow-bird marred its silence.

The birds began to chirp and twitter in the ivy; the thrush uttered her long-drawn notes, sweetly repeated and sustained in the dusky bushes.

In the early spring, whilst the fields are still covered with snow, but which is melted on the roof, the latter affords the first announcement of spring, with the young sprouting grass where the sparrow twitters: "Spring comes!" Between Motala and Vadstene, close by the high road, stands a grass-turf houseone of the most picturesque.

Do you hear those little chirps and twitters coming out of that piece of apple-wood?

That the Holy Spirit, which erst did brood O'er the Son of Man by Jordan's flood, In thine own pure form to the eye of sense, From its resting place has departed hence, And twitters the swallow, and wheels the bat O'er the mercy-seat where its presence sat?

236 examples of  twitters  in sentences
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