85 examples of tye in sentences

Besides a violent Inclination, Sir, of being initiated into the Denomination of your learned Family, by the Conjugal Circumference of a Matrimonial Tye, with that singularly accomplish'd PersonMadam, the Governante of your Hostel Doct.

Take the head and split it in two and tye it up very tight; you must boil it by itself, not so much as you did the rest, but salt it after the same manner.

Nay but, Sir, I powr'd 'em downe scalding as they were on her head, because they say they are good for a cold, and I thinke that kill'd her; for to try if she were alive or no I did but even now tye a Crust to a packe-threed on a pinne, but shee leapt not at it; so that I am sure shee's worms meate by this.

'Tis my soules ayme to tye it Vpon a faster knot.

You (as your fortunes tye you) are inclin'd To have the blow given.

Sweet be the bands the which true love doth tye, Without constraynt or dread of any ill: The gentle birde feeles no captivity Within her cage, but sings, and feeds her fill.

LXXIII Being my self captyved here in care, My hart, (whom none with servile bands can tye,

Why, tys the onlye tye of faythfulines: Age is the onlye object of the harte, And by's experyence onlye hathe aspyrd Toth heyght of all perfectyon.

She griev'd to tye you to a hated bed And therefore followed Burbon for revenge.

For the former, I live on scraps obtained in charity from an old friend whose stationary is a permanent perquisite; for folding, I shall do it neatly when I learn to tye my neckcloths.

If gaine will draw, I prethy then allure Their hungrie harts with hope of recompence, But tye dispaire unto those mooving hopes, Unleast a deed of murther farther it, Then blood on blood, shall overtake them all, And we will make a bloodie feastivall.

Two men, an old man and his son, Briggs by name, if I remember correctly, had been killed by the Indians in Tye Valley, about thirty miles away.

Dismount from thy horse (or gig) and take two round, smooth pebbles, which put into one ear of your horse, and tye up the ear, that they escape not, then mounting and proceeding on thy journey, thou shall have thy desire, for the noise of the stones jingling in his ear, will not fayle to make him go, until he is utterly tired.

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That when a Maid is contracted And ready for the tye o'th' Church, the Governour, He that commands in chief, must have her Maiden-head, Or Ransom it for mony at his pleasure.

By any means, I know she has pious thoughts enough to guard her: Besides, here's nothing due to him till the tye be done, Nor dare he offer.

Now is this tye dispatch'd? Char.

tye ye first, then try your strength Sir. Arn.

Therefore Bid him be speedy; a Priest shall be ready To tye the holy knot; this kiss I send him, Deliver that and bring him.

do's she send you with your fine Oratory goody Tully to tye me to believe again? bring out the Cat-hounds, I'le make you take a tree Whore, then with my tiller bring down your Gibship, and then have you cast, and hung up i'th' Warren.

Oh that I could forget there were a Tye, In me, upon him!

Viol. Be not amaz'd, Our injuries are equal in his Bastard, You are familiar with what I groan for, And though the name of Husband holds a tye Beyond a Brother, I, a poor weak Woman, Am sensible, and tender of a wrong, And to revenge it would break through all lets, That durst oppose me.

In the winter put in a little verjuice; then mix all well together, with the yolks of four or five eggs well beaten; then wrap it up in green cabbage leaves; tye a cloth over it, boil it an hour: melt butter for sauce.

For red, take a dram of cochineel, a little cream of tartar, as much of allum; tye them up severally in little bits of fine cloth, and put them to steep in one glass of water two or three hours.

Then came one of those indiscretions of the imagination which showed that the dignified and somewhat sober young poet, the "parson in a tye-wig," as he was called at a later day, was not lacking in gayety of mood.

85 examples of  tye  in sentences