66 examples of typist in sentences

They'll want to know everything, from where you get your clothes and what cigarettes you smoke, to how you like best to do your work and what complexioned typist you prefer.

Phipps welcomed him without any particular enthusiasm, but promptly dismissed the typist to whom he had been dictating.

You will, in the most direct and literal manner, weigh up the additional benefit you would derive from a sixth typist, and if that does not seem to you equivalent to her wage, you will not engage her, however essential it may be to you to have one or two typists in your office.

If on the other hand, the utility of having a sixth typist seems to you worth much more than her pay, the chances are that you will be well advised to consider the employment of a seventh.

And so, where you stop employing further typists, the utility to you of the last one, of the "marginal typist" as it were, is unlikely to differ greatly from her pay.

She had become during the past year quite an expert typist, and therefore to her the Baronet entrusted the replies, always impressing upon her the need of absolute secrecy, even from her mother.

Those my typist can read.

'I wish I was a shorthand typist,' Jane grumbled, brooding with Katherine over their fire.

I quarrelled all round; with Peacock about the paper, with my typist about her punctuation, with my family about my sister's engagement.

And, if widower Ditmar, man of iron, for whom the Chippering Mill is his second and abiding mate, be no hero, Janet, his typist, has the makings of a notable heroine.

*** A defendant in a County Court case heard in London last week stated in his evidence that two of his daughters were working and the other was a typist at the Peace Conference.

The typist who saw things.

The typist who saw things.

*** A typist recently fell from a moving train on the Isle of Wight railway, but was able to get up and walk towards her destination.

Words that are apparent misspellings to render dialect, such as 'morster' for 'master', or that reflect spelling errors of a particular interviewer or typist, such as 'posess' for 'possess' or 'allegience' for 'allegiance', have not been changed; words that are apparent typing errors such as 'filed' for 'field', 'ot' for 'of', 'progent' for 'progeny', have been corrected without note, to avoid interrupting the narrative.


a week as the beginning salary for an expert shorthand typist, and this may be regarded as the present Trade Union rate.

The wonderful Miss Alice Duckin, the lady skyscraper builder, was once a typist.

A girl who hopes to become something more than a shorthand-typist ought not to scamp her professional training: this should, of course, follow her school-coursei.e., not begin until she is seventeen or eighteen.

I'm the champion one-handed typist of the United States Army.

We stepped back into Bohun's room and, if I had had any anxieties, they would at once, I think, have been reassured by the unemotional figure of Bohun's typist, a gay young woman with peroxide hair, who was typing away as though for her very life.

We were all on the balcony by nowthe stout Burrows, Peroxide, and another lady typist, Watson, the thin and most admirable secretary (he held the place together by his diligence and order), two Russian clerks, Henry, and I. We all leaned over the railings and looked down into the street beneath us.

Mr. Burrows," said the little typist, who was not Peroxide.

What about your beautiful Russian mystic now?" "Oh dear!" cried the little Russian typist.

For that matter, the skilled and advanced occultist is able to function on the astral plane by simply shifting his consciousness from one plane to another, as the typist shifts from the small letters of the keyboard to the capital letters, by a mere pressure on the shift-key of the typewriter.

66 examples of  typist  in sentences