55 examples of two-hand in sentences

I felt glad I hadn't accepted your invitation to make it a two-handed job, Fred.

Then up rose Will Scarlet and left them, coming back in a short time, bearing a great two-handed sword.

For the rest, he punched the swinging ball and worked with the dumb-bells for an hour every morning and evening, and boxed twice a day with Ted Barton in the gymnasium, gaining as much profit as could be got from a rushing, two-handed slogger.

He was not a two-handed gunfighter.

There was a two-handed sword, as much as six feet long; but not nearly so ponderous as I have supposed this kind of weapon to be, from reading of it.

"When Peabody's little Stevie gets through hacking at the prostrate body of political purity his two-handed sword of political corruption will need new edges.

The swords found in Roman tumuli have handles inconveniently small; and the great mediaeval two-handed sword is now supposed to have been used only for one or two blows at the first onset, and then exchanged for a smaller one.

A few nights since, one of the old sailors took out a pack of greasy cards, and, calling to one of his companions, said that he would teach David and I to play a two-handed game, which we should find very amusing.

In the afternoon Thomas Burlings, the ruling elder in the kirk, popped into the shop, and, in our two-handed crack, after asking me in a dry, curious way if I had come by no skaith in the business of the play, he said the thing had now spread far and wide, and was making a great noise in the world.

"But I judged thou wouldst come without a two-handed sword.

An effigy of a knight in armor stood at either end, one holding a huge two-handed sword found on Bosworth Field; the walls were covered with helmets and breastplates of the olden time.

Konig stood up and came around his desk to greet each of them with a warm, two-handed handshake.

It seems he is one of the prettiest lightweights the head surgeon ever saw in action, a two-handed fighter with a good right and a good left.

So saying, he instantly assaulted De la Marck with his two-handed sword.

The man is armed in panoply, and wields a huge two-handed sword with a vigor unabated by former struggles.

Thereafter he was recognized by the above-mentioned swordsman, and accorded the privilege of removing his own father's blood from the great two-handed sword before alluded toa task of a kind that does not fall to many little boys.

The two-handed man, by George Owen Baxter, pseud.

The two-handed man, by George Owen Baxter, pseud.

On one side of the saddle hung a short battle-ax, richly inlaid with Damascene carving; on the other the rider's plumed headpiece and hood of mail, with a long two-handed sword, used by the chivalry of the period.

Fetch me my two-hand Sword; I will not leave a head on your shoulders, Wretches.

Fetch me my two-hand sword; I will not leave a head on your shoulders, Wretches.

They wore plumes of feathers on their heads, having their faces painted black, red, and white, all wearing defensive armour of quilted cotton with large shields, and bearing lances, two-handed swords or maces, darts, large bows and arrows, and slings.

They were there by hundreds, and every gem was a fortunewhole cases of swords with hilts and scabbards of solid gold studded with gems, the great two-handed coronation sword of the German emperors, daggers covered with brilliants and rubies, diamond buttons, chains, and orders, necklaces and bracelets of pearl and emerald, and the order of the Golden Fleece made in gems of every kind.

Before reaching the summit of the mountain-chain, the Spaniards traversed the province of Quarequa, of which the ruler, who bears the same name, came to meet them; as is customary in that country, he was armed with bows and arrows, and heavy, two-handed swords of wood.

A two-handed sword might be carried only by a menial in a procession, but it was something important and immeasurably fascinatingit was a two-handed sword.

55 examples of  two-hand  in sentences