1858 examples of tyrannies in sentences

Is Russia going to count any more in this great struggle for a liberated Europe, or will the forces of revolution devour each other, till in the course of time the fated "saviour of society" appears, and old tyrannies come back?

The government of Rome, like that of the Greek and Asiatic tyrannies, became a "despotism tempered by assassination"; and Caesar was its foremost victim.

Signs in heaven and on earth tell us that one of those movements has begun to be felt in the Northern mind, which perplex tyrannies everywhere with the fear of change.

The achievement was gigantic, but it had no effect in taking attention or diverting action from those movements that offered at once an advantage to our common cause, while disintegrating the hoary tyrannies of Central and Eastern Europe.

We might be counting upon the resistance of the Maroquines against an invasion of the French, and find, to our astonishment, the invaders received as deliverers from the exactions and tyrannies of the Shereefian oppressor.

But the greater part of them were brave, generous, devoted souls, who had come to the conclusion that to live with David and fight his battles and share his fortunes was more enjoyable than to plod along under Saul and his petty tyrannies.

During these nine years that Arthur abode in France, he wrought divers great wonders, reproving many haughty men and their tyrannies, and chastising many sinners after their deservings.

It is perhaps a question whether the real tyrannies in this life are those that are accredited as such.

The Tears of the Indians: the History of the bloody and most cruel proceedings of the Spaniards in the Islands of Hispaniola, Cuba, Jamaica, Mexico, Peru, and other places of the West Indies; in which to the life, are discovered the tyrannies of the Spaniards, as also the justnesse of our War so successfully managed against them.

He had been deceived in Voltaire, but he could not mistake the logical sequence of the ideas of Rousseau,those blasting ideas which would sweep away all feudal institutions and all irresponsible tyrannies.

Tyrannies are cruel: only the people knows how to be generous in victory.

Under tyrannies exactly the opposite conditions are found.

Those who are still conducting their governments under tyrannies are always in slavery and always plotting against their rulers.

If we were to review all the calamities that might befall a nation, it would be most unreasonable for us to fear dissensions which are the outgrowth of democracy rather then the tyrannies which spring from monarchy.

The expulsion from the continent of British armies and British power was to them a barren conquest if through the collisions of the redeemed States the individual rights for which they fought should become the prey of petty military tyrannies established at home.

It is certain that England had no necessary communion with the arms and tortures of the Continental tyrannies, and that she stood at the parting of the ways.

Now when they had attained such a degree of wisdom, they not only ceased enduring tyrannies and seditions, but flourished in every way, regaining their city, laying claim to the sovereignty of the Greeks, and finally becoming powerful enough to decide frequently on the preservation or destruction both of the Lacedaemonians themselves and of the Thebans.

"Monsieur, I wish you a pleasant journey." Voltaire jumped into his carriage, and hurried to Leipsic; he thought himself free forever from the exactions and tyrannies of the King of Prussia.

The sufferings of individuals have often been the means of destroying or reforming the most powerful tyrannies; reason has been convinced by argument, and passion appealed to by declamation in vainwhen some unvarnished tale, or simple exposure of facts, has at once rouzed the feelings, and conquered the supineness of an oppressed people.

Among the various poets imprisoned, was one we should scarcely have expectedRouget Delille, author of the Marseillois Hymn, who, while his muse was rouzing the citizens from one end of the republic to the other to arm against tyrants, was himself languishing obscurely a victim to the worst of all tyrannies.

"I heard it all, lad, and you did well enoughsave for your windiness about liberty and the Free Citieswhich, as I see it, are by far the worst tyrannies.

Behind the shams, frauds and tyrannies of a political dictatorship paying lip service to the corpse of a defunct Republic lay the stark realities of a bankrupt economy.

2. The replacement of personal tyrannies and autocracies by written constitutions and laws passed by elected parliaments.

Here, here remains Dust far more precious than in India's veins; Within those cold embraces, ravish'd, lies That which completes the age's tyrannies; Who weak to such another ill appear,

And cynic tyrannies of honest kings; He comes, nor parlies; and the Town redeemed, Give thanks devout; nor, being thankful, heeds The grimy slur on the Republic's faith implied, Which holds that Man is naturally good, Andmoreis Nature's Roman, never to be scourged.

1858 examples of  tyrannies  in sentences